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Jersey Shore’s Snooki Is 110 Pounds (49 kg) and on a Cookie Diet

FP_5151152_RIJ_2010_MTV_SET1_060610 - Jersey Shore's Snooki Is 110 Pounds (49 kg) and on a Cookie Diet

“I used to be fit. Now I look at myself, and I’m like, What the hell happened?”

… says Jersey Shore’s Snooki (who is 4’9” / 149 cm).

So she decided to…

“Eat only one meal a day (usually chicken) – and six cookies, each of which suppresses hunger. The six cookies – which contain beef and milk protein – each contain about 11 grams of carbohydrates and 90 calories.”

In order to…

“I would like be back to 100 lbs; I’m 110 right now.”

Watch the video and tell us what you think!

See Snookie in a more casual outfit after the jump!

FP_4965795_Snookie_BRJ_050710 - Jersey Shore's Snooki Is 110 Pounds (49 kg) and on a Cookie Diet

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  • Lilian

    she’s so trashy. Versus, do you know her height? She seems to be quite short…

    • Versus

      I wrote it in the article: 4’9” / 149 cm.

    • thebestguest

      u know being 4’10, she really would look better at around 90 pounds.

      • thebestguest

        I can’t even believe that I’m one foot taller than her and weight 13 pounds more.

        • jenna

          wow u must be freakin skinny ha. she’s actually not too overweight… she could lose 5-10 lbs.

          • Anara

            Actually by BMI she’s not overweight, she’s 23. That being said, it doesn’t neccesarily mean she is healthy, she could be overfat and not lead a healthy life, but still her weight is, by bmi, fine. I think she shouldn’t lost weight, but lose fat and build muscle.

          • Eeva

            I’m 173 cm(sorry, I’m from Europe) and I way just as much as she does. I now that’s pretty on the skiiny side, but I’m still young so I really can’t help it.
            But I think she is too heavy, though she still looks good.

          • danielle

            i’m 4’8 and around 85 pounds, but i look a lot skinnier than her. she’s probably not that overweight. i think she has a good figure. i hate being this skinny, i’d like to have a figure like hers. being short can make you look like you weigh more to, so that might be why she looks heavier.

      • kaitlyn

        i’m 4’11 , 17 and 99 pounds lol
        🙂 jus sayin’

    • ur a bitch snook is cool ur just jealous bitch…

  • Jenna118

    I have to admit I’ve never watched any episode of Jersey Shore, but given that’s she’s only 4’9 (god that’s short) I believe the 110 pounds. Which she carries all in the boobs and waist. I love her skin tone though.

    • Allyson

      Yeah, same. At first I was like, 110 pounds? Who’s going to believe that, Kim Kardashian?

      But then I read the height and it made more sense.

      • mp


  • mira

    didn’t she say she had an eating disorder before?

  • I’ve never seen the show but she looks REALLY tacky. Her skin tone is lovely but that’s really the only nice thing I can say.

    And a cookie diet? Really? If you’re serious about losing weight why not just eat healthy and exercise? Jeez.

    • Annabelle

      Her skin tone is nice? It looks better than usual in these pictures but she’s usually orange. Like an ooompa loompa. I personally don’t find the overly tanned, fake and bake look attractive. Naturally dark skin tones are beautiful though.

  • Hitman

    She look like a little fatty and should get fatter. Cookie dough woman lol

  • molly

    Yet another silly woman trying to make money out of nothing…

  • missy

    I’ll tell you what happened…. everybody can tell you what happened… she is photographed eating ENTIRE CUPS of whipped cream and ALWAYS DRINKING!
    Not that I can’t relate.. I just got back from being deployed and drank like every night and gained like 5 lbs. Like everything else that feels good, liquor is bad for you. 🙁
    Anyways, 10 lbs is nothing and the cookies seem extreme to me… don’t know if I could do it!

    • Deployments suck! Maybe you could send Snooki some of your leftover MRE’s if she only wants to eat one meal a day! J/K!

    • kayla

      ten pounds when youre that short means ALOT…im 5’2 and if i gained 5 lbs, it looks like 10 lbs.

      • Kara

        Yes! I HATE it. Not as much on my torso as on my legs, because they’re so short.

  • snoops

    I wouldnt like to do that diet.

    Anyway I thinks she looks horrible, though her face is cute.

  • Rachel

    I guess 110 is kindof reasonable. But at that height her BMI is in the normal range, and I feel like she does look overweight? It’s hard to tell though I suppose, as everyone carries their weight differently, so I’ll just believe her. Anyway, that is one of the most ridiculous diets I’ve ever heard of. How unhealthy, not to mention boring. What’s wrong with eating 3 healthy meals a day and hitting the gym?

    • kate

      If you didn’t know already people who are shorter appear bigger for their height at the same BMI as taller people.

      I don’t know in term of her body fat % whether she would be considered overfat….probably not as she seems fairly muscular even if she has a little excess chub.

    • LadyBug

      Instead of putting food into your stomach every few hours, (breakfast, lunch, dinner, with snacks in between) eating once a day would be better especially if you want to lose weight. Look at most of these diet and exercise programs; their main theme, if you look at it, is to eat one meal a day. Snooki would definitely benefit from this.

  • Mia

    wow, if she really is 110 pounds then she doesn’t carry her weight at all! she looks at least 20 pounds heavier than that…

    • kate

      Well I thought the same at first but then read she is only 4ft9!

      110lb at 4ft9 could be likened to say 140lb at 5ft3 or 160lb at 5ft7.

      • Mia

        that makes sense…i guess i just dont know many people who are under 5ft, so i have no point of reference.

        • Minnie

          Most of my family is very short so, speaking as someone with experience, I agree that she looks like she looks like she weighs more than that. She looks to be about 120, but she does carry her weight in her upper body which causes her to appear larger and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of her body was fat with very little muscle.
          Then again, the Jersey Shore rats do GTL…

          • Mia

            what is GTL?

          • Minnie

            Mia, it’s Gym-Tan-Laundry
            (I guess that you can tell that I watch the show now..)
            Meaning that if she did the GTL, she would work out.

          • kate

            Guess now I can see how she might be 120lb but the way she carries her weight might just be making her appear heavier. Big boobs coupled with a short thick waist is guaranteed to make ANYONE look heavier.

  • viktoria

    First I didn´t believe she could be only 49kg, because I´m that weight and I´m way slimmer than her… but considering she´s just 149cm it makes more sense 🙂

    And cookie diet, well… it can help you lose your weight, but it´s definitely not healthy. You don´t get all the nutrients your body needs ..

  • Susan

    I’m embarrassed to say I tried to listen to the video. But I couldn’t because those auto-play ads. Which are so annoying.

    • same here! i always have to mute everything everytime i come to this site!

      • anonymous

        If you use firefox, use an addon called “no script”…it stops scripts from running unless you allow them. I had it turned off temporarily and noticed the auto-play audio (and was like, wtf?)…turned it back on and voila – all silent! 🙂

        • Susan

          I’m on Safari. But… I did find a turn off Javascript thingy. Now I can’t see the video at all, but boy does everything load a heck of a lot faster! I may just leave it this way. good tip!

  • I call straight BS on 110lbs! Here is why:

    I am 5’2″ and I fluctuate between 115lbs and 122lbs. I have curves, but not like that. I work out 5 days a week though, so maybe some of that weight is muscle, I don’t know. I wear size 2 and 4. I am not much taller than Snooki and I look very slender compared to her.

    My friend Gina is 4″10 and weighs about 106lbs and she is so much smaller than Snooki it’s not even funny. If I were to guess, I’d say Snooki weighs about 135-140. She is a thick girl, but she is proportioned evenly.

    I am so tired of “celebrities” (i.e. Snooki, Kim Kardashian) lying about their weight. Seriously, what’s the point? She is not obese, so she needs to stop being ashamed of herself.

    Also, eating one meal per day and six cookies is the dumbest crap I have ever heard. Gonna do that for the rest of your life Snooki? How about incorporating veggies, fruits, healthy snacks, more water and less vodka? It worked for me (I used to weigh 162)!

    • kate

      You are 5 inches taller than her….that is a signifcant height variation and could easily account for 20-25lb weight difference.

      110lb at 4ft9 is comparable to 135lb at 5ft2….that is certainly not unbelievable even if compared to some of that height/weight she appears heavier.

      • kate

        Also a quick browse through modelmayem for models 4ft9 and 110lb, some of which beared a striking resemblence to snookie’s body size and others were significantly smaller….so think it’s safe to say you can’t expect everyone of the same height/weight to look the same.

        • Kara

          It’s incredibly true and some people fail to realize it! I weigh almost 150 pounds and wear a size 6. But I’m only 5’2″. Most people would expect someone of my height and weight to be much larger. My mother underweighs me by almost 40 pounds but only wears a 4. Sometimes I have to remind myself that just because Kim Kardashian (I choose her as an example only because we’re of comparable height) says she weighs less than 120 doesn’t mean I’m monstrously huge because I weigh 30 pounds more.

      • that height difference makes ALOT!
        and she appears to have a small and tiny bone structure, just like me.

        when i was my “fattest” i almost looked like her, im 5’2 and weighed 123, i had a gut, pudgy face and arms and was really uncomfortable at that weight. now at 110 i still have a tiny stomach pouch so i TOTALLY believe her.

        everyone is not the same, get used to it.

    • missy

      You essentially lost and maintain a 40 lb. weight loss? Thats awesome! Congrats:)

    • chels

      5 inches makes a difference. At 135-140 she would be huge huge, and she’s big but not that big.

    • bouguereau

      I disagree.

      I am 4’10.5″ compared to Snooki’s 4’9″. I am also pretty chubby at 135 pounds. I look like a clone of Snooki – so close that I may go as her for Halloween.

      At 135 I look larger than Snooki. At my weight I look a bit like a woman at average height who weighs 160 to 170 pounds. Seriously, a pound feels like three.

      So she really could be 110 pounds. But I personally think it is around 115 to 120 max. I can tell you that she is definitely not 130 or above – she is slim compared to me and I am taller.

    • Amanda

      I agree. I am about her height and I weight 110 and am way thinner than her. I would put her at about 140 or more. She looks to be about the size of my roomie who is 5’3″ and about 160. I wear a 1-3 (or 2-4) and DO NOT look like that.

  • gabby

    what’s with all these lovely skin tone comments??? she looked WAY to tan!!!!! It’s gross. so jersey shore. these people are gonna look 20 years older than their age.

  • alyssa

    she considers herself fat at 49 kg? really?? omg im 14 and weigh 53kg but look no where near as big as her maybe its because im 5 foot 5 ………… hmmm :/

    • kate

      Yes you are like 8 inches taller!

      To look her size at your height you’d probably have to be pushing 70kg.

      • alyssa

        Oh yeah I suppose lol thanks 🙂

  • lc

    I have a hard time believing she was ever so skinny!! I just can’t picture it!!

  • LaLa

    I think she would look at alot better if she loses the extra 10 pounds.

  • She looks sooo much bigger than 110 lbs, but i guess it makes sense since she is 4’9″. And that cookie diet cannot be healthy…?

  • Jess

    Can we just talk about the fake tan for a second? Whoa..

    • chels

      haha, her tan is as natural and subtle as an orange

  • L

    lol, that fat little fishlipped girl. I used to be her weight (I’m about her height too), and I’m happier almost 25 lbs lighter.

  • Emma

    The better question is WHY DOES ANYONE CARE!?!? Seriously, shut up (her, not the website xD).

  • rebecca judes

    i can relate to her. i’m 4’11 and the most i ever weighed was 110 and i looked so f&&&& fat. now that im older and exercise and watch what i eat im 80 lbs and my docs says that where i should be.

    • kate

      80lb??? That’s really underweight for 4ft11…90lb is about the minimum.

    • Asha

      Yeah I’m 5′ ft tall and 80 pounds, my doctor sayd I’m too light and wants me to be at the min 90 pounds. But then again everyone is different. I just hope you’re healthy 🙂

  • Natasha

    Looll at people in admiration of her “skintone” which is about as natural as Lindsay Lohans blonde hair. Even though she is very short that still has nothing to do with the fact that she is kind of out shape and pudgy. Thus it doesn’t help as opposed to taller people who can play it off their really is nowhere for her weight to got to. She’s far from huge. Ahh wuteves I never understood the hype about her or Jwow I like Sami the best.

  • CK

    just stop drinking,idiot.
    gosh can’t wait for this Jersey shit to come to an end, i mean all these parents associations are so loud bout occasional F word on Tv (which i’m sure their kids are fond of) or some youngstress baring a belly, they also rate the movies (which is nowadays ridiculous) and etc and here we have a completely dumb reality show that shows selfish, shallow people that only think ’bout their appearance,drinking, fighting and finding a f***buddy every night that is very popular ac to ratings, but no one says anything, i mean our generation is really doomed if Jersey shit is what the kids like….
    i saw 2 episodes bout 2 months ago and am still nauseous,its the worst thing i’ve ever seen on tv, and there’s quite a lot of crap on tv these days

    • kayla

      Yet you found time to write a whole paragraph about it. Must have some importance to you. (thats like people looking up music videos on youtube and ranting about how much they suck)..i dont care for jersey shore that much so you wouldnt find me writing a friggin paragraph on it.

  • Starfish

    I’ve never seen the show…yet somehow…for some reason, I just don’t like her. I do believe the 110 pounds, but she’ll still look weird. She has a strange body shape…is that an “apple shape”?

  • nannou

    bullshit diet, she’s too lazy to do anything besides eating and drinking…

  • Whatever works………..she is chubby she needs to lose the weight.

  • Bryony

    You know what I absolutely do not get?
    A skinny girl like Megan Fox gets slammed for being waaaayyy too thin, even though I think she is not anorexic-thin, and a curvier girl like Snooki is labeled as fat! What, in your opinion is the perfect body then?

    • Minnie

      Snooki’s not curvy.
      She has boobs, but she also has a protruding belly. She has no hips and no waist.

      I’m not hating. I personally don’t prefer the curvy look. She’s just not what I would call curvy.

  • Bryony

    And also, I don’t believe in any “diets”, because none of them work, and some may actually be harmful to your health. This cookie diet is the most ridiculous I’ve heard so far.

  • Angie

    There is no way she’s 110 pounds. That would mean her BMI is 23.8 which is in normal range and she is most definitely overweight. JMO…

  • Jemima

    One meal, six cookies and a hell of a lot of liquor.

  • 110 pounds my a**

  • RAchel

    oh for crying out loud, losing 10 pounds is NOTHING, its only 5 kg!! losing 40 or 60 kg now thats hard. You know something is wrong with you if you have to go all out just to lose 10 louzy pounds.

    She’s a wimp.

    • well, it IS hard to lose weight when you’re that small. every little pound makes a difference and since she (and me) are tiny, calorie counting, weighing the food and non stop working out is the only way to go.

      i lost 7 pounds this spring, it was a huge challenge! AND 2 weeks ago my tutor at uni came up to me and asked how i was doing since i lost “so much” weight. every single pound shows a LOT.

      a 7 pounds loss for a petite person is almost like a person with average height would lose 20.

      • Jo

        I agree! I’m also a petite person. I used to be fairly chubby until I decided at the end of my 2nd year of college to take the 3 month semester break and work on losing weight. I lost 20 lbs with a crazy amount of dieting and exercising (it wasn’t easy or enjoyable, weight loss = not fun), and when I started my 3rd year in the fall, everyone was commenting that I looked like I had lost half my body weight. When you’re short, every single pound matters!

      • boo

        Agreed. 5 pounds is a milestone for me. I cannot even imagine how long the other 35 will take.

        A few weeks of eating around 1200 calories a day and walking is producing less than a full pound of weight loss per week. It will end up in a plateau too.

    • chels

      40 or 60 pounds could be lost at a fast rate of 1-2 a week. But just 10 pounds like hers could take longer and be harder to lose, since she’s not obese to begin with. Everyone is different.

  • i don’t know why when i saw her 2nd picture , i felt so sad for her! it’s tough when you’re that short and overweight! i am mean , i’m 5’4 and 120 pounds and i just don’t like my body and my height at all ! so,how does it feel like for her ?!

  • Asia

    NEVER WATCHED AN EPISODE OF JERSEY SHORE AND NEVER WILL! I’m so proud of myself, although I’m already addicted to the Hills, but at least there’s a lot of HOT girlz and guys there to watch! N Jersey Shore I saw some pics and there is like no one good looking but one brunette guy. Why would I ever watch a show that all the girls are so much uglier than average?

    • Jenn H

      *clap clap*

    • rachel

      I’d say that Jersey Shore is a reaction to The Hills…. kids who are not from filthy rich background, kids who are very average looking, kids who are low class (not that I’d say most of the characters on the The Hills are exactly classy except for Lauren, who I think shows great integrity and strength of character throughout the show), as well as Whitney (who isn’t as likable as Lauren because she comes across as cold and reserved on the show but seems to be a woman of class and integrity as well).

  • sara

    there’s NO WAY IN HELL she’s 110 pounds. i don’t care what ANYONE SAYS!!

  • machmalow

    Um … hello you’re not gonna lose weight eating chicken + cookies and even less if you eat once a day !!!!
    There is no secret, if you want to drop pounds, it is healthy eating habits (3 to 4 meals a day and NO snacking) + balanced diet (you HAVE to eat everything, insist on fruits/vegetables, a bit less on proteins but don’t cut them out from your diet, and finally try to minimize carbs, just like the rest they are essential to your body, just learn to be moderate), + sport (we never say that enoughbut … you gotta get a move on !).

  • Dee

    Actually, mach, as long as you consume less calories than you’re burning you’ll lose weight. That’s why crash diets are so popular. Effective in the long term is another issue, but she can lose weight on the cookie diet and/or anything else as long as she restricts caloric intake enough. It’s a numbers in/numbers out equation.

    I also find it weird that anyone would call bullshit on her weight based on just looking at her…I have a number of friends the same height as me yet we all look a bit different based on frame size, level of body fat (you can’t tell this by looking at someone, they need to get their fat percentage tested) and/or lean muscle tissue.

    • rachel

      this is so true. I am 5’5.5″ with a very small frame. Although I noticed a huge difference when I put on 8 lbs in the last year (in terms of how my body felt when I moved and of course how my clothes fit), for the most part, it doesn’t show on me (also I do work hard to hide it… it’s all in my stomach area and my arms and legs are stick thin).

      Another friend who has a thicker bone structure put on less weight than me and it’s far more noticeable.

  • size0??

    not 110 about 125. She is a sausage body with legs….

  • Aims

    Oh she’s 110? I’m 108-110 but I’m 5’5″. She’s overweight I guess cause she’s so short – but somehow I would put her more at … like 120ish?

  • Tia

    Whats up with those shoes??
    But it does distract you from her body.

  • Sassy

    She is and will be ugly at any weight

  • hahaha i’m 5’7.5″ and i weigh a lb less than her lol

  • aj

    she WISHES she was 110lbs… this is egotistic crap… seriously, talking like this like anyone actually gives a shit!!!! read the effing newspaper there’s much more interesting things going on sookie… what a self centred and boring woman

  • aj

    i really want to smack her face… is anyone else getting really sick of celebrities giving us a 411 on all their *issues* … i know girls like us eat it up but come on this is soooo lame

  • Mirabela

    When I see this post, I really want to search something. And I find it! (I search for a celebrities who is close as high)

    Kylie Minogue according to
    (please versus corect my link if it is inappropiate)

    have (at 42 years) Weight: 95 lbs Height: 1.52 cm

    My dilema is:

    How much really cut from this weight J.S.?!
    It can’t be just a 15 lbs differences.
    Because Kylie it is just with 3 cm taller than this girl. And the their bodies are enormously different.

    Truly! I’m not much interested at J.S.’s weight. And I know that: a breast like hers add a lot to her weight.
    But, if she make a challenge for losing weight – and decided to speak about the number of lbs or pound – at last she must tell the true value of her weight.

  • Padme

    What a stupid diet. She should just do a little more G and a little less T in GTL.

  • Petitebones

    Okay so there is no way in hell she is 110bls… I am 4’10 and when I was 110lbs I looked nothing like that, I wasn’t skinny but I definately wasn’t that fat! Yes she carries the majority of her weight around her waist and boobs but her arms and legs are still fat so it’s not as if you could say her arms and legs don’t make up for any of the weight! Arrggh seriously I’m getting really annoyed with so called “celebrities” BS about their weight!

  • Chelsea

    Ummm, that’s what happens when you party all the time… you gain weight. Anyways, I weigh less then her and I’m 5’5 so… lol. She could definitely lose some weight, she doesn’t look healthy at all. 95 pounds would be good I think or somewhere around there at least.
    But sweetie… a cookie diet?!? What the!! That isn’t going to work… don’t go on a “diet” because if you go on a “diet” you eventually have to come off that diet and that’s when you’re going to gain it all back! Which will put you into the yo-yo thing… it’s about the lifestyle baby! Eat healthy. Exercise. You’ll see results… it’s not rocket science lol

  • Carolin

    She’s not 149 cm. 4′9” is more like 145 cm.

  • Kara

    This girl is . . . disgusting. Okay, I usually don’t like to make assumptions about people, and this isn’t just from her looks alone. (Although when someone looks like that you can usually tell.)

    I watched about half an episode of Jersey Shore once. That’s it. She and EVERYONE ELSE ON THAT SHOW are pitiful excuses for human beings. She sounds shocked that she’s gained weight but that’s what happens when you drink every single night. That’s why most freshmen in college gain weight, not because they can’t regulate their diets on their own with their new-found freedom.

  • She, 49 kg ? Really ?:p

  • Mia

    I’m calling BS on the 110….I’m 4’11.5″ and around 105 (I range from 98 lbs to 115) and even at 115 I was a size 0. Granted when I weighed the most, I was working out like a beast and was very very tiny, but very very lean & toned. At 100 lbs, not working out like a beast, I look very similar to what I looked like at 115, except you can’t see as much musculature. I know everyone carries weight differently and I’m more of an hourglass, but Snooki looks like me post leg surgery where I had gained A LOT of weight. I got up to 130 and felt horribly disgusting and looked like Snooki (never had a gut though, but my arms looked like sausages, like hers do).

    • Jen

      I agree. I’m 4’10, 107 lbs and a size 0. Flat stomach, flat chestedm tone legs. To think she is 110 lbs is insane.

  • Kirby

    There is NO WAY she is only 110 pounds!!

  • olyvia

    impossible!!! i don’t believe she’s 110!!! at 110 U R not fat at allwhile she looks much fatter!!! i think she’s at least 135 or sth like that!!!

  • armygirl90

    i am 4’9 inches tall, exactly 59 inches tall, i weigh 125 pounds. i am not fat… i look 20 pounds lighter than this girl snooki. there is no way in hell she is 110 pounds. she has to be around 130’s if not 140’s, considering her breast size is on the big side, im a small B. no way she weighs 110. in that case i weigh 90 lbs!

    • Jen

      4’9 is 57 inches tall, not 59 inches. And yes, I agree. She is nowhere near 110.

  • biancaa

    ok umm all of yah are pretty ridiculous ; let her b thick cus not erri single guy liks skinny twigs ; so yah shuldnt control her & try 2 downgrade her ; i think she luks fine thick or skinny ; she’s not trashyy ; i guess cus yah soo preppy & white yah wuld consider her trashy buh deal w| it dahs her ; & she has many fans & yah jus a bunch of haters ♥

  • John

    I dont know who/what a Snooki is, but she’s going to get larger..guaranteed! Her figure now is at its peak….

  • Jen

    Ok, so there is no way that Snooki weighs 110 lbs! I know this because I weigh 110 lbs and I am 4’10’ I’m a size 0…thin..have always been small. She looks to be at least 30 lbs heavier than me. She’s at least a size 4 or 6. FB- Jennifer Barron, UT Alum.

  • Cat

    She isn’t overweight… 23.8 is close to the top of the healthy BMI range, and that’s about where she appears to be. It’s possible she could be lying about a couple pounds, but that’s it. Yes, she has a belly, but women are supposed to have bellies; the “pooch” is what protects their reproductive organs. Just because many stars are very thin doesn’t mean that that’s healthy or realistic.

  • amanda

    wow that is definately not 110 pounds that looks more like 140 to 150 and that isnt a bad thing

  • East Coast

    people you have to remember everyone is different! some people are all fat some people are all muscle which we know weighs more but looks slimmer! you cant compare yourselves…does she weigh 110 pounds? who knows is it impossible? NO weirder things have been true…plus the camera adds 10 pounds…her legs are pretty damn skinny! she carries it all on top so who really knows…i know at one point she looked a lot fatter i also know as a short person who is only 5 feet myself we do tend to always look thicker where we carry weight then a taller person would. Short people almost have to weigh nothing at all to look really thin…that said she is a grown ass woman…shes not 12-16 like most of the people probably posting are that haven’t even gone through puberty yet …when your grown if your still 90 pounds then you can make a comment LOL

  • catie

    STRAIGHT BS… Why because I am only 2inchs taller than that girl, I am the same age and I am 124lbs as of this morning. There is no way in hell she is 110, and look like that. I am 124lbs and look very thin compared to her, and I wear a size 2-4 in gap jeans. When I was 134lbs I looked like her. You cant tell me 2 inches will make that BIG of a difference. BULLSHIT. ALTHOUGH I will say I like snooki but sorry honey gotta call your bulllshit!

  • Charlene

    Sorry but most of your weight stuff *from all the posters* sounds pretty bullshit to me as well. I’m 5’3 120 pounds and I’m a size 5-6. Unless you say where you carry your weight the most, a ton of all your statements sound like complete BS.

    For those ragging on Jersey Shore, why the f*** would you come on a page with one of their main reasons why people watch and bitch about it? You don’t like then move to another page. We’re supposed to be talking about being skinny or curvy not that Jersey is a good or bad show.

  • Vanessa

    110 pounds for a 4’9″ individual is not fat. In regards to that last pic of her at the laundromat, I just have to say EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!


    Damn, I’m like 5’2 and at 112 lb (my heaviest) and im only 16, i know shes way shorter than me, but that makes me feel pretty freaken hugee o.O
    although i lovee her boddy

  • Lauren

    I’m 4’8 and 110 lbs (and in my 20’s)…and I look way skinnier than her…I think she’s lying!

  • SPH7

    I am a foot taller than her and weigh 5 pounds less…. I think she should aim for 85 pounds which is the lower end of “normal” and she would look fantastic! I saw pictures of her when she was near that range and she looks like a completely different person……. in a very, very good way!

  • Lee-Anna

    She looks fine the way she is. There’s nothing wrong with being curvy…

  • James

    All being said I would do her. maybe 20lbs less would make her look a bit more desirable. When women lose weight they also lose some of their boobs. So to each their own.