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Khloe Kardashian Was Anorexic, Overweight… and Is Now a Size 6

khloe-kardashian-was-anorexic-overweight-and-is-now-a-size-6 - Khloe Kardashian Was Anorexic, Overweight... and Is Now a Size 6

I know, complex title. It needs a detailed explanation – here it is:

As a bathing-suit-clad Khloe Kardashian stood by the pool at NYC’s Hotel Gansevoort on July 9 at her exclusive photo shoot with Life & Style, she appeared to be a woman without any body insecurity. But things were very different for her growing up. “I used to get teased all the time as a kid,” the reality-TV star tells Life & Style. “People would come up to me and be like, ‘Oh, you’re the fat, funny one.’ I would wonder, is that who I am?”

Khloe’s still funny, but no one can call her fat anymore. By working out about 45 minutes a day, five days a week, and maintaining a balanced, practical diet, she shed 20 pounds from her 5-foot-9 frame over four weeks. “I’m now a size 6, but I’ve been up to a size 10 in the past,” says the 25-year-old, who stars with her closeknit clan on E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians and co-owns the upscale boutique Dash with her sisters.

Khloe says she started emotionally eating when her parents, Robert and Kris Kardashian, were going through a divorce. “You just don’t understand stress like that when you’re younger,” she says. And her roller-coaster eating habits meant she also took dieting to a dangerously extreme level. “I was anorexic when I was 15 – I’d be obsessed with working out, and I’d never eat,” says Khloe. “That was the worst I’ve ever been. I’ve been very underweight and then overweight by about 30 pounds.”

After packing on the pounds again after her dad’s death in 2003, she expressed interest in working out, and Kim gave her that extra push. “We just started doing it together,” says Khloe, who adds that she and Kim, 28, both have a sweet tooth and keep each other’s snacking habits in check. “Just having someone’s encouragement makes it so much easier.” Kim’s happy to help. “I’m so proud of Khloe,” she tells Life & Style. “She looks amazing.”

20 lbs in 4 weeks sounds a little drastic, doesn’t it?

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  • Kae

    Really? A size 6? Judging by the other picture of her, I would have guessed a larger size but maybe I’m wrong. This is a seriously photoshopped cover but hey, they all are! Nice boobies!

    • MM

      I’m 5’9 and a size 6 and I’m a LOT smaller then her (135lbs)
      I call bullll

      • VG

        huh? are u talkin about american sizes? coz at 5’9 and 135lbs thats pretty small. sz 6 in american sizes is like size 10.

  • Cinthee

    she looks great now, even though she’s been threw alot (wow, I had no idea) she looks fantastic now! She looks healthier and happier now. And think she looks like a size 6.

  • sydney

    she is at least an 8

  • mags

    She and Kim lying about their sizes is getting kind of old. What is wrong with Kim saying “Yeah I’m a size___” because she’s definitely NOT a size 2. MAYBE a 6, but probably more like an 8. And Khloe is what, 5’10? There is no way she’s a size 6. My best friend is 5’10 and thinner than Khloe and she’s a size 10. These fauxlebrities are annoying.

  • morgan

    She would not be able to lose 20 pounds in a month in a healthy way at all. If she lost weight that fast she did it in an extremely unhealthy way because women can’t lose weight that quickly, men can’t even do that. She is either lying or starving herself and working out hours a day, everyday. I think she just lost a few pounds and is now trying to be a media wh*re like her sister and get some undo attention.

    • Ally

      absolute bullshit. I’ve lost about 20 pounds in a month (and I am not even that big) just by working out for 30 mins every day + walking a lot and eating healthy (lots of veggies, lean meats, beans and stuff).

      So yeah, 20 pounds in a month in a healthy way is completely possible, don’t talk crap.

      • Leanna

        You can lose 20lb in a month, but mostly lean tissue. It’s really not possible to lose more than about 1lb-2lb of fat a week unless you are very overweight to begin with. I reckon a big chunk of that 20lb she lost was water weight.

        • Steph

          That’s not entirely true. Usually the first week or two of dieting you will lose like 8-10 lbs, and then the subsequent weeks you will probably lose 1-2lbs. So, while it’s not possible to lose twenty pounds every month, it is possible to lose 20lbs the first month.

          • Leanna

            Yes but that first 8-10lb probably comprises of mostly water weight. Losing fat is not the same as losing weight.

    • erin

      I lost 20 lbs in a month by adding exercise to my daily routine and by upping my veggie intake (I also became a vegetarian around that time.)!! What I lost was the excess weight I’ve been carrying around for 5 years. I was at a stable 155 for the longest time, but I decided I wanted to lose the weight, because I wanted to be able to see my toes for once in my life. So, I joined a gym and I dropped 20 lbs by the end of the month. So, please, don’t talk when you’ve never experienced what me and others who have lost 20 lbs in a month in a healthy way, have.

  • Dr. Truth

    She looks fantastic and to answer your question- yes, 20 lbs in for weeks is definitely drastic. I can lose 5 lbs a week if I want but that doesn’t mean it’s done the right way! I’m sure she lost a ton of water weight (maybe even half of the lbs.). The trick now is going to be keeping it off. Let’s see if she can feed the beast..

  • jamie

    she looks pretty good in the photo!
    BUT 20lb in 4 wks is definitely unhealthy.
    She should have aimed for 10lb in 4 wks…

    For long term/effective weight loss, you should aim for maximum of 2-2.5lb of weight loss per week…
    Any amount more than that is too fast for your body to adapt to, and you are most likely to regain that weight (& more) in the long term.

    But if she keeps up that 45mins/day for 5 days/wk… AND eats incredibly healthy (or “balanced” as the kids call it these days) diet then she can maintain that size.

  • Marie

    Ah, the old diet and exercise trick. Work every time – to a point! But the guided meditations from nevereverdiet.com provide lifelong lifestyle change in 21 days.

  • Mary

    Pffffft! She’s just trying to sell some Lemonade fast. Whatevah. There was no other reason than this for the cover story.

  • Maryna

    I must say she looks fantastic. I don’t know whether she is lying about her size or not, but remember that people appear larger in photographs than they really are in real life. Also, who cares about her size, she looks amazing and thats what counts!

  • Kira

    I’m still waiting for the day when people learn that rouching isn’t actually flattering. ::sigh::

  • Juliana

    She looks great! I’ve lost 22 lbs in 3 weeks by eating just 1 apple a day and working out about 40 minutes a day, 3 days a week!

    • lisa

      I guess you know that sounds really anorexic…?

      • Juliana

        I know this is drastic, but it helped me stop eating all this crap (fast food). After the diet i completely changed my eating habit.

        • ln

          Hmmmm…. I hope you mean you just added an apple a day to your already existing diet….

          • Jaz

            Nope, I think she really meant..she only ate one apple a day. And thats all she ate.

    • misha

      yay you ll see when ur gonna put aaaalll the weight back on =)
      you will defs stop talkin about eating one apple a day!
      ahah such a joke

      • Juliana

        I don’t care what you think about the way I lost the weight, but this was 1 year ago and by now I didn’t put 1 lb back on (and I eat more than 1 apple a day!).

        • Katarina

          Like, 2 apples…?!

          • Juliana

            Haha… I must confess, this was funny!

            No, not only 2 apples (i would be dead if i was doing this for 1 year!). Just healthy food!

    • Rose

      hahaha rofl
      ur funny
      you really think thats the right way to lose weight?

    • Elizabeth

      LOLLL. I love how you’re saying it in such a happy, perky way, with your exclamation points and such. Makes it sound like you actually think that’s a good idea/diet plan.

      Seriously, do not promote that kind of shit.

  • ohwowlovely

    I like her, but is she seriously claiming she used to be anorexic….and then went on a diet later in life? Bitch, please. Recovered anorexics CANNOT DIET. We end up relapsing.

    • misha

      yeaah shes such a joke, the fact that she wasnt eating for a while cause she cas depressed and stuff doesnt mean she was anorexic, theres no way she was anorexic cause :
      -she would not have talked about this sooo easily as if she was proud of it
      -she would not end up on the cover of magazine dressed like this
      ahah khloe ur such a joke to meee

    • Ellie

      ‘Bitch, please’.. hehe 😀 Made me laugh.
      Anyway, it sounds like a relapse to me. Losing that much weight in such a short amount of time can’t be done in a healthy manner, so if it’s true, there’s definitely been some anorexic tendencies in that ‘diet’.

    • beck


    • Isabel

      I agree.. or at least, it’s very verryy difficult, and you’ve gotta be really motivated to stay on track. I’m going down that road right now; I used to suffer from severe anorexia, and totally recovered [seriously–totally!] but one calorie too little, and I’m right back to my old patterns again!

  • keila

    All YOU bitches are f* haters!!!
    She looks good and that’s matters!!! Sooo stop being soooo jealous cuz you wishesds you looked this good!!

  • Kiwi

    Is that a US size 6 or UK size 6? If it was a US size 6, that would be slightly more believable as that would make her a UK size 8 or 10…?

    • Ella

      It’s a US 6 which is a UK 10 (I’ve lived in both UK and North America).

  • Rose

    she looks great but i don’t believe she’s a size 6. and 22 lbs in 4 weeks isn’t really healthy to me.

  • dirtrydiana

    haha I love how she claims to be a former “anorexic”
    no real anorexic magically recovers and turns into a fat a$$

    • ohwowlovely

      You’re so wrong bb. A lot of anorexics have messed up metabolisms. Plus their mental relationship with food is screwed up, so when they start to refeed they can end up binging. Those two things combined will cause a person to end up recovered…but overweight. My low BMI was 10.7 and I almost died from anorexia. After recovery, I ballooned to a BMI of 28.3 for an entire year until my metabolism adjusted, and now my BMI is 23.

    • Leanna

      How ignorant. Go do some reasearch.

    • Isabelle

      Not true. I’ve suffered from both Anorexia and binge eating disorder. They both involve a messed up sense of self-worth and an unhealthy relationship with food. It’s not unbelievable.

  • Sammie

    lol……….she looks great…however she wasnt anorexic………these girls jus love creating drama.”OH I WAS ANOREXIC”………….anyone who really had that would never admit it for the world to know and if she really was anorexic she would never allow herself to reach that size….lol

    20 pounds is four weeks si drastic…maybe she took ddiet pills or something…or not eatin cause that drastic

    nonetheless she looks great!!!!!!

    • pppccc

      You do admit it to the world after recovering from anorexia!Of course, not in a magazine, but to other people. After my recovering, I felt protective to other people who were in early stages and I tried to help them(not successfully with all of them…:( ). With these lines I admit that I had!!!But I have to agree that maybe she does lie, or she was in early stages when she got hospitalized.

  • Meko

    i agree she does look good! but they seriously photoshopped this cover. Its like her head doesnt fit the body. But being that her and Kim are promoting that Quick Trim cleanse thing then i would def say she lost 20lbs in a mo.

  • Mirabela

    Bravo to Khloe! 😉

  • mahe

    she looks good now but kims body has made more of a transformation over the years. i wonder if skinny vs curvy could put up that recent pic of kim in a black jumpsuit and compare it to a old pic of her. she looks amazing

  • Trisha

    She says she was a size 10 like that’s a huge size or something?? Eff this beotch! Seriously!!!!

    • BlackEssence


  • Leanna

    Oh here we go again with the sizes lol.

    I really think sizes sometimes come up bigger than they should so if she’s fitting in a 6 then she’s probably really an 8 or 10. Same as Kim fitting in a 2 or 4 is probably really a 6. I’m sure in some stores they might fit in smaller sizes but doesn’t mean that’s their TRUE size.

  • BlackEssence

    Hmmm…I think she’s skimming some of the top on her sizes and how long it took her to do it.

    I agree Leanna; she was, at least, a 12 before.

    4 weeks, I say 4 months

    But that’s just my opinion.

    I also think there is some photoshopping going on; her head looks dispoportionate…mind you, her heads always been kind of big.

    Congrats to her, nonetheless, reaching your goal is a wonderful thing…just make sure you do it the healthy way.

  • Chantel

    Size 6 means european size 36 or 40? It’s hard to understand cause I’m from europe.She looks like size 38,normal but not too slim.

    • BlackEssence

      I believe 40

      • lisa

        I’m from Austria and I’ve been to the UK for a while. In Austria I wear size 34 to 36 and in the UK I need 8. I always thought 36 was like 6 in the UK and I dare to say that I’m not skinny but very slim – that’s why I was shocked about the size 8.. But a very skinny friend of mine wore size 6 to 8 as well, so I guess that’s all relatively small sizes..

        • Leanna

          UK size 8 is a Eur 36. 34 is a size 6.

    • pppccc

      it’s 36

  • I call bullshit. First off all at 5’9″ she would be way skinnier at a size 6. I’d say she is at least an 8/9. And I think before she was bigger than a size 10, I’d say more like an 11/12. Also, 20lbs in 4 weeks? With Kim’s help? Sure. Sure. Suuuuure. Because losing 20lbs that fast isn’t unhealthy or anything…

  • georgia

    Hey, I’m 5’7″, built almost exactly like Khloe looks on that People cover, and wear a US 2 – 6 depending on the brand and spandex content. Not impossible considering size inflation!

  • nabile

    how can she go out there and say “ohh btw I lost 20 lbs in 4 weeks..” like if that is a good method to lose weight, seriuosly that’s unhealthy and its a shame, you show it off like if it is going to the groceries! :S

  • Amber

    You all are annoying. She isn’t fat, and never was. She is a healthy person with curves. She looks A M A Z I N G! Get off your butt infront of the computer talking bad about celebs. Think about it for a second, you all look dumb for talking so nagative about someone you don’t even KNOW. Imagine how you would feel if you were in the spot lite like this all the time being compared and criticized. I am sure you wouldn’t be happy either. She is doing something about her “weight problem”, so get off her back. She is beautiful, funny, outspoken, she doens’t get walked all over. More people out in this world should have those traits. Good for you Khloe, keep it up!:]

  • Eve

    I don’t know, she could be a size 6-8 (depending on how photoshopped this picture is, I can’t really tell). I’m 5’9 and 130 pounds and I usually wear a size 4, sometimes a 6, I’m slimmer than her though. What does everyone think she weighs? Anyway I think she looks great here, although I don’t think she would have lost 20 pounds in such a short time frame unless she was doing something a lot more drastic than eating healthy and working out for 45 mins a day, I lost weight a similar way last year and it took me about 4-5 months to lose that much, I guess everyones different but I’m still a bit skeptical.

  • Scarlett

    I adore Khloe- she is definately my favorite Kardashian sister! Hilarious, outgoing, unique, real, and BEAUTIFUL- inside and out. I have never considered her to be fat, she is a real woman with curves and a backside. Also, Khloe could have been anorexic, it’s not fair to be so skeptical and jump to the conclusion that she is only claiming this for media attention. People with anorexia often loose control from there strict diets and grumbling stomachs and retreat to binge eating. Also, I’m sure the emotional trauma of her Dad’s death and her parent’s divorce only urged her to seek comfort in fattening sweets. However, she looks FIT AND FABULOUS now… still curvy, but definately a lot more toned. Though twenty pounds IS a bit much to loose in only four weeks, with healthy eating and exercising a lot is possible… especially if she was working out everyday with a trainer who knows exercises that target certain areas and push you to the max. All these negative comments are RIDICULOUS! I don’t believe Khloe is fat, unhealthy, or going back to her anorexic ways… KHLOE I AM A HUGE FAN JUST KEEP ON BEING HEALTHY AND FIT! I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH YOUR NEW SHOW THIS AUGUST! 🙂

  • Susanne

    I think Khloe looks good on this cover but I have to say that I find it terribly irresponsible for Khloe and Kim to be promoting a diet cleanse product. A huge number of their fans are teenagers and young girls and I can’t believe that Khloe is on a cover of a national magazine proudly exclaiming that she lost 20lbs in a month like that is healthy or attainable without, basically, starving yourself with a “cleanse”. Good for her for working out but quick fixes like cleanses are not safe and can be detrimental to your organs. I thought they were all about loving their “curves”? Then they turn around and say, “I lost 20lbs and I feel better than ever!”.

  • beam

    I don’t go by sizes.
    Every clothes brand is
    Yup. Losing that much weight
    so fast is not good.
    Then eating all and what
    you want till noon? Can
    that be right?
    I have never seen this
    show but this lady looks
    very pretty to me.

  • Maryna


    Hey guys! Here’s a link with some pics of Kourtney and Khloe that wasn’t posted to long ago.

    • Maryna

      Oh I forgot to say, in bikini’s

  • ankuu

    i may ask again…and again and again. how did they become stars? wtf did they sing/play in?? are they models? porn stars?!

  • ms_benes

    She is larger than a size six now and has been way larger than a size ten in the past. I guess it’s probably the norm to say your one size smaller, because there may be that odd item of clothing that fits you in that size.

  • Jess

    She looks like a heifer. Actually, that whole family does. Not sure what it is about the sister’s being so insecure about themselves that they feel they need to justify their sizes by lying to the media (or themselves.) They should admit that they are large and either be a symbol for beautiful larger women or lose some weight but the constant deception just makes them look stupid.

  • kitty

    I call BS on her being a 6. (and on Kim being a 2- seriously, 99% of girls with DD boobs can NOT be a size 2/4, most clothes aren’t made that way)
    And 22lbs in 4 weeks- good luck maintaining that.
    Also, her “anorexia” story doesn’t sound realistic to me. An ED isn’t something you have for 2 weeks and snap our of. It’s a lifetime thing.

    I will say though, that she does look pretty good here.

    • pppccc

      She could have suffered from an ED, but we can’t be sure because she doesnt say for how much time it was. And also, in EDs you don’t just stop eating and work out like crazy, unless it’s in early stages;you sometimes eat sth small(for example an apple) and then make yourself sick(ot try).
      And i don’t think she’s a size six, although she looks great, because that would mean she has the body of Katherine Heigl, as KH is said to be a size six and 5’9″ or 5’10”.I’m 5’8″ and sometimes can’t fit into a size six dress because of my boobs,and I wear a 36C bra(and rarely 36D) although I usually wear size 4!

      • pppccc

        and I forgot to mention,I’m thinner than Khloe!

  • Angela*

    I think we should be congradulating her instead of hating coz losing weight is an achievement. I know people who have lost 20 lbs in a month and actually kept it all off. Ev erybody body loses weight easily and some people lose weight easily. Weight loss is not ONLY about how much you excersize and diet….

    • Angela*

      I meant to say everybody loses weight differently not easily

  • Jordan Z

    Khloe looks great! And I 100% agree with Angela*. I’m a size 12 and look much larger than her, as for my step mom who was a former size 6 when she was pregnant. Khloe could be a size 6, smaller, or larger. Either way she’s proud of her body, and we should be preoud of her!

  • ????

    This is all just so she can get headlines.
    Like Kevin Federline, they gain weight so they get headlines about loosing it.

  • coci

    She looks fantastic…I actually prefer her new body to Kim’s…Chloe just looks more natural (I don’t know if she’s had anything done, if she did than it doesn’t look obvious at all), ie. her curves look more natural…Kim’s curves look crazy sexy but more in a fake-brazilian-pornstar kinda way.

  • krn

    Too bad it will all be wasted on Lamar. Couldn’t she find anyone that is as good looking as her? A beautiful girl with a self-esteem problem equals an unhappy marriage. They will get divorced after the first kid & only then will she realize what a naturally beautiful woman she is, who mad a BIG mistake by making it legal with Lamar. I am sad for her.

  • Avril in Paris

    Don’t feel bad for her, she’s about to get PAID.

  • Becca

    Poor Jessica got dumped on her birthday:/

    • anadeau07

      Thats happened to me too! On my 16th…. but it wasn’t for the whole world to see…. 🙁

  • Laura

    I think she obviously looks like a US size 6. I am also 5’9” and built a lot like Khloe (ruler shape) and I wear a 6. It depends on body composition. She has a naturally muscular and athletic frame.

  • Jessica

    The reason that she appears to be “fat” is that she has two sisters that are like a whole foot shorter than she is. Gosh people get into the real world. I am 6 foot tall and a size 14 and I am hot and sexy. If I wore a 6 or an 8 I would look like a twig with no curves or a bag of bones.

  • april

    she a size 6 US so anyone commenting, dats a size 10 UK… UK sizes are 4 sizes up dan america, so for example size 0 US = size 4 UK….. which looks realistic 2 da pic of her…………