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Nikki Blonsky in a Black Dress

nikki-blonsky-in-a-black-dress - Nikki Blonsky in a Black Dress

We’re committed to featuring celebs of all shapes and sizes on this site (plus I’ve had some requests to post about this girl), so here is Nikki Blonsky in a black dress at The Cinema Society’s screening of Chéri held at the Directors Guild of America Theater in New York City.

Fast FAQ: She’s from Hairspray, she’s 20 years old and she’s only 4’10” (147 cm).

She looks happy and smiley!

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nikki-blonsky-in-a-black-dress-2 - Nikki Blonsky in a Black Dress
nikki-blonsky-in-a-black-dress-3 - Nikki Blonsky in a Black Dress

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  • Kristy

    I’m not quite sure what to comment here. She looks pretty and happy, and I like her outfit. I’m not gonna state anything (obvious?) about her body, so I guess I’ll leave it at that!

    • Too All The Stupid Bitches That Are Saying Stupid Shit…YEAH WE KNOW SHE IS OVERWIEGHT. WE GOT THAT THE THOUSAND TIME YOU SAID IT. It Is Unhealthy. BUT Its HER LIFE. Im Skinny And I Dont Jude No One About Thier Physical Apprence, I Jude By What They Bring To The Table. Nikki IS PRETTY & TALENTED. What Are You?? Oh Thats Right Your STUPID,DUMB,IGNORANT BITCHES 🙂 And I Bet A Million Dollars If It Came Down To It, You Wouldnt Have The Balls To Say Anything To Her Face Or Any Girl Like Nikki. You Would Get Your Ass BEAT. Lol You ARE SAD. She Dont Have A Wieght Prblm , You Just Have A Problem With Her Weight 🙂 Later Bitches

  • pia

    she looks so big :S and the dress is kind of puffy… i cant believe how short she is :O

    • nikki please loose some weight im sure ud look even prettier then pls

  • Lala

    Its scary to think that ppl are judging everyone. This is how we were born to be! Pia, are you saying just because someone is a little bigger that they don’t even derserve to be happy?? We need to be careful bc I think you guys grew up with some mental or phycological issues with your own bodies. But to judge others isn’t gonna make you a better person.

    • Kristy

      Ok, the purpose of this site is to judge/comment whatever… why are you here and how did you find this site if you don’t care to “judge”?

      Did Pia say anything about this person not “deserving” to be happy? Noone has said she does or doesn’t deserve anything.

      We are not born to be morbidly obese.

      • Yeah We’re Not All Born To Be Obese. But We’re Also Not All Born To Be Stuck Up SNOBS. She’s Pretty No Matter What, Stop Being So Negative. Instead Of Looking At Whats Wrong With Her, Go Take A Look In The Mirror And See Whats Wrong With Yourself Dumbass. If Your Going To Talk Negative Expect To Get Your Ass Put In Your Place

    • layla

      a) i’m pretty sure that’s not what we’re born to be. i’m not saying that we should all look like Tori S. or anything, but this…no.

      b) i don’t think pia sounded overly judgemental at all. she just said the girl looks big. and she DOES. do you tell people not to judge when we say that lilo is too freakishly skinny? probably not. besides, the girl DOES look big. it’s just a fact.
      and she didn’t say anything about not deserving to be happy.

    • BlackEssence

      I don’t see where Pia stated anything about this girls happiness. Nor did she judge the woman aside from stating the obvious ‘she’s big’…and she is.

      And, I’m sorry, but NO ONE is MEANT to be morbidly obese. So I’m not sure where you get your health facts from.

      Now back to the pics…

      I hate her shoes.

      • Lelebeauxart

        @Blackessence … So, you’re black right? Or African-American; whatever you guys are screamin’ to be called these days. Anawah, I’m guessing you have a huge ass. Some people have the genetics to be fatties just like black girls have the genetics to carry a lot .. and i’m A LOT .. of junk in their trunk. Ya dig? You probably have oversized thighs as well, since black .. excuse me …. african-american girls usually have really thick legs too. Cankles anyone?!

        • Cecilia

          What a bitch. Did anyone ever MENTION black people? And thats not genetic. It just happens that some black people are big, others are not. some WHITE people are big, others are NOT. I know PLENTY of black people that are a hell of a lot smaller than me!

        • Haha Your Funny. I Guess You Have Realy Bad Self Esteem Issues Huh? Becus Your Saying Realy Stupid Shit & Talking Shit To Someone You Know Nothing About. Lol Your Sad Fool.

    • Ramie

      NO WAY anyone was “born to be” like that…seriously.

    • pia

      who is saying that she don’t deserve to be happy? i wrote that? show me where i wrote that cus i cant find it 😉

      • Kristy

        Haha you didn’t… some people like to complain for the sake of it!

      • Lelebeauxart

        Look, you probably didn’t actually come out as say she didn’t deserve to be happy. You probably “elluded” to the IDEA that she doesn’t deserve to be happy because she’s a big fat ass. Bottom line? Yes, she was born with the predisposition to tip the scales in the jelly donut’s favor. I’m not saying she’s eating carrots and grass water, but she’s probably not eating an entire Mexican Kiosk menu as a snack, either.

    • Cecilia

      This isn’t judging anyone. She does deserve to be happy. But she won’t be so happy later when she dies of heart disease or something! I’m sick of people trying to say that this is average! It’s not! she’s FAT! NO getting around it! and people like Kelly Clarkson aren’t helping! It’s not normal and it’s not “how you were born to be”! God did make us in different shapes and sizes, but I’m pretty sure He meant our bone structures and the way our muscles develope. I’m pretty dang positive He didn’t want us to be fat, thats for sure!!!

      • Bayla Jaeb

        This IS average. It’s not the acceptable, most healthy weight persay, but it IS average. Perhaps you don’t know what average is? Have you seen america today? We’re all fatasses. And i love it (: Life is too short to spend it dieting. Sure, if we would all spend more time thinking about what we eat, we’d live longer, but I’d rather have a short life than a longer one spent couting calories.

  • Bon

    She is ridiculously overweight and unattractive. I understand the whole “love your body” concept but, come on, that’s not even healthy. Ugh.

    • hey everybody whats the problem with u shes sucessfull and does social work which most of us dont even think off infact i really like her i know shes fat but if shes a nice person at heart id go for her rather than some pretty girl with no feelings and no doubt she is really pretty infact she lost weight in hairspray because of all that dancing and she looked even prettier i know even id tell her to loose weight but as long as shes a warm person at heart i wont give a damn to it

  • sara

    She’ll probably come out in one of those “how i lost *** pounds” magazine articles in a few years, im sorry this is not curvy, this is overweight she should take more care of herself specially in that business where she has all the resources, its not like she has to work behind a desk all day and take care of her 3 children. I dont mean she should be skinny but shes not curvy shes overweight, too bad cause shes a wonderful actress.

    • kayla

      i completely agree…this is NOT curvy…in no way is she considered curvy.. she is overweight and this is not attractive…i loved her in hairspray though

    • Bitch You Wish You Was Succeful Like Her. Your Just Mad Cus Even If She Is Overwieght She Still Looks Better That Your Negative Ass!

  • MC

    she is sooo short. doesn’t exactly help her figure. but she looks happy so alls well to her.

  • helena

    i wouldn’t smile if i was her…i mean ok,we should not criticize hard people that are not thin,but come on!this is unhealthy!she is only 20 years old!how can they leave themselves become so overweight!try to do sth to fix it girl!mostly for your health if you don’t care about your looks,which is surely unattractive…

    • Bayla Jaeb

      1. i would smile. i dont see being overweight as something to be sad about…?? your mind is quite distorted if you think that, and people like YOU are the reason why fat people feel bad about themselves.
      2. I find her quite attractive, and I look up to her. You may think she’s unattractive because you’re a closed-minded, vain person, but there ARE people in the world that are not as shallow as you. And if all actresses were stick thin, who would play roles like Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray? It would make no sense if we had Paris Hilton playing her, since the character is overweight.

  • Kate

    Wow, she’s very big! She looks twice bigger that she used to be in Hairspray. She’s not curvy, she is just totally overweight. Her arms look scary. Come on she is only 20 years, but she looks like she’s in her early 30s

    • Ella

      I agree that she looks much older than she is. Being overweight ages people just as much as being underweight. I’ve also been introduced to a number of girls who are just as overweight as (or even bigger than) Nikki and, before anyone knew their actual age, my friends/family and I often guessed them to be at least a decade older than they really were.

      • Cora

        I just want to say that I have severe body image issues (i fear gaining weight) and seeing Nikkis’ body scares me. I hope one day she realizes she could be healthier.

    • Lelebeauxart

      What does someone in their 30s look like? Sara Michelle Gellar? Fergie? Kate Beckinsale? Reese Whiterspoon? I’m 36. I don’t look anywhere near my age. So, what does a person in their 30s look like?

    • Yeah Those Arms Could Kick Your STUPID ASS Too

  • iry

    I like that she is so smiley and I am sorry that I have to say she is very much overweight. It is just not healthy.

  • natnat

    Ok.. i think we agree she is big.. moving on..

    I like her dress it is flattering on her, however those shoes are doing nothing… some strappy heels would have looked better..

  • Nai

    Not healthy. Unacttractive..
    I can’t stand that anorexic girls are called “sick people” and overweight girls like Kelly Clarkson and her are not. Nothing against these women, but anorexia and obesity are both diseases.

    • BlackEssence

      Much agreed on your last statement, they are both a disease. That being said, I don’t think I would put Kelly in the same category as this girl…far from it.

      • kayla

        kelly clarkson is definitley overweight

        • Jessica

          Okay, I can understand “overweight” and “unhealthy”. But stating that she is unattractive if pushing it.

          • Jackie

            I agree with Jessica. She is indeed a big girl and should lose weight for health reasons because being overweight is a choice that can be prevented. But I don’t think it’s yours or anyone else’s place to call someone unattractive because of one’s size. Yellow teeth, and bad hygine are considered unattractive. Maybe someone can find Nikki attractive. You never know…

          • yeah i do find her very attractive shes got a pretty face

        • Olivia

          Kelly Clarkson is overweight, but she’s no where near as big as Nikki Blonsky.

          • Cora

            Why are people putting Kelly Clarkson in the same category as Nikki. Nikki probably weighs more than Kelly and Kelly is definetly taller. Leave Kelly ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

          • Abz

            are u serious? kelly clarkson has had her wieght go up and down, however you will notice her small waist and larger legs…
            often ppl with small waists and large legs are CURVY!
            not fat!
            soo why dont you read a freakinn health book before you write this

    • Brandi

      KELLY CLARKSON???? She is NOTTTT overweight! sure Nikki is but she knows that and doesn’t let it get her down. She is happy and a very sweet girl. Get over yourselves! You don’t know if she eats healthy and works out! Some people have a hard time losing weight. She doesn’t let it get her down and I think that’s amazing. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I were her. She is amazing

      • DC

        um, yeah she is. If you calculate her BMI, it is 29.2. which is overweight and one step away from obesity.(a BMI of 30 and above) It said earlier that she was 5’3 and 165 pounds.

  • mara

    this picture is going to give me all the motivation i need to stay on my diet! thanks!

    • Ramie

      ya…I agree!

    • Nomatter If You Stick To Your Diet, Your Still Going To Have A Fat Brain Cus Your So Stupid For Saying That:)

  • HippoBanana

    I dont understand how people can say that people like her and Beth Ditto are such great role models, they are no healthier than LiLohan or anyother skinny that isnt actuallu that size naturally.
    She’s got a gorgeous face and is very confident, plus she can sing and act so I cant hate too much.
    But it really does anger me when people say she is flying the flag for curves, she has far less curves than Lohan.
    Why cant people like Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Gardner, who are by no means large but they have healthy toned natuaral bodies, be the ones the media ‘brainwash’ people to desire and admire?

  • Suzie

    It’s not normal to be this big, this isn’t our natural state .. our natural state is eating fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds! And not over-eating. It’s tough though, I’m not judging her, I just don’t understand people that are pro-fat.

    • Cora

      Vegetarian right here!!!

      • Abz

        IM veggo too!
        goood jobb 🙂

  • Ivory

    She looks so happy!
    And she has a really pretty face and hair!

    • Thank You! Finnaly A Person Who Isnt So Stupid. You Go Girl

  • tulona

    i was on my way to becoming as big as nikki a few years ago and those were the worst years of my life. i had no energy, was violently teased at school and that shattered my confidence, and i was constantly grieving over how unattractive i felt. nikki obviously doesn’t lack confidence. and she does have a beautiful face and looks really happy. but as others have pointed out, carrying this much weight truly isn’t healthy for anyone.

  • maya


  • Kae

    That much weight is not healthy, for ANYONE. She is pretty though. That dress is horrible for her figure.

  • Mirabela

    She has a health problem. I had the same. But I did therapy and exercises. The problem is not with appearance but with the weight she have to wear (carring everyday) on in on. By the way, she looks lovely and smiley. You know?! It’s not easy to smile naturally (especially in her situation). 😉

  • Blanca

    She’s SO cute! ^_^

  • Shannon

    I like the girl and all but it wouldn’t kill her to lose a few, at the happy weight she is right now to according to some ppl she is on her way to some health issues

  • AE

    Does anyone else think it’s interesting how her being weight was so important for the story of Hairspray, and people saw that as loving your body, but not in the movie most people agree that she is too big. And she might’ve been a little smaller in Hairspray but I doubt she was much healthier at that weight (from what it looked like). Why can’t there be a happy medium, like you don’t have to be super skinny but you shouldn’t be super big either.

    • VG

      there is a happy medium…and her name is kim kardashian 🙂 hehehe hot b i t c h!

  • kayla

    she has a pretty face but that body takes away from it….she looks huge and very unhealthy and unattractive

    • mahe

      i wouldn’t say she is unatttractive. believe it or not there are actually men who like women that size. does that mean that having a flaw make a person unattractive,i see women with no breasts does that make her unattractive? to each their own . she should loose weight but she is not unattractive, beauty is the eye of the beholder.

      • kayla

        her face is beautiful but her body is unattractive. (men that likes this body type usually probaly cant get any better)

      • amen id marry her if i knew her in person cause i think shes a very nice person at heart and by the way she’s just 5 feet and yeah im sure shed loose weight if she tries after all she can dance so well with all her weight imagine how well she would if she lost a few kgs why doesnt somebody recomend her to watch baba ramdev or go for abking pro id love to see how shed look when shes thin but i like big boobs and i hope theyre still big even when shes thin imagine how hot shed look then shed even look taller then

  • DT

    I can’t believe these people who say so what if she is 200 lbs. and a size 24…. as long as she looks happy that’s all that should counts. Are you crazy?????? These are performers and actresses who spent thousand of dollars to learn how to smile and look happy…… Let me know when you have x-ray vision and can see into their brain… don’t be so fooled, nor also assume they are faking… they could be very happy too… it has zero to do with their weight…
    Now I’m not saying there isn’t a place for everyone, but if the point is to express your opinion, then give it to them…pro or con… that’s what they are making the big bucks for….
    And bravo to those who do express their opinion… this is not a site to be timid… it is a site to say your opinion .. you know you’ll get sniped at around here.. especially if you like thin!!

    • Maria

      Obviouslly she is very overweight, but that dosen’t mean she isn’t happy.Obese does not automatically mean that the person is thinking of commiting suicide or anything. So many people think that overweight people are unhappy, that is a stereotype. People can express their opinions on here no matter if they like her look or not. For my opinion…..Yes she needs to lose weight for health reasons…being obese is just as bad as being anorexic.

  • sandy

    First and foremost, She is beautiful and has a radiance that exudes through these photographs. Needless to say, she is overweight. She should lose at least 30 pounds (if not 50) before she would be at a healthy weight. Now I’m no Lindsay Lohan (i am a size 6, 5’6 and 135 pounds) and have a younger sister battling weight issues (she is a size 13). Helping her start to lose weight/get healthy has been a struggle and I know Nikki must be in a similar position. Its really important to start your adulthood (like Nikki and my sisters age), healthy and with good habits so that you can maintain. It would be great if she could take that to heart this year and slowly take off the weight through healthier eating and exercise. I dont expect her to come down to a size 2, but a 10 or 12 would still be much better than her current size (over 20).
    I wish her the best of luck and happiness! She is beautiful, bubbly, and talented!

    • I can agree with most of what you’ve said- but you think your sister being a size 13 is having ‘weight issues’? Are you honestly serious? A size 13? And you think she needs to lose weight? No wonder she’s battling herself.

      • VG

        im guessing she means size 13 in american terms because she said she herself is a size 6…size 6 is like one or two sizes above lindsay lohan so i don’t think shes speakin in tiny terms. size 13 is like our size 16? which while not being obsese is overweight especially for a 13 y.o

  • alana

    My jaw dropped when I saw this post. My initial reaction was, “Ew. not good! etc.”
    After further thought I’ve come to these more… sensitive conclusions (after all she looks sweet & what real woman isn’t sensitive about her body?):
    A) She looks like she’d be really pretty if she lost some weight — even if just to the “healthy” range. B) being happy is not the only thing that counts (although it does count). Being this overweight is unhealthy. Instead of striving to love your big body, focus that energy on losing weight and being good to your body. Best of luck to her.

  • Rose

    wow thats really her size? i thought she gained weight for the movie. but anyway, she looks like she could have a heartattack any second. i’m deffenetly not pro super skinny and i don’t think theres anything wrong with a few pounds too much but this is unhealthy. i love hairspray though. she’s an amazing actress. and she has a cute face.

  • James

    Yes her arms look puffy, yes she is larger than in Hairspray, yes she is overweight, but I think she looks great and she comes across as happy, and there’s more to hold onto if you know what I mean (Fnaar Fnaar Fnaar).

    • DT

      Ha… you probably couldn’t even get your arms around her….

      • kayla

        LOL thats funny but sad that its true 🙂

        • VG

          thats pretty fkn bitchy. this isnt highschool babesssssss

  • I liked her in hairspray, she looks happy.
    She doesn’t look healthy.

    It is not healthy for anybody to be that size. A short lifespan plagued by aches and pains is not a good thing.

  • J

    Hmm my first thought was at 4’10” is she suffering from a form of dwrafism- my Cousin in law has and it means they are prone to gain weight in the puffy kinda why this girls looks.

    Saying that she has pretty eyes but needs to look after herself…

    • S

      She isn’t a dwarf, she’s just short.

      • Leanna

        Dwarfism is a condition with various symptoms. If a person is under 4ft10 that does not automatically make them a dwarf any more than a woman over 6ft being considered a giant.

        • J

          I know that what I was asking was did anyone know if she did as the way she carrys her weight is very like my CIL. Me no stupid me no just write things cause she a short ass!!

      • Cora

        I’m 4’11 and about 110 and trying to lose some weight (i’m a FAT ASS)

        • But Your Pretty No Matter What 🙂

  • Alyssa

    she is pretty:)

  • ana

    im sorry but she is sooo over weight 🙁

  • mdw


    • Maria

      grow up already

      • mdw

        allowed to have an opinion

        • Maria

          you’re right you are. But why say gross? Just because you don’t like overweight people dosen’t mean they are gross.

          • mdw

            To ME, it LOOKS gross. Thats it. If you dont like it, too bad aboutcha. You might think it looks FANTASTIC. Can I tell you to grow up? Simply because my comment is in a negative light, you feel you hvae the right to interject snarky remarks?
            Righttttt…….and I need to grow up……….

          • Ramie

            to me it looks gross too. It’s an opinion just like you may think a thin woman looks gross. No need to be defensive.

          • kayla

            she said gross because in fact she does look gross and overweight..if nikki was really thin everyone would be saying the same thing without a problem…

  • anabel

    I have a friend who looks very similar – very short, very large, very happy & adorable. I think she is beautiful, but in an uncommon way. I do think being this overweight isn’t healthy, but keeping it at the top of the healthy range or slightly overweight would suit this kinda frame. Though, I gotta say that my friend really watches what she eats (it’s really healthy overall), but she always looked like that, even as a 2 year old. It’s not easy for some. People should remember that happiness contributes to health, too.

  • shoegirl

    She seems to be happy with herself and that’s the most important thing :)! Not saying she looks healthy but that’s the image she has created for herself!

    • shoegirl

      PS! And she got to kiss Zac Efron 😉 Hate to admit it but the guy is cute. lol 😀

  • m

    OMG what’s that?!

    • kayla


  • Vera

    Let’s hope she follows Rikki’s lead.

  • MELA

    This is a REAL CURVY woman. When I hear that Kim Kardashian or Jlo represents curvy women, I just want to laugh…

    • Mam

      Curvy is a body shape, not a euphemism for fat.

    • Instant

      Look, I like Nikki, I think she’s cute and she is a great actress. But I’m sorry, she is not curvy. Kim K., Christina Hendricks, JLo, Kelly Brook, those are curvy ladies. Nikki is overweight, plain and simple, and as much as I hate to say it, she does need to lose weight, if for no other reason than to get healthier. I agree with Mam, curvy is a body shape and not a euphemism for fat(though there are curvy fat women out there, Nikki isn’t curvy).

      • Maria

        very good point Instant..I totaly agree

      • Nkeon

        very true, though it is possible that she does have a natural curvy shape hidden underneath the excess weight.

    • kayla

      HAHA…this is NOT curvy…overweight…Kim K is curvy b/c she is not Overweight..she has curves. Kim K has a beautiful shape thats envious to some. I dont think there is anyone that is envious of Nikki shape..

  • adrienne

    On her way to a heart attack..

    • kayla

      i agree..she is TOO short to be this overweight…very unhealthy

  • Carly

    Oh dear. no comment

  • clara

    agree with carly… no comment!

  • ms_benes

    poor thing, it must be horrible to be that way.

  • brina

    she looks happy whicj is important but her health is important also, i’m not saying she’s unhealthy but she looks big for her height.

    • Nkeon

      which would be unhealthy!

      on another note, i find it v. interesting that pics of li lo and tori spelling are slated and people have no problem using words like ‘skinny’ ‘sick’ ‘eat a burger’ etc but when pics of overweight people com on here it’s always ‘well she looks happy and that’s what counts!
      unhealthy is unhealthy, too big or too small, and i doubt that anyone in either position can be really happy. remember that the papz stalk girls like li lo to catch a brief frown on their faces and then they end up on the front page of a mag stating that they are unhappy so we can’t really get the full picture.

      • kayla

        i agree…she is too fat and needs to lose alot of weight just as most of us would be saying she needs to gain weight if she was underweight

        • tina

          wow kayla
          i THINK we got it the FIRST time you said you think her body is unattractive and she needs to lose a lot of weight and that she is unhealthy and undesirable etc, etc, etc.

          not that i disagree. i watch my weight very carefully and think Nikki should definitely lose some weight if she doesn’t want to die young.

          but seriously, by the tenth time you posted, you sound like a skinny bitch who’s totally full of it and needs to put down girls like Nikki over and over again to make yourself feel better. WE GET IT.

          • Rima

            God bless you, Tina!
            I totally agree with u!!

  • moi

    she has gained a lot of weight – but I’m sure she’ll lose it.

  • Shiari

    I found this site on google…. and I have just realized this is a HORRIBLE WEBSITE! I thought this was about fashion and stuff but it BASHES those that are overweight! give them HELP! diet tips, workout tips! Not saying “I would die if i looked like her” because in my opinion you should jump off the CLIFF if your soul is really that bleak and depressing!
    How do you have time to bast others on an anonyomous site?? I hope this makes you feel better because it shows me how much pathetic trash is left in the world…

    • Juliette

      Quote: “How do you have time to bast others on an anonyomous site?? I hope this makes you feel better because it shows me how much pathetic trash is left in the world…”

      Aren’t you bashing people on an anonymous site too? Welcome to the dark side of pathetic trashy people. We have cookies. Diet cookies.

    • Versus

      Dear Shiari,
      I am sorry you feel that way. As the writer of this site, I, Versus, have not bashed ANY overweight people. As a matter of fact, my only comment about Nikki was that she looked “smiley and happy”, kindly check the post to see that. If you took time to browse through the site, you will see that I am not against any body shape or size and I always try to promote the our “pro natural and healthy” and “con standardization” ideology.
      Furthermore, if you read the comments, you will see that many of them are nice, normal comments.

  • samantha

    actually some people can be overweight but totally healthy i am and so is my bff were both totally healthy but overweight i love how she seems like she doesnt care i wish i could have as much confidenience as she does and people really shopuldnt assume that just cuz your big that your unhealthy

    • bichhess

      thats true…
      good job on pointing that out…
      i have a friend who is on the state netball team, and she weighs 90kg!
      and she is 15!
      and she is a very healthy girl!
      never eatsunhealthy food, always eats fruit, has a healthy hart rate and blood pressure and is fit!

  • Mila


  • Kim

    I love how everyone is picking on her but who’s the one who got to kiss Zac Effron lol.. she knows the risks of being this size without everyone having to point them out. Has nobody got anything nice to say, like really?

  • jada

    I think its great the media is starting to give attention to women that are not just a size 0 or 2. And I think its great nikki blonsky is finding success in her passions. But, my concern is not her weight as it appears in the media. But, her weight is not healthy. It is a health concern and that is not something that should be flaunted around to the media like its a “rite of passage”. Best of luck to her as she lives her dreams.

  • starr

    omg all of you should be ashamed…calling the girl fat…you all are problebly not the thinnest of people but nikki fair play to her ….she is happy…and evry1 shud be happy 4 her…she gives overweight people hope…that if she can be on the cover of that magazine so can i…you see all these skinny celebs do u think that sends out a positive image to people…if she happy with her body type then leave her be…i think she is very beautiful and that u are all jealous coz she got to kiss zac efron…she is an amzing actress and an inspiration to all people who think you will never get anywhere being big….she is a gorg girl xxxx

    • Nkeon

      I’m sorry but you sound really childish.
      I can understand you being annoyed at the insults thrown at her because of her size but I doubt that everyone here is green envy because she kissed Zac Efron (especially if, like me, they don’t really like him).
      The girl is overweight, there’s no denying it but she has feelings and a lot going for her in her career. But just because an overweight person is smiling or ‘looks happy’ that doesn’t take away from them being overweight and the problems that could come with it (I don’t know why people always think otherwise). The problem isn’t with a bunch of ‘skinny’ celebs being all over place its the fact that we are only shown one size most of time, in this case thin.
      Btw, you’ve sniped at the use of the word fat but some people find skinny an insulting term as well.

  • Poo

    nikki is gorgeous and she is beautiful that belt sinches her curves

    • Eunice

      curves? Don’t you mean giant love handles?

  • kate

    Only 50lb? I think you are being way too kind!

  • Allisha

    Honestly she’s beautiful. she might weight more than people want too but she’s still happy. To be in hollywood and on TV and NOT be a twig is obviously difficult! Your all so judgemental! No it’s not healthy. Are ANY of the foods in resteraunts healthy even anymore?

  • Jodi

    Her size is considered not fat, but obese. She is at risk for heart disease, kidney and liver disease as well as joint problems from carrying all that weight. She should consult a nutritionist to help her plan healthful meals. Then after she has lost about 150 lbs, she should get a personal trainer to help her get in good physical shape.

  • Elaina

    Ok, first off people. Stop with the ridiculous comments. Who the hell are you to call her “FAT”. She may be chunky, but i bet she has 100 times more charisma, charm and beauty then most of you! “her weight is not healthy” ok people, do you have anything else to say? Why do you care in the first place? I know plenty of “skinny” people who are weak, “eat healthy” but yet they cant keep up with an hour excercise class. You do not have to be “skinny” to be healthy. Thats BS first of all. Im not condoning anything but still. If you are alittle on the heavier side, the worlds not over people. As long as you try to eat healthier and take care of yourself, that is all that matters.We all know someone who isnt skinny, but they are gorgeous!! It also depends on your taste of what you think is attractive. Some people may not find her attractive, but i assure you that there are MANY that do. Instead of pointing flaws of an individual outt, why dont you praise them for their natural talent and success?? How would you like it if you made it into the movie world and it was your picture up there people were poking a proding at? “look at that nose” “look at her chin” look at her teeth” “look at her hips”. mmm yea, im sure there are many of you who have obvious flaws, so think about your own imperfections, before you make it a point to talk about others.

  • Nicole

    You’re beautiful, and your attitude and confidence are amazing. Don’t ever change girl your wonderful thank you so much for empowering women everywhere!
    Love always,

  • Courtney

    Okay why is every one saying that she would look better if she lost weight? what if she is happy with her body? and doens’t want to change? i think she is very pretty jsut how she is! And just cuz you don’t think so…well thats what you think…but if hse is happy with the way she looks than that should be all that matters.

  • Teddieeee

    Wow. 97% of these comments are pathetic.
    As long as Nikki’s happy with her body, then who cares?
    She’s so pretty, but people nowadays can’t see that because society forces us to want to be skinny. THAT’S sick. Not Nikki.

  • I am sick amd tired of hearing that just because someone is not thin that they are unhealthy? Are you serious? Have you talked to her doctor? I think not. I’m an average size person(size 4 or 5) and my best friend is overweight. She plays softball and volleyball and is better than half the girls she plays with. She can keep up with all the skinny girls and even manage to go beyond them. So before you say she looks “unhealthy” why don’t you think about your words. Because large does NOT equal unhealthy.

  • oh yeah, I forgot to mention that while my best friend is much larger than me, she can outrun me, is more flexible than me, and eats healthier than me. And she still isn’t happy with herself. All of you people(save the few who said nice things) are the reason that my best friend feels she isn’t good enough and that she’s ugly. People like you have brainwashed larger people for ever into thinking thagt they’re “gross” “ugly” and don’t deserve to be happy. Karma will come back to bite you. Trust me.

  • Deandra

    Okay.. First of all we have to recognize that being overweight is not healthy, and if you are too thin because of anorexia it isnt good either, I agree media does scrutinize thin girls more but both have serious risks. your weight should be proportional to your height and bone size and age.. Honestly i think she would be pretty if she went down to her proportional weight

  • cherio21

    i really dont understand all the controversy over this photo and this actress shes actually very pretty and i personally admire her openness about her body we need to encourage people like her to pursue their dreams the way she is the only reason that overweight people gain even more weight is because they are unhappy with themselves and their bodies due to the toothpicks like some of you who dont understand what it feels like to be her

  • Mr Fantastic

    I think it’s funny how so many people (mostly women) are talking about how unattractive she is. Women are so transparent it’s hilarious. Women are just jealous that she’s confident in herself. She looks good and she knows it, period. America has done a great job of brainwashing women into thinking that attractiveness ends at a certain dress size.

    • Gigi

      I’m sorry but the jealousy argument is hilariously wrong. If a woman is beautiful, I (and many others here) will gladly point out said woman’s beauty instead of nitpicking little “flaws’. Adriana Lima, Charlotte Casiraghi, and Melanie Laurent, for example, are all goddesses in my eyes. Believe it or not it IS actually possible to not find someone attractive without being jealous of them.

      I will say, however, that the way some people here cruelly ridicule her weight probably has a lot to do with the fact that it makes them feel better about themselves.

      • Kimberly


    • DC

      I’m pretty sure than no one is jealous of her. She is overweight. She’s like 4’ll, and she probably weighs 150. If she thinks that she looks good, than it’s a horrible misconception of beauty.

  • Rose

    All of u pplz are such bitches who cares wat she looks lyk n her shape ur not her she obviously lyks da way she looks u cnt just judge ppl by da way they look on da outside u ppl proberlu hhve weight issues urself so bk off n gt a liife!

  • Nicole

    I’m co fidebt about my 141 5’5 body, and I have no problem with obesity, but the dress is 2 sizes too small.