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Star Magazine: ‘Emma Stone is 105 pounds – dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her’

161739930_10 - Star Magazine: 'Emma Stone is 105 pounds - dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her'

Yesterday it was Radar that called Jennier Connely too skinny and today, we have Star Magazine and their verdicts on another star’s figure:

While promoting Gangster Squad, Emma Stone has looked shockingly gaunt – and boyfriend Andrew Garfield, 29, is worried.

“Andrew is freaked out,” says a source. “He thinks that if she drops any more weight she’ll be skeletal.”

Body expert Alicia Hunter agrees: “Emma appears to have gone from about 116 lbs. to roughly 105 – dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her.”
Emma, 24, has acknowledged that she’s size-obsessed: “You won’t hear me saying I have no body issues… I do have that thing of, ‘Oh my God, I’m disgusting… I feel so fat.’”

What do you all think? Check out many pictures of thin Emma next!


159099725_10 - Star Magazine: 'Emma Stone is 105 pounds - dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her' 159099783_10 - Star Magazine: 'Emma Stone is 105 pounds - dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her' 159235028_10 - Star Magazine: 'Emma Stone is 105 pounds - dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her' 159235035_10 - Star Magazine: 'Emma Stone is 105 pounds - dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her'  161739995_10 - Star Magazine: 'Emma Stone is 105 pounds - dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her' 161742335_10 - Star Magazine: 'Emma Stone is 105 pounds - dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her' FFN_g_50939321 - Star Magazine: 'Emma Stone is 105 pounds - dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her' FFN_g_50944070 - Star Magazine: 'Emma Stone is 105 pounds - dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her' FFN_g_51007927 - Star Magazine: 'Emma Stone is 105 pounds - dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her' FFN_g_51007930 - Star Magazine: 'Emma Stone is 105 pounds - dangerous for a 5’6” woman like her'

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  • Sandy

    Emma, please, start eating, U look sick.

  • Annabella

    She does look very thin and frail. Given the fact that she has weighed more before, I just can’t believe this is a natural and healthy weight for her. She would looks gorgeous with a goog + 10 lbs. I’m really sad that these beautiful young ladies like Emma are pressured to give in and change their appearance to the Hollywood standard skinny look.

    If you aren’t “naturally” underweight, it is definitely not healthy for you.

  • misscheeks

    What the f!ck is a “body expert?” *rolls eyes*

    • Exactly! The whole thing is total BS. She’s definitely lost a bit of weight and is looking very thin, but saying it’s ‘dangerous’ is stupid. It’s just cruel, ignorant gossip-fuel from yet another fame-whoring ‘expert’!

      • misscheeks

        True Erica. Slightly off-topic, I was watching E News a few weeks ago and one of these “experts” was giving advice on how to keep fit even when you’re in hotels on holiday. This fool recommended doing push-ups on the bed ¬_¬ a soft, unstable bed, push-ups… wtf the floor is a much safer option you silly woman!

        • laura.croft

          you guys sound pro-anorexia to me. the girl looks sick. we know its not natural b/c she’s much frailer looking than she was before. she needs to eat, before she severely damages her organs and health. the END.

          • laura.croft

            Oh and its also severely aged her.

          • misscheeks

            Excuse me lara.croft? Pro-anorexia? Your comment had better not be directed at me… you’d better take that back right now, don’t insult me.

          • James

            Laura I guess you’re not aware that REAL health has nothing to do with how people LOOK but how their body functions. I guess things like METABOLISM and what not is a foreign concept to you right? You know, that tends to change over time.

          • Hannah

            Your exactly right

    • jjj2

      She looks awesome and not at all unhealthy. I love these body experts too.. These same experts Anne Hathaway scary skinny when she weighed 10 or more pounds than she weighed during batman!

      Anything to make a buck I guess. But Emma looks great and none of these “experts” should be talking about how much she weighs when they have no idea how much she weighs.

  • Debbs

    What the hell is a “body expert”? She does not look too thin to me. I would not look twice if she passed me on the street.

  • Hazal

    Recently, one of the most overrated actresses out there. I don’t find her pretty -neither at this weight nor when she was heavier. She could be cute at most. That’s why I don’t get that she plays a sexy seductive lady in Gangster Squad.

    • lenac

      I completely agree, to me she’ll always be that goofy girl from “Superbad”. cute but nothing special.

  • ary

    she really said that? She looks healthy and stunning imo. love her style.

  • clara

    she does look very skinny to me but doesn’t look sick. would look better with 10lbs more though.

  • Oopsie

    She doesnt look dangerously thin to me. I always think she is a naturally slim person.

  • mary

    yeah she really could use a few extra pounds and red hair back (i know she’s naturally blonde but she looks better as a redhead)

  • kiwi

    she looks fine. people are overreacting, as usual.

  • Michelle

    I also dont think that she is naturally skinny, since we’ve seen her in her first movies and she didnt look this skinny. Nevertheless, I feel she looks better at this weight, since she has this hipster style going on. I dont know if it is healthy, but she doesnt look fragile to me. Im sure she’ll look wonderful with some more pounds on her, too.
    I also think she may be a little overrated but I do love her style (and specially the amazing coats she wears!)

  • Dani

    She doesn’t look “sick” to me but she looks older. The weight loss aged her a bit and she would look much better with ten pounds. She’s also prettier as a red head too.

    I think she’s a pretty girl with a unique look, I just prefer her a little heavier. I wish she would have kept her weight and just toned up if she had body issues.

  • lena

    not a good look.

    • lena

      i prefer her a bit heavier with red hair.

  • jerry z

    meh i think she looks good at this weight – and she doesn’t look that skinny – pretty regular skinny girl.

  • annemarie

    Wow, that’s bs. 105lbs is not “dangerous” for a 5’6 woman, I’ve never weighed more than that in my life and so did my mom, even after she had 3 kids. Emma looks sick just because she’s naturally bigger and dropped too much weight for her frame.

    And, Holy mackerel, a “body expert”? Is that a legit profession?

    • Marisa Rebuffé Lorah

      I too am 5’6″ and weigh 105 lbs. I used to weigh a bit more (110) but lost it even though I didn’t change my diet. I may be walking more though ( I do not drive) and I feel great. Don’t care what anybody else thinks or says to you if you’re super thin. Most women would give anything to look like us!

      • sarahb44

        Totally agree! I’m also 5’5 and 104 IBS. I have always been naturally skinny.

  • CK

    we all of course had noticed that’s she lost a bit since getting in the spotlight, though i wouldn’t say she’s very talented – not bad i mean, but not as big as media makes her, however i don’t think the loss is dramatic,moreover i think that yellow dress and terrible make up in that pic make her look skinny-ish and plain awful (like she’s aging or smth) in the face close up.

    • amber

      Yeah, and i would also consider the possibility that she is much, much busier now that she is so frequently in the spotlight. That could easily account for a few pounds lost, and a few pounds can look significant when youre already thin.

      I would say that having self conscious days where you feel fat and gross is NOT the same as being weight obsessed.

      • Ysatis

        It’s got nothing to do with being busy. It’s just typical Hollywood starlet weight loss. They start off looking slim. They become famous and lose 15 lbs. I can’t believe that so many people are still in denial of the pressure on female celebrities, especially actresses to be skinny.

  • Kate…

    This is my weight and height naturally, considering that I have a fast metabolism and I’m a long distance runner so for her no its bad for me its good….

    • Kate…

      Also how does this supposedly body expert know her weight? Did she go up to Emma herself and ask her? I highly doubt that. You can’t just guess someone’s weight by looking at them. You have to ask them or weigh them yourself. This Alicia Hunter needs to go find a real job.

      • Stace

        You’d be surprised. If you work in an environment where you deal with body weight on a daily basis (a personal trainer for example), it becomes pretty easy to estimate people’s weight.

        • Aafje

          My mother is a personal trainer/ nutritionist and she is scary good at guessing weight which is really annoying if i gain shes like YOU GAINED 8 LBS SINCE I SAW YOU LAST -__-
          Doesnt mean this lady is right tho

  • Pixie

    Yes, she’s thin, but I don’t think she’s ‘dangerously’ thin. She doesn’t look bad at all.

  • Pixie

    She should go back to the red hair. 🙂

  • sarah

    Considered the fact that celebrities always look bigger and fuller in pictures,she’s very thin and looks sick as well.
    I have never liked her but I admit that i prefer her at her normal weight.
    But hollywood system puts so much pressure that you can’t help losing weight and looking perfect,like what happened to anne hathaway

  • Sassy

    Reading your comments makes me realize how distprtrd the majority of ppl who come to this site is. Yes, for her age and bone structure 105 is way too thin…for those of you who think otherwise…I wish you’d educate urself. More on the topic of what is healthy..it makes me sad. I went into residential treatment at 107 lbs and I’m 5’6 t…

    • Nobsnob

      Well this is SvC where most of the regular posters love the skinny mentality so…
      This site is not representative of your average people’s opinion.

    • annemarie

      I wish you’d educate yourself too and then would know that there are naturally skinny people. If you’re naturally heavier that doesn’t mean everybody is.

      • Flemiel

        @annemarie Yeah but this thread is about Emma Stone. Sure there are a few comments about people who are naturally tiny and 106 pounds is normal for them at being 5’6 but seeing Emma’s shape when she first hit the scene we know she’s not naturally tiny.

        • annemarie

          Yes, but I was answering Sassy’s comment on how everybody should educate themselves about what’s “healthy” because she herself went to treatment at 107 lbs.

  • vanessa

    what happened to her?? she looks so fragile looking. I think dropping the weight and dying her hair blonde just makes her look very typical; instead of being the curvier red head she was. she looks to skinny now, like a 12 year old body.

  • MissMarilyn

    She looks thin and I prefer her body more as it was in the house bunny but I wouldn’t go so far as calling her unhealthy or sickly looking.

    Where are the magazines finding all of these crazy body experts

    • Casey

      They just find a random person or blogger with an outrageous opinion and go with it.

      We’re all qualified “body experts” too. 😀

  • Casey

    She’s thinner than she used to be and thinner than my personal preference of her, but I don’t think she looks dangerously thin.

    It is possible she just exercises regularly and watches what she eats, without completely nutritionally depriving herself.

    I do think she’d look better with 15 pounds. It just seems to suit her face and body better.

    • MerryHappy

      she doesn’t look like someone who exercises to me…. No offense.

  • Observer

    She looks just toneless and shapeless, like she lost a lot of weight without working out, or for the sake of being smaller. And with her complexion and features it’s really aged her..looks sort of young-old. I question if she’s really 5’6, she appears shorter.

  • lc

    Yes, she is super thin, but I don’t think dangerously so.

  • pandabear

    she weighs less than 105… i am 5’6” 105 and a touch bigger than her. she doesn’t look sick though. just don’t go all kate-bosworth and she’ll be fine!

  • Ana

    When I think of the word “gaunt” or “dangerously skinny”, Emma does not come to my mind. She looks completely healthy and happy to me.

  • Soph

    It’s a shame it’s aged her so much. She was much more attractive heavier and with red hair. It was a striking look. Now she looks thin and desperate and like the rest of the skinny ones.

  • Kelly-Ann

    I love her so much! Even if she weighed 1000 pounds she would be beautiful to me. I mean, look at that gorgeous face! And I always like what she wears. Stay healthy Em!!!

  • Hannah

    She must weigh less, i’m 5’8 and 105lbs and she looks a lot thinner than me.

    • Hanna

      5’8″ at 105?????? You need to eat something, not her.

      • kbaby

        Agree. I’m 5’8 and weight 140lbs. My doctor told me if I ever dropped below 125lbs, it would be an issue. Plus, I have a medium body structure.

        • Dani

          I couldn’t agree more. I am almost 5’8 (a smidge over) and 120 lbs, if I dip down to 118 I start to look awful. I can’t imagine 5’8 and 105 lbs. I’d look like death for sure

        • serena

          Some people are ectomorphs with tiny bone structure. I have a friend who is about 104 lbs at 5’7″ and she is very healthy, eats normally. Her father is super tall and skinny so that’s where she gets it from. Hannah is probably like that. Being slightly underweight doesn’t mean someone is unhealthy. If Emma was slightly overweight none of you would pretend to care about her health. Plus we don’t even know how much Emma weighs – these “experts” are just guessing like the rest of us!

        • James

          No offense but your doctor sounds like a quack who knows nothing about real nutrition.

      • annemarie

        Wow, that’s rude.

    • kbaby

      @hanna- maybe you have a small body structure or a fast metabolism? You would be considered underweight at our height (5’8).


  • sly94

    she is not naturally skinny. that is why her being underweight is dangerous for her. some people have naturally high metabolism, so even tho they are rly skinny, they are still healthy. however, emma is not one of those people. she is probably starving herself by the looks of it, and it is not good in the long run.

  • Lisa

    “appears to have” Uneducated weight guesses again? Zzzz.

  • Mia

    It’s so hard for me to relate to women who are this skinny and have “fat” days…I am definitely larger than Emma, and I NEVER look in the mirror and think I’m fat! That would be ridiculous, considering my BMI is in the range of normal and I can run marathons at the drop of a hat. Why do women have to create such a strict dichotomy between skinny and fat, there is such a large continuum in between the two!

    • jenna

      Her comment about having fat days bothered me as well. I’d say that if she’s still having fat days while being this skinny, she maybe does have body issues???

  • Chelsea

    She looks better with red hair and some meat on her bones!

  • Heather

    Oh, she’s starting to age quicker now, with the weight loss. Too gaunt, I’ve never found her attractive, actually, but she’s too thin.

  • jemima

    I think she looks so much better with more weight on her, but I don’t like her regardless of her weight.
    And I’m /so sure/ Andrew says anything about her weight. lmao yeah ok

  • Winnie

    i don’t find her to be THAT thin :S not “too thin” anyway. she still looks fresh-faced and “healthy” to me. not scary like Jennifer Connelly recently.

  • Jess

    She looks frail because she’s lost any muscle she’s had. Now she’s just skinny fat, as in her body fat percent is probably high even though she is underweight. I like skinny, but not without muscle.

  • serena

    Here’s an idea: How about if you’ve never even met someone, have no clue how much they weigh, what they eat, or how they exercise, stop making assumptions about their health! It’s ridiculous.
    Wth is a “body expert” anyway? Certainly no medical expert. Just some loser trying to make headlines.

  • D

    She doesnt look too thin IMO. She is thin, yes, but I think she looks good thin.

  • solaxia

    that’s so sad because I think she looks better with some more meat on her bones. I think she is too thin for herself here and it takes away from her beauty…plus I really want her to have red hair again!!!

  • me

    i think she looks great!!

  • *

    Admitting Emma sometimes feels fat or insecure is not admitting that she is “size-obsessed.” These two things are completely different, don’t get things twisted.

  • Adriana

    Im not sure if i believe this story. It just raises alot of questions for me. Body expert? 105 pounds? Hmmmm never heard of that profession & i know lots of people who look like they weigh atleast 15 pounds more than i would have thought. Im 5.7″ & when i weighed 135 i wore a true size 4. When i was 125 pounds i wore a true size 2. At 118 pounds i was a true size 0. Alot of people think you have to be underweight to be really small or wear a size but you don’t necessarily have to be. Everbody is different.

    • Adriana

      Oops typo-Alot of people think you have to be underweight to be really small or wear a size *0

    • Adriana

      I did have a little more muscle in my legs, my calve muscles especially so even though i hate to admit it, after a few more glances im starting to think she MIGHT be a tad underweight due to laIck of muscle. Im guessing more like 110pounds though but who knows. Im over commenting. Peace out 🙂

      • Ysatis

        She’s even skinnier in real life.

  • Adriana

    There is a chance Emma could weigh 105 but she could also weigh 112 or 115 or 118. Who knows. She doesn’t look dangerous thin to me though.
    Imo Jen Connelly looks too thin but not Emma. Who really knows besides Emma & hr doctor.

  • Veronique

    She is looking too thin, IMO, and as some other people point out, she seems to have lost all muscle tone…she just looks boney and a bit frail. However, I don’t think 5’6 and 105 is dangerous territory (yet), but that’s between her and her doctor.

  • guesty

    what hooey. she’s small framed. yes, she might have been heavier before, but she doesn’t look unhealthily thin at her current weight. my sister is 5’6″, has never worked out a day in her life, eats like a normal person, and still has trouble going over 105 lbs. shes thin, yes, but considering how small her frame is, it’s still a healthy weight range. don’t these rags have been things to invent, like jennifer aniston’s 14th pregnancy?

    • guesty

      *better things! woops

  • raquel100

    Women (esp women in their 20’s) need to start realizing that when you get too thin, it really does affect the elasticity of your skin & age you!! Now that I’m in my 30’s I see how weight can really affect how old you look in the face. I’d rather be more youthful looking and have an extra 5 pounds on me – never thought I’d hear myself say that! Also, the majority of men are attracted to “fuller” type womanly figures – hence why most HETERO guys will gravitate towards Playboy and not Vogue!! Of course there are naturally skinny women out there who are gorgeous, I just hate knowing that so many women like myself have sacrificed s much in our 20’s to be in thin when the extra 5 or 10 pounds didn’t matter – and actually looked healthier – anyway!!

    • Dani

      I couldn’t agree more! At 30, 125 looks better on me all day long than 120 ever did. 130 would probably look EVEN better, though I cant seem to get there. I wish I’d known that in my early 20’s lol, I’d have enjoyed things as much as I did in my later ones.

  • paola

    oh god, leave her alone!! stop pretend to be worried for her when you do not know her. she is not overweight at least, that is a more difficult condition to live in if you love life. if she is too thin she will feel the requests from her own body,and people around her will be interested into HER, not into adjusting her body as they would riteain appropriate to be. i have been very thin and very fat,a lot of food issues for me,but i faced it with honesty and i try to work with myself to be bettere FOR ME and consequently to be a better person through the other. stop break balls to people when you don’t actually give a shit if they would feel horrible with themself if they gain weight. mind your own body, she is minding hers and even if not in an ideal way,she is still TRYING to take care of herself and not let all the personal suffering go. i too don’t know her,maybe she’s a bitch, i just don’t know and i don’t tell her to “eat” as well as i don’t tell fat people to “loose weight”, but if i care about them i would tell them the advantages of a healthy body,the joy of eating fresh good food,i would care about a full life of self respect, about how they can enjoy their present beauty and feel blessed and accept the taste of desirving something. lot of things..i talk too much..just an eating-disorders girl sick of all this hypocrite shit

  • serena

    Emma is maybe 7-9 lbs underweight and some of you act like she’s dying. If she were 7-9 lbs overweight no one would freak out because we are so used to overweight people it’s the norm now. Maybe she’s very stressed out or has a health issue like hypothyroidism. Either way these lame “body experts” are foolish for claiming she’s at a dangerous size when they don’t even know how much she weighs! Btw I weigh 116 lbs and people regularly guess I weigh 10 lbs less than that. You can’t guess weight just from looking at someone.

    • Adriana

      Yes it is quite easy to underestimate someones weight by 10 or even 15 pounds, I said the same thing above 🙂

    • jenna

      “hyper”thyroidism would be what she has, if she had a thyroid problem. that’s the one that speeds your metabolism up and makes you lose weight.
      “hypo” is the one that slows your metabolism down and makes you gain which is def not her prob!

  • Sidney

    I had to check who this Alicia person is, apparently she’s made it her business to estimate celebrities weights… Some woman who was fat and now is thin and more plastic, dunno much else but anyone so heavily associated with gossip mags seems phony to me. If Emma is struggling with food problems, i hope she gets help, but to me she just looks on the skinnier side of thin. Maybe i liked her look a bit more when she was a tad fuller.

  • artemis

    she didn’t need to lose it

  • Lucy

    She is skinny, I must admit, however, I’d kill for these legs. :))

  • opal

    My ED must be back in full force, I think she looks fine.

  • AIms

    Why do woman think this looks good? Men like woman to look healthy – slim but healthy. Any guy will tell you that. Also your face looks older when there is less fat on it – it looks sunken and not as attractive.

    • James

      Why do woman think this looks good? Men like woman to look healthy – slim but healthy. Any guy will tell you that. Also your face looks older when there is less fat on it – it looks sunken and not as attractive.

      From this post I can tell you right now that you have no idea what a healthy person IS or what they look like. Health has nothing to do with how one LOOKS but how a body functions. I know a lot of people of different shapes and sizes who are healthy. Some are Skinny, some aren’t so skinny. But they’re healthy. it’s about how your body WORKS not how it looks. Are you aware that BODIES functionly differently from others? Also I take it that you never heard of something clothing which on a naturally skinny person can make them look TOO skinny sometimes right?

  • Laura

    I know she looks very skinny, but I think, this type of frame looks perfect in her, I love her skinny legs.

  • Lisa

    Body expert, lmao. I’d trash that resume if it landed on my desk.

  • James

    Also how the heck do these people know how much she weighs just by looking at her? They came to the conclusion that she’s a 105 pounds by LOOKING at a few pictures? Body expert my ass.

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  • retrobanana

    i dont like her as much since she went blonde thin and sytarted dating this kid who didnt come out if the closet yet

  • monalaura

    Man… I really used to like emma stone, i thought she was unique and interesting… and now she has dropped down to typical hollywood size 0 and blond and with it lost her personality- BORING

  • Courtney Ross

    You’re all so judgemental! How has she TYPICALLY dropped down to the ‘Hollywood size 0’ I’m exactly her measurements and it’s natural you can tell by her whole frame, jealous bitches…

  • Kit

    105 lbs is not too skinny. She just has a small frame and weighs less than someone with a broader frame. I am the same height with a small frame and ~105lbs and I still have rolls! Those recommended weight charts are just recommendations! It all depends on your body type what your healthy weight should be. This is just useless gossip, there are healthy slim people just as there are healthy heavier people.

  • Lily

    I think she looks fine! Petite and cute!

  • fiona

    hardly dangerous or skinny what glasses are you all looking through – I am same height and 85lbs so 105 pounds is not skinny

  • rose

    I’m not sure exactly what weight Emma Stone is, but she does look skinnier than what is healthy. I’m not bashing her, and saying oh she is too skinny because I’m jealous, because I don’t envy this look. I am though, honestly worried about her as well as others posting on her about how they weigh the same amount or less. For her height, anything under about 118 is considered underweight. That doesn’t mean that people couldn’t be slightly under that and still be healthy though. However, being 13 pounds under what is the skinniest a person should be for her height is not a good thing. I personally know a girl, a very close friend of mine who weighed 103 and was 5’8. When she was this weight she was in a very dangerous position. The doctors said that her heart was beating at a dangerous rate and there was a lot of stress being put on her heart. They also said if she lost anymore weight she could die. It was that serious. The doctors said that she was at a dangerous weight at 115 and that she needed to gain weight. I saw comments about how being underweight is better than being overweight. Believe it’s not. This girls is now at a healthy weight, but from that short period of time she was underweight there are lasting health effects she has to deal with for the rest of her life. Being overweight by 10 or 15 pounds won’t kill you, but being underweight that much could very well kill you. Again, I don’t know what her weight is, but judging by the way she looks, she is underweight and enough where it could be a serious problem. For any girls who are this weight or even less, I hope that you are eating enough, please don’t starve yourself to try and look pretty. The aftereffects are not worth it.

  • The Flying Nuggets

    I’m 5’7″ and about 125 pounds, and we look roughly the same, shape wise. Granted, I’m fairly muscular, but it definitely does not look like I’ve got 20 pounds on her. She’s slender and always has been. I don’t think this is any cause for concern.

  • anonymous

    she looks great, not anorexic but slender, has great skin and hair too.