Cheryl Cole Wants Be 112 Pounds at 5’3”

January 21, 2009 in Celebrity Weight & Measurements, Cheryl Cole by Versus


Now Magazine reports that Cheryl Cole is planning on gaining weight for Girls Aloud’s upcomming tour:

The singer-turned X Factor judge – who was recently criticized for her skeletal appearance – has hired a personal trainer and is seeking advice on her diet so that she can regain her curves. A source tells Britain’s Now magazine, “Cheryl knows that she looks too thin and wants to get in the best shape possible.

“She’s a size 6 (UK) at the moment, but aims to a size 8-10 and weigh around 8st (112 lbs.), which is healthy for her 5ft 3in frame. She struggles with her weight, but with help from her trainers, she hopes to get it under control. She wants to bulk up sensibly, so she’ll be eating lots of complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, wholemeal bread, pulse and rice.

So this means that she’s around 105 pounds now, since she plans on gaining around 7 lbs.

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