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Cheryl Cole Wants Be 112 Pounds at 5’3”

cheryl-cole-wants-be-112-pounds-at-53 - Cheryl Cole Wants Be 112 Pounds at 5'3''

Now Magazine reports that Cheryl Cole is planning on gaining weight for Girls Aloud’s upcomming tour:

The singer-turned X Factor judge – who was recently criticized for her skeletal appearance – has hired a personal trainer and is seeking advice on her diet so that she can regain her curves. A source tells Britain’s Now magazine, “Cheryl knows that she looks too thin and wants to get in the best shape possible.

“She’s a size 6 (UK) at the moment, but aims to a size 8-10 and weigh around 8st (112 lbs.), which is healthy for her 5ft 3in frame. She struggles with her weight, but with help from her trainers, she hopes to get it under control. She wants to bulk up sensibly, so she’ll be eating lots of complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, wholemeal bread, pulse and rice.

So this means that she’s around 105 pounds now, since she plans on gaining around 7 lbs.

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  • anya

    The only reason she lost so much weight was according to her( that he ratty husband cheated on her) but she only lost that weight because she needed sympathy and media attention.
    I just can’t stand this woman and she looks horrible being to skinny.

  • Rachel

    I think she looks good… granted she could gain 5 lbs, but 5’3 is still short and 105 is not horrible for someone that height.

  • steph

    i think she is less than 105 in my opinion.
    I am 5’3 and weigh 108 pounds, and I don’t look like that (granted I have 3 pounds extra.. but that doesn’t make that big a difference!)

  • londongirl

    Wish she’d stop whining … it’s de rigeur to be too thin but not to go on about how awful it is being so thin when it is patently obvious that one is not naturally that way (see her early pics)… I have more than a decade on her (38) and am a whole inch taller and the same weight as her, I eat like a horse with worms and have always been this way … people like Cheryl Cole draw attention to their ‘fragile frames’ and make the rest of us feel like we have to JUSTIFY how we are because it makes our buddies worry that we have a problem! Hey, gimme a break, really.

  • change.

    WOOOH! finally we are making progress. im glad she didnt wanna lose more weight and wants to gain more. i dont think she wants to gain weight as much as she just wants to be healthierr. i do feel bad when she whines about how skinny she is and how “terrible” she looks when she is skinny. some women out there prolly look like her and arent unhealthy and actually love their weight and body. but since shes a celebrity and most women will be reading this, theyll soon find their skinny bodies ugly as well.

  • change.

    also is that a recent pic of her? cuz she looks pretty good.

    • Versus

      The pic is a couple of months old – I usually put brand new pics, but in this case, I really needed one that showed off her body (because she was talking about weight).

  • tina

    her weight situation is NO BIG DEALLLLLLL. she’s smokin’ hot, she needs to shut up and enjoy her looks while they last

  • nel

    That about being 8st and a size 8-10 is bollocks – I’m 8.5st, same height and a size 8-10. If she’s 8 stone she will be a size….I’m guessing that right now she’s a 4 (US size zeeeeero)

  • Alexa

    She needs to gain a lot more than 3kg!


    Looks phenonminal now.she shouldn’t gain or lose a bit

  • Suzie

    You mean she’s weighs 105 in *that* picture? Looks a little bigger to me . . . albeit totally healthy and great looking.

    • steph

      keep in mind that she is quite short, only 5’3.
      id say she weighs 105 at MOST but maybe she is very muscular so that could add weight too.

  • what?? she looks fine to me. i don’t see why people are criticizing her for being who she is. she’s not too skinny in that picture. she looks healthy and people need to leave her alone. skinny women are beautiful too!

  • Vera

    Whatever she is in that picture is nice. I don’t think she looks too skinny, but seven pounds wouldn’t hurt too much.

  • Ivory

    I think its good she speaks honestly about her body and is trying to become healthy! Its nice to hear a star is gaining wieght instead of loosing it for once.

    I’m really confused with her wieght and sizing though. I’m 5’3″ and 115 pounds, and I’m a size 1 american, I think thats a 5? in the UK, and my thighs don’t look nearly as slim as hers. Are you sure her size is right? I’d say she’s a american 00 or has a larger bone structure than me?

  • Shannon

    she is absoloutley STUNNING!

  • Caz

    I’m 5ft 3 and 105 lbs. I think she looks fine and don’t know why she’s always going on about it. Although she looked a lot bigger before so maybe that’s why

  • Caz

    I’m 5ft 3 and 105 lbs. I think she looks fine and don’t know why she’s always going on about it. She’s not too thin.

  • Truth

    It’s 2010 now and she’s been voted the sexiest woman alive again!!!!!!
    Cheryl you’re the definition of PERFECTION and you always will be, LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!

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