Cheryl Cole Is the Sexiest Woman in the World, Says FHM UK

cheryl-cole-is-the-sexiest-woman-in-the-world-says-fhm-1 - Cheryl Cole Is the Sexiest Woman in the World, Says FHM UK

FHM UK’s “Sexiest Women” list is out and they’ve declared that the cherry on top iof the cake is… Cheryl Cole!

Wanna see the complete chart? Here it is!

1. Cheryl Cole

2. Megan Fox

3. Jessica Alba

4. Britney Spears

5. Keeley Hazell

6. Adriana Lima

7. Elisha Cuthbert

8. Kristin Kreuk

9. Anna Friel

10. Freida Pinto

And here are the pics FHM used to “demonstrate” these girls’ sexiness:

cheryl-cole-is-the-sexiest-woman-in-the-world-says-fhm - Cheryl Cole Is the Sexiest Woman in the World, Says FHM UK

Who agrees with this list? Who disagrees?

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26 thoughts on “Cheryl Cole Is the Sexiest Woman in the World, Says FHM UK”

  1. kristin kreuk,britney spears….freida pinto…top 10???

    so wrong….!

    they're MAYBE beautiful but this list is about hot chicks and i consider none of them in the top ten…neither in the top 30 or something???!!!

    strange world…

  2. Top 3 I'd agree with (in no particular order) plus they're all brunettes whoop!

    But the rest of them………so random and surely not the top 10 sexiest women!

    The usual winner of these types of things scarlett johansson is not on the list or kelly brook, but britney and anna??? really?? out of all the possible options?? odd.

  3. I think Cheryl is extremely beautiful woman but I wouldn´t necessarily consider her the sexiest woman. People always say she´s not that beautiful inside which makes her not-so-beautiful on the outside too, but I know nothing about her and her personality.

    Elisha in my opinion is really hot and beautiful, but I´m disappointed that my favourite Scarlett didn´t make it to the list (like it really matters).

  4. Cheryl is sexy, but I don't think she should be number one. You can't seriously tell me that she is hotter than Adriana Lima.

    But overall, this is a pretty good list… but.. where the hell is MARISSA MILLER?!

  5. I think she is gorgeous, and although I don't know if I agree with her number 1 spot, I'm not surprised. FHM started in the UK and Cheryl is huge here, so I can see why she got to #1

  6. I have no objections about the list although I'm a little disappointed at the fact that Cheryl Cole made number one; it doesn't exactly put out the best message that a very skinny woman is seen as the sexiest in the world but she does have a beautiful face.

  7. she certainly doesn't deserve this title..too unnaturally skinny, fake and bland compared to the other girls on the list esp megan fox… and no way in hell is she beautiful thats reserved for people like angelina jolie, audrey hepburn, grace kelly, keira knightley,natalie portman and women who have striking and natural beauty, she is attractive when assisted by a team of professionals!!!!!

    • Why does that matter? Does being shorter than average automatically push someone several points closer to being a 'hideous troll' or something?

  8. i think that's a very random list. 1st time in a long while that i've been surprised by this kind of a list. Jessica Alba is beautiful, but the photo they used to "prove it" is photoshopped as h*ll.. Kinda same with BritBrit. And Cheryl is just sooo ordinary pretty. But it's time there's someone else than Angie, Scarlett, Keira, Portman… 'Cause they're all beauties and all, but there R other people in the universe too, the Hollywood circles R kinda small so it's always the same peops who make it to those lists.

  9. Well, to all of you out there: Kim K and Marissa Miller are not stars at all in the wide world. Nobody knows them. Only in USA they are considered celebrities and so on. Even so, I certainly do not agree with this list.

  10. cheryl cole is a piece of crap. she’s not even attractive! the public only sees her plastered in makeup..and if u look at pics of her in a bikini or without makeup wouldn’t look twice at her…seriously.
    all the other gals on this list are gorgeous though!

  11. What’s funny about this list is that it means nothing. A lot of the guys I know think cheryl’s not all that..certainly not unattractive but definetly not the hottest. She has no curves to speak of and her nose is like a beak? she has got stunning colouring and eyes but that’s it…everything else was purchased…..Megan fox just looks like a hooker most of the time..she needs to tone it down a notch…I would love to look like frieda pinto…so naturally pretty.

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