Cheryl Cole, Jessica Szohr

Cleavage Battle! Cheryl Cole Versus Jessica Szohr!

cleavage-battle-cheryl-cole-versus-jessica-szohr - Cleavage Battle! Cheryl Cole Versus Jessica Szohr!

One is up, plump, squeezed and tight and one is low and braless.

2 girls, 2 kinds of cleavage…. So:

Cleavage Battle! Cheryl Cole Versus Jessica Szohr!

Choose your favorite cleavage!

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  • anya

    none of them, but Cheryl need a hamburger.

  • Marina

    Jessica Szohr!
    Cheryl’s boobs look way too squeezed…
    So yeah, Jessica

  • Celia

    I am voting for the natural look…Jessica!

  • stef

    Jessica.. she has a really nice natural cleavage
    Cheryl either has the most amazing push up bra known to man kind, or is following the fake boobs, skinny like a toothpick trend of hollywood. (not hot in my opinion)

    Go Jessica!

  • sassie

    jessica looks very nice here

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  • change.

    cheryl. her boobs look fantastic whatever she did to em. the others are small, flat, adn very very spaced out which is common for girls with small boobs, but heck cheryl’s are much more attractive

  • Mirabela

    i like Jessica Szohr 😉

  • Linda

    Cheryl totally. Love her.

  • JESSICA !!! so much sexier than some pushed up puppies!! I LOVE HER 😀

  • Valentine

    Cheryl’s boobs are not usually like that – how the hell has she managed that one? Not really a massive fan of either to be honest – though if i had to choose I’d choose Jessica, she looks far less ridiculous!

  • ilovesugar

    cheryls hot but kinda looks a bit too made up here … slight OTT. like a trophy footy players wife. still hot tho!
    whereas jess’s more natural stance seems slightly more approachable thus appealing

  • alice

    jessica looks awesome here. so yeah, jessica.

  • Rellie

    neither really but Cheryl’s face is beautiful!