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Leggy & Cleavagey: Cheryl Cole

FP_4066500_GOFF_Cole_Cheryl_112209 - Leggy & Cleavagey: Cheryl Cole

British babe Cheryl Cole stepped out 2 nights ago in a short orange number that showed off her legs and cleavage.

A few months ago, Cheryl was saying:

I don’t want to be thin, I hate looking thin.

I don’t want to be up and down like a lollipop lady. It’s not a good look… I hate that women feel guilty about eating – just treat yourself.”

She continued: “I’m a 32D which is ridiculous for my size and boobs are hard to dress. I hate looking booby. You can look really cheap very quickly.

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FP_4066339_GOFF_Cole_Cheryl_112209 - Leggy & Cleavagey: Cheryl Cole

FP_4066503_GOFF_Cole_Cheryl_112209 - Leggy & Cleavagey: Cheryl Cole

FP_4066504_GOFF_Cole_Cheryl_112209 - Leggy & Cleavagey: Cheryl Cole

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • tinkerbell

    I think Cheryl is one of the most beautiful women in the media! Not a particular fan of the hair – in my opinion it suits her far more down and curled – and I think the shoes shorten her legs. Nude coloured shoes would have elongated her legs and looked better. The dress itself is ok. What body shape does she have?

  • beckers

    I think she looks good she has put on enough weight to look healthy and still slim. Glad shes looking happier hear. Her music is not so good but as an icon that she is she’ll prob go very far.

  • lola

    I think she has a good body but this outfit is awful and does her no favors; it makes her legs look big with those shoes. Why does she insist on dressing in strange, girlie outfits?

  • babyvincer

    People from the UK, are her boobs real? I barely know anything about her. Only the cheating scandal. Her boobs stayed consistent with the weight loss, so this leads me to beleive they could be enhanced…
    She has such a beautiful face and body! I envy her!

    • beckers

      Yes they are real as far as i am aware, the only things thar are fake are usually her eyelashes hair extensions and her veneers.

    • LuluS

      It came out a few years ago that she had a boob job, which became obvious during her extreme weight loss. They’re on the right side of classy size wise so who cares!

      • Sharen

        If they are fake why does she complain about them?

        It pretty stupid to buy some boobs and then say you don’t like looking booby and that it’s hard to dress them.

  • angelica100

    Very pretty girl facially but I feel she’s taken the weight loss way to far in the last two years. When she started out in girls aloud she was around 8 stone, she’s around 6 and a half maybe 7 at a push now and she’s just under 5ft 3 in height. She definetly had breast enlargement at some point because she’s naturally a pear shape and carries excess weight on her thighs and legs though she never had wide hips. She said in a past interview that her chest got much larger from the pill, i don’t see how as she gets skinnier they get bigger….not possible I don’t think, correct me if im wrong.

    • H

      She was 9.5 stones when GA were first around, and i doubt any less than 8 now. I agree with the Fake Boobs thing though

      • Uma

        At 5’3 she can’t be more than 8 stones, i think angelica was closer. When you are this short, you can weigh very little and still not look emanciated. Even though Cheryl did look a bit too skinny some time ago, but i really like her body wise now.

  • Cecilia

    She is utterly stunning now but I do try and bear in mind that she has fake teeth, hair, eyelashes, and potentially boobs… She looks so different from when she first came onto the scene which means I think she’s just fake but beautiful. I admire natural beauty, people like Doutzen who are just so beautiful without all the extras.
    Also she did look better when she was skinnier…

    • Carly

      I totally agree, not sure she’s had a boob job, I think she has a new stylist this year, in the last series of the x factor she wore more flattering clothes. And

    • Claudia

      Oh she has fake teeth and eyelashes…that’s sad because these are her best features!

  • skirmute

    She’s such a liar! She says she hates being thin? Eat, damn you! She is not naturally skinny, because she had more meat on her bones a few years ago. And take off breast implants if you feel that your breats doesn’t suit your small frame!
    Anyway, I think she is really gorgeous, especially face-wise. Very very pretty features.

    • CM

      Totally agree. Can’t stand the girl and all her moaning! She is definately not a natural skinny, so obviously works to be that way….

      • CM

        And she can’t sing…

  • Jemima

    Ahh I love her dress.

  • angelica100

    On popstars the rivals when they were making the band girls aloud she weighed 8 stone…she went up to nine and a half stone around the time of her trial for that rascist attack on the toilet attendant………..

  • neutra

    “You can look really cheap very quickly.”

    I know she was referring to wearing certain clothes with boobs, but it just shows that she is concerned about not looking classy, and yet somehow she succeeds at looking cheap everytime. I find her very unattractive. I can maybe see “hot” in a mens mag way, but she definitely isn’t beautiful, nor is she talented.

  • harlow

    well, i agree with the person above about her concerns on looking classy when most of the time she doesn’t seem to dress very classy anyway. and about her hating looking thin, like another commenter said, just eat! she was much curvier a few years back and more so when she first started out. her face was much fuller and she looks normal sized compare to now. it’s just her putting up stupid excuses for some cheap publicity.

    but, if there’s anything i could agree with her even if does contradict her action is that big boobs are harder to dress esp when your body is smaller compared to the boobs. i’m just saying based on my experience.

  • Barbie

    Real or fake her boobs look great. Pretty face too!

  • dani

    This is another girl which is annoying me…i can’t stand her…she is pretty…but her face annoys me…maybe because she’s saying something but does and thinks otherwise…or maybe because after winning x-factor or whatever she won,she became so arrogant and is behaving very unearthly…i dont even like the songs she plays…i liked the first songs of girls aloud and also the girls from the band…but not her!

  • lola

    a D cup? as in US? I call her bull.

  • Claudia

    Her boobs look smaller here…maybe a C but not full C.

  • Naomi

    This is all I seem to hear from her in the news. ‘Oh I hate being thin!’
    Enough already. I like her, but quit your moaning.
    Plus, if you don’t like looking ‘booby’, quit dressing in clothes that MAKE you look booby.

  • Rooshie

    Im sorry…i know everyone thinks she looks good since she gained a little weight. Not me, her legs look like swollen fat. and doutzen is my faveeee!! but seriously am i the only person who is noticing her knee fat? and by fat i don’t mean the size, i mean literally fat theres no muscle or shape its almost like its just resting above the knee caps?

  • cherly cole i mlike she thank you

  • are love kiss cherly cole