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Christina Aguilera Is ‘5’2” and 100 Pounds’

FP_6549398_RIJ_68TH_GOLDEN_GLOBES_011611 - Christina Aguilera Is '5'2'' and 100 Pounds'

Christina Aguilera was arrested today for misdemeanor public intoxication and, according to the police report, Christina is.. umm, 5’2” and 100 pounds (!?). Translation: 157 cm and 45 kg, as in ‘underweight’.


You can take a look at Christina’s booking sheet that includes her stats HERE!

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  • Sheri

    while that might’ve been true a long time ago, it’s hard to believe she’s 100 lbs..she does look healthy though!

    • natalie

      ofcourse, old information is used all the time.

      and i think in a sarcastic way in this case


      • Chrissy

        I think they usually just pull drivers license info don’t they? I haven’t had my weight updated since I first got my license (it’s not listed anymore) and i was totally allowed to pick a weight

        • natalie

          i am actually referring to the media reporting it, it would not be pointed out had she not picked up so much weight :p

  • Yunamarie

    No way!
    She looks a lot heavier.

  • Lola

    Yeeahh Right!!! She is also a natural blonde!

    • Isabelle

      The incredibly funny thing about this comment is that she actually is a natural blonde, haven’t you seen pics and videos from when she was very young?

      Weight is distributed differently for everyone, I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe that she really is 100 lbs especially given that she is so short and small.

      • sydney

        a lot of people are blonde as children. that doesnt prove anything

        • Isabelle

          She’s been in front of cameras on a somewhat consistent basis at least since she was 10. She’s a natural blonde, always has been. She’s dyed her hair darker at times but she’s definitely a blonde.

          • S.

            I Dont Think Her Roots Look Very Blond Here πŸ˜‰
            So I Doubt She A Natural Blond!!

          • Maggie

            This is such a stupid comment! Don’t you know that when you start coloring your hair its natural color changes, it gets darker. That is proved!!! I am a natural blond, when I was younger my hair was lite blond, then when I was 18 I started coloring it in lighter blond and my roots started to look darker.
            So, you’re so wrong with that comment.

          • Hannah

            Maggie, that’s inaccurate. When you color your hair lighter, the contrast makes your natural hair color appear much darker than it did before, but it doesn’t actually alter your genetics. Your hair is still the same color. It’s sort of like when you can’t tell that something is navy until you hold it up to something black.

            As for christina, while she looks heavier than 100 pounds, she still looks phenomenal and healthy.

      • Meghan

        I am about 105 at 5’2 and although I run everyday and have much muscle, I would look tiny and bony next to her. Her weight is healthy, but anyone at 5’2 and 100 pounds, regardless of weight distribution, wouldn’t have that much excess fat- you would actually be able to see bones. I would say she is close to 130.

        • jamie

          i agree. i’m 5’2″ or 5’3″ and i’m about 105 lbs and am nowhere near as chubby as she looks. although fat distribution is different for everyone, she seems to distribute it everywhere. too much to be 100 lbs. i would look like a twig next to her.

        • I’m 5″3 and 110lbs and I look NOWHERE near like her. I’m a teen btw, which makes things slightly more akward… 😐

      • Kelly

        I am 5’2 and 125 lbs and I’m no where near as chunky as she is. I used to be 100 pounds and at that weight there is no fat on your body – you are underweight and all bones. There’s no way for her to carry her weight differently if she was 100 pounds; there would be no weight to carry :[

    • britterz

      she is…

    • lola

      OH MY GOD! Natural blonde girls a making this such a big deal! i am a natural blonde, what i mean is that this information is as true as the blonde she is right now, this is not her natural blonde hair !

  • Ratna

    That’s my height and my body looks like hers in the photo. But my weight is 54 kg….

    • caroline2

      I’m also 5’2 and weight about 110 lbs but I look far more skinny than her ,so I don’t beleive she’s 100 at all BUt she’s still a beautiful woman anyway so who cares about how much she weights πŸ™‚

      • mel

        Just an example of how weight looks different on everyone. People consistently guess me at 15-20 pounds lower than I actually weigh and often are convinced I’m lying when I tell the truth.

        • gaby

          she’s def not 100 though

        • anon

          no. weight cant look THAT different. it DISTRIBUTES differently, meaning a 100 pound female can still have boobs or something but the key word is DISTRIBUTION so something else is usually consequently tiny. she is still beautiful but def not 100 pounds, even an incredibly short female will look very thin at 100 pounds. im 93 and 5’2 and you can pretty much see my whole rib cage

      • S

        Yea that’s like my weight and height too, and I def don’t look fatter than her in any way. If anything she should have more muscle mass than me and god knows her boobs are huge. 100 lb makes no sense, even if “distributed differently.”

        • solaxia

          it doesnt LOOK true, but it could be? She never has had any muscle to speak of and is small framed. Plus, her boobs are fale (which dont weigh that much) so it could be true. I remember this old lady at a hospital i worked at being same height as me (she was 5’3) and she definately looked a lot bigger than me. quite chunky looking, and she weighed LESS than me. I was so depressed thinking ‘[email protected] i must be bigger than her!) but i actually was a lot smaller, just she was old with absolutely NO muscle whatsoever.

  • Huh? How does that Work?

  • flossy

    A 100 pounds? In each leg?

    • nannou


    • lin

      Good one..!!! Thumbs up!!

  • No way. I don’t believe that at all! You can tell that she’s carrying excess weight on her frame.

  • snoops

    ROFL this is not the first time a celebs weight (on their booking sheet that is released to the press) has CLEARLY been a lie ROFL seriously this is too much. underweight?! I can’t believe that some celebs are so vain as to have their weight falsely represented on a booking sheet – um geez is that what they are worried about at a time like that?! Priorities are a little off lol.

    • b

      Maybe it came from her drivers license? Apparently she was super drunk…

      • CB

        I would imagine it came from the drivers license. I highly doubt the police waste time weighing drunks and criminals when they book them.

        • Jen

          Your height and weight is put on your drivers license in America?

          • Kelly

            Not mine? I don’t think they can do that as weight changes all the time

          • in some states.

          • Chrissy

            they used to, when you first get your license you give your weight, they have it in the file they keep about you that would get pulled up if you got pulled over or arrested.

          • mel

            Yeah, they do in California, and they still do today. I got my license a few months ago (I was kind of late) and they required me to put height and weight.

  • Corey

    No way in hell. I’m 5’2 and a 1/2 and weigh around 98-100. She’s definitely a lot bigger than I am. At this height and weight, I look like a teenage boy — she has mad curves.

  • kelli

    no way am i fatter than her. my BMI is 19.2, not underweight at all, and i look thinner than her in pictures. who does she think she’s fooling? do they weigh you at booking or do they go by what you tell them?

  • Jenny

    My body looks a lot like hers, but I weighed more than 100 pounds!! I’m 5’3 and I weigh around 130-135 pounds… There’s no way she’s 100 pounds… Isn’t that pretty much the height and weight of Kourtney Kardashian?? Christina looks good, but far from 100 pounds…

  • Mia

    Police stations do not weigh the people they arrest, this is self-reported weight, people! She definitely used to weigh 100 pounds and she probably gave that as her weight because that is what she is aspiring towards or she still thinks of herself as being that small. no biggie. A lot of women lie on their license about their height/weight…i don’t see the problem here.

  • Kyle

    Maybe that’s what her license says? She was no doubt around that weight in her heyday.

    • Evelina

      I was also thinking, they took and copied it from her drivers license. Usually, most of the time they do weigh them and take their height, only occasianlly they don’t. But she probably was in the past 100 or around 100, because she was quite slim and her frame is quite small.

  • Even if
    1) the camera adds 10 pounds
    2) she is short and any weight gain will seem bigger than it actually is,
    she is not 100 pounds in this picture! In the sleezy pictures in her dressing room that surfaced maybe, but not in this photo.

  • Ida

    No way! She has too much curves! I don’t get why they lie about weight, when we all clearly understand that it is lies!

    • Maybe because we’re constantly making such a big deal about people’s weight.

  • Jen

    Huh- my drivers license doesn’t say my weight….. when you’re arrested they ask you your weight, it’s self reported…. obviously she lied and what’s worse it’s clearly a lie so now shell get more critics for lying rather then just owning her real weight- that’s serious insecurity in my book

    • padme

      Where do you live? Mine says my height, weight, hair colour, & eye colour. That’s where I assume they got the weight from. 5 years ago she might’ve been 100 lbs.

      • It’s interesting to me that your driver’s licence would state your weight and hair colour. Which country are you from, if you don’t mind me asking? I live in NZ and our licences are issued for ten year periods, so your weight and hair colour would definitely change – probably quite substantially – throughout the lifetime of your licence.

        Ours just state our name, birth date, date of issue, date of expiry and whether we’re an organ donor. Some people choose to get their home address printed on their licence, but you don’t have to (for security reasons as most people attach their driver’s licence to the same key chain as their car keys and house keys).

        • padme

          I’m in Canada. Each province is different but in BC it states all that stuff on the back. Address, birthday, expiry date is all on the front with the picture. None of that info is optional. We renew every 5 years.

          And we don’t put them on our key chains. They’re normally kept in a wallet. Are your cards really small? How do you hook them to a key chain? lol so interesting how it’s different everywhere.

          • Yeah, they’re normal card size, like a credit card size.

            You can buy those plastic card-holders that come with a ring attached. Lots of people keep them on key-chains. I know some people even punch holes in them, but I think that’s a bit naughty πŸ™‚

            It’s all probably because you can get fined $75 if you’re pulled over by a cop and you can’t produce your licence. If the licence is attached to your keys, you wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere without it and you’re safe (whereas there might be some occasions where you’d be driving without your wallet).

            Lux – thankfully everyone I know in Chch was safe (lots of family down there so it was a worrying time). I hope you and yours are all accounted for and doing okay considering. It’s simply the worst situation. There are no words. Kia kaha.

          • mel

            Random, but I love BC! So beautiful. I’m a Canadian citizen so I go there a lot πŸ™‚

        • lux

          Hi im from NZ too, from christchurch I hope if you know anyone from CHCH they are ok.

  • Jen

    Ok looked it up- some states do have weight- guess not mine! But also that’s self reported too so if it’s on her license, she either lied then or the license is old

  • mary

    haha wow i honestly laughed out loud when i saw this. she weighs 100 pounds on the moon if she is lucky. shes more like 135.

  • Ophelie

    She would have been too intoxicated to give her weight. They must have either got it from her license or estimated incorrectly.

  • amazon

    I don’t want to guess her weight, but lets just say she doesn’t look 100lbs. but I am also pretty sure she isn’t 5’2 either as I saw a picture of her and Nicole richie recently and she was quite a bit shorter.

  • Kiki

    If she is so proud of her current body as she claims, then why does she have to lie about her weight?

  • Danielle

    I wonder how much she paid them to write that

    I am 5ft and a bit heavier than that and she looks quite a bit heavier than me

  • yeah, sure she’s the same weight as kourtney kardashian

    more like 135… at least.

  • annalee

    I haaaaate to say things like this, but honestly, I don’t think the weight suits her face. If she’d just loose a tiny bit of weight, she’d look better. But still hot though. I think the white hair-red lips-big boobs-look kinda suits her, though it gets a little tacky in certain outfits.

    Anyways, I think this look suits her better:

    • i think she looks a little unnaturally thin there actually.. unnatural for her i mean. like she probably had to diet/exercise a lot for that. i don’t think THIS is natural either for her though. she’s going through a divorce i think, so that probably throws off normal eating and exercising habits for a bit

  • lemon

    yeaaa noo way! i saw that in an article earlier and did not believe it, i’m a little under 5’2″ and am around 105 and although I wouldn’t consider myself skinny, I can definitely say Christina is bigger!

  • Jane

    she’s obviously not 100 lbs, but if I were her, I’d lie too. if you had gained weight like her, would you want the whole world to know how much? I sure wouldn’t. i’d lie too. suspecting someone of weighing 130 lbs is not the same thing as having it confirmed.

  • Omggg

    Back in 1999-2000, definitely. I could even see her at 90-95 lbs then. Now, no way.

  • roxy

    okayyyyy i think this is a mistake….it s weird ….but fat weights less than muscle sooo i wouldnt know….im 162 cm and 57 kg and i’m really fit and thin….

  • mookie

    Normally I’d laugh her trying to claim to be 100 lbs, but she is short, and I think maybe what we are seeing as her getting pudgy is really just bloat from the drink.

  • MannaRamma

    That weight is probably what was on her license, no way that’s what she really is.

  • mel

    I say definitely not. I get how weights look different on everyone, but it’s not this extreme. I really cannot see how she is 100 pounds. Then again, you really can’t trust these sources. And yeah, I agree with the person above me who said that it was probably on her license. My license weight is different from what I actually weigh right now.

    • udkcoco

      Mine too–it says I’m 5 lbs heavier than I really am. Ok… So even if she has NO muscle mass, she would have to have bird-like bones to be 100 lbs the way she looks now. She has no muscle tone, its just very loose and soft looking (her body). I ll probably get flack for this but she looked sooo much better small and toned. I don’t mind heavier, as long as its MUSCLE. She has to be at least 130.

  • V

    I laughed at this comment. I am 5ft4 and weigh 98lbs and even if you were to add an extra 2 inches to her frame there is no way she would look like she weighs a 100lbs. I think it’s closer to 130-135, i hate it when people lie about weight, she doesn’t look underweight and she has curves, why can’t she just be honest about it. Why should she be ashamned to be a normal weight?

  • Victoria

    My guess is 135 pounds on the dot.

  • madeline

    Im 157 centimeters and whatever bone structure or fat distribution you have…you don t look like that with 45 KG.NEVER.When I was 14-15 years old I started gaining weight because of a medicament and I was at 54 tops -and looked way slimmer than her.

    My normal weight (nowadays) is at 45-46 and I look way skinnier.

    That s just untrue and it doesn t matter how different she might be built etc – it s ridiculuos.Look at old pictures of her (X-tina days) ,those were the days when she might have weighed 45 KG.

    Nowadays I guess she weighs around 60-ish KG.

  • lol @ the guy making a weird face in the background..

    Her weight fluctuates a lot, I think she’s a bit lost and has a false image of herself or she just think that her current weight is temporary and not her “real weight” and that soon she’ll be back at 100 pounds anyway

    • dietallthetime

      agree 100% with what you said.

  • Caaaaaaaaaroooll

    Lol she was still drunk when she filled out her information.
    I too have lied on my weight when filling it out for a new license. (newly pregnant at the time I deducted 10 lbs to make myself feel better lol)

  • ifeoma

    Pretty sure those stats are from her Driver’s License, which probably dates back a few years when she was thinner…or the b*tch was was lyin lol

  • Dr. Truth

    Um…maybe about 3 years ago she was 100 lbs but there is no way she is that weight right now. I get that people distribute their weight differently, but she certainly doesn’t have enough muscle tone to qualify for one of those people who actually weigh MORE than they look. My guess is she’s around 115-125.
    Just a guess.
    Either way, I think she looks better slimmer. The extra fat just doesn’t suite her frame.

  • sydney

    I honestly think they just copied the weight listed on her license. the police said she was too drunk to stand so i doubt they could have weighed her

  • weight is distrubuted differently in different body types especailly short people so if she puts on even like 3 kg you will notice it straight away-because shes so short and her body type it probably makes her look heavier-see this is the type of thing sstars have to put up with looking good on camera and when your short and prone to putting weight on it can be very hard!! i feel sorry for these people no wonder they develop eating disorders!!! she could do with losing some weight but i think she looks happy and if shes happy the way she is then thats great-shes a very pretty lady!

    • amazon

      yet no one on this site who is a similar hieght can believe her claim? why don’t we start by assuming she is just like the rest of us and not some freaky abnormality?
      and if any star has any sense she would avoid reading ANY stuff about herself especially online. Have you read through the comments posts on this site alone get? I know readig that stuff would devastate me.

  • Abbey

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I’m 5’2 and 110lb and I’m like half her size.

  • vivi

    im 5’2″ and 106 pounds, i look a lot slimmer than her. maybe that was her weight before she gained weight

  • bass

    maybe she lost a load of weight since those photos….??

    • udkcoco

      Or severed a limb.
      Haha. Ok that was snarky forgive me πŸ˜›

  • Silver

    They probably took the information from her driver’s license, which easily could have been renewed a long time ago so the weight would be lower since she was smaller a few years back. It really isn’t that big of a deal. I am sure a majority of the population has the incorrect weight on their driver’s license at the moment.

  • Sonia

    Hahahah… this makes me laugh so much. I’m 5’2 and 110 … and I look 20 pounds lighter than her. STOP LYING!

  • katrina

    I’m 5’1 1/2 and 100-102 lbs and I look so much thinner than her. I know everyone distributes weight differently, but the only way I can actually come even a tiny bit close to believing that weight for her is if she has no muscle whatsoever. I think it would make sense to believe that the weight was on her drivers license from some time ago.

  • brie

    she is not 100lbs, it is not possible ok..no matter how different everyons body is and how different people hold their weight, its not possible. they took her weight from her dirvers lisence which is probably still from when she was about 21 which is when she would of been 100lbs. ok, problem solved.

  • Jemima98

    Um, no. She has to be at least fifteen pounds heavier than that (the very very least)

  • holly

    They dont weigh you they ask your weight. She is def no 100 its impossible maybe in burlesque she weighed 100 if she weighs 100 now what wass she 85 then there is now way.

    • Sarah

      They do weigh you unless your too drunk too stand, like chistina augilera. Depending on what state it is, maybe some don’t weigh you on police station bookings, but the majority do weigh and also take height, like 90-95%. Anyway, they took from her license, DUH!!!!

  • Celine

    There is no way, I’m 5’1 and 123 lbs she looks like me!

  • jammaj

    The police get the information concerning physical characteristics from ones driver’s license. It is likely that the information on her license is out of date, as it is not unlikely to think that she weighed around 100 pounds at her thinnest. Anyway, who doesn’t lie on their license?

  • jessicamarie

    she seems like she is having a britney style meltdown right now so maybe in her mind she’s still 100 lbs and looking good. to me she looks like she is probably drinking too much and eating a lot of unhealthy foods. i hope she dumps the loser bf and gets back on track.

  • Brittany

    That’s like saying Jessica Simpson right now weighs 115, the same as when she was in daisy dukes. Give me a break!!

  • Jennifer

    Well I’m 5’2 and 118 pounds, and I’m thinner than her, so I’d guess that her weight was around 125.

  • Kelly

    haha she was drunk when she said it. or her license is really old.

  • jshep

    Yeah I agree that they most likely got that off her ID card. Theres no way she’s a 100 pounds, especially if Mila Kunis is 5’3 (only one inch taller) was 95 pounds for Black Swan and looked extremely thin.

  • DainaLi

    being 5’2 myself, around settling in around 99-102 pounds [fluctuation], there is NO WAY she is that weight, at least not from these recent pictures. that’s just as bad as Kim Kardashian saying she was 109 when we all know that is extremely false. I know weight is proportioned for everyone differently, but i seriously doubt that with conviction. i have very little in terms of boobs or butt, & since breasts are basically glands, tissue, & fat, they weigh a bit more. doesn’t she have implants? i know she didn’t when she was younger but now they always looked a bit funny to me. that’s just speculation, but at any rate, she would just have to have a much more slender physique for that to be true. my body is very slim & though i don’t think she’s fat by any means [maybe just a bit rough from the divorce], she is no 100 pounds. i don’t know why she would insist on putting that on her ID card. it’s ok to be honest with yourself.
    & also, 100 is perfectly healthy for a 5’2 frame. DEPENDING. if you are not as athletic, it’s fine. if you are more athletic/muscle toned, then you would weigh more obviously. my doctors have said I am in good health, & used to be an athlete. it’s not accurate to say that it is underweight [it’s only underweight by .2…which is pretty much nothing]. 18.3 vs. 18.5. so, yea, technically if you would like to get that specific, but that much difference is hairline. 95 would be underweight.

  • Sheridan

    Pfft! Yeah right. I’m only 2cm taller and 55kg’s and i’m smaller looking than she is, people say i could put on a couple of kilo’s. There is no way she’s that weight!

  • cat

    don’t you guys read? She was so drunk she couldn’t stand, THUS, any weight reported was from her license and therefore OLD.

  • Sara

    It was probably a typo by the police. There’s no way she’s 100lbs!

  • serena

    HILARIOUS!!!!! hahahaha I guess they asked her for her weight and didn’t actually weigh her. She told them 100 pounds!!!! hahaha I guess she knew the media would get a hold of the stats? I heard she was so incoherently drunk that she wouldn’t of been able to remember her weight anyway…..

  • LOLOL i’m 159cms at 47kgs and i look thinner than her at her thinnest so it’s quite laughable….
    @cat, they put a persons weight on licenses?

    • lc

      YES! They do. It’s so weird.

    • Weird. My license states that I have to be wearing contacts or glasses when driving, my name, address, DOB, license number, card number, expiration date and what level of driving im up to. How irrelevant is weight, hair etc? Do they also put your gender? haha.

      • padme

        Mine does state what sex I am too lol. It does have way too much info

  • Sidney

    There’s not much debating if she’s a 100 lbs or not. If i compare her to myself, assuming she’d look the same at a same weight (we’re almost the same height), she’d be around 130-135. Even taking into account everything that affects your weight, a 100 lbs is clearly too low, as everyone seems to agree here. I find it a bit funny that in the US (and maybe in several other countries, i have no idea) your weight is in the drivers lisence, what good does it do anyways, people fluctuate quite a lot. Same with the color of your hair. Just sounds weird.

  • siennagold

    I can’t believe she’s 100 lbs, I’ve got friends who are also 5’2 and 100 lbs and they’re skinny. Was she the one who wrote down her weight on the booking sheet?

  • catc

    I’m another 5’2 100 lbs girl…she would look like a giant next to me. she is probably closer to 130.

  • ellentjie

    Whats wrong with her face? it looks like shes had cheek implants!

  • jack841

    yeah shes definitely not 100 lbs at 5 feet here. im 4’11 and a skinny girl with curves and im 106 and i look tons skinnier than her. i would say shes at least 115 here; which is still in her healthy weight range. she just looks so big cuz were used to her being really skinny. i love christina but she needs to get healthier for herself. i bet singing and dancing on stage at this weight doesnt help her confidence much!

  • Vanilla

    No way. I’m 20, 4’9, always between 100-110 lbs, with healthy curves but way more slimmer than Christina….
    Those are perhaps the measurements of her dream body or something…

  • I’m 5’2 too, but under 100pounds.
    Doctors never told me that it was a problem. When we are so small, BMI is not really relevent, since when we lost one pound, we lost almost 1 BIM point! That’s enormous !
    It depends on people’s metabolism and when it’s a “natural” shape, not comming from illness, no problem to be a little under or over the ideal BMI (to my mind)

  • Issa

    I’m also 5.2 and 110 pounds and half her size for sure!!!!!!!!

  • Ella

    I used to be a huge fan when I was little, and I actually remember her official website having a section where fans could send her questions and she would answer them. There was a question about her height and weight and I distinctly remember the answer being 5’2″ and 100lbs. Mind you this was before her “dirrty” days when she was tiny!

  • Andra

    Christina has gained at least 10 kg/20 pounds compared to how super skinny she used to be. That would mean she used to weight 35 kg/77 pounds when she was skinny? Come on!

    • Lila


  • Sharon

    I’m 5’3″ and 115. I am skinnier than she is. She’s at least 125.

  • well, it’s true that at he same height, and almost the same weight, I would look skinnier than it (I’m around 42kg so 96lbs?).

    It is obvious that this picture is an old one, or that she lies.

    (and I weighted around 38, and never sa a picture of herself at this weight I think !! )

    • Sidney

      acutally 42 kg is more like 93 lbs, not that it was your point

  • Samantha

    She does not weigh 100lbs. Ive been arrested once, for an offense similiar, and they ASKED ME my height and weight.

  • benny

    no way!!!! I m 168(5’6??) and 115lbs and look a lot skinnier than her so I think she’s 115-120lbs at 5’2…

  • (sorry, french so lbs is a bit hard to convert since we don’t use it.) πŸ˜‰

  • We’re not told whether they got this weight by asking her or by weighing her. I thought that they usually take their own measurements rather than relying a lawbreaker’s honesty.

  • kateuk

    Not that I buy she is only 100lb at 5ft2, it’s probably outdated information from her drivers licence. But I will say it’s possible for two people being the exact same height and weight but look VERY different in terms of body composition. Take a 100lb athlete who’s practically all muscle versus a 100lb couch potatoe with virtually no muscle, that could be the difference between 15% and 30% body fat!

    • well, true but at 100 you can’t look like this. Even when I wa around 50 after surgery, I didn’t look that curvy for the same height.

      • In addition to that, I’m vegetarian (nearly vegan) so nuts, soy, whole grains, organic products as much as possible(a bit expansive in France).

  • anon

    I am 5’2 and about 135 and she looks like my size in that pic…

    this is a general question not related too much to the post… I know calorie intake varies for most people even if they are the same height but I was curious with all you tiny ladies who are around 5’2 like myself but between 100-120, how many calories do you consume on a given day (i know it can vary) and also if you exercise how often?

    I’d really appreciate any feedback!


    • Valerie

      hi anon, i’m willing to answer your post because i’m a tiny girl myself and I know that calories consumed/burned/weight/exercise is different for us, it’s kind of frustrating sometimes when all the information you can find is geared towards bigger (“average”) size people.

      I’m about 95lbs, 5ft and I usually eat about 1200 calories a day.. of course some days are more and some are a bit less. I try to exercise about 4 days a week (I usually do Jillian Michaels DVDs – so circuit training with cardio and weight training).. however I think I need to start doing less cardio (don’t want to lose anymore weight) and do more toning.

    • anon

      I’ll answer too. I’m 5’2 and weigh between 95-98lbs, and I eat about 1800-2000 calories a day (with 1600 on a bad/rushed day and 2200 on a really good day). I do a fair amount of walking daily (I’m a grad student, so I have to get about campus, and I always opt to walk instead of drive or bike as much as possible; I also try to go on an extended walk every weekend–fresh air and scenery as a bonus lol!). I sometimes take a dance class once a week (though not every quarter if my schedule doesn’t allow for it).

      I consider myself a pretty clean eater (I like to cook and prefer organic but am not super strict), but indulge in treats every so often. I will admit that I’m not sure how much of my weight is lifestyle versus genetics, because even when I was “bad” eater (fries, fried, junk food galore all the time i.e. undergrad) I still weighed the same, and my mom and grandmother are also small framed and have remained thin even in old age (and my mom is not a clean eater nor does she exercise so idk).

    • kateuk

      5ft2, 115lb.
      Usually around 2000 calories.
      I exercise 5-6 days a week (mostly weight training but also some HIIT and yoga/pilates).

      • kateuk

        Plus I walk just about everywhere as I don’t own a car and hate pulic transport!

        • kateuk

          *public* transport lol.

  • rgegsgs

    Even Mila Kunis recently claimed to be 117 lb and she is much skinnier than Christina is currently. I have a really skinny friend, bone skinny friend who weighs 98lb! Absolutely no way she is even close to that!
    I reckon she must weight at least 130lb. And probably more. I think she looks great and healthy and everything but 100lb is just ridiculous.

  • snugglepup

    C’mon Christina.. I’M at the same height as her and I weight 60 kg, and I look like that. She might weight less than me cos her boobs are fake, if you get those boobs outta her, she actually looks quite small, but not def. 100 pounds! Seriously, people that weight 45kg are very bony looking, not chubby cheeked and curvy like her. OMG people…

  • lc

    LMAO. Best laugh I had all day. Basically, there’s no way she’s 100 lbs, IMO.

  • I’m the same height and I weigh 110 pounds and I actually look quite a lot slimmer than that..

  • jkm

    she is not 100 pounds. im 5/8 and 105-107 from daily training and natural diet so i can assure you she is not 100. she looks to be around 130-140

  • doug

    5′ 1″ and 124 lbs.

  • Rebecca


  • Lauren

    No she isnt when i was 100 pounds at 4’10 i wasnt as big as this but she does look lovly so who cares what she weighes?
    why is everything so focused on weight πŸ™

  • Maggie

    I don’t see the point of all these comments. It is clear that they used old information, probably from her drivers license or her ID. I read a lot of comments and I’m starting to feel like the point of all of them is for the authors to say how skinny they are. Grow up, girls…

  • BBF

    one thing is for sure, sje doesn’t fit her dirty outfit anymore…;)

  • Yeah right! she’s 5 foot 1 and a 120-30!
    if she’s a hundred pound then i’m 80! why can’t celebs tell the truth! kristen stewart is 5 foot 3 not 6 because a friend of mine who is a model stood next to her at a priemere!

  • ok i take that back she looks a 120 no more!

  • vai

    no way, I’m exactly 100 pounds and 5’2 and look way thinner than she does.

  • Desiree

    And you’re all so butthurt about this…why? Christina at her heaviest looks much better than I do at my skinniest. No one asked about your weight.

  • Bee9404

    Many of you girls are completely forgetting that it’s not ONLY how your body distributes it, but bone structure plays a huge role. She has itty bitty bones so an amount of weight that would look good on someone else appears chubby on her. I also have a small frame, and if I get into the “healthy” weight range for my height, I look chubby as hell. 100 lbs is NOT stick skinny for a smaller than average boned chick. Now, that said, weight can fluctuate quite a bit for some women, and maybe in this picture, she was bloated and a little heavier. But I doubt she’s anywhere near 130. I’m 5’3″ and can’t get higher than 110 without looking chunky. At 130, I’d look fat.

  • Tasha

    Wholey pie! I actually am the same as Christina 45kgs and 160cm and I’m 13…. Wow, this data can’t be true, I know she’s gorgeous and all, but this is thoroughly hard to believe…

  • thank GOD you finaly found a super market with food in it you look so beutiful and healthy idk whats wrong with woman men dont want a bag of bones when woman are to skinny they do not no how sickly looking they are woman are supose to have curves not look like they havent ate in a year you look so hot sexy and beutiful keep the healthy you going and im sure your loveing eating real food again taste so good dont it have a great day : )

  • Senae

    Whats wrong with being 5’2 and 100 lbs? Thats my measurements

  • gina

    Ah well I am 5’2 and 102 lbs, weighed myself yesterday. It’s not a dream weight, not for me at least. My chest bones stick out a bit but my arms…like, they dont even look skinny and my hips not too small. Defo I want to go down to 95 lbs at least. I can’t believe how average my body looks at this weight. Never thought I would turn into one of those callory counting types you hear of, but I think I should…

  • me

    Christina Aguilera Marilyn Monroe wannabe clearly lies about her height proof is in the pictures.Nicole Ritchie has many pictures taken with Christina with or without heels or the same height of heels .Nicole states she is 5’2 but how can Christina Be 5’3 if in every picture they have taken together Nicole Ritchie towers over Christina Aguilera by 4 or 5 inches?.Then Pictures of her with Kim Kardashian by the pool wearing no shoes shows Kim who states she is also 5’2 standing next to the petitie Christina clearly towers over her by 3 or 4 inches so how can Christina Aguilera be 5’2 .Pictures don’t lie clearly Christina is under 5’0.If people don’t believe the facts all they have to do is look up these pictures.Christina is also clearly a small frame before her breast implants and Booty injections so clearly as stated in her DL she was 100 pounds but in this picture she is about 135 pounds.