Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera in a Little Black Dress

164218426_10 - Christina Aguilera in a Little Black Dress

Christina Aguilera showed up on the red carpet at a screening of Season 4 of “The Voice” last night – here she is with slightly less make-up than usual, wearing a little black dress with killer heels.

How do you all like her look?

See more shots from last night next!


164217216_10 - Christina Aguilera in a Little Black Dress 164217227_10 - Christina Aguilera in a Little Black Dress 164218379_10 - Christina Aguilera in a Little Black Dress 164218399_10 - Christina Aguilera in a Little Black Dress  164218506_10 - Christina Aguilera in a Little Black Dress 164219595_10 - Christina Aguilera in a Little Black Dress 164219663_10 - Christina Aguilera in a Little Black Dress 164219673_10 - Christina Aguilera in a Little Black Dress 164222850_10 - Christina Aguilera in a Little Black Dress

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  • Yup

    She looks better than she has in a while. Now if she could cool it with the spray tan she would look great!

    • HB

      My thoughts exactly! The makeup looks much better, and she looks very confident.

    • artemis

      her tan makes me wanna throw up

  • Isa


  • Liv

    I do not like this look, but she does look much better when she smiles… when she doesn’t she kind of looks like a really drugged up porn star I saw in a video my HS BF tricked me into watching…

    • Powwow

      Your comment seriously made me lol!

      On Christina, I love her so much and her makeup is a tad better than it has been but, she’s such a mess now! 🙁

    • Tonia

      yeah, “tricked” 😉

      • Liv

        Ok Ok you got me… I’m actually watching it right now

        • cherrybelle

          Liv, you are made of awesome:)

          • Liv

            My parents say thanks for the compliment… 😉

        • Debbs


  • She looks better with less make-up and the dress is cute from the front (don’t get the white back part?!)….but she needs to get a more natural hair colour – and skin colour – it makes her look cheap. And the condition of her hair looks bad – dry and brittle. She’s looks sweet and young when she smiles though.

  • JennM

    I like the dress, even the white part in back is cute, I think. But even her less makeup look still seems like quite a bit of makeup, to me. The color she is wearing on her lips is pretty, though.

    I don’t have anything against woman at a higher weight, but she doesn’t carry it well, maybe it is just me, but it seems like her weight is almost uncomfortable.. she looks painfully bloated or something, even in the face.

    It is hard to describe, I don’t know if it is her clothing choice, or her frame, but a bigger woman like Adele looks more comfortable and relaxed.. Christina always looks she can’t breathe to me, or like she is retaining water. It just doesn’t look like a natural weight for her to be at.

    • Jenna

      I completely agree with you on this statement!! I’m wondering if its because we are so used to seeing her as a tiny petite girl and now she’s gained so much she’s unrecognizable…but you are right she does look bloated and uncomfortable

    • La la la la

      I agree. I think she looks uncomfortable as well. I think it has to do with her cheeks. When someone is at a good weight for them, their face usually shows it and isn’t bloated. Even some really fat women don’t look bloated in the face. Sometimes Selena Gomez gets the uncomfortable chipmunk bloated look as well. They use their hair to try to cover the sides of their face. If you look at the second to last pic of Christina, it looks like her smile can’t fit on her face bc her cheeks are too big! She looks a lot better with toned down makeup, I must say. She carries her weight pretty well but super wide legged pose and other things just make her look a bit awkward. She’s pretty but I get the impression she drinks too much, and might lose some of the face bloat and slim down a bit if she cut the booze.

    • jane

      I agree as well, but I think part of it is also due to how rigidly she’s holding herself, and the fact that she’s faking the smile. . She’s not comfortable in her skin. She’s trying to stand in a way that makes her look thinner while simultaneously keeping a smile on her face, and the effort shows.

  • retrobanana

    yeah she needs to stay at a ow weight her and jess simpson just look sloppy..but i think its because they havemt gained like 5 pounds they gain like 35 punds but pretend its like 15…

  • Bellerina

    I agree with you about they way she holds her weight. It seems like she is stretched, poorly- like she is bloated from water weight.

    I do wonder what her natural weight is? I am sure it is somewhere in the middle of the extremes she has been in like Britney has finally seem to find.

  • happygolucky

    Am I the only person getting pictures that are squished on the vertical? And it is only happening on this site.

    • No, I am too! I have to ‘open image in new tab’ to see them.

      • happygolucky

        Yes, that works — many thanks for the tip, Erica!

  • Melissa C

    I am a huge fan of Christina’s and she looks way better than she has in the past few years but I can’t help but wonder… Is she not making healthy eating choices? Is she not exercising? Is she not drinking water???? She was in great shape after she had a baby and seemed as though she had a petite body frame and was naturally thin and would stay that way. I get it shes older…but come on she’s not in her forties….
    I always feel like celebrities have the opportunity to hire an in house chef to make them healthy delicious meals, a personal trainer, a stylist and heck they can even hire a person who’s job it is to tell them the truth, especially when they make public appearances. I still think she’s gorgeous but I feel like she could look way better than she does. I feel like she looks at herself and just goes “eh whatever I’m Christina Aguilera”…in which case is actually pretty awesome,

  • Debbs

    Improvement but still a mess.

  • Lance

    she looks cheap with that false eyelashes and messed up hair

  • lee

    Ash blonde would look so much better on her than banana yellow… I think Taylor swift could give the Hollywood blondes some beauty tips or two.

  • Nene

    Wonder why almost every female celeb in Hollywood insist on being blonde.
    …and it’s pretty unflattering on many of them!
    Christina looks uhm ok,better than the last time i guess.

  • fatme

    Did she lose some weight? she looks good though

  • Camila

    Miss Piggy Aguilera…

    • Candy M.

      AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Looking at Christina then Robyn Lawley really makes me like Robyn a lot more. This girl is a nightmare.

  • lc

    Looks better than she has a LOONG time but I will still never, ever, ever find her remotely attractive.

    • lex

      I agree with you, lc. She looks better but I have never found her to be a beautiful woman, even when she was thin.

      • solaxia

        Yea, she does look better here…but I agree – never found her attractive. It was just more the ‘skank’ aspect that got people interested I think. It was just a put off to me as it was tacky. Plus her attitude was never that great. I do prefer her at a lower weight though if I had to choose.

  • ary

    seriously unattractive.

  • Winnie

    she looks miles better with more subtle make-up. maybe it’s just me but she also looks like she’s lost some weight here

  • jenna

    boy, she’s THICK. i agree with what most posters are saying about how it just doesn’t look normal/natural on her to carry this extra weight. if she just toned the hair down, the fake tan down, and even more of the makeup, she’d look better at this weight? that porn star look doesn’t look good even on skinny girls.

  • ChocatoDrink

    Could be better. Could be worse though too

  • binks

    This is the best I seen Christina look in a long time, though I think she could drop a few lbs because she seems like someone who is naturally smaller she doesn’t hold weight well. But hopefully she puts out another CD like back to basics

  • Daisy

    He makeup looks WAY better, but she needs a overhaul on her style and hair. That over bleached look with that tan makes her look way older than she is.

  • D

    Less cake-up at least. Her extensions are terrible and dont match though, you would think with her team of people/money she would at least have decent hair. The fake tan is awful too, shes like 50 shades of tan. Her face looks white while her legs could pass as a woman of colour. She looks best thin, her genie in the bottle days.

  • Megan

    Wow, her face looks so much better and younger without the clown color.

  • Sienna

    She looks so puffy. She’s one of those women who gains in the face, so she’s better looking when she’s slim.

  • Junior

    I’ve always said that she looks better/younger with less makeup. She’s one of the few celebs that I will honestly admit looks much better when she was thin. Especially in Burlesque or that video she did with Ricky Martin back in 2000.

    • Junior

      I think it’s probably that her face just looks much better with less weight….

  • cinnamon

    So much wasted potential.
    Beautiful and a talented singer. Not bashing fuller people(There are people who are prettier at bigger sizes) but Christina looks horrible. Yes, better than in a long time but still horrible.

    I seriously dont know what happened.. i never liked her, but i always thought she could pull of any look + heavy make up and still look beautiful(cheap/tacky but still beautiful facially) now she just looks like a complete mess

  • Casey

    I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but it looks like the bottom of her hair is seeping up the orange from her skin.

    She would look tons better if she just cut down on the orange and went with a different hair color. It can remain blonde, just if it was a natural blonde instead of white-blonde (with apparently yellow ends).

    It would probably make her hair look less dead too.

  • jessica_rabbit

    well i see progress in her make up, good for her! but christina please please change your hair color and fire your stylist, you are talented girl and i think i could like you if you do that for my eyes! 🙂

  • Ginger

    I keep reading all of the headlines re: Christina’s slimmed down figure, but I just do not see where she lost any weight. To me, her body looks the same weight wise. Not good. Not bad. Just the same. I will say that I am happy to see her wearing less makeup AND smiling. Maybe her PR team finally got a hold of her.

  • Hazal

    Her extensions are so obvious! Not a good look.

  • mary

    wooof. still chubby and unattractive with that awful tan

  • nessa

    she should cut her hair shorter and wear less makeup and no more fake tan.

    • silvy

      short hair when her face is at this weight would not be a good idea…somethign has to change with that hair tho :/

  • Milla

    Thats the best she looked ever! I like that Little Bang on her, And less weight!

    • anushka

      Your right! She looks cute as a button in that picture.

  • Desiree

    She’s so cute. I adore her.

  • Jaime

    The skater skirt is soooo much more flattering on her then her usual bodcon, it’s a shame about the cut out back.

  • brittany

    she actually looks somewhat classy for once. I usually can’t stand the sight of her but she looks … nice.

  • Ash

    What happened to her? Her weight just looks weird, like she’s wearing a fat suit or something. She looks better and smaller than she has recently, but still not looking as good as she can. Lose the tan, cut and color the hair, and run a few miles a wk. She will look like a fresher and more attractive person imo.

  • Dani

    I won’t say anything about her weight but her makeup looks better than it has lately. She still looks cheap though. I don’t know how she manages to consistently look that way

  • serena

    Her face reminds me of Snooki. Really unattractive features and body. Also maybe it’s just the angle, but where is her calf muscle? Anyway at least the gal can sing!

    • sarah

      That’s exactly what I was thinking…

  • Brianna

    Ahh no, in the last picture you can actually see the weft of her hair extention. The thing is with blonde hair extentions is that they are normally very yellow and have to be dyed/toned if you want the white hair look. However you would think that with all her money she would have the best hair money could buy…

  • Tally

    Her face looks good

  • solaxia

    I like the dress – I actually want one for work. She looks way better without the clown makeup and her hair is pretty too here. She should ease up a little on the tan though!

  • hownowbrowncow

    Her body is not meant to be that heavy and that really comes across here

  • jo

    I think she looks a lot better in this than the tight fitting things shes been in lately. However have to agree I don’t like the cheap fake lashes and with the hair, her extensions are about 2 shades off. They need to be toned white with violet toner to match her own hair. Perhaps she has had her own hair freshly done and neglected to have the extensions colour matched? I also think her hair looks really flat on top but greasy throughout. Looks really thin and over-processed and her natural hair appears not to have been curled to match the extensions…odd.
    I get the slimming illusion she was trying to do with the white on the back of the top which would have worked had she been wearing a control undergarment to keep it sleek, rather than having that uncomfortable-looking bulge above her skirt band. It makes it look as though she is trying to fit into a smaller size and the belt only makes this worse.
    I also think her nose looks really weird since her weight gain for some reason.
    I do think her arms and legs look really nice, especially considering her weight gain. They almost don’t fit with her body but I’m glad she has them out at they are some of her best assets.

  • Meg

    Her face looks really young without all these layers of makeup.

  • angie

    She’s lost a few pounds…..of makeup…..

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