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Christina Aguilera Brings Today’s Quote

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 On the priorities in her life:

‘If I have to choose between working out and spending time with my son after a hard day, it’s not even a question.’

… says 32 year-old Christina in Redbook Magazine.


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  • lc

    I never see pics of her with her kid, unlike say Hilary Duff. Anyway, wow, gee someone lost a bunch of weight after claiming they LOVED their “curves”. Lol.

    • M.Jay

      agreed…she is one of the most hypocritical celebs out there with her remarks, but then again it seems all woman in hollywood who are slim and then put on weight suddenly embrace their curves..augulera, lady gaga, jessica simpson, the list goes on…its such a load a crock when they finally get their lazy buts around to losing the weight

      • Katheryn

        I don’t think she was lying…I just think that she probably gained a lot due to stress which impacts weight, and it looks like she’s overcoming stress and her body is naturally going back to how it was.

  • Iana

    What is up with these rich-as-hell celebrities and their nasty, dried out bleached hair (extensions)? I’m a bleach blonde too but I baby my hair like crazy and it’s in waaaay better shape than that strawlike medusa head Christina’s got. Jessica Simpson and sometimes Britney Spears are also big offenders of this. You’d think with all their $$$ they could afford to take care of it better :/

    • AlyssaMoh

      I especially loved it that Aguilera was “a heffer” (what she called Kelly Osborne) for a couple of years while Kelly had lost the weight and was doing well staying fit.

      Christina is a total *****, but it makes who she is.
      I don’t want her as a best friend, but i’d want her as my entertainment at a gala. She has talent. Maybe not humility, maybe not empathy, but she does have talent.

  • CK

    Even though i do think many women with a low-paying job and/or long hours kind of job (esp single moms) do a lot of times have to make that kind of choice i still believe that if there is a will there is a way, i mean you try to spend at least some time with your kid right? why not do it outside, like a 30min walk in a park (around the block) before bed if you have no other time or plan active weekends, IT IS an activity and good for both of you physically,mentally and good time to have a talk, i.e. bond with ur kid.
    As for rich women that have lot of free time or can allow themselves that i don’t see that kind of a choice.

    In general don’t get why is she even talking about it, i mean if you don’t like to work out particularly than don’t, just stay physically active in general, and if you don’t care bout that either then don’t, no one’s making you.

  • tequilla

    well that seems like a good reason. annyway, her hair is still awfull but her make up is much much better and her body looks nice too. i see big improvement 🙂 now healthier hair and less tan and shes good to go!

  • serena

    Honestly she is one of the few celebrities I find genuinely unattractive – she looks like a bleached version of Snooki to me. In airbrushed pics she can look pretty but in candids (like pic #2 above) there is something about her face I find so off-putting and strange. However I applaud her for losing weight and getting back in shape.s

    • Jennifer

      I agree that she is unattractive. I think it’s because you never see the real person. She is overly tanned, wears about ten tons of clown makeup, has porn star hair and boobs. How can anyone look at her and find her attractive if there is not one natural aspect about her?! I guess her look is geared towards pleasing men who find strippers and porn stars attractive.

      • annabanana

        i agree with what you said, plus her nose is weird looking. other than that she could be pretty though.

      • Lola

        Back in 2004-2008, she was absolutely stunning. Remember how beautiful she was in the Ain’t no other man video? But i agree, time, artificial tanning, and weight fluctuations have taken a toll on her beauty

    • princess_cashmere

      She was adorable in the “Genie in a bottle music video”… very fresh faced and natural

  • Rojin

    I didn’t get it. so her choice is to work out?

  • Tst

    So does every other mother, duh! Boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • gourye

    Some celebrities really need to hire a better makeup artist! what is wrong with that face (and hair)? you are rich Christina! pay for good professionals! please.