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Christina Aguilera Brings Today’s Quote

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On being comfortable with her sexuality:

‘For me I’m an artist and expressing myself in a sexual way no matter how that changes throughout the years is something that has always come naturally to me. At this point of my life, I’m 32 and I feel sexier than ever because you know what you want.’

… says Christina, who was recently quoted saying ‘trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing you can do.’


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  • neutra

    Whilst I think that sexiness is something that comes with age, elegance and maturity, Christina doesn’t understand what sexy is. Sexy is an allure – that aura of mystery and confidence that makes you irresistible. Christina just knows sex – blatant, in your face sex that reeks of desperation. Marion Cotillard is sexy, Christina is sex, much like most of young hollywood today.

    • Jen

      U rite. Shes just terrible. I prefer Sophie Marceau and Eva Green instead of Marion, they way sexier and classier. Marion got a very common face, and her eyes are bulgy.

      • solaxia

        Yes! Neutra – took the words out of my mouth! I also see Christina as just ‘sex’ which is cheap to me. Not bagging her, because if that’s what she likes, then fine. However she is not sexy to me in the ‘alluring’ way that you describe. Sexiness keeps me interested in a person. Not in a sexual way, but in a ‘wow’ you just have ‘something’ about you kinda way. A person can be sexy without being particularly good looking too.

        • solaxia

          ooops pressed enter too quickly. You don’t have to be particularly good looking to be sexy…and also just because you may be good looking doesn’t make you sexy. Like, I think someone like Christina would be though of as ‘sexy’ in her description – blonde, blue eyes, tanned, slim yet shapely. Which would probably SOUND more sexy than a description of someone that is genuinely sexy like Marion…but Marion by far has more of that allure and charisma to her (I do think she is prettier than Christina anyway but just used them as an example to follow on).

  • malika

    Her legs were always weird to me..somehow O shaped, but she still has nice body though
    and her quotes about sexyness…don’t want to begin on that really

    • Polly

      I know what you mean about her legs, like she doesn’t have calve muscles, they are different looking! And she talks too much about being sexy to be sexy.

      • malika

        exactly! but she looks good when she is at her best! love her look in the candyman video 😀
        yeah! she talks about being sexy and because of that she looks so not sexy

        • solaxia

          I know what you mean about her legs, they were never her best feature imo. She does look good in that Candy Man video but it is so digitally altered that she looks like a plastic doll.

  • lc

    Oh please, this woman is so full of it. Yeah yeah Christina.

  • Pandora

    she’s vulgar, garish, and flaps it around worse than her thunder thighs, bat wings, and water balloon boobies. Ok, the sag isn’t too bad now, but her yo-yoing weight will see to that. Yes, I am hating. I really dislike this creature.

    • lc


  • wonderwoman21

    I used to think she was so pretty when i was younger. It’s crazy how different her body looks now compared to the way it used to;like the way she looked in the lady marmalade video, she was tiny.

  • Ajla R

    What happened to all the “I love my curves, and I don’t wanna lose weight” talk?? I hate when they say that and a month later they lose 20 pounds.

    • lc

      YEP I thought the same thing.

  • Tst

    Who cares! Oversaturated trash then classy sexy! Damn, annoying

  • Sydney

    She says the same thing every few years about sexuality. No Christina, as woman we are more that our sexuality. We are brains, we have hearts and we have morals. Walking around oozing sex won’t get you very far in life…maybe give you the wrong attention and have the wrong people attach themselves to you.

  • Rosa

    Secy people don’t go around calling themselves sexy. They’re usually completely oblivious to it. On a side note, she has the strangest bow shaped legs…

    • Zoe

      Agree completely! I also think the same thing about guys who feel the need to brag about the size of their ‘manhood.’ I kind of feel like, if it’s REALLY that big, you don’t need to send out a warning, as sooner or later, people are going to find out and toot the horn on your behalf. Really unrelated, and random, but my point was that I think bragging about sexiness/being good-looking or having other *ahem* ‘talents’ just reeks of insecurity- if you’re hot, you won’t need to point it out, as there are plenty of people with working eyes/mouths who will happily point it out for you! 🙂

  • Marike

    looks like trash in music video. put christina in bin where she belongs, PLEASE NOT recycle bin.

  • Alexis Christine

    Contrary to others opinions, I have always found her so beautiful. Her quotes??? Now those just go in what ear and out the other… I personally do not care for whatever she has to say about her “sexuality”. I have no negative feelings or positive, I just do not care.

  • Alias

    I think she looks so much better at a lower weight, and actually curvier as well.

  • Carla

    I wish she would ditch the orange tan, she looks so pretty with her natural skin tone and a darker blonde hair colour like the one she had in her genie in a bottle days.

  • sarah

    she is always orange!!! what is wrong with her natural skin color? I hate that overdone fake tan look. I’d rather see her pale than orange.

  • Dani

    I do believe you feel sexier as you get older. I feel sexier now at 30 than I did at 20 but it’s also different.

    She does look SO much better now than she did six months ago. This size looks good for her frame/height. I still find her a bit tacky though

    • solaxia

      I’m the same, at 27 I feel sexier now than I did at 20. I have gained a lot of weight and I still feel sexier (though I am in the process of losing). It is very different. Like, as a teen and in my early 20’s it was all about the minimal clothes, lots of makeup and sexiness to me was who could get the most attention from males (I know! Cringe!). Now though, it’s about how I feel within myself. I can be wearing trackies, or nice tailored suits, and heels…and less makeup…but I just feel sexier. I don’t care anymore if people find me attractive or not…it’s more about me now and I love that!

      • solaxia

        I didn’t mean ‘it’s more about me’ in a selfish way. I mean, I care about other people but I don’t put so much weight into what other people think of me, I am attracted to different kinds of people, and different kinds of looks.

  • anonymous

    She’s trashy and can be annoying but I much prefer her to that untalented hack Britney Spears.

  • Madi

    I think that she is extremely talented. I also think she is intelligent and understands what it takes for her to be successful and make money; including losing weight around the time she has a new single out or a show. With Christina her weight loss is coached by a large group of handlers who have been taking care of her for years and make sure she looks how she has to. I really think she has no say in how she looks or what sexy is.

  • Jui

    idk, I can’t say I find anything about her attractive, and I can’t relate to her quote about feeling sexy, not a priority for me, though it seems important for her, she’s married and all, and an entertainer like she said. Anyway, not a fan, but she looks descent.

  • I am tired of reading Christina Aguilera tryng to convince people that she is a natural sexy machine and because of her age she is perfect and feels wonderful. you know what? if she feels that way then cool. but I think she is very insecure cause she is always trying to reinforce the sexy image whatsoever. Come on girl. RELAX.