Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera – Less Makeup and Less Pounds in Cosmopolitan

03610_christina_aguilera_cosmopolitan-2_122_954lo - Christina Aguilera - Less Makeup and Less Pounds in Cosmopolitan

The positive: I am thrilled every time I get to see Christina Aguilera looking less like a clown with less makeup – and here she is on the cover of Cosmopolitan, benefiting from more talented makeup artists and obviously looking better than with fuchsia lipstick.

The negative: Besides the “indispensable” slimming effects that transform every natural body into this generic, slim, always-the-same cover body, they also though it would be a good idea to make Christina’s already blue eyes even bluer – check the pictures on the next page!

03285_christina_aguilera_cosmopolitan-1_122_632lo - Christina Aguilera - Less Makeup and Less Pounds in Cosmopolitan

03314_christina_aguilera_cosmopolitan_122_137lo - Christina Aguilera - Less Makeup and Less Pounds in Cosmopolitan

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  • LL

    maybe its the airbrushing or lack of makeup but she looks entirely different here
    i just looked back at other posts, and other pictures…. and i cannot believe how DIFFERENT these pictures look.

  • Emery

    Uh, this looks awfully familiar. US Cosmo October 2006 much?

  • Rebecca

    I think she looks awesome in the two other pictures, the cover is terrible!

  • Mirabela

    it`s strange! 🙁
    on the cover she have cup (maximum) B size
    on other picture, seem like cup D

  • Cait

    she looks amazing in these photos, she suits much more calmed down make up, im always waiting for the day she looks more like this…..she seems to get it so wrong make up wise and then sometimes suddenly looks great, the ‘back to basics’ era was amazing and then she ruins it by the recent look…it makes me think its just accidental when she looks good!

  • susan

    She looks beautiful in these pictures, I wish she would look like this all the time instead of the clown face she usually has on.

  • Liandria

    photoshopped picture to the max YEY! i love Xtina dont get me wrong. but …..geesh……less make up less photoshop. Show your real self. That girl is so pretty with no makeup. and no fake blue contacts………..
    but seriously. why are they photoshopping every picture of her ……she has WAAAAY to much make up and her skin is too flawless. its airbrushed
    fake fake fake fake

  • christinalover23

    She is the most beautiful woman of the world. I can’t imagine any other woman can look hotter than her in the third pic.

  • honey

    the cover pic was taken in 2006/7 and the inside pics after she had her baby