Christina Aguilera, Then and Now

Christina Aguilera Looks Slimmer

Untitled-11 - Christina Aguilera Looks Slimmer

After being the target of a lot of criticism regarding her weight gain last year, Christina Aguilera is back to her slimmer days again. Here she is at the Billboard Awards this weekend, rocking the stage in a little black dress that shows off her slimmer figure.

What do you think of her transformation?

See more shots from the event plus some older Christina pictures next!


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  • amanda


    • alyssa


      • paola

        no,you can’t have the extra fat sucked all away by the surgeon..liposuction is for small areas,to adjust the shape of the fat mostly,or to delete some “deposits” that you have for nature. when you are overweight you can go under lipo but in no way the surgeon will take you all the extra pounds away..and even if he/she will do it the final effect will be not good to see

  • Katheryn

    Wooohoooo!!! Yeah, Christina!

    • artemis

      WAY BETTER! This is a very good weight for her, i see that she kept some of the butt too, very nice. if she gets a flat tummy she’ll look even better.
      her make-up is very pretty, kinda what i wear sometimes, but the bronzer and too heavy blush cheapens it 🙁

  • Liz

    I can’t have any respect for someone who performes with Pitbull, but she looks nice

    • Emilie

      I have lost respect for A LOT of artists because of this as well, lol

    • i_stan_4_no_one

      i am really unfamiliar with pitbull. what did he do?

      • Emilie

        Try to rap….

        • kat

          for real, his song with enrique iglesias where he says “I like how it feels” it sounds like he’s saying “I got a penis”

      • Liz

        I’d tell you to listen to one of his songs but…I don’t want to put you trough such and horrible thing hahaha

        • Liz

          oops! *an

        • i_stan_4_no_one

          hahahahaha! i thought you were going to say he beats his wife or slaps his mama.

        • Aafje

          If you have listened to one you have listened to all, the sound almost EXACTLY the same lol.

  • Bee

    Wow. How’d she lose weight so fast? Good for her!

  • Eri

    I LOVE HER! She is always beautiful. and her voice is KING!!! yes it reigns supreme.

  • She looks so much better here! Cute 🙂

  • Eline

    NO WAY. How in the freaking world is this kind of change possible? WOW, I just can’t believe it. She looks stunning (and much more healthy)

  • Em

    anyone else kinda grossed out by pitbull? lol…he looks like a 37 year old bald uncle who works at an insurance claim agency. Not that I anything against those kinds of people.. 🙂 but go Christina! I am happy she is healthy.

    • Emilie

      He creeps a lot of ppl out. He looks skeevy, and he always has a smirk.

    • LuLu

      Count me in! I’m way grossed out by him! And I think saying he looks 37 is a compliment-he looks at least 47 if not OLDER!! He gives off the worst kind of vibe/energy. Christina losing weight after saying how much she loved her body…so predictable!! We all knew this would happen! I’m just interested now in how far she will take it.

    • Debbs

      I actually think he’s cute. No in these pics though.

  • Candy M.

    And we were right!!! Every time a celebrity says ” I love my curves”. they invariably lose weight down the road. I mean she looks a million times better not being so bloated and fat, but be honest and admit” Im a little heavier than Id like to be and I plan on losing weight”. I understand its a defense mechanism, but nobody wants to look like Christina a year ago. As for her currently, she looks better and healthier but not great. Her makeup, her bleached hair, without that she would look like any woman on the street.

    • Emilie

      “nobody wants to look like Christina a year ago. ” I wouldn’t go that far. There are people that are triple her size that would kill to be where she was at. She looks great and maybe she was happy at the larger weigh, who knows. But I bet her PR ppl had to do with it as well as this transformation will put her everywhere and on every cover. It’s smart

      • Candy M.

        You have a point, but I still think those people would rather look like Adriana Lima than Xtina, what I’m trying to say is i don’t think this is most peoples ideal( including hers).

        • paola

          right, it could have also helped some very overweight people to visualize a goal and to be inspirated,that’s only good for them and for everybody. the before-christina’s body was still desireable for many reasons,but we must say that,no matter what was the weight itself,that was too much for christina’s could see by the deformed shapes and little the face fat. still..she is better looking now than at her skinnies when she was a teenage

        • artemis

          ugh, adriana is booony with a huge waist. wouldn’t want that and i’m not overweight, close to underweight. i wouldn’t wanna look like aguilera before either. both would be nightmares to me but at least if i’d look like aguilera, after i lose weight i’d have a nice enough shape, whereas if i had adriana’s body, i’d feel like sh*t, skinny, medium or fat.

          • Debbs

            Looking like Adriana Lima would be a nightmare for you? That’s hilarious!!

          • Nobsnob

            Huge waist? Are we talking of the same person? oO
            Body dismorphic disorder much?

        • Mishael

          Why does Adriana come up in every single post? I used to like a girl but it annoys me beyond words. Every girl posted on here is either compared to Adriana or Candice.

          • Candy

            Idk, I tend to like high fashion models best- frida Gustavvson, karlie kloss, Liya kedebe etc, but Adriana Lima just seems to be known by most people and she’s very attractive so I use her as an example.

        • MerryHappy

          Yeah her booty was getting so exaggerated that she kind of looked like the Venus of Willendorf for a while (not in the stomach, just the booty and boob exaggeration). She’s looking awesome.

        • Winnie

          not really. not everyone is a fan of Adriana’s body. some find her too lanky, too thin, etc. personally, my ideal is closer to Xtina’s body in her “Ain’t No Other Man” days than it is to Adriana’s.

    • popo

      I think its a good attitude to have though- embracing your body in all its sizes. She can love and enjoy her curves and still work towards her ideal healthy/ fit size. She looks good AND She’s bloody talented. Good for her.

      • Morgan

        I thought it was more hypocritical when she said she loved her “latina curves” because she’s Latina and was proud to look that way. Girl, you bleach your hair playboy bunny blonde, you go out of your way to NOT look Latina.

  • mary

    looks 100x better…she has a small frame and the extra weight did not suit was obvious when her face inflated so much. this is a good size for her, she looks healthy.

  • Sochii

    Yikes, in some of the pics she looks like a blonde JWoww. yeah, she looks better at this weight but i strongly suspect she’s going to be like jessica simpson (or oprah) and just keep yo-yo-ing for her whole life

  • Aly

    Thank god for the implants! Back in Genie in a Bottle days, she was skittle/very slender pear, but her implants definitely provide some balance for her hips/booty.

    She’s 5’2″ right? Was her thinnest like 90 something (when she first came out) and her heaviest 150s? I’m really bad at guestimating.

    • Sophie

      I think about 99 pounds/45kg when she was super thin back in the day, and about 150 last year. Maybe about 120-125 lbs now?

    • Candy M.

      I couldn’t give you an accurate number because Im 11 inches taller than her, but my mothers 5 ft and 160 lbs and she looks thinner than Christina in the before pictures. In the current pictures Id guess her at 125, but I could be off.

      • Miss x

        Your dad must be super tall, Candy M:)

        • Candy

          Ha, the rest of my family is just the polar opposite of me. My brothers are short, my dads average, and my moms 5 ft. They’re all short and stocky, yet somehow I’m 6’1 and 135 lbs. everyone thinks I’m adopted.

    • artemis

      she looked way better without them

  • formerly Sam

    She looked absolutely terrible before, so good for her.

  • Robine

    Her legs are sooo photoshopped on some pictures.. Like the front one of the post.. I wonder what she really looks like.

    • Amy

      I thought the same thing at first, but after seeing the other pictures from the same event I realized it’s just the weird lighting behind her legs making them look all pixelated. Some of the other shots show how much smaller she really is, though.

  • jerry z

    ugh thank god she lost that weight – looked so unhealthy and she was trying to romanticize it…

  • Heather

    Lol. I thought she was embracing her natural curves and how much her boyfriend loved her curvy shape…I think she is very talented but annoying..she seems to be a Jessica Simpson whose weight fluctuates all over the place.

  • Bellerina

    All those “love my Latina curves” comments are going to come back and bite her in her noticeably smaller a**. It must be exhausting to have to change your point of view on life based on your waist size.

    She looks better at this weight, had too much of a bloated Snookie shape before. She is a small woman and I think her facial features are more pleasing at this weight.

  • Winnie

    whatever happened to “i love my curves! i don’t feel pressured to lose weight, i told my label that i’m a big girl now and they have to deal with it!”…yeah…okay.

    she looks great now. i’m still put off by the orange tan but my goodness, what a massive improvement. one thing i never have liked about her figure is her legs though. they’re too “cone shaped” for my taste

  • Rachel

    Is anyone surprised? Anytime a starlet is anything but thin, she “loves her curves”, etc., etc. Then, like clockwork, they lose weight. I wonder what Aguilera’s reasoning will be. Trying to be healthier? It just melted off? They seem to be the most popular.

    • Miss x

      Or just been busy with a new album, I guess… Quite amusing that all the popstars that had “perfect bodies” has struggled so much with their weights, Britney, Christina and Jessica.

  • Sofia

    Wow, lookin good! I can’t help but think though that some celebs purposely gain weight then lose it just for publicity

  • Adriana

    Wow she looks 1000x better at this weight.
    Like others have said, she has a small frame so the extra weight just looked uncomfortable on her.
    Im curious as to how she lost the weight & how she lost is so quickly without it being noticed.

  • JaneParker

    Not surprised at all by the weight loss. She looks a lot better but black is slimming and that dress has an incorporated corset so adding photoshop to that I suspect she’s bigger than she appears to be here. Still she’s obv. smaller and looks much better, particularly her face

  • Tony

    Wow! She looks Amazingg

  • em

    she looks really good. she looks more confident in herself. good for her.

  • seijidan

    She looks good but it looks like the pictures are a little uhm hazy… like its photoshopped or something.. esp around her legs

  • It was inevitable that she would lose weight – and she looks so much better now.
    I think some people need to tell themselves they look good when they gain in order to keep their confidence. She probably wanted to lose weight, but felt powerless to at the time for one reason or another and instead of admitting to everyone that she was weak at the time and needed to lose weight, she said she was proud of her curves! It’s stupid, but I understand the desire to do that when you’re heavy – going around telling everyone that you’d rather not be what you are is a bit depressing! We kind of all knew she was full of sh*t anyway and she’d lose the weight!

    Anyway, she didn’t carry that weight well at all – it was far too much for her frame. She looks really, really good now – except for the ever present bleached hair and too much make up!

    • paola

      agree with all. but that’s not “stupid”,actually is really the right attitude to win,the one that can work

      • It’s stupid in the sense that it’s a lie and when you are famous it’s going to get thrown in your face if you shout it from the rooftops! If you tell *yourself* that, it’s good, however.

        • paola

’s not properly a lie. it is if you tell that you gained on purpose to look better or that you prefer yourself at that weight. it is not if you find the positive aspects of your bigger body and make them shine. to be honest christina gained very bad. there are people even bigger that her previous version who look better than how she did look. example: Jennifer hudston(heavier version), the blogger girl of fullerfigurefullerbust(now she has lost some,but however), an obese girl I’ve seen once in the street…

          • You’re right – lie is the wrong word. But I think it’s a subconscious lie many tell themselves when they gain weight and then they put it out there as truth? If that makes sense?!

            Christina certainly didn’t carry the weight well – it just looked all wrong for her frame. Some women look okay bigger because of fat distribution and bone structure – I’ve been told (and feel that I am) one of these women. It doesn’t make it okay to be unhealthily overweight, but it can make it look better!

  • binks

    She looks so much better. Sorry but her body type/facial features just doesn’t allow her to get away with extra weight because it shows up fast and doesn’t look good on her. But I hope she comes back with another “back to basic” banger CD

  • Liz

    Some odd pixelating action going on with her thighs in some of those. Bad photoshop?

  • paola

    she has amazing arms!! not skinny and slim,so beautiful with that lenght of thight sleeves!!! what elegance

  • Hazal

    She looks so much better now! I wish she had a darker shade of blond (or any other hair colour than this) and toned down her make up a little bit. Then she would be a pretty woman.
    It’s so obvious that the higher weight was unnatural for her. It didn’t suit her at all.

    • jenna

      Glad someone brought up her hair and makeup. I too think she needs to tone it DOWN. I really hate her hair so much. It reminds me of Jessica Simpsons. It looks like a wig because it’s so obviously artificial looking color-wise.
      But wow, seeing her before and after pics of her body is a nice surprise! She looks great now. More comfortable in her own skin even.

  • Fredrika

    This just proves once again that celebrities who gain weight and claim themselves to be happy about their “new natural curves” actually aren’t telling the truth…

    • Emilia


  • h

    @versus maybe do something on marine vacth? At Cannes she is being touted as the next french sex symbol.

  • misscheeks

    Fat or skinny, the lady can sing and I’ll always love her for it. She does look much better now though I think.

    • Mishael

      Yes. Her voice is powerful. At least she is talented unlike many others.

  • girl21

    She looks a million times better!! And she has toned down the fake tan and makeup. What a difference!

  • Mew

    She does look so much better. A lot of it is because she really didn’t wear suitable clothes for her shape before. I hope she doesn’t go overboard with it once again. She’s really one yoyo-girl, much like Janet.

  • lc

    Slightly, yeah.

  • Emilia

    Um she has a Contract with weight watchers and i getting a whole lot of money for loosing weight.Just wait in a few weeks she talks about it in a interview.
    But still she looks healthy and sooo much better the before.Good for her:)

  • D

    Wow, she looks so much better without fake tan and with the weight loss – this weight looks great/maintainable for her. Not too slim but not chubby like she was before. If only she would take off a couple layers of her makeup now..

  • solaxia

    She looks great! Best she has looked in forever. No clown makeup, perfect weight – not too big, not too thin. I dont think she should lose more personally. She looks sexy, petite and cute like this. She has never had the best legs imo, but they look so much better here. She suits that style of dress too. Hair is pretty too!

  • Es

    How in hell ……….

  • annemarie

    She looks so much better now! And younger as well.

  • Liv

    When did she get a DeLorean?

    but seriously… she looks fanmazing…

  • KR

    I think that all these celebs whose weight fluctuates so much are the ones who had unhealthy weight loss to begin with (most likely eating disorders)…. Jessica Simpson (who lost tons of weight for Dukes of Hazzard), Lady Gaga (who has admitted to eating disorders to stay thin), and Christina Aguilera, etc. You can tell because they gain a lot of weight fast afterwards and their face looks super bloated. It’s because they most likely starved themselves and over exercised to get down to an unnatural size to begin with, and then when they eat normally again their body holds on to the weight like crazy. (I am in the process of recovering from an eating disorder myself so I have experienced this first hand)

    I hope Christinalost this weight the healthy way so it stays off! She looks great!

  • Debbs

    Wow she looks so much better. Makeup is still hideous though.

  • snugglepup

    I actually liked her curves 😀 but she looks fresher now that she is not as bloated. Hope she gets a bit slimmer tummy also, will look stunning

  • Paula

    Seems xtina has actually been ‘feeling this moment’ rather than ‘eating’ it…..boom boom!!! Here all week…try the veal.

  • dumbass

    she does not have the right type of face to be a fatass… she gains a lot of weight in her face, which distorts her features, and makes her look puffy, and diseased. such a vast improvement slimmer!!!

  • Lily

    She looks great, but I find it interesting she hasn’t been papped going to the gym or anything. I feel like she might have had some assistance (cough adderall cough)

  • kat


  • Adele

    Soooo much better! No matter what she says about her Latina curves, she actually has a very small frame. I just watched Burlesque and she was really small in the movie but it looked natural and pretty. She gained a lot of weight in just two years. Now she looks like she’s back to her natural weight. Way to go Christina!

  • Isabel

    Looks better, but what would make her look better is a good stylist, and darker hair.

  • cameron baum

    Makeup artist needs to calm down with the bronzer, but she looks quite good. The dress is also really flattering.

  • Sigi

    She looks great
    Love her legs

  • Natalie

    I find her legs very strange

  • retrobanana

    ehhhhh i dont thin ikshe lost much her skirt has some type of corsety shape wear thingy and from the side view it looks she still has plenty of a tummy..her legs did get smaller…but she has bowlegged legs so they always looks bad…she aint nevver gonna look like christina of 2002…this girl likes to drink with mariah carey

  • retrobanana

    i still dont see 125….

  • Karen

    I believe she looks better more curvy because it fit her voice and who she is better when she’s skinny she’s cocky and when she was more curvy she didn’t care what people thought

  • leaveittome

    She looks much better now. I hate to say it, but she reminded me of miss piggy before with all that weight and the blonde hair.