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Christina Aguilera: “Trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing you can do”

ca3 - Christina Aguilera: "Trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing you can do"

On how women should be effortlessly sexy:

 “I’m such a down-to-earth girl, I’m comfortable in just a jersey and boy’s underwear. Trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing you can do. Sexiness should be effortless.”

… says Christina while posing sexily for Maxim magazine.

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ca2 - Christina Aguilera: "Trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing you can do"

ca1 - Christina Aguilera: "Trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing you can do"

ca4 - Christina Aguilera: "Trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing you can do"

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  • samra

    Haha ok Christina. LOL this is so ironic.

    • charlie

      haha… I was thinking the exact same thing… Ah yes, “be effortless” …while making a horrible pouty face, wearing awkwardly high heels and squeezing into a red satin dress..

    • Corinski

      Exact same thought – although I like her.. it’s just, how can you misjudge yourself so badly?

    • Rosa

      Really. Is she trying to imply that she’s naturally sexy? Lol. NOT!

    • cloud9

      i don’t think ironic is the word you’re looking for…pot calling the kettle black or all out hypocrisy is more like it

      • amber

        Nope, ironic works just fine in this instance.

        • hrmm

          Yeah, it really doesn’t.

          Irony: a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.

          Although it is funny that she said this – given the hypocrisy – it’s certainly something she might be expected to say. I certainly WOULDN’T expect her to say the opposite, “Trying to be sexy is the best thing you can do.”

          Example of irony: Xtina says “Being sexy saves lives.” And then she pops a button on her bustier, which breaks the windshield of her car, when she gets out of the car to survey the damage, she trips over a stiletto and falls off a cliff.

          • georgi

            I too think it’s ironic that she says that… then again she’s deluded, and contrast between what appears to be and what actually is = IRONY
            Or she may be well-aware of the reality of the situation, but trying to appear what she’s not. That would make her a hypocrite.

    • Hahahaha, indeed.

  • Marike

    she dresses so provocative most of the time, revealing sso much skin. its like a model telling other women not to be skinny & to eat fried stuff. bizarre

  • S

    She looks pretty. Her face has lost the puffiness (photoshop?) so she looks the way she did pre-weight gain.

    • Yes her face does look very sleek and different. While the weight loss on her body looks good it has made a massive change to her face.

  • kittenhayley

    Oh my gosh!! As if

  • Miss x

    Says the dirrty girl…

  • SA girl

    Similiar to Madonna with Lourdes: ” Don’t dress so provocatively!”. Lourdes: “…but mom, look at you!”

  • Pixie

    So pretty. She is hotness in these pics!! 🙂

    • amber

      Thanks to Photoshop.

  • LucyGoose

    Ok, Xtina I love you..

    but you’re so full of shit. Girls always exaggerate their “girl-next-door” factor whilst in Maxim. Writers probably encourage it for the readers’ fantasies. But seriously? You’re a diva. You wear heels and tight dresses. There’s nothing wrong with that. Own it.

    • clea

      agree with all of this.

  • Isa

    Oh right because you’re the queen of ‘effortlessly sexy’.

    She looks like a drag queen having a nervous breakdown.

    • serena

      Haha oh my goodness! 😀 I haven’t found her attractive in a long time (when she was young and very slim). Her face reminds me of Snookie. She can sing though, I’ll give her that.

  • lc

    Says the pop tart who tried waay too hard to be sexy all the damn time.

  • Snip

    I am very surprised to read a quote like this from her, precisely BECAUSE Christina Aguilera always owned her over-the-top sexuality. It’s why I’ve always liked her. I mean, come on: that quote sounds like something one of her less-successful peers would say in an effort to pander to women threatened by that image.

    Either way, she looks awesome in these photos. I love the platinum blonde hair on her, and her figure looks great.

  • Alias

    Hm looks like what she’s doing here though

  • liss

    Well this is funny

  • LMH

    hahaha WHAT? This is like Kim K saying she prefers to stay out of the media, or Ice T saying he likes skinny women 🙂

    Christina is always in full on drag queen make up and some super tight and short get up, which hey, its totally OK to embrace the ultra feminine thing, but to say you dont is utter nonsense. You know whats worse than trying too hard? Saying stupid things.

  • popo

    She’s clearly speaking from experience. O_o

  • wonderwoman21

    Okaaay, either she’s delusional or she is just saying what she thinks people want to hear. She is the definition of too much, in photoshoots she is always made under to tone it down. She needs less makeup, less fake bake, and a hair color that is closer to her natural hair color (or any natural color, her hair looks like a bleached Brillo pad).

  • Anon

    …says the woman who usually wears her boobs as earmuffs.

    • Alexis Christine

      HAHAHAH. Good one Good one. I agree though, I mean- seriously?

  • Channy

    Why would she even contemplate mentioning something of this calibre, opposing what she naturally is, and has always been? Not being afraid to show plenty skin. She’s not pregnant, is she?! Maybe trying to set a moral example for her unborn baby (LOL). It’s like X-files.I think she got probed and abducted by ET (LOL!! ).

  • CK

    i think that a lot of times if a woman feels happy&sexy it translates, no matter the clothes, hair, make up, etc. Trying hard to be sexy can comes off as desperate or ridiculous, most of time its smth i see in lots of young women that haven’t yet “come” into their adult body&mind&therefore don’t FEEL what’s is sexy but only know how its portrayed in pics/movies so they blindly copy it, not THAT is what i call try-hard-sexy or very self-conscious women trying to fake confident.

    As for Xtina, if am not mistaken she’s had quite lots of issues since childhood, including with self-esteem, she’s been heavy on make up since the start of the career, which to me is sad cos there is smth about some of songs she wrote herself, some interviews and sometimes even her moves that does strike me as naturally confident and sexy…if only that impression hadn’t been always ruined by over the top make up& clothes.

  • Does she think we are all idiots or have amnesia (or no eyes) or something!? I mean, she tries very hard to be sexy – always has. She always wears very revealing and/or tight clothing – whatever her weight – tonnes of make-up, and she went and got the huge fake boobs, which I can only assume was meant to make her feel/look more sexy (and as they’re so big for her small frame, I’d call that ‘trying too hard’).

    I agree with her statement, but she’s certainly not practicing what she preaches and it makes her look foolish. She’s like a cardboard cutout self-absorbed, clueless and contrary female ‘artist’ and it’s kind of disappointing – I’ve never been a fan, but I didn’t think she was this delusional!

    • lc

      Right on point Erica. She does sound foolish here, and I’ve also never been a fan of her. She’s just…not pretty to me no matter what she does. And half of what she does is mega unflattering so she just ends up looking worse in my eyes.

  • rubiii

    Haaaaaaaaaaahahahaah LOL I hope she didn’t have amnesia and she that remembers her dirrty fase

  • Nina

    Her comment is stupid, but she looks very attractive here. She’s always been a beautiful girl.

  • jessie

    Nevermind the stupid comment!! She looks amazing!! I’ve been hoping she would slim down a bit.. She doesn’t look good with extra weight.. Her face is looking beautiful!

  • Alexis Christine

    Oh the Irony

  • solaxia

    Lol. Ok, I do definitely agree with the comment…but…what? So you just rolled out of bed looking like you did in Dirrty hey Christina? Oh and the open legs towards the camera throughout the whole thing…totally effortless lol.

  • Isabel

    That is the classic example of “do how I say, not how I do”. While an amazing performer, she and Miley have a lot in common when it comes to image. Both women have been trying to hard to be what they aren’t. While I cannot use the “dirrty” era against her since she was very young, you can clearly say she is still having issues to establish an image; the revealing clothes, the bleached hair, the oversexed poses…, she lacks the natural sex appeal that some women like Imogen Poots have.

  • Samantha

    lol – that’s possibly one of the most un-self aware comments I’ve ever heard!

  • Jui

    The unphotoshopped photos of her body show what she really looks like. I’ll just say here, she looks like an example of a good, curvy, soft type body. She seems confident in whatever size she is, and she is/has been many, so good for her.





  • kat

    HA! well at least she scraped off the ten lbs of makeup she usually wears to go along with that quote

    she is such a hypocrite