Christina Hendricks – Floral Beauty

182350971_10 - Christina Hendricks - Floral Beauty

Christina Hendricks was in a floral mood as she attended a private fundraiser for The Rape Foundation this weekend.  How do you all like her feminine look?

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38 thoughts on “Christina Hendricks – Floral Beauty”

  1. Wtf is wrong with this woman?! I swear she tries to dress this horribly on purpose. Of all the dresses she could wear, she put that on and walked over to the mirror and said, “yes, I look great in this”? Ugh. The print is awful and it washes her out even more, it would look better on someone with a darker skin tone. Hate the big sleeves on her, she could do without them. On a positive note, I think her face/makeup look nice and I like the shoes.

    • Thats funny. I love her look and especially the style of this dress. I would love to buy this fabric because I love flower prints.
      I am not so much in her hairstyle this time because it makes her look older.

      • I like the print too. I think it is the sleeves that throw the whole look a bit off. If the sleeves were fitted it would highlight her curves instead of cover them. I think a brighter shoe would’ve done wonders as well. The pointy nude shoe look a little matronly with this dress.

  2. Although she is a bit heavier than what I usually like, I really think she is one hot chick; esp. in mad men! Also, I love her face and skin tone. The men around me usually gush about her, when they see pics – so I guess she has the whole package.

  3. whenever I look at her ankles/calves I see my grandmothers legs. Its a combination of her weight and very pale skin tone. That said her face is absolutely flawless, I am just not a fan of this weight.

  4. Oh, and she’s back! She looked so great at the Emmys – but this dress is back to her old, poorly-styled self. Terrible print and colour for her, imo – not flattering at all. Her face is still beautiful though!

  5. Oops I think my comment got cut off. Anyway, I don’t know how to say this without being offensive, but here it goes. I never comment on this site.

    For a reference point, I’m a bit over 5’7, weighing in at 97-103 or so pounds. Been like that all my life, since I was a small child – healthy periods, a 32D. I’m perfectly healthy, I promise 🙂 None of that eating disorder bs here. I’m Eastern European and I love all food groups and have never dieted – in fact in high school I desperately tried to gain weight to look like 2005 Jessica Simpson in Newlyweds (she was the bomb back then) Normally I love a similar body frame/shape like mine – VS models, hour glassy with a small boned curvy bod.

    But I LOVE CHRISTINA! I would love a few days or a week in her body simply because I know a small frame like mine could never achieve her va va va voom curves and voluptuous body, no matter what exercise and outrageous diet routine I would pick up. She’s hot. When I watch her on Mad Men I see a bombshell. I don’t nitpick women – a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman to me, all shapes and weights and body types. I don’t see the little details – thighs too big, shoulders too wide, etc. She has gorgeous skin and hair, a beautiful face and a hot body. Overall, a beautiful woman. And probably as far away from me as possible. I’ve been reading this site for a very long time and it kind of annoys me when I see certain users that are into the ‘super skinny’ look brutally and obnoxiously tear down women above 115 pounds. Not everyone worships the ‘size 0’ look and it’s not because they are fat and ugly. I know lots of beautiful, in shape, healthy women that have zero interest in worshipping Karlie Kloss.

    I’m very thin. Ideally I admire and identify with other thin celebrities. That does not mean I look at a woman like Christina and feel the need to tear her down for not having 33 inch hips. Christina looks nothing like me, no matter what I could ever do, but she looks hot. I think loads of male celebrities are hot, all of different heights and builds and races. I think the same of female celebrities.

    I hope this made sense. I’m typing on my phone. 🙂

    • That makes sense Blondie! And I think you have a great attitude which not too many people share – myself included, sometimes! I can be nit-picky, but I think you are right – a beautiful woman doesn’t have to be ‘without flaw’, in fact many who seem to be ‘flawless’ (and no one is!) leave me cold. Lots of people here have a bias, and that’s only natural – especially towards women who are a similar size or shape to themselves – but tearing anyone down is unnecessary and mean-spirited.

      I hope you comment more often – you are thoughtful, articulate and balanced – and we need more comments like that! 🙂

      • Agreed! Carrie Underwood is one of the ones that I find a little too perfect looking. Her makeup is always FLAWLESS, but it leaves her face looking so perfect that she is gorgeous and boring all at once.

      • “Lots of people here have a bias, and that’s only natural – especially towards women who are a similar size or shape to themselves – but tearing anyone down is unnecessary and mean-spirited.”

        LOL look whose talking? You have to be kidding right?
        there is nobody on here more insecure and mean-spirited than you. It’s funny how you are allowed to call vs models “ugly” “manly” and “shapeless” yet god forbid anyone say anything about someone like CH and you have the brass nerve to call them “mean spirited” I have never come across such a big hypocrite as you before.
        You are always tearing down women who are the opposite of yourself. and then complain when others do it. That is what I dislike about you, the most is your utter, hypocrisy. I don’t know how you dare come out with the things you do. It’s only because of your “real woman” clique on here, otherwise you wouldn’t get away with it.

    • Jessica Simpson was the bomb in 2005! I loved that show and still have a soft spot for her because of it.

      I completely agree with your comment about not seeing the details. Even when people point out “flaws”, I can’t always figure out what they are talking about! I think there are certain things that just appeal to some people. Maybe I don’t find Channing Tatum attractive because he reminds me of some jerk I knew in high school, maybe I adore Jennifer Lawrence because she acts like such a lovable goof in interviews, and maybe I used to love Scarlett Johansson until she married Ryan Reynolds 😉 We all have our little things that make people attractive (or unattractive) in our eyes.

    • Well well well, look what the cat dragged back in. A woman who just happens to has nearly identical stats to a certain other poster, or she she claims. Also “eastern European”

      You’ve obviously been hanging around the site for a while and just now decided to comment yes? And it annoys you that some commentators “tear down women over 115 “. Could you possible be talking about your own weight? Miss “blonde”? Brining up karlie kloss again too?


  6. “Wtf is wrong with this woman?!”

    lmao! i don’t know why but the ferocity of that comment made me laugh. i think she looks great facially, but her dress sense has never been the best. this looks like of like a cinched-waist mu-mu

  7. I cant imagine having to dress for a rack that big, now that’s a challenge. Overall the dress isnt that bad, she’s done worse.

    • My first thought was grumpy ouma (granny) but then I felt bad and thought if a very thin woman was wearing this dress it could look amazing. It must indeed be difficult to dress her body as she can’t be very versatile, the same goes for Kim K. Large breasts can hamper one from wearing certain styles and not looking too maternal. Overall she does look lovely but could have it a bit more cinched in the waist.

      • Agree that a cinched in waist would help her to pull it off better.

        At first I thought the dress was a bit table cloth-y, but she just looks so fresh and lovely in it that it works. Her fair skin and delicate features remind me of a Renaissance-style Venus; i love the soft cleft in her chin, it really completes her whole face and gives her a unique feature.

  8. when i see women like this i think some luscious fruit or something lol, overall i really think she looks like a solid peace of art, her skin, hair curves and all..! 🙂

  9. She has THE most beautiful porcelain skin! Whoever does her makeup does such an incredible job! I also love that she wears glasses once in awhile. I wear them too, and it’s great to see someone with so much sex appeal wear glasses… it shows that glasses on a woman can be very sexy.

  10. I think she is so pretty, and I like the cut of this dress on her a lot (she wears far too many dresses that don’t flatter, usually because they don’t fit in the bust), but I don’t think busty or broader women ever look their best in large floral patterns. Big bright abstract patterns like that are visually overwhelming. I don’t see her, I just see the flowers! And the more fabric there is the worse it is.

  11. The dress is a little grannyish I think but I think she’s beautiful. Her skin is glowing and her hair color is gorgeous. She’s a lot heavier than I want to be but that doesn’t mean she’s not beautiful or admired by many. She is better in motion like another poster said though. I’ve seen the show a few times and she’s hot, I have to admit

  12. I honestly would never in a million years desire a chest size like hers. And if I was born with one, I can say I’m pretty sure that I would have a breast reduction. No way would I want to dress those, or deal with mens’ reactions, or deal with the back pain from lugging them around.
    Plus, I never see her and think “sexy” even though she’s all boobs. She always looks matronly & granny-like. Not hot imo.

    • They can make you look so much bigger than you are too. My mum had a reduction (my mum is a true hourglass though). She got reduced to size dd and honestly she looks sooo much better! I thought she would look off when she said she was reducing them all the way down to a 10dd! But, I never realised how slim she actually really is! Her breasts just totally swamped her teeny waist. She was sick of jealous comments from women about her showing them off (she really wasn’t! But it’s hard to hide 10gg’s). She never even wore tank/ singlet like tops. No v-necks. no low cut tops. But people always commented about her showing them off and men just drooling like idiots.

  13. Horrible dress – the large print made her looked even bigger. Lovely face, though. I actually thought she looked great with that black dress she wore in the Emmys.

  14. This woman is NOT an “hourglass” or anywhere near it. Her mid section is far too large. I don’t understand why women like her get called “curvy” just because she’s on the heavier side. These pics further prove this.

    • As a fellow hourglass with 12 inch bust/hip to waist differences, I know from personal experience that the wrong piece of clothing can make your mid section look fatter (bunched up, wrong cut, too loose, empire waist, etc.). This one was the wrong choice.

  15. Her face, obviously looks fantastic, just a few tweaks and I think this would look much better. Neckline (square or v-neck maybe, hell even a boat neck would look better just open up and lengthen her neck a little more), sleeves as others have mentioned, I think a trim fit, 3/4 length would’ve been great and still more dressy, and I don’t mind the print too much, but the seams and the way the pattern is sitting on her bum make it look a little wide and flat. For her shoes, for some odd reason I think a red, suede pump would look nice, with more of an almond shaped toe but I don’t think the nude are too bad; it’s summery and very daytime, a belt in a contrasting color would have helped probably too. But I may very well have a horrible sense of fashion.

  16. Well… it’s better than the “too small bust-line” dresses that she usually wears. It went a little too far in conservatism, though.

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