Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks in Skinny Jeans

christina-hendricks - Christina Hendricks in Skinny Jeans

Voluptuous babe Christina Hendricks wore a pair of high heels (or purple flip-flops on breaks) and dark skinny jeans while on the set of her upcoming movie Drive yesterday morning.

We don’t get to see Christina in casual wear very often, so enjoy these pictures!

christina-hendricks-struts - Christina Hendricks in Skinny Jeans

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christina-hendricks-wears - Christina Hendricks in Skinny Jeans

christina-hendricks-wears - Christina Hendricks in Skinny Jeans

christina-hendricks-wears - Christina Hendricks in Skinny Jeans

christina-hendricks-wears - Christina Hendricks in Skinny Jeans

christina-hendricks - Christina Hendricks in Skinny Jeans

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  • babyvincer

    She has a hard shape to dress. She is gorgeous, but I think a different top with the skinny jeans would have been better.
    Maybe a breast reduction, also, or atleast a better bra.

    • Emily

      A breast reduction? For cosmetic purposes? You are CRAZY. Christina is pretty much perfect.

  • Sidney

    Those shoes look painful.. Not bc of the heel, they’re not that high, but something about the form. She looks sort of more like a pear than i thought she would. I mean, apart from her boobs she still looks a bit like a ruler to me, but she does have nice curviness to her even without the dresses she’s usually wearing to the red carpet. I somehow thought she wasn’t particularly hip-py. Anywho… I’m not an expert on bodyshapes so i’ll just leave it at that, and say, i think she looks great. I abhor the jacket she has on, but other than that, she looks cute and feminine, and quite normal-sized to me.

    • Emily

      Check out the fourth picture from top. She’s clearly an hourglass when you see her from the front. Her tops just need to be altered to fit her slim waist.

  • She looks much thinner than I thought. Pants suit her quite well imo

  • just sayin

    girl needs to hit the gym for some abcrunches, because you need some strong muscles to hold a heavier torso!

    • Erica

      She probably does do abdominal workouts – just because she doesn’t have a six-pack doesn’t mean she doesn’t workout. I am a similar body shape and size to Christina and I do pilates daily – my instructor is surprised at how strong my abs are as you wouldn’t think it to look at me!

      • Bella

        Erica- yes I know what you mean! I do pilates/yoga several times a week and I have the same thing…my abs will never look super defined but I am strong

      • Well, according to her she doesn’t work out (or rarely does) because the director of Mad Men wants their bodies to look authentic to the 60s era.

        I agree with what you said about lack of toned abs not necessarily indicating someone doesn’t work out.

  • kathryn

    ah does anyone know where her sunglasses are from ?? I’m in love with them!

  • Claudia

    Finally a celebrity that has similar legs to mine!!!! Apart from that, I agree with a previous comment that she looks more pear shaped that I would have though

    • Erica

      Yeah, mine are like hers too! I still think she’s an hourglass as her shoulders are about the same width as her hips – they would be narrower if she were truly pear-shaped. Though sometimes her waist doesn’t look quite nipped in enough to be a true hourglass – outside the corseted dresses, of course!

    • Casey

      I think most true hourglasses do look like pears from certain angles and in certain clothes. Most hourglasses have really short torsos compared to legs, so their bottom can look heavier than their top and give the impression of a pear figure. Kelly Brooke and Candice Swanepoel both look like pears in certain pictures although I think both are closer to hourglass figures.

      Although I don’t really think Christina is an hourglass. I think she is more of a vase? The figure similar to an hourglass, but with a longer torso and less waist definition.

    • Kimberly

      Sometimes she looks like a pear. Sometimes she’s looks like an hourglass. Sometimes she looks like an apple.

      ??? I still have no idea what her true body type is.

      • Leah

        she’s definitely not an apple. but with boobs as big as hers an unflattering shirt (such as this one) can make her stomach look big

        • Kimberly

          But she has slender arms and legs and carries her weight in her midsection and boobs, especially her lower midsection. Those tend to be apple traits. She only looks really hourglassy when she’s wearing a corset.

          • Emily

            That’s not true. She doesn’t have much belly-weight. She’s just wearing a top that fits her boobs and is several inches too loose on her waist.

      • Kate1st

        A cello? Sort of a more bottom heavy hourglass and not as small waisted.

  • megs

    Anyone notice that whenever there is a guy in the background, he (or they) are checking her out big time

    • Bella

      LOL! I noticed that in two pics…I was waiting for someone to mention it

    • Debbie

      Shoot, I bet it’s not just the guys that check her out. The girl makes me swoon. (sigh)

      • Polly

        I know! I was going to point that out. She looks great, considering she’s curvy and wearing skinny jeans while looking slim.

      • Emily

        I know. I’m mostly straight, but she’s one of the few women I find sexually appealing.

    • Emily

      Hahaha! I didn’t notice that. That’s awesome! You don’t see that with VS models. You really don’t. 😀

  • Léa

    How on earth can she move with thoses breasts ??
    Don’t get me wrong, I wish I had her breasts, but my bf’s sister had enormous breasts they were so heavy that she had to reduce them, it was too painful for her back.

    • Aryn

      A girlfriend of mine has DDD breasts, she used to be a DD but then she had a baby and they just blew up. She’s getting them reduced because she has aweful back pain. She’s excited to get it done for her appearance as well though, she’s very unhappy about how her breasts look without a bra on and she’s only 21 years old.

    • Erica

      I have DD’s (sometimes E – or DDD) – not sure what Christina’s are, but they look bigger than mine. Anyway, big breasts don’t necessarily mean back pain! It depends on your build. Most women with large breasts have the shoulders/back to support them – that’s why it always looks odd to me when you see thin women with (usually fake) big breasts, because they just don’t go with the body!
      I do feel sorry for the women who are small framed and have very big breasts – that must be hard – but there aren’t that many of them around.

      • EllaLaLa

        Most women are wearing the wrong bra size. For many women with big breasts, getting a proper bra fitting helps. Too many women have bra bands riding up their back, which means absolutely no support and a lot of strain on their shoulders from the straps. I see it every day, but so many people are told this ‘magic formula’ for calculating their bra size (underbust + 5, round up/down to nearest even no. = band, overbust – underbust = cup size where 1=A, 2=B, etc.), which doesn’t work for everyone. e.g. If I go by the traditional formula I should be in a 34B (band rides up back, shoulder straps fall off, underwire ON my boobs), but I get a much better fit in a 30D.

        • apricotmuffins

          most modern bras are not sized remotely like that at all anymore. Its SO misleading! most underbust measurements now are what they are e.g a 30 is 30 inches etc.

        • Erica

          Yeah, I find it really hard to get good bras – that’s why I’m not sure of my exact size as it changes with different brands and styles! I always make sure that the band is level front and back and that I don’t have any ‘spillage’ then I know it fits! I can’t really trust sizing – it differs so much from shop to shop.

      • amazon

        it matters about backsize as well. I am a 28 back, e cup which if I were a 32 back size would mean I could probably fit into a c cup, which isn’t that huge. christina looks to me to be much higher than an E cup. I would put her as high as G. big as they are they are inconvienent and annoying to dress but thankfully they aren’t painful.
        body wise she looks top heavy to me in these clothes. her hips don’t look that wide and her waist isn’t visible. but all that tells me is pick your clothes carefully!

  • Mary

    She is BIG!

    • chechebelle

      She really isn’t; I promise you, not to be mean, but if you actually stood next to the celebrity whose body type you think you have, she would look itty bitty in comparison. Being freakishly tiny has become the norm in the pictures we see, but in real life it’s sort of jarring.

      • Mary

        You have a point. Didn’t mean to be rude. It’s just that, I know TV makes you gain many pounds, but I’d think a pic would show celebrities just like they are, or just as anyone appears on them…

        • apricotmuffins

          the same distortion that happens on tv happens in photography too. Its because we are percieving something that is 3d as 2d and so planes get flattened out, if that makes sense! we cant see the thinner parts of someones figure, the curve of her legs and waist etc as we would in real life because its one lens not two. we cant tell as easily what is closest and what is furthest from us on a single object, and the lens has a habit of distorting that further depending on its type hence huge noses etc in close up pictures on cheap cameras.

          and christina hendrics is about 5″7 i think, so shes not actually all that tiny height wise. the main thing we dont see with photography and tv is that a lot of actresses (and actors) are short AND tiny.

  • Erica

    She looks okay. The jeans fit her well and show her curves off – but I’m not liking the top so much. I am a busty woman too and I think t-shirts are quite unflattering for large breasts – the high neckline makes them look very low on the torso. Combined with a short waist – it’s not a the ideal look. Other than that she looks curvy and vivacious – and that guy is definitely checking her out!

  • jjj

    She does not really have the figure for skinny jeans. They just make her figure odd looking.

  • Cristina

    Can’t wait ’till someone calls her overweight. I looked almost exactly like that – it is freaky – at my highest bmi (my body shape is a bit different, smaller boobs and more bubble butt, but otherwise…). Which was 22. And just like her, i wasn’t the most toned person in the world – i’ve suddenly quit sports and i really piled on some pounds. And these pictures show that most times Christina looks bigger only because of her breasts. She also looks so much younger when dressed casually and not wearing much make-up. She’s a beauty.

  • French Cha

    love her ! and i think she looks great

  • patricia

    I think she has a beautiful vuluptous body! Sexy woman, she holds herself well. Good for her! She is confident and you can tell.

  • bails

    Gorgeous face. And I can appreciate her body.

  • lexi

    she looks chunky.

  • vi

    i am almost an identical shape and size to CH and i never wear tshirts like that because they’re not that flattering but i still think she looks pretty great! i just wish i had her face too 🙂

    • Erica

      Yeah me too. T-shirts are not flattering – I only wear them when I’m working out or lazing about at home!

  • Cecil

    her body would be amazing if she worked out more

    but i understand she isn’t supposed to

  • t

    I will never understand why this woman is so hyped up,
    Without the corset she looks like an avaerge soccer mom from the Mid West who could do with losing a few pounds. She is NOT anywhere near an hourglass. She has quite slim legs, but her boobs and midle are large and round. She is very overrated and is only famous because she has very large boobs. She also has a very plain face. I just don;t get it. Monica Belluchi, I get, Sofia Vegara I get, but Christina Hendricks, I don’t get at all.
    She is also clearly an apple shape. If she is so “proud” of her body, then why is she trying to change it’s natural shape?

    • Emily

      She isn’t. She’s wearing a tee that doesn’t fit her small waist. My measurements are 38-29-39, close to hers (smaller boobs, though), and I look much bigger in tees than I do in dresses, regardless of whether the dress has boning or not.

  • Laura

    Her big boobs make her look bigger, but she is not, she is just voluptuous and not toned.

    • t

      I disagree, there are plenty of women with big boobs who don’t look anywhere near as large as her.

  • tsk

    wow… she’s gotten big since her kevin hill days.. she’s is too big for my taste. women looks best when the are slim and athletic, like jessica biel!

    • Victoria

      You shouldn’t say that all women look good in just one way. Don’t you think that that would be just a bit boring? And not to mention We all have different body shapes. we can’t all look like Jessica Biel. Besides if we did, they’re would be nothing special about her.

      • tsk

        im not saying that every woman should look like jess, because yeah, then she wouldn’t be as special.
        in a world where we are all different, i prefer the jessica biel’s…. i prefer the women who work on their body throught eating healthy and exercising up till 6 days a week.
        you are supposed to get 30 minutes of exercise EVERY day.

        • tsk

          and i certainly don’t think christina looks healthy.

        • Cristina

          yeah, 30 minutes exercise everyday, NOT gym; that includes walking, taking the dog to the park, playing with children so on and so forth.

  • M

    She looks gorgeous on Mad Men, but in regular clothes (more suited to a thinner, rulerish build), it just doesn’t work for me.

    She does seem like she has a hard body type to dress, it’s really beautiful and curvy, but I get the feeling her proportions are kind of rare. I know she could probably look amazing, but in something completely different than this.

    I’m way, way smaller than her (I’m built more like lauren conrad), and I wouldn’t ever pair a slim fitting top and skinny jeans on myself. I think you need to be more up and down (less curvy) to pull it off properly. But then again, if she’s happy/comfortable, I guess that’s what matters!

    • Erica

      I am a very similar size and shape to Christina – but my waist is more nipped in than hers looks in these photos. It is a very hard shape to dress, especially with casual clothes, as they are made mostly for ruler shaped bodies, as you said. She doesn’t dress that well for her shape, imo, even some of her dresses are a miss – but I know what it’s like to struggle to find something that fits in all the right places!

    • amazon

      i have to disagree. I think skinny shapeless girls in skinny jeans don’t look that great, flat bummed, no nice waist defineition. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the shape of the outfit on her ( though maybe the jeans are a touch too small? i like my clothes looser so that may just be me) the problem is the individual items don’t go together and none of them are particularly nice on their own! plus she really needs a better bra. as someone with big boobs I feel uncomfortable looking at them as they look unsupported and that would hurt!

  • lizzy

    she just does not do it for me, at all.

  • apricotmuffins

    she should have worn a longer tshirt and then it would have been much more flattering to her.

    gosh, she’s much more similar to my figure than i thought. I have slimmer hips than her but the rest…

  • Katy

    i love her shape! in jeans she actually has thighs and looks good! imagine that. I’ve been too scared to wear my skinny jeans coz I gained a little in my thighs,but now maybe i will!

  • kat

    What is the big deal about this woman ? she just looks so average. Someone you would see on the street everyday.

  • christina

    This might be random, but I am jealous of how cute and delicate her feet look – they immediately make her look very sweet and feminine. 😛
    As for her figure, I like the curves and femininity, but if I was her shape personally I know I wouldn’t be able to see it that way because I am very uncomfortable with that much body fat at all, even if it does give a pleasant “shape” to the figure. (No I’m not saying she has a lot of body fat, but I’m saying that it seems to be to be easier to dress and feel comfortable in a skinny-curvy figure than a soft-curvey figure)

    • leonore

      I actually find her feet really ugly and deformed. But i guess it would be feminine to have your feet mutilated by high heels

    • Ramie

      they look like hooves

  • She looks better than I thought she would without all the corset business, but I don’t know how she copes with those boobs. I have a fairly small frame – not tiny, I have substantial shoulders – but my overall build is pretty small and my (natural) boobs are an E. They don’t give me back pain but it hurts them to jog, go up stairs, do certain exercises in step class, jump.. They don’t look super out of place but their size makes me feel ill to look at them – I absolutely detest them. I regularly exclaim how much I hate boobs!

  • Rachel

    HATE that tshirt.
    I hate the high necklines of tshirts. A vneck would’ve been way cuter…and a more snug fit, and longer too.
    Otherwise, she looks cute and cuddly.

  • Lisa

    Not flattering at all.

  • Bella

    she is so beautiful. everybody raves about her curves but i think its her face that makes her. she has such lovely skin and hair and her face is just beautiful.

  • maddie

    well her face is nice but i still think her body is average/overweight….i dont know why she’s famous for her ‘curves’… pick beyonce’s or scarlett johansens real curves over hers any day….

  • solaxi

    i usually dont think she looks that fab in casual clothes…but i think she looks great here! look at the blokes checkin her out as she walks away…lol men can be so simple and funny when u think about it. bless.
    some of the things my bf says i wanna slap him…but then i just think…the poor guy…haha

    • solaxi

      oh just thinking of soe of the beauties…we were sitting there watchin a movie and there was this scene of a woman scoffing down this huge sunday with loads of cream and icecream…scoffing like a pig…and he goes “hey! thats u babe!” ha ha! another one was when we first met “i’m guessing due to your body size…you have really short stubby fat feet…” another beauty was “who do u reckon weighs more? you or me? I’m guessing you weigh somewhere between 65 and 75kgs?”…im about 57kg atm! lord! with these men we have to grow thick skins at times! wow…real tangent again…im just avoiding paying the bills…

      • amazon

        or just dump him??

        • solaxi

          hmmm he is a good guy for the most part. For some reason most of my bfs have said something along those lines of what he has said…so i figured men were just like that and that they just didn’t think about what they were saying?! dont know!

  • Nessa

    This outfit is horrible, Its so tight and skinny jeans should only be worn by skinny people. Bodies who are curvier shouldn’t wear supper tight jeans. even the sweater is bad

    • fenotte

      I agree that this outfit is not the most flattering for her but even celebs have the right to let rip sometimes! As regards the skinny jeans, I think they suits every type of women, look at Fluvia lLacerda for example. And anyhow, Chrstina hendricks IS skinny, she has big boobs on a skinny figure

  • Em

    her legs are shaped like turnips, skinny jeans on her = NO! usually she looks very pretty but the skinny jeans shape distracts my eyes from all the lovely things about her look.

  • Ankuu

    I have a question versus if you would be kind to help me. I have slim legs, not so big shoulders and boobs, and a defined waist but my hips are waaaay bigger than the rest of my body. What shape is this? Thank you.
    ( )

    • Erica

      Not versus – but I would say you are a pear from your description.

    • Versus

      If your hips are ‘waaaaay’ bigger than the rest’, then definitely pear.

  • Anna

    in defense of her feet-
    i’m like 5’6 and a size 6 in shoes, my feet havnt grown since the 6th grade and my mom is 5’8 and wears a 7 1/2 and i dont think that we look weird, peoples feet have just been getting bigger over time but like 50 years ago the average shoe size for women was like a 6 narrow and now its around a 9 so dont say that small feet look weird just because yours are bigger haha

  • t

    This woman is so overrated. And looking at her in jeans proves she is not an hourglass, she has a very frumpy dumpy figure. I don’t know anyone who would truly want this figure. But it’s that ginger hair and pasty skin that
    really turn me off her. She doesn’t have a nice face either. Totally overrated. Kelly Brook doesn’t look anything like this in jeans, Kelly looks like curvy really means. Hendricks is just a big built women. I don’t see how a matronly figure can be sexy…Just because the boobs are massive. and when she does look decent that is in photoshoots were she has on a corset and has been airbrushed.

  • Checks

    To those saying her waist looks big – you can’t see it! She’s got big boobs, and is wearing a t-shirt that hangs down from them, therefore concealing the rest of my body… trust me, I have the same issue and therefore only wear dresses/long tops etc nipped in with a slim waist belt. Otherwise I look huge!

  • Mirabela

    She is relatively tall, that is her advantage against one-two plus pounds. I like her figure. And i hope her attitude is real.

  • solaxi

    i lik eher body. i think it is ‘her’ and she is sexy. i love that she is happy to be a red head (fake i know…but so many women are scared to be red heads because its usually always ‘blondes vs brunettes.’) and i like the fact that she doesnt tan her skin or pile on the makeup (lucky it look slike she has nice skin) and i think her face is very beautiful.

  • Ken Trew

    she is simply PERFECT

  • Mike

    She is too fat for those jeans!!

    • Emily

      Are you sure your name isn’t Michaela, miss? Or perhaps you’re gay, sir? No straight man in his right mind would deny that her curves are straight-up sex.

  • Ccccarol

    I duuuuuunno
    Maybe the media has brainwashed me but whenever I see her I think fat and she doesn’t look good to me.

  • HeatherN

    Definitely from reading this post, women are each others’ (and their own) harshest critics. What a drag. I just don’t think most men would object to five, ten, twenty extra lbs if it is distributed like this. But we women are downright evil – got no business in those jeans, she is so overrated, wrong type of t-shirt, needs to lose weight, fat, etc. etc. etc. (oh, don’t forget, she should look like Jessica Biel at 10 percent body fat and a serious nose/lip job) I need to move to the third world, apparently, because my priorities in life are really different. She looks great, I enjoy the show. Nice to see somebody who is not a skeleton acting. Next, please.

  • Suze

    II think Christina Hendricks is beautiful, disregarding her body, but her face is just so delicate and pretty. And i dont know if anybody noticed those leering men. Just like in the opening credits of mad men.

    • Emily

      Indeed, Suze. 🙂 Men checking out a goddess both in face and body.

  • sammi

    she has a flat bum, and she has a masculine jawline.