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Curvy Girl Christina Hendricks in a Long Black Dress

fp_3189634_rij_500_days_summer_062409 - Curvy Girl Christina Hendricks in a Long Black Dress

Here’s Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks (34) at thePremiere Of Fox Searchlight’s (500) Days Of Summer – Christina is definitely one of the best representations of the term “curvy”, even though I think she’s a little less curvy compared to the last time we’ve seen her and even though this non-skintight dress won’t let us see just how voluptuous she really is (see this dress and that dress!).

Here’s a close-up… and there’s one more pic after the jump!

fp_3189635_rij_500_days_summer_062409 - Curvy Girl Christina Hendricks in a Long Black Dress

Chickipedia says that Christina’s measurements are 36-32-36 (91-81-91 cm), which I find hilarious, because that would make her an apple shape (or maybe a straight ruler), which is the exact opposite of what she is. Plus, her hips are far too curvy to be 36” (Kim K.’s got 39” hips and she’s 5’2” and Christina is 5’8”).

So how do you all like Christina on this occasion?

fp_3189633_rij_500_days_summer_062409 - Curvy Girl Christina Hendricks in a Long Black Dress

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  • Kristy

    I can’t believe her waist is 32″? No way! She looks good here, her boobs look a little less “in your face”.

  • Dawn

    There is no way Kim K has 40″ hips. I am 5’10” and the largest part of my legs/hips/thigh area is barely 40″ and I wear a size 8-10. Kim K says she’s a 2. That may be a stretch, but she would be enormous with 40″ hips.

    • CheCheBelle

      um.. exactly! that’s because kim is not really a size 2. i love that 2 is the size they pick when they’re lying (remember j. love?). because it seems a bit more realistic than 0. if kim’s a 2, then pregnant nicole richie is a -4.

      • Vera

        I think it’s more likely Kim is bigger than a size two than her hips are smaller than 39 inches…

    • Versus

      I checked again on Kim’s blog, she’s got 39” hips (not 40), she said so herself (34-26-39). Anyway, my point was that Christina is not 36”.

      • pppccc

        Chickipedia is like wikipedia; I think so at least… anyone can sign in and write whatever they want!

      • Rumpy

        Yeah, I’m guessing, she’s got to be way over 36, considering how tall she is.
        Her body is gorgeous! and the face too

        I have pretty much the same measurements as Kim K. and I wear a 4 or 6 top and 6 or 8 bottom, so I’m really not sure how she can squeeze into size 2 clothes :))

    • Leanna

      Kim admitted she had 39/40 inch hips in interview and it’s not that big because I have 38 inch hips and they are hardly enormous. I wear a size 6, so I don’t know how KK wears a size 2 anyway.

      I’m guessing CH’s hips are a good 42 inches (considering her height).

      • CheCheBelle

        yeah i’m not saying she’s fat at all! she looks great. i just think it’s weird that she’s dishonest about it.

        • Leanna

          I’m not sure it’s dishonesty so much as designer sizes being incredibly generous. But the way Kim is going with her weight loss recently I wouldn’t be surprised if she is NOW a size 2 lol.

          • Suzie

            Although I’ve never had quite a 40″ hips, I’ve come very close .. 38.5″, generally. I have a big butt, I’ll admit, but it’s really not so unrealistic a size at all. In all honesty I’d actually be surprised that Kim wasn’t lying about being only 39″.

    • Crystal

      I’m 40″ around the biggest part of my hip area and I’m a size 5 to 7 maybe it is because of the placement of our diferent parts in that area. And yes there is no way she is a size 2 unless she wears superstretchy pants!

      • Kae

        Exactly, I just had my measurements done the other day and my hips are currently 39 1/2″ (it’s increased due to my doing lots of squats, but I really like the curvy rear look so it’s okay) and I am currently wearing anything from a 5 to a 7 and I’m 5’4″.

        I just have a hard time believing that my rear is around the same size as Kim’s but hey…whatever. I wouldn’t be surprised if her measurements are a tad larger than she says. A lot of celebs tend to lie about their measurements.

        • Leanna

          Nah I don’t think Kim’s rear is any more than 39/40 inches (probably smaller now as she lost some weight recently).

          I just think because she is fairly petite in height and small framed her hips and butt seem big in comparison to the rest of her. Height and body shape can make a big difference. I bet 40 inch hips on a 6ft woman with a 32 inch waist would not look very ‘hippy’ at all…. but put a 40 inch butt on a 5ft2 woman plus a 26 inch waist and BAM baby’s got back LOL.

  • Jay

    BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL! 🙂 absolutely esquisite curvy woman

  • sorry out off topic,mchael jackson die:(did hear news:((

    • Leanna

      Yes, I’m still in shock!

      • im really sad:(he was so unhappy for his life,maybe even culd get chance,will mis him same like freddy mercury:( sorry guys to putting here but i just get to knew:(

        • Leanna

          It’s extremely heartbreaking news (along with Farrah Fawcett) but with MJ it was just so unexpected. They will both be very much missed but never forgotton.

        • Kae

          Yes, it is VERY sad…Thriller was one of the first albums my brother and I ever bought. If you grew up in the 80’s, you know how I feel.

      • Jay

        YEA i know :'( im soo freakin sad

    • Nkeon

      I’m devastated. He’s been my hero all my life and i can’t believe he’s gone.
      I’m also sad to hear about Farah Fawcett, I love Charlie’s Angels and she was so good in it

      • yes i’m so sad michael, one of the greatest entertainers of all time, is dead!! i’m shocked and hurt by the news. he’s gone but never forgotten and i’m pretty sure he doesn’t want us to be sad. he wants us to keep his legacy going on forever. he was my favorite artist ever and he still is. may he rest in peace! love you michael!! 1958-2009.

        • Nkeon

          for sure!

  • mEEE

    This woman is just plain gorgeous…..I totally want to kiss her and I’m straight!!

  • hope he will b good now wherever we might get after death 🙁 xxxx

  • Instant

    IMO, this woman is just plain perfection. So jealous, but I just can’t get enough of looking at her.

  • Kae

    She is quite beautiful. That hair, those eyes, those lips and those curves….I have a friend who loves curvy redheads. I wonder if he knows about this woman. He would probably drop dead if he saw her!

  • She looks very pretty in the first picture!

  • Serafiina

    I think her waist can be 81 cm, because she seems kind of a “big” woman. I have a friend with waist that size and when I look at Christina, it sounds really reasonable. The thing is just that the rest of her (bust, hips) must be bigger than measurements said here, since otherwise she wouldn´t have that hourglass-shape.
    And then, she looks absolutely gorgeous! Insanely beautiful face and hair and she rocks her body and I find it incredible beautiful and sexy. she really looks like some Greek goddess.

  • J

    Serafiina- I disagree- I think a Celtic God is more appropraite…

    • Serafiina

      Goddess anyway! 😀

      • J

        Yeah she’s got that inner radiance, I’ve seen that in ‘big’ ladies in bellydancing. I used to be mesmorised by some of the ladies in my class who looked amazing even with big fat bellies. Sometimes it’s what the ‘skinnie’ are missing. Li-Lo has sometime when she wasn’t as skinny- but it wasn’t just the meat on her bones it was that inner sensual side, Angelina has it, Marolyn had it and Grace Kelly personified it…

  • Kaiser

    She looks a bit tired.

    But her face, her style, her curves remind me of classic beauty, like a greek goddess. Voluptous and soft, great smile, big bust and gorgeous eyes.

    Total opposite to plastic girls like Kim Kardashian, who always tries to be sexy.

    Christina is sexy.

    • Jay

      Truth that! 🙂 Down with Kim K, bring on the Christina!

    • maRRina

      Kim K ( and other girls like her ) are tryin` too much,and instead of lookin` sexy they look fake. Christina looks natural and I think this makes her look sexy . Natural will always be sexy.I think it`s not even about the clothes.It`s a state of mind,an attitude.You can wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and still be sexy.IMO.

  • Ella

    I was wondering when we were going to see Christina again. She looks lovely, though a bit tired.

    I definitely think her bust and hip measurements are bigger than 36 else she wouldn’t have such an hourglass shape; she would be more of a ruler. Plus, I almost have 36 bust and hip measurements with a 25 inch waist, which would imply I look even curvier than her and I don’t.

  • maRRina

    I don`t know who she is, but she looks great !

  • tulona

    this is one gorgeous woman. her figure is so feminine and enviable. i wish i was this curvy!

  • Kelli

    She looks a little heavy and tired IMHO. 🙁

  • becca

    i love her on mad men.
    she looks GREAT in her wardrobe for the show. i prefer her “joan holloway” clothes to her real-world clothes.
    the stylists on the show are FAR more body conscious.

  • Matthew

    I do love Christina and wish I could see *more* of her. Her figure is a tough puzzle. In the green dress, she looks more of an apple, but in the red she looks more of an hourglass or even a pear. You mention the numbers from Chickipedia. It’s a great resource, but I wouldn’t trust it any farther than I could kick it.

    She does look a little tired here, which I think makes her look even hotter! Can’t help it–I love tragic heroines.

    • maRRina

      LOL =)

    • Uma

      You’re right! I haven’t read nearly one accurate measurements article on chikipedia. It’s so full of b/s it hurts.

      And your description for Christina, well, you certainly are an imaginative one. Wish more guys like you posted here, to show us – troubled ladies – what you actually think!

      • Kae

        I agree, Chickipedia measurements are not accurate at all.

      • Matthew

        I come here pretty regularly–and send all my friends. For my money, SvC is the only site devoted to fashion, celebrities, and women’s bodies that is worth revisiting.

        • Versus

          Wow, thanks so much! Glad you like the site!

  • selma

    i would love to have a body such as hers, she looks great like she is now and i’m sure she’d look great skinny, that womanly body just works in many sizes. some of my friends have biiig breasts, and though on some days they love it, they have back pains and get idiotic comments from guys that don’t really need to be addressing their speak to them. however, being an A-cup myself, i can’t help but admire Christina’s voluptous body (though it’s not that original of an opinion since most here seem to love it too, no surprise 🙂 ) i hardly think i’d look that feminine in that size, i just gain in arms and stomach and legs (but not really the hips the way that it would make me look curvy) and then my tummy totally outshines my boobs making them look like man-boobs. gotta stick to this slightly skinnier frame then 🙂 i love her on mad men too, the outfits are awesome

  • Miranda

    I don’t know who this is, but she’s very elogant and feminine looking. Her teeth are kind of distracting, though.

  • MissKitty

    I think her face is not that attractive. Look at those teeth, yikes!

  • shayne

    we have to keep in mind that often designer clothes say they are one size when they measure larger. and I think she has a pretty face. my measurements are not too far off from heres but I am 5’10” and I can fit into some 10s but it is really tight, I really am a size 12

  • aislinn

    there’s NO WAY her bust and hips are 36. I have average size boobs and NO HIPS and my measurements are 36 25 36. that would make me super curvy compared to her, and I’m sooooo not.

  • Bex

    Erm… Can I just say… I’m 5’6″ – and I’m a 36-32-38…and yes, I have quite a large bust,but look nowhere near as curvy as her. However, if I were to stick some heels on, and wear a skin-tight dress (the green one) – with some waist-cinching garment underneath (which she clearly has on) – I’d have her figure!!

    Important to bear in mind that it’s pretty impossible to look at someone’s bust and say ‘oooh they’re such and such a size’!! If you think I’m wrong – check out some of the examples on Bravissimo….

    • shana

      hey am 5’6″ 37-32-42.what size do u wear ?

  • hhh

    she is very sexy.
    her breasts are quite greater than that of denise milani and kim kardashian.
    she is my new mouthlicker.

  • Ironbar

    This women is rocking the body for the world to see, skinny haters can cry till their eyes run dry. And I love double and triple D’s if she was a 32 hips she would be working a regular job. But no doubt making money this women is the finest thing in Hollywood.

  • simz

    christina hendricks is a goddess

  • Karen

    OKAY.. I am 5 8″ and 155 pounds , my measurements are 36B-26- 42..NO WAY is there only 4 inches diffference from bust to waist on her , her waist is like 30 MAX and her Hips are about 40 if you ask me and boobs are at least DD. SHE LOOKS AWESOME!!! so sick of these actresses with no BUTT and NO BOOBS!

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  • Joan Wannabe

    One of the dresses she wore on Mad Men is up for auction on ebay. The measurements cited are B – 39” x W – 30” x H – 39” Pretty close to the ideal hips to waist ratio of .7…

  • Sarah

    Hendricks is a fat redheaded girl in a corset/shapewear. That’s how she gets the waist and the shape — really she probably is close to an apple shape, despite the breasts. Her clothes are really too small for her. Sorry!

  • Shyla

    She wears corsets and pushup bras and tummy clinchers to get her shape. She’s as “fake” as any smaller breasted woman who wears pushup bras. I’m naturally thin and think Christina is beautiful, and I’m not jealous. I’m happy with my body, probably more than she is. Plus, it’s her attractive face that make ppl accept her size. I never saw articles on Rosie O’donnell and Roseanne Barr with their weight.

    • Kiki

      I think kim is smaller than what she says she is because I saw her on youtube trying on some Jeans and her butt aint really big at all! Ok I am 4’11 34b-30-39 big butt yes! My butt stick out tremendously, my mom told me not to wear tights because of my butt is too much and I am so short I wear a 4M in levi 525 pants but for petites it will be 8p,10p,or a 12p because of my waist area! Yep men do stare at my asset and me being a black woman, white men just stand behind me and just look! And black men they already know the deal! But yea there is no way kim k can have a 39-40 inch butt, she looks like a 36-37 on the hip area because her butt does not poke out at all! But what can you expect for someone who puts silicone or butt injections into her butt! If Reggie bush would admit that because he said he loves flat booty women! You guys should check her out on youtube! Put kim kardashian trying on Jeans you will see what I am talking about!

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