Christina Hendricks

Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks in Jeans

fp_3426114_hendricks_christina_fp7_081709 - Mad Men's Christina Hendricks in Jeans

We NEVER got to see curvy Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks in random candid pictures (papparazzi, take notice!), we always get to see her in evening gowns, looking perfectly voluptuous. Well, here’s a first: Christina wearing a casual outfit & running errands.

Too bad we can’t see her figure completely and perfectly, but oh well, we’ll take what we get.Her hair and skin look beautiful as always!

fp_3426222_hendricks_christina_fp7_081709 - Mad Men's Christina Hendricks in Jeans

Check out much more pictures after the jump!

fp_3426115_hendricks_christina_fp7_081709 - Mad Men's Christina Hendricks in Jeans

fp_3426118_hendricks_christina_fp7_081709 - Mad Men's Christina Hendricks in Jeans

fp_3426220_hendricks_christina_fp7_081709 - Mad Men's Christina Hendricks in Jeans

fp_3426223_hendricks_christina_fp7_081709 - Mad Men's Christina Hendricks in Jeans

fp_3426224_hendricks_christina_fp7_081709 - Mad Men's Christina Hendricks in Jeans

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • mEEE

    Definitely my female crush….this woman is hot enough to fantasize over…even if you are a straight female!

  • Leenu

    she looks much less of an hour glass figure than in her gowns. She seems to have quite narrow hips, considering her weight/size. I’m trying to imagine her w/o those gorgeously enormous boobs, and she almost looks like a ruler to me, but then again, it could be the clothes making that impression. Looks really good anyways.

  • anabel

    OMG…I just went on this website and the first thing i saw was her head and I really thought “what the hell am I doing on this website?!?” before I realized it was her (I’m a redhead too, with quite similar skin and features). Maybe that’s part of why I really like her (cause I can relate to someone for once, complexion-wise), but it’s also cause I really love her figure. Plus she’s got something so sensual about her.

    • samba

      i have just died my hair today to be a red head =o) like marcia cross- but im easing into it…im naturally a drak blonde…but i love red hair! like nicole kidman in her ‘practical magic’ days! ugh its just so hot!!! and striking!

  • samba

    she looks slimmer than i thought she was…she is so hot! tho i would work on toning that bootay! lo but otherwise she is so hot snd pretty skin and hair and face

    • kristin

      samba?! is that you from the skinny forum?!?!!! It’s Kristiiing :)L)

      and i agree—looks thinner than i thought, but could just be the outfit being flattering. So beautiful I love htis woman. I was so happy seeing her on the page!!!!! 😀

      • samba

        he he yup =o) i just got ur message on the forum =p i wonder how many other ppl go on here just under different names?! lol
        yea she is disgustingly beautiful…im in the process of dying my hair this colour =o) she convertyed me lol as did nicole kidman in practical magic (i may have said that to u on the other site lol i cant remember)

  • jem

    she doesnt look curvy…in the fourht pic you can see(or at least i can) that her hip is “flat”, not curvy…and her booty has no shape, just big and flat…

  • Elizabeth

    I guess I’m one of the few people that sees nothing special in her. She’s got a pretty face and nice skin, sure, but so do many people. The only thing that sets her apart is her huge boobs, which I don’t find attractive. Her butt is pretty awful, wide flat and seems untoned. The rest of her body is just ordinary.

    • anna


    • Kelli

      I totally agree

    • DT


    • shane

      you dont find her big boobs attractive because you wish you had big boobs. lets face it people no men HONESTLY find little skinny girls more attractive than curvy women. 90% of men who say otherwise are just mass media followers who dont have enough balls to just say what they really like or they are gay.

  • justkate

    The creator of “Mad Men” encourages the women of the show not to work out so they’ll look more authentic for the time period. That aside, I think she looks great in modern day clothes and retro wear.

  • Uma

    This just shows how photoshopped the esquire shoot actually was. Yup, i understand perfectly why she doesn’t want herself shown otherwise but with perfect make up, lighting and very beautiful outfits.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you make it sound like she has a very bad body, with your comment “Yup, i understand perfectly why she doesn’t want herself shown otherwise but with perfect make up, lighting and very beautiful outfits.”

      What’s wrong with the way she looks? And why should she not want it to be seen without all that stuff?

  • Matthew

    Even without fancy lighting, makeup, and beautiful outfits, this is still a woman I would notice on the street. It’s not just the pretty face, the creamy skin, and the large breasts, of which I must confess to being a fan, she has much more. First, the way she walks–her hips may not flare out as much when she’s not wearing some kind of corset, but from these pictures you can see that she has a feminine gait. And if you’ve watched Mad Men, you see it even more, the way she flows around that office with liquid grace. Beautiful. I also love her expressions. She is not just beautiful, she is sublime, conveying the appearance of a deep and tragic soul. This is a woman I would work hard to get to know. In this she reminds me of my wife, who had a similar cast of expressions that incited me to start talking to her, a decision I still count among the best I’ve ever made.

    It’s so easy to get nitpicky about appearance and this or that feature that is or is not perfect, but every now and then I love to see a woman who can be attractive and still convey a full measure of humanity, as opposed to the facade we are so often given.

  • ha

    She’s so beautiful. I just love her. I agree that her butt could be more toned, but why nitpick and criticize a woman that is born with that je-ne-sais-quoi? She’s gorgeous and Mad Men is the best show on TV. Period.

  • J

    I think she’s great, and on the show also, it’s what a real woman looks like. She’s still got a better body than 75% of the American population.

    • Uma

      Here’s the real woman crap again. Bigvinamac, where are you? Here’s about the a hundreth person who discovered what a real woman looks like.

      What would you say if i told you i think that body is nasty? And noting attractive about it, any 40 year old housewife may look like that. I suppose those are the real women out there for you…

      • Elena

        Agreed Uma. There is no such thing as ‘a real woman should look like’. I got to know this woman only from this site(in my country I’ve never heard of ‘Mad Men’, but I’m not a TV fan either), so I have no idea how is she as an actress. Maybe she’s cute or something, but from these pictures I can see there’s nothing special going on here from my point of view. Maybe I’m not a fan of large breasts or smthg and even if I like hourglass shapes ( who doesn’t?), she’s not the prototype of beauty for me. Her head seems too small, her face is quite plain without make-up, her boobs are too big compared to the rest of her body, her butt is flat… I’m not being evil right now, I’m not used observing so many flaws, but I’m sick that almost everyone is stuck on ‘the real woman’ thing, so I must stand out my own opinion.

        • no Jack

          Of course there isn’t a description of a “Real Woman”. It changes from women to women. Men also have different opinions. I think the right thing to call it is “what I would like”.

          Elena, you should definetely see the show.

      • no Jack

        Hah, just because you can’t fit in so many people’s “Real Woman” description you should’t be that mad. You age fast like this 🙂

        I’m not fan of pale women. But she is so incredible. I watched the new episode, she was gorgeous!

        Dresses change a woman completely.

      • ohwowlovely

        I agree with you that there is no “real” woman. Every woman is a real woman, there is no universal standard for what a woman should look like and everyone is attracted to different body types.

        That being said, how can you honestly think her body is nasty? Perhaps it’s not your cup of tea, but her body is far from nasty….no matter what your viewpoint, I just can’t understand how you think that.

  • Michelle

    Nothing wrong with J saying that this is what she thinks a ‘real woman’ looks like. Everyone has their own opinion and that’s hers. It’s not that big of a deal. I personaly think this lady is drop dead georgous. Banging body and beautiful face. I personaly think women look better with meat on their bones, yet are still healthy and fit and this woman fits that description!

  • I love her skin she is really beautiful … can’t write anymore I am speechless

  • Anonymous

    The only thing “wrong” with this woman is her flattish butt, but I don’t care, she is over all womanly, and is a great inspiration to any woman that can’t achieve the thin look.

  • JE

    Being someone who is NATURALLY very thin and lanky, it is the most annoying thing that people in the media keep going on about how if you aren’t curvy it means you’re malnourished. (this type of publicity caused people to accuse me of being anorexic when I was younger) All womens weight distributes differently and all women have their own metabolism. I could eat an excessive amount of calories a day and the only thing that would maybe get bigger is my butt, everything else would stay super thin. Christina clearly gains her weight in her thighs and boobs, that doesn’t make her a “real woman”. If only people weren’t so ignorant when it came to body types.

  • jenny

    shes looks like a typical woman in a western country.

    in asia that’s the type of body most women or girls dread, regardless of the breast.

    majority of females prefer the adrianna lima or megan fox body and face, GENUINELY

  • nic sword

    I would love to see those boobs flying as I impale her again and again with my pole of muscle!

  • Mark Hunter

    THese pics go to show you that Christina is a master of illusions. In casual clothes you can see how much her boobs hang and that she has a flat ass, but in the show and in gowns she pushes those babies up and wears form fitting skirts to make her hips more pronounce. I would even venture to guess that she has some padding going on but her ass here looks SO flat!

  • Jackie

    Everything about this argument including the name of this website is irritating. First off, “curvy” is not the opposite of “skinny”. “Fat” is the opposite of “skinny” and “shapeless” is the opposite of “curvy”. Please use the right word for what you are trying to say. Skinny does not equal shapeless and fat does not equal curvy. There are many curvy thin women and many shapeless fat women in the world! Just because someone is small doesn’t mean they are less womanly and just because someone’s big doesn’t mean they are more. Ultimately, it’s about SHAPE NOT SIZE! That means if you are 300lbs, have no waistline and you’re breasts look like soup, you need to stop dumping all over the slimmer women whose waistlines still exists and boasting that your figure is “more womanly”. Of course I agree that the “skinny and shapeless” figure exists and is equally undesirable, but it’s just not worth mentioning in this rant since it’s been talked about enough.

    Now, as far as Christina Hendricks goes, I would call her neither fat nor slim. She is very average in every way except the breasts. I think it’s wonderful that there are that many people in the world who are completely taken with her very ordinary appearance as it goes to show that not everyone is holding out for a Victoria’s Secret model and that people are still being somewhat realistic. But, for the love of God, knock it off with all this “Skinny VS Curvy” garbage because they are NOT OPPOSITES!

    As a 115lb woman, I am tired of women my size being called assless, unhealthy and boyish by people who obviously don’t have eyes. For the record, I am shaped like an hourglass and I am a freaking connoisseur of the hamburger.

    So shut up. And you’re welcome for the novel.

    • Aaron

      Thanks for that, Jackie. I’m a guy, and I’m tired of it as well. Tired of Hollywood’s ridiculous standards, marketing and casting in general.
      Honestly, the two features I’m most attracted to are face and butt. I like a round butt and a cute face. These features usually go hand-in-hand with a slender waist and what-not, which I can’t complain about, but I’m not attracted to “thick-waisted” women, and a lot of the bigger women I see don’t have a round butt or anything like it; bigger women in my experience are just tons of cullulite with no added female features. Makes no sense to me.

      Hendricks is FAR from what a “real woman” is to me. She has fake breasts (I think), awkwardly sloping shoulders and, worst of all, an absolutely flat butt. Is that what a “real woman” is supposed to look like? I hope not.

      I commend you for standing up for yourself. I’m tired of the double standard that says it’s alright to hate on slender women (who often put more effort into looking good too), but the larger “real woman” are a protected class.

      Ugh. It annoys me.