Christina Hendricks

Vintage Treat: Christina Hendricks in Playboy in 1999

Vintage-Treat-Christina-Hendricks-in-Playboy-in-1999 - Vintage Treat: Christina Hendricks in Playboy in 1999

Christina Hendricks, minus her trademark red hair, minus many lbs (which include minus bra cup sizes) and minus clothes did Playboy 12 years ago.

Here’s the vintage treat, where the thinner Christina (then a 23 year-old year-old model) rocks a silver bikini and an ultra-blonde wig.

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Vintage-Treat-Christina-Hendricks-in-Playboy-in-1999-2 - Vintage Treat: Christina Hendricks in Playboy in 1999

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  • She is much prettier and hotter right now!

  • Rebecca

    Omg how can this be her! In this pic she’s so much thinner and her boos are so much smaller I can’t believe how much she’s let herself go! And it makes me think are her boobs real? I didn’t think boobs could grow much much larger in size after puberty and she’s 23 here!

    • Rebecca


    • Dawn

      She didn’t let herself go. She just stopped starving herself to remain thin. Generally, boobs get bigger as you gain weight, which she obviously has since then. Doesn’t mean her boobs aren’t real!

      • Casey

        I though the let herself go comment was harsh too but how do you know she starved herself? I remember in her interviews she never talked about starving herself, and actually talked about how she would indulge.

        I think what happened with her is she probably had a faster metabolism when she was younger and it just slowed down over time, so she gained some weight.

      • monkey

        It’s true that boobs get bigger when you gain weight, but this much? is kind of weird

        • I know, there is a huuuge difference!

        • mel

          Yes, she looks like maybe a full B cup before and now she is like HHH!

          • The Other Leah

            I think she looks like a large C or small D here.

          • fyndy

            I got hit with a thyroid condition and a growth spurt when I was 22, and my boobs went from an AA to a full C. So yes, it does happen. Some of us REALLY do gain weight in our boobs! Plus, I went from a size 2 (unhealthy for me really) to a size 8 in a year. I still look healthy. So yeah, it’s uncommon, but it HAPPENS.
            I really wish women would stop snarking on other women’s bodies and just accept that we’re all different. Sheesh. It’s like I’m in high school all over again.

        • cus

          yeah.. for some girls it is very true! i’m also like her.. if I put on 5 lbs, 2 for sure go to my boobs

      • Rebecca

        What makes you so sure she stopped starving herself? It could be either you don’t know she was starving herself to be at this weight and maybe she didnt let herself go either. I do prefer her weight/size as it is in this pic – she’s curvy without being too thin.

    • Anna

      That’s actually quite normal (in my experience). Both my mother and grandmother got bigger breasts with aging (not looking forward to that) and I heard it from other women too.
      I still believe her boobs are real, maybe she really stores fat in her hips and boobs. And of course she always wears Spandex (I assume). She’s not an hourglass at all IMO.

      • Nina

        Yeah, my grandmother is the same way. She has literally the exact same body type as Cristina (just shorter) and she has ginormous boobs. I found a pic of her in her early twenties and her boobs were on the larger side of regular. Maybe a 34C/D. And she hasn’t gained THAT much weight. When she gains though, she gains a lot in the boobs and stomach but at the same time her larger stomach doesn’t appear pot belly like. She actually gains in the upper part of her stomach just like Christina.

    • Matthew

      Our fat storing patterns can change as our metabolism changes. Anecdotally, I have heard from a number of women who didn’t get their boobs until their 30s.

      And yes, she’s definitely hotter now. A good reminder that every woman has an ideal weight for her body–for some it’s less. For some it’s more.

      • s

        Hotter now? Whoa are you serious? She was much hotter in the 1999 picture. She was actually curvy there now she is just overweight.

    • Let herself go? That’s pretty harsh! I actually think she looks great now and then – different, but sexy both ways. I actually prefer her face now than then and for all we know she may have been stressing herself to stay at that lower weight. It’s not fair to say she ‘let herself go’ if it’s a choice she made. Just like Jessica Simpson – I think she made a choice not to continue obsessing over her weight with an over-restricted diet and too strenuous exercise regime. She’s not obese now and seems happy with herself – that’s what counts.
      Also boobs can grow quite a lot when you put on weight – and they do continue to change as you age regardless of weight. When I was 18 I was a C cup and heavier than I am now at 26 – but now I’m a DD cup! I haven’t got implants, but my boobs got bigger between 18 and 23 even though I lost circa 20kg (44lbs) in weight between those ages! I think what happened with me is a little odd, but breasts can change without surgical intervention and also without weight gain. They’re mysterious things, really!

      • Anna

        yeah but what happend to you can be due to late puberty, or growth or something like that…it happend between 18-23, I was still growing height-wise when I was 20,21 so that is not so unusual. mrs hendricks on the other hand definitly has implants because in these pics, shot by playboy, you have a padded bra and lots of photoshop too I bet, to enhance her breasts, I mean, it is playboy! so there would be hardly a B left, if you consider those circumstances. and now? she has humongous knockers….if there would have been soooo much natural growing going on she must have stretch marks like crazy, but she doesn’t, she just had a good surgeon and is fatter now, which covers her implants and makes them look natural.

        • Anna, She is wearing a bikini, not a padded bra obviously, so whats there is hers 12 years ago with little support and we are used to seeing her boobs pushed wayy up in tight dresses. Her hips are about the same as her boobs and she has some big hips now so i still think they are natural.

          • Anna

            please. okay she is wearing a bikini…have you seen how VC models “upgrade” their boobies in those VC-Bikinis…they all use these flesh-colored-silicone-pads…sometimes LAYERS of them…this is going on in EVERY lingerie/bikini-photoshoot…you never get what you see in real-life…think 1-2 sizes smaller, consider photoshop and christina hendricks is maybe a solid B here.

    • Anne

      maybe she gains weight on her boobs? she cant control where she gains weight, its like when janet jackson gains its in her booty, and her butt gets huge, then when she loses weight it goes down

    • solaxia

      I definately think hers boobs are real. My mums boobs REALLY changed size from when she was 30 and around 57kg (though a very toned figure)…to now when she is 75kgs. I like her better now but only because of the hair i think! She suits red…i like her figure now because she dresses it well and appears comfy with it. But i prefer her figure here…she is slim but not overly so…so she is still sexy imo

      • The Other Leah

        My mom went from a B cup to a DD cup in her 20s. She was a size 5 through constantly. She is still a DD, but probably a size 10 now.

    • Diana

      Actually, scientific studies have proven that some women go through another growth spurt in their early to mid twenties. If does not happen often, but it does happen. Maybe that could be it as oppose to letting herself go.

      • Diana


  • Debbie

    She is way more sexy now than she is in these pics. I’d still have gone gay for her though. LOL

  • Minik

    I prefer her now. But I’m quite surprised about her body then, I daresay, that she’s now on a comfortable weight, and that her lithe frame in these pictures was rather heavy to achieve for her…

  • Oh so she was THAT kind of model before.

    Even with the photoshop you can see that this is just a slimmer version of the body that she has now. It’s just that her boobs aren’t pushed up the way we’re used to in these pics.

    Well she’s certainly had a varied journey through showbiz. I’m glad she’s now using her curvy assets more tastefully these days.

    I’m extremely perturbed by The Man With Orange Tan’. I’ll have nightmares for sure…

    • artemis

      yes, he looks gross

    • ahahhaa, yeah, he’s so weird!

  • jessicamarie

    omg. she must have starved herself when she was 23. my god! i prefer her now for soon and i think most of us do. in these pictures she is boring boring boring. just like every other plastic, hollywood cut out. so glad she’s put on some weight and dyed her hair. so much more interesting now.

    • Charle

      I agree that she’s more interesting now, but not that she starved herself.
      I’m the same age as she was in those pictures, look almost the same and def. don’t starve myself.

    • Anne

      oh come on, she doesnt look like she starved herself there, she looks like a healthy woman who works hard to get a bikini body

      • Anna

        but gaining soooo much weight like she did? that is definitly a sign that in this picture she took restrictive measures to be at a certain weight…and now she is just more chilled I guess…I am a skinny minny person and I eat like crazy and definitly don’t care, and I am already 26, so when my metabolism will change around 30 there is NO way I will gain like 30-40 pounds…it is just impossible I know my physics…I give it 10-20 pounds at max, and then I would still be on the lower BMI side…only because she doesn’t look here like skin and bones it doesn’t mean she didn’t starve herself, she obviously has not the best metabolism when you look and her nowadays, so I highly doubt it that her metabolism was that good when she was younger

  • share


    at my smallest (in college) my boobs were an A cup. Now in late-20s I am curvy like Christina and at the most a full C. Christina’s current boobs are INSANE (but absolutely gorgeous)… the extreme change somehow does not compute…

    • Kimberly

      I think she’s like my friend who gains most of her weight in her boobs and tummy. Before her weight loss, she was a H cup and a size 14. Now, she’s a 10 with double dd’s. I, on the other hand, can lose a lot of weight and not change a bra size. It’s different for everybody.

    • Anna

      yeah but C is not that big compared to what hendricks has going on

  • wow. not as many curves thats for sure. i like her now actually. no plastic surgery right?

    • Anne

      she does have curves there, shes the biggest one from all of them, she still had an hourglass figure she looked like she still had boobs and hips

  • Charle

    Awesome! We need more vintage treats!

  • angela

    nice gut.

    • edith the elf

      What gut are you talking about?

    • Ellen

      Yeah, that has to be some type of joke. Just because you don’t have abs protruding on your stomach doesn’t mean you have a “gut”.

  • wonderwoman21

    This picture is so creepy and gross, what is the concept supposed to be? Generic blonde nymphs serving some overly tanned dude while a creepy clown interrupts? Wtf

    • Kimberly

      I know right?! This shoot really freaks me out.

  • Casey

    Wow I’m surprised this is her! I never pictured her looking like that. I think I prefer her at the weight in the Playboy shoot, but I would have to see it minus all the photoshop.

    But either I would consider her someone who has let themselves go, because she still looks good and a lot of people do gain weight as they age due to metabolism naturally slowing down.

    • Casey

      either way*

      • Casey

        I would not*, geez

  • holly

    when you get fat your boobs get bigger she probly a small d here now shes got mores boobs cause shes bigger breast are made up of fat she probly just gained a lot there as well.

  • Daniel

    God… I defenitly prefer her right now… She was totally not hot in this shoot, imo. I wouldn’t have cared for her at that time. And for the comments on her boobs, I am sure they are real, they have a natural “sagginess” (wich is way sexier than implants). My wife, when I met her ( she was 19) was an A cup. We are married since 7 years and I KNOW for sure she had no surgery (making love to her every night since then, I would have noticed…) She is now 30 and she is a D cup. So yeah, boobs grow. even after puberty.

    • Hazal

      Thanks for sharing the intimate moments with your wife with us… geez

      • Anne

        haha 🙂 made me crack up

      • celine

        hahahahaha! thanks i needed a good laugh

    • I see… So, you are saying that at some point in your live you WERE attracted to women with A-cup boobs??

      • snoops

        STOP THE PRESS! haha.

        And thanks for sharing again daniel – we know so much about you now, even your sex life 🙂

      • Anne

        btw boobs are fat tissue too, so if you gain or lose you lose it takes away from your boobs too or adds onto them, so im surprised everyone thinks her boobs are fake, and theyre pushed up all the time in dresses doesnt anyone know?

      • mel

        Good point!

    • Your girlfriend or your wife? I know you like to change it up in your comments.

    • edith the elf

      I’m not sure why it’s relevant to tell us that you have sex with your wife “every” night. It kinda indicates that you’re compensating for something…

    • skinnyme??

      Oh my goodness! I am sure your wife would really appreciate you telling everyone your personal life. Way toooo much information. 🙂

    • Kimberly

      Are you making this stuff up as you go or what? Either way, you sure are entertaining!

    • Please explain to me why everyone thinks that Daniel is really a woman? I don’t really follow his comments.

      Haha, this made me laugh. Ever night? Good on you for keeping the flame going!

      • mel

        Because he continually comes on here and instead of just ignoring women he finds unattractive, he insists upon bashing them continually. I don’t think any guy would go out of their way to insult random women the way he does.

        • Emily

          You’ve never heard of Perez Hilton? ;-P

        • mel

          Haha yes, but Perez is different!

  • vi

    i think she looks much better now. she doesn’t look like anything special in those photos. she’s distinctive and beautiful now.

  • CB

    1. These pictures are TWELVE years old. Of course her body is going to look different, especially since she was quiet young when these were taken. For those of you in your early twenties (or younger), you’ll be amazed how much your body changes as you age. It is highly likely that this is her natural body- not the result of some extreme starvation.
    2. Gaining weight does make your boobs bigger. Boobs are essentially fat. Also, in these photos she is wearing an un-supportive bikini top. Now we normally see her with a supportive, uplifting bra on. I highly doubt she got implants.

  • celine

    implants much..

    she wasnt that young in those pics so we cant play the hormone game

    she looks great though, with or without them, she has charisma-

  • Wow, that does not even look like her! So skinny!

  • asha

    She looks SO much better now! Why: she doesn’t look like a **** anymore.

  • Sanne

    Huhhh, is she only in her mid-thirties now?

    About the photograph: I love the work of David Lachapelle.

  • Nik

    I actually think she doesn’t look that much different from now, except the red hair and the boobs. I know most people here thinks she is really big, cos her body is so voluptuous, but she isn’t that big.

    I’m watching Mad Men and she is actually quite tiny (except for, obviously, her boobs). She is tiny compared to the men and quite similar to the women. She always has a slim face, slim arms and a small waist, she just has crazy curves with big butt and big boobs.

    I’ve always thought people on this site make her out to be fatter than she is. Though i agree, that in pics she looks larger than in Mad Men. Anyways, I love her, and even though I prefer smaller breasts, I think she looks great usually 🙂
    But that’s just my opinion.

    • s

      Tiny? We must be looking at a different woman. She is not tiny or anywhere near it. Lets be real here. She has a large frame. That is just stating a fact. Look at her in that Purple dress, it isn’t just her boobs that are big.

      • Nik

        Have u seen Mad Men? Everytime i’m surprised, cos she looks tinier than i would have thought from pics. I’m not saying she’s model thin, obviously she is bigger than many of the skinny celebs, but she’s not fat. She just has an extremely curvy figure that makes her look big. Like I said her arms and face are skinny, it’s just her boobs that are insane now!

        But i myself have grown from an A cup to a G in the last five years. Gained weight too, but it’s not like i was skinny before, and fat now. Just saying it’s possible for boobs to grow that much 🙂 This is just a general comment to all the posts btw.

        • s

          She has a tummy pudding. See her in candids when the corsets come off. she is a big lady
          with a large frame.

          • Emily

            Almost every woman in the world has “tummy pudding.” That does not make one “big.” She’s larger than average in bust and hips, average in belly, and smaller than average in arms and legs. That is by no means fat or “big.”

    • fenotte

      Yes I totally agree, I never understood why she is considered to be a big woman, fat overweight and so. She has big boobs and is very curvy but has a slim body, thin legs and arms, slim face, etc..

  • mel

    I don’t like either of her looks. I like her weight here but that’s just my preference, but I never knew she was *that* kind of model. I didn’t think she was high fashion either, so I don’t know what I expected her to be.

    • Anne

      i knew she was a glamour model, even before i saw these becuase i thought there was no way she was a high fashion model cuz of her face its too soft and pretty, and also i liked her at this weight i dont like her body now,,, but shes still a gorgeous girl

      • mel

        Oh haha but “glamour model” is so ambiguous I never know what it means … and usually all of them are trashy! At least Christina moved on from this stage. I actually think high fashion models are among the most beautiful people, I can understand how people like softer faces, but I really like the whole “high cheekbones/straight nose/sharp jawline” look.

        • Anne

          omg me too! i dont like girls with soft faces with
          “chubby” cheeks and people think im jealous of those girls cuz everyone says theyre pretty but i dont think theyre that amazing, i look at the bone structure then the features

          • mel

            Yep, I guess it’s from spending too much time looking at high fashion haha 🙂 I don’t like Gisele that much though but I do like Cat McNeil, Isabeli Fontana, Anna Jagodzinska, etc. and they all have great bone structure! Grrr I wish I had higher cheekbones :p

          • solaxia

            actually i have to say i like the same thing, but i think that’s because i come from and Englich/ irish backgroud and my family used to say ‘refined’ features were a trait of those places. Though I know you cant say everyone is like that. I generally dont like high fashion models bodies, but i do think there are quite a few with those refined features that i just love. I think that is why a lot of the time i dont actually find VS models ‘pretty’ per se. Especially not without makeup on in candids etc.

  • To be honest she only looks about 20 lbs heavier now, and 10 of it in her boobies!

  • Ophelie

    I don’t know why but I dislike this woman. She seems like a nice person in interviews though so my dislike is irrational. I think she gained about 40 lbs since the playboy shoot, most going to boobs, stomach and hips. She’s an apple as evidenced by candid pics of her. An industrial strength girdle is used to create an hourglass
    shape on set and on the red carpet. I know many people say her face is boring but I actually find it interesting although (irrationally) annoying.

    • Anne

      i acually think shes an hourglass, she does have hips and a defined waist

      • Emily

        I think she’s a cello, but with slim legs.

  • Timea

    Well…she’s fat now. Life sucks for everybody at some point.

  • Ooookkkk

    Weird…are you 100% sure this is really her??

    • Emily

      I am 100% sure it’s her.

  • Ooookkkk

    I don’t know about those boobs. If you are naturally large chested, the chest will stay pretty large throughout weight changes. I know when I was heavier, yes, my chest was even larger and I did go down a few cup sizes, but after losing weight it’s not a HUGE difference like h to b cup!! Being large chested runs in my family though so I think it will stick with me unless I’m completely emaciated. By the way, I’m not as busty/ all over curvy as Christina… So if this is really her, for her size to increase THAT much is wild. I know everyone is different…but WTF. I also was heavier than her at my heaviest but am now thinner than her.

    • Amy

      I agree I went from 175 to 150 lbs. and my bust stayed the same at a 36 D. I don’t see why she’d get a boob job, but it all just doesn’t add up..

      • fenotte

        And fot me it is the opposite, I went from 150 to 180 lbs and my boobs didn’t grow that much ! All the added weight is going to my thighs, butt and belly, but every person is a specific case

      • Ellen

        It honestly depends on your body type and where your weight goes when you gain it.

    • Emily

      What shape are you? If you’re a lollipop or a similar inverted triangle shape, you’ll tend to gain on your breasts first and lose breasts last, so they’ll tend to be similar size at all times.

      Christina is an hourglass-ish shape (cello or something), so she will gain and lose evenly. That means she could go from 1999 small to 2011 larger and gain several cup sizes without looking odd.

      She looks like a 32D or 34D here. Keep in mind that the triangle top doesn’t cover all her breasts and that nowadays she usually wears extreme pushup bras.

      I’d say she’s only gone from a 34D (which is really not THAT big) to a 34F or so.

  • Ooookkkk

    I also think she is very gorgeous at both weights. Im not crazy abot how het boobs are always INSANELY corset-style pushed up to her neck…it’s just too exaggerated and cartoonish. Idk..I just don’t think she always picks the most flattering clothes which is a shame, because in the RIGHT close she looks totally stunning.

  • Katy

    She looks so much better now. Here she looks like any other hollywood blonde. But her face is still beautiful.

  • flossy

    Whether she’s smaller or bigger she’s still gorgeous

  • How embarrassing for her…

    • Anne

      i dont think shes emberassed, shes much for famous now, and it seems like shes comfortable with her body now, if she wasnt shed be a jenny craig spokesperson or something

      • I think most women would be embarrassed to have images of their 23 year old self in Playboy come out publicly. She seems rather quiet and tends to stay out of the spotlight so I imagine she’d be at least a little embarrassed.

        • solaxia

          agreed. You’d hope that when they hit their late 20’s and 30’s they might be a little bit remorseful…or at least not over-joyed of the fact that the pics surfaces (I think me saying remorseful is a little harsh because i try to live by the idea that you should try not to regret things- just live and learn). BUT having said that there are still women in their late 20’s trying to mens sex objects and some just never grow out of it. But I agree she doesnt come across like that to me…unlike someone like Kim K or Paris Hilton etc etc or Pammy Anderson (even though i have a soft spot for her)

  • Kimberly

    I think she looks good at both weights.

  • Tatiana

    Girls, 80% of our boobs are adipose tissue (fat)!

  • nannou

    how heavy is she now?? she looked better back then

  • I must be the only one who hates the blonde look on her. Makes her look like the rest of the plastic, blonde woman in Hollywood. Red hair is way better for Christina.

    • Kimberly

      No, you’re not. I’m not fond of this look either and I think the red really suits her.

  • Calro

    Some women have all the luck, gaining in their boobs like that. My friend was the same way.

  • s

    Her legs are slim here but her tummy isn’t. But her boobs are way smaller which indicates she has has a boob job. She didn’t get big boobs just from being fat.
    She is NOT an hourglass either she is an apple.

    • Emily

      You’re wrong. She’s a cello with thin legs. Apples do NOT have those hips.

  • Versus I’m confused. Is she an hourglass because though she is proportionate, her WHR is around 0.76?

    • Versus

      You asked me this before, but I don’t understand: how do you know her measurements?
      I think she is a cello, not an hourglass.

      • I dont think i asked this before. But i read in a magazine (i doubt its true) that gave her mad men measurements.

        • Versus

          Sorry, then someone else asked me this exact question 🙂
          Maybe it’s true, we can’t know for sure… anyway, I’m still pretty sure she is a cello shape (they don’t have tiny waists).

      • I dont think i asked this before. I read in an article about her and they listed her mad men measurements but who knows if thats even true.

      • Emily

        Versus, the measurements of a dress she wore on Mad Men that sold on eBay were 39-30-39, putting her girdled measurements at about 38-29-38 and her natural measurements at slightly larger than that.

  • Ok you don´t have to starve yourself to look like that are you serious??? I totally prefer her red locks and glamorous style now but not her current weight how did she gain that much???? Is not like she’s a single mom of three working from 9 to 5 so she doesn’t have the time or the means to watch her weight, I cAN UNderstand some gaining throught the years even 20 or 30 pounds but she now looks like she always was ++size and there’s nothing she could do to change that. No kids and still very young, I don’t get it.

  • I’m pretty sure she’s a natural redhead, that is a wig, it says so in this post lol.

    • Emily

      She’s a natural blonde, Clare. It’s a wig, but she’s been dyeing her hair red since her preteen years.

  • Lang

    If you saw her in a bikini now, you’d see how fat she really is. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it’s a fact. She’s squeezed into girdles and spanx to look curvy, but she’s really just fat. But that’s ok.

  • Cristina

    These photos are ridiculously photoshoped; one can assume what she kinda looked like, but no more than that. And to bash her for letting herself go and so on, based on some really altered pictures, well, it just doesn’t prove anything.

  • Anna

    she looked great here, but now she is just fat. sorry … i dont understand why so many people say she is hot when she is just fat. she has no waist! maybe trying to justify yourself?

    • fenotte

      because she is hot ! are you jealous beacuse of her hotness whereas she is not skinny as a rail ? but she is not fat, only curvy. Look at her legs, arms, face, do you think she is fat ??

  • pixie

    I think she is a pretty enough woman……but i don’t like her in these pics or now, in fact. I don’t see the appeal…..but that’s just my opinion.

  • Lindsay

    …the hell?

    I choose to believe that she never actually looked like this. She looks too slammin now…

  • Jahliss

    She looks better now actually! but without the wig and makeup maby she looked better

  • Kt

    weird photos, her body looks good here but I think she looks good now too.

  • Christina and the other Mad Men women are always saying that the producers make them stay curvy, even though it’s not natural for her. Maybe that is true!

  • Emily

    I think she looks just as great now, maybe better. She’s blessed with a beautiful figure that puts on fat in great places. Look at those hips!!! And her breasts look like about a 32D or 30DD here. Not at all unreasonable that weight gain of 30 pounds or more would make them about 34F, along with her hips. She’s just gorgeous, no matter the weight. Glorious.

  • s

    It’s usually other large women who defend her size.
    but she is clearly overweight.

  • wyndie

    wow, it’s actually nice to see some people who appreciate a sharp jawline/straight nose:P Certain mean people have teased me over the years for having a ‘mannish jaw’ just b/c its well defined, and its not even square!

    • Emily

      I love defined features! I have a thing for prominent cheekbones.

      Even on guys. Like Robert Pattinson. People think I’m nuts, but I find him hot mostly for the cheekbones. 😀

    • mel

      Me too Emily! I love love love defined features. Maybe because I’m really involved in high fashion, but male models are the hottest, and they have sharp, angular features. And I also think the women in high fashion are the most beautiful, and most of them (except for like Gemma Ward) have really sharp features. I think a well-defined jaw and sharp, straight nose are so gorgeous! Don’t listen to people who tease you about it, because it’s definitely an asset (at least from my point of view).

      • Emily

        I like softer-figured models that still have defined features. Lily Cole is my favorite. She has a really beautiful jawline that balances her round features, even when she’s at her heavier weights.

        • mel

          I never really got the appeal of Lily Cole, she’s too “doll-faced” for me. I dunno, she has this voluptuous body, and then this really innocent face, and somehow they just don’t go together. For softer-figured models, I prefer Lara Stone 🙂

          • Emily

            Lara is very pretty, but I just have such a soft spot for natural and natural-looking redheads. 🙂 I love that her innocent face is coupled with a bombshell body. The dissonance makes her even more beautiful to me.

          • mel

            That was phrased very well 🙂 I actually don’t think Lara is “pretty” but she just has this kind of raw, striking appeal that works really well with high fashion.

          • Emily

            Yeah, I see what you mean. I suppose she’s both pretty and striking to me.

  • Faith

    Boobs change all the time where I get meassured say that women should try and get measured every 6 months because breast size changes. I know my weight constantly fluctuates between 8st to 8.5st due to a fast matabolisim but mostly about 8.2 st and my boobs when i go to 8 st are 37 but at 8.3 there 37.5 thats a 3 pound difference if I gained as much as CH had I would be like gigantor in the chest dipartment as well so I can believe theres not implants. Also I prefer her now I think she looks beautiful now and she isn’t fat weighty but not fat.

  • Dani

    She’s sexier right now…

    • Emily


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