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Demi Moore: ‘I have had something done but it’s not on my face’

FP_4671288_Moore_Demi_EXCL_FP8_031110 - Demi Moore: 'I have had something done but it's not on my face'

A few days ago, Demi admitted that she had an extreme obsession with her body – and today, we get further details, this time regarding her attitude towards plastic surgery.

From the Daily Mail:

Demi, a mother of four, is often said to have had upwards of £200,000 of plastic surgery in order to keep her figure looking its best.
But although she admits she has undergone some surgery, she says the amount she has spent has been vastly overestimated.
‘I have had something done but it’s not on my face,’ she told Elle magazine.
And she said the speculation annoyed her.
‘It feels like school-yard name-calling a lot of the time. It hurts.
‘You know what? Maybe one day I’ll go under the knife.
‘it just irritates me that people are constantly saying how much I’ve spent on plastic surgery.’

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  • Padme

    Well if she hates the speculation so much why not just come clean and admit what she did. She must actually love the attention or she wouldn’t drop cute little hints about it to keep us guessing. Boob job? Tummy tuck? Whatever.

  • Brittany

    I don’t know exactly what it is but she is just so annoying to me.

  • B.

    Maybe she has, maybe she hasn’t. She could just have amazing genes. It’s stupid for magazines to say that she has FOR SURE because they don’t know if she has or not, they just suspect it.

  • kate

    She may have had cosmetic treatments for her face such as botox, skin peels and injectable fillers. These would not strictly be considered surgical procedures as there is no cutting involved.

    • Nicole

      That’s how I think a lot of these celebs say “i’ve never had surgery” and don’t feel bad about it. because over in LA, that’s normal and everyone get’s them. However, when they say they’ve aged naturally and haven’t had anything done drives me nuts.

      I think she’s had a full body tuck. it is one procedure but one HELL of a procedure

      • tina

        Haha, full body tuck. That sounds really strange.

  • Natasha

    I’m sorry but just admit the boob job or whatever you had done already because your no Heidi Demi! Whatever plastic surgery shes had done (which I think she’s had probably two procedures at the most )was done in moderation! I really don’t think that she’s had any work done on her face. She’s always been into fitness and beauty plus that part of her and anyone’s job in the entertainment industry keep yourself looking decent! Aside from the obvious…..

  • Mizzy

    the thing is that it is her looks that make her money so of course people speculate about how much she has spent on plastic surgery. I guess personally it makes me angry to think that my money went to pay to satisfy someone else’s vanity.

  • Dayna

    I dunno, right now it looks like nothing has really been done to her face, but then next week there’ll be a picture posted of her face lookin all tight and crazy. So, it’s just hard to believe whether she’s telling the truth or not. Who knows, I know if I had some plastic surgery and it looked good, I wouldn’t be ashamed of it or hiding it. But eh, whatever.

  • Nicci

    She hasn’t been relevant for a decade

  • Rachel

    LOL at her using ‘rumours’ as an excuse to go under the knife 😛

    She’s pathetic, she has made some great movies but lately he’s nothing but a sad old woman who can’t compete with the younger ones and is desperately trying to save her imagine. Maybe it’s midlife crisis..

  • Emmy

    What are you talking about people? It was obvious that she had a boob job. She the before and after the film ‘Ghost’

  • Hydrangea

    Only she and her doctor know what she has had done. People can only speculate and do guesswork. When Paris Hilton first started using her new pushup bra, every critic and expert said she had her breasts done, until like two days later her breasts shrank back down to size and we all figured out it’s just her darn bra that nowadays continues to inflate her breasts on a regular. I’ve seen women in their 50’s with NO wrinkles and if others saw them they would swear they had something done to their faces when it’s just genes & taking care of yourself well. I don’t know what Demi’s done, but there seems to be a move nowadays that whenever someone looks great, people attribute it to surgery. That’s where we are now in society. Natural beauty MUST have been bought because so many others are buying it. It’s kinda sad. But anyway, it’s Demi’s business what she HAS and hasn’t done. Even if she said what she’s done, people will speculate further and say, “Is it REALLY true? Our experts say she’s done X, Y, Z, and this and this.” She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Not many critics will be satisfied with just her word.

  • Casey

    I believe most celebrities when they say they haven’t had work done except for her, because to me she doesn’t have a very good track record of honesty. Looking at her face, it’s possible she didn’t have any work done, but just because she said she didn’t, now I think she did.

    I also don’t understand…if she didn’t want speculation, why say that you had “something” done to yourself? Why not just say, I had a boob job/tummy tuck/whatever and not encourage more speculation.

  • alri

    yeh but why is she wearing two pairs of sunglasses…?

  • Aims

    She’s addicted to surgery to stay young for ashton… its kind of upsetting.

  • well, the only reason they’re writing about her is because she’s married to ashton kutcher, so she may as well stay in shape for the guy. she’s lookin’ a little rough in that photo. i give them a couple more years before AK realizes it’s time to move on.

  • Lane

    My guess: Boob Job or Vaginoplasty/labiaplasty(sp?)