Demi Moore

Demi Moore in a Little White Dress

demi-moore-in-a-little-white-dress - Demi Moore in a Little White Dress

The Annual White Party in Beverly Hills gathered a lot of celebs and Demi Moore (plus Ashton, of course) was one of them.

And she looked fabulous (especially for 46!!) in a little white dress that showed off her slim, lean and fit figure.

How do you like her look?

P.S.: She looks gorgeous, but I like her with her hair down better, though.

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demi-moore-in-a-little-white-dress-2 - Demi Moore in a Little White Dress

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  • anya

    Yes she does have an amazing body for her age, but I guess that’s easy when you bought it, but I honestly think she’s too old to be wearing a dress like that.

    • Alyssa

      All i see is an awesome pair of legs and more waist definistion than i ate 26 have (and I’m a 4!)

      she done good

  • Maryna

    FLAWLESS! Thats all I can say!

    • Casey

      Honestly, she looks like one of those wax figures to me.

  • ANA

    yeah..she looks great for her age…buttttt….she starts to look old when she`s next to ashton…the years between them are so obvious…my opinion

    • Leanna

      That’s because even though she looks young for her age, so does he.

  • speakthetruth212

    why is she is too old to wear that dress??? Just doesn’t make sense to me and I am in my twenties. You should be able to wear what ever you want at any age as long as it looks tasteful. This is a simple white dress, she isn'[t even showing much cleavage and length is just above the knees. perfect!

    • Kelli


    • Monique

      Who died and made this girl the judge of who wears what up to certain ages??? She said the same thing about reese witherspoon a while back. It’s like when you pass 30 – probably – you are compelled to hide under long dresses or pants (and perhaps move to an arabic country?!?). WHY???
      I, too, second your opinion – as long as your body looks ok and the outfit is classy, I don’t see anything wrong, quite the contrary.
      As for Demi, she looks amazing for her age no matter any plastic surgery that she has done, if they are made tasteful and not obvious.
      I like her too with her beautiful hair down, and, just my opinion, I think that if she had the ankles a bit more thin the shape of her legs would be super.

      • anya

        Get over yourself. I said it nicely and said she looks gorgeous, no doubt about that, but I am not one of those who think’s you can wear anything no matter your age. Just as I think someone can dress too young for their age, I also think it’s horrible when younger people dresses like they are 30 year older.
        And I never said she wasn’t tastefull or classy, because she is both of those things, I just don’t think the dress is for her age.
        And you should calm down, we are allowed to express our opinions and if you think my comment about resse and demi are crazy then what are your comment about her ankles.

        • Leanna

          What dress is suited for her age? A burkah perhaps?

          I think the dress is very tasteful for a woman in her 40’s. Nothing wrong with going a bit above the knee at any age and same goes for strapless if you have a nice body age really is unimportant.

          I could maybe understand if she was in a tight pvc outfit with her cleavage spilling out and her crotch showing but it’s a classy outfit so I don’t really get your comment to be honest.

          • Kae

            I couldn’t agree more! She has a bangin’ body, let’s be honest here. Yeah, she spent a lot of money to look like that but she also works extremely hard at it.

            The dress is quite suitable on a woman in her 40’s. It’s elegant and classy and she wears it beautifully.

            I’ve never understood this age thing. Her body parts aren’t hanging out and if an outfit compliments a woman’s figure in a tasteful way, wear it!!!! Who give a crap about age!

            And as far as the age of her husband, she looks amazing standing with him and if they’re in love, more power to them! This couple is extremely good looking and sooo cute!

    • Leanna

      Yes agreed!

      There is nothing even inappropriate about these dress for a woman in her 40’s. It’s hardly above the knees and nothing is even showing.

      Some people are so prudish, they will probably dress like my grandma when they hit 40+ ha ha.

      • anya

        Why get in too theese long conversations, its boring and we don’t agree and that’s fine. But I don’t really see why we need to get personal, can’t you just accept others oppinions just as you would want us to respect your opinion. It’s so immature and stupid to keep commenting instead of just accepting that luckily not every one in this world agrees with you.

        • Monique

          Luckily not every one in this world agrees with YOU, otherwise everybody on earth will look the same after 30 or 40 – dressed in potato sack. Jeez!!!

        • ugh

          Yikes I feel bad for you and your age complex.

  • maRRina

    They both look gorgeous !

  • Kelli

    She looks thinner here than I’ve seen her for awhile. She’s had a ton of work done so of course she’s looking good. I must say, if I had that much money I’d get a few things done myself. The dress looks hot IMO!

  • Nay!

    Bodywise she looks just PERFECT buuuut… she should really not wear her hair like that EVER again it makes her look… old (sorry) Demi is such a beautiful woman and looks like she can kick any twenty year old ass any time… but please change the hair!

  • Kaiser

    She looks like a wax figure. Is there any movement in her face left?

    Where`s the old Demi, whose look could kill every man? So sad!

  • Mirabela

    I like her “with her hair down better” to. 😉 With that hair done, looks like a grandma or headwear of an overprotected child in England around years 18’s century.

  • skirmute

    Adorable dress!!!

  • nabile

    I do agree with the wax face but seriousoly she has this amazing body that most girls whould want to have and she is in her 40’s :O.. really really amazing

  • anna

    Antbody knows what happened to her tooth? Rember she posted her pic on Tweeter while back without her front tooth?

  • Maddy

    They look fabulous!!!

  • kaisa

    she looks fabulous, and ashton looks so adorable, he’s so boyish looking, even with that nice masculin frame. great couple! and i think demi looks very appropriate in that dress. she certainly has the body for that outfit, and it’s not overly sexy or anything that would make it not-age-appropriate(i mean b/c there are some things that just look silly worn by grown women, e.g. the teen look that taylor momsen(gossip girl) sports, or those juicy couture jogging pants…)

  • Natalie

    I’m not sure, on one hand she looks really good for a woman in her age, but on the other hand you can see that she’s getting older.

    She shoud definitely wear her hair down..especially with those ears (why didn’t she buy THEM?)

    HE, however, looks super hot <3

    • ugh

      omg she’s getting older how crazy for a woman in her 40s she should stop that right now

  • K

    I think she looks great. And even tho she bought some of the body, I think she probs really works to stay that fit!

    Just one thing…I hope she stops getting work done on her face. Like, it’s enough right now. No clue if it’s “laser rejuvination,” a “mini-facelift” or botox but any more of it and I don’t think it’ll look natural.

  • jess

    She’s no Jennifer Connelly, but fabulous nonetheless.

  • malibu

    she looks like a swan

  • Uma

    I don’t care how hot her body is, with that face she is not even remotely attractive to me. She never was very beautiful, but i think all the work she has done only made things worse. The dress at least is extremely classy and sofisticated. I would definitely wear it myself.

  • klara

    i loved the natural charme of demi years back, but there is not much left of it. why do women above 40 still tap into the beauty-trap? they should be knowing by then, that you can’t buy charisma with inches of stretched skin.