Dita von Teese

Dita von Teese Is Back in Lingerie

dita-032513-1 - Dita von Teese Is Back in Lingerie

At request, here are a few promotional shots featuring 40 year-old pin up beauty Dita von Teese, modelling items from her new Von Follies lingerie line.

On her passion for lingerie:

I’ve been collecting vintage lingerie for 25 years – my collection is pretty huge now. I’ve always been fascinated by it, I used to sift through my mother’s underwear drawer when I was young. I loved the idea of something that was feminine and functional.”

… says Dita.

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dita-032513-3 - Dita von Teese Is Back in Lingerie dita-032513-4 - Dita von Teese Is Back in Lingerie dita-032513-5 - Dita von Teese Is Back in Lingerie

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Hazal

    I find her very unattractive -sorry!

    • Tally

      Does she have fake boobs?

      • Dawn

        Yes. In an interview, she said she had 32 D implants to go back to her original size after losing a lot of weight because of drugs.

      • lila

        I find it interesting that you asked because I personally wouldn’t have noticed. Her boobs look really good & not as plastic and pushed up just “standing there” like many others’.
        Besides that, she isn’t the most beautiful woman on earth, but there’s just something about her. She has created a whole identity for herself & she sticks to it which I find truly fascinating. She’s like a character & her looks with the white porcelaine skin (looking AMAZING for her age, she certainly does take care of herself!) and the Bambi eyes are just something special which makes a lot of her appeal imo.

        • Debbs

          The look ok in these pictures, but in other bikini photos I’ve seen, they look horrendous. Spaced very far apart and just fake looking. There are pics on this site if you want to see what I’m talking about.

          • Debbs

            OMG I thought I was on the Leann Rimes page. Please ignore!

          • neutra

            Hahahah Debbs! Love it! Accidentally confusing one of the worst boob jobs in Hollywood (I think Adrianne Palicki takes the cake for the worst though) with one of, if not the best boob job in Hollywood!

            I don’t find Dita objectively attractive, but I do think the way she holds herself is very sexual and powerful. A lot of men I know love her figure. I just love women that aren’t afraid to be glamorous and hold their own – I love when she said “I’ve had all sorts of comebacks to the various “vocal observations” of my attire and my look, but I try to say positive things like, “Why yes, the special occasion is life, thank you for noticing!”

    • cloud9

      why do people say ‘sorry’ if that is how you feel, that is how you feel. she’s kinda sexy, i mean she’s forty and her skin and body are incredible, her face, meh

  • Avelyn

    It’s interesting that all those tight corsets she wears all the time really haven’t reshaped her waist noticeably, she has a pretty normal “slim-woman” figure

    • ary

      true, corset training must be the most useless hobby ever.

  • Megan

    As a person, she disgusts me, mostly the things she did in her early career, but DAMN, she has great style & the most amazing wardrobe/collection ever. I would love to have access to her closets.

    • Winnie

      what did she “do”!?!

      • Isabel

        Soft porn (only girl on girl). And she was a fully nude fetish model. Not sure why that ‘disgusts’ someone. SHe didn’t hurt anyone and is open about it, unlike the celebs who ‘leak’ nudes for attention/ have a dirty past they lie about until someone finds out and all hell breaks loose.

      • Megan

        lol, the above poster is being nice & lying. She did hardcore fetish porn (inanimate object penetration), and selling her used underwear, unwashed. Really trashy, gross stuff.

        • lc

          Omg that is disgusting…O.O

          • s

            Riiiiighhht because most sex toys aren’t a) widely used and b) inanimate?

          • Megan

            They weren’t sex toys that were being stuck into her.

            I didn’t realize she regrets it, but she still seems to do anything for money & fame still. No more likeable than a Kardashian.

        • Winnie

          meh. she was young and regrets it, i won’t judge. i was bracing myself for something along the lines of eating sh*t on camera or anything along the lines of the depraved things people are doing nowadays

  • lolli

    Dita is a goddess! Lovely lovely human.

  • Pixie

    There’s nothing original about her at all, she’s a Bettie Page knockoff. 🙁

  • La la la la

    i don’t find her facially attractive, i’m not sure what it is, maybe her face is too long or something? and with fake boobs she’s just a standard petite woman. i have very pale skin and dark (almost black) hair too and think it can look a bit harsh.

  • Ana

    For sone reason, trashy is what comes to my mind when I look at her.

  • JennM

    I think she is unattractive, facially, she looks somewhat manly to me, maybe it is the longness of the face, and I don’t really understand what her talent is. She is a burlesque performer, or a model, or lingerie designer? I guess all of the above, but I consider her just another useless celebrity with too much money earned doing not much.

    Also, the porn she did early in her career wasn’t just “soft porn”. Soft porn is typically simulated sex. She did full vaginal scenes with sex toys and everything. It doesn’t disgust me, but calling it soft porn is a little misleading.

  • magwildwood

    I’m not into her schtick, her looks, or her oblong face.

  • JJ

    She has never done anything for me.

  • annabanana

    I can’t believe she’s 40!!!? Really?!? that is incredible.

  • Laura

    I actually really like her. I think she’s gorgeous.

  • KC

    She’s just so trashy to me. Even her name sounds trashy. I have no comment on her body, because I just don’t care about her at all.

  • lc

    She is completely unattractive imo.

  • Tisha

    LOL I didn’t know that many people found her unappealling because I find her quite stunning. I think its her retro shtick that makes her stand out and I would probably not give her a second look without it. I like her style, it is usually very elegant(I want to raid her closet). She also has a pleasant body.
    That being said, I never quite understood “what” she was…Is she a singer, dancer or just one of those “famous” for standing around and being pretty??

    • Faith

      I deffinetly agree I find Dita so stunning but without her vintage look and the way she styles herself I probably would think her kind of plain, attractive yes but not stunning. Also shes a burlesque preformer and you could say she brought burlesque back into the social conciousness along with preformers like catherine d’lish and imodestey blaze, kind of like a modern day Gypsy rose lee. Even though she is paid to take her clothes off and does have a bit of porn in her past I deffiently find her a better role model than some “celebrities”.

  • vanessa

    its funny because she reminds me of rose mcgowen, not as pretty though. also they both dated mariyln manson. She just has that sexiness about her. you could be the sexiest woman without being the prettiest.

  • Lang

    95 % of wrinkles are caused by the sun, and obviously she completely avoids the sun. So, if you don’t want to have wrinkles, you must never go in the sun, even with sunscreen. Then again, I suppose she’s also botoxed and photo shopped lol.

  • danella

    I just find these photos too photoshopped. Her ribs have been super smoothed – no that I want to se ribs but it looks so fake. I think mostly Im just tired of seeing such photoshopped images. They bore me. Wheres the real people?

  • jessica_rabbit

    dita is awsome.

  • The designs are boring, sorry Dita.

  • Jaz

    A lot of people tell me I look like her. And I really don’t mind haha. I love her look and she’s helped make pale skin more acceptable. She’s helped me embrace mine. I was always told I was too pale since I was a child.

    I’ve seen the underwear at Target and it doesn’t look the same quality as it does in the pictures. When it comes to underwear, you really do get what you pay for.

    But I still love her. I just won’t be wearing the underwear.

  • Wowza

    Her skin is to die for (muahahahhahaha) ..but seriously I love her pale skin

  • serena

    I just don’t find her attractive. She is like a cartoon character, rather than a real person. To me real beauty is raw, natural, and wild, not this contrived pin-up image she tries desperately to project.

  • cameron baum

    I didn’t realize so many people disliked her.. I love Dita, I think she’s fabulous and looks amazing.

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