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Dita von Teese Reveals Her Weight!

dita-von-teese-as-a-wonderbra-model-21 - Dita von Teese Reveals Her Weight!

Here’s another celebrity that was kind enough to share her weight with us: Dita von Teese!

She’s 114 pounds (8.2 stones / 52 kg) at 5’6” (168 cm).

How come Dita revealed her weight, you ask? Well, her story started by saying that she got implants to repair her body after drug use. Here it is (from Contact Music):

DITA VON TEESE went under the knife for a boob job at the age of 21 – because years of drug abuse had ravaged her body.

The burlesque beauty admits she began dabbling with illegal substances when she was a teenager, and her habit spiraled out of control throughout the 1990s.

Von Teese confesses the drugs took a major toll on her figure, but seeing herself so gaunt gave her the motivation to kick her addictions and she eventually opted for surgery to repair the damage.

She says, “I was a bit of a party girl in the early ’90s and used LSD and Ecstasy. Eventually my weight dropped to 6stone 7lbs and I looked terrible, so I gave up drugs. My breasts never recovered, so when I was 21 I had 32D implants. Now I‘m a healthy 8 stone and 2 pounds.”

See some pics of Dita from recent events after the jump!

FP_3855141_Fashion_Group_SCP_102209 - Dita von Teese Reveals Her Weight!

FP_3739660_ENF_Von_Teese_Dita_2_100509 - Dita von Teese Reveals Her Weight!

FP_3739566_ENF_Von_Teese_Dita_1005091 - Dita von Teese Reveals Her Weight!

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  • Micaela

    she looks good and i would have never guess she had implants, and she’s damn good at what she does, im glad she recovered frm drug abuse as well.

  • suzushii

    Her implants are great, very natural-looking. But I wonder if their weight would mean she’s actually underweight. There’s not much difference between 18.4 and 19 BMI.

    Anyone know how silicon implants weight?

  • Kristy

    She looks good, but 5’6 and 114 seems a tad low. I would of guessed closer to 120.

    • babyvincer

      I agree. I would even go as far to say 125 lb.

      • Miranda

        i agree, definitely 120-125. She’s got a great shape imo.

  • Rose

    they look pretty real for implants ; o

  • AE

    I think between 1 and 1.5 lbs combined depending on the size (that’s what it said onlne). Her waist looks kind of strange in that first picture, think it’s from airbrushing or wearing corsets so often?

    • mEEE

      I think it may be due to the corsets, but I agree, her body does look a tad weird in the first pic.

  • Jordan

    her implants ARE great haha she always looks so classy and pulled together.. a little fact- she does her own hair and makeup =)

  • Sabrina

    Her implants aren’t that great. If you look at pictures of her where she is totally naked and has her arms up, they look fake.

  • Brittany

    At 5’6 and 114, I calulated her BMI at 18.4, which is underweight although she looks natural (no bones sticking out)

    • stajjny

      I’m the same height and weight as her, and i’m far from being and looking anorexic and underweight.
      BMI doesn’t always tell you whether a woman is anorexic or underweight, maybe for ultratall skinny models or obese women, but there are other ways telling if a woman is underweight =)

      • Brittany

        I didn’t say she was anorexic “she looks natural (no bones sticking out)” For her height her weight is a bit low, but since she has a small frame that’s probably normal for “her”. BMI is only a structure-to-height calculation, it doesn’t measure body fat or muscle mass, which can be misleading.

        • Brittany

          Fat weighs about 3 pounds more than muscle, so that’s probably a factor in her weight

          • chechebelle

            i think you mean muscle weighs more than fat.

            i’m gonna throw a new hypothesis out there.. i don’t think she’s actually 5’6”. i think she’s more like 5’2”.

          • Brooke

            Actually, fat does not weigh more than muscles or vice versa. 3 pounds of muscles weigh the same as 3 pounds of fat. The thing is that muscles are more dense which means it doesn’t take up as much space as fat.

          • Nkeon

            You took the words right out my mouth Brooke!

      • Juliette

        First, being underweight =/= anorexia. She may or may not be underweight but how anorexia got tossed in their is beyond me.

        I don’t understand why people keep making that association when there does tend to be more required, than just body size, to be consider anorexic…

    • geeta

      she’s not actually 5’6″
      as someone who’s been a dita fan for 9 years, it’s speculated that she’s actually about 5’3″
      so 114 lbs at 5’3″ seems pretty healthy imo

  • Kae

    This is a great example of good breast implants! I wouldn’t have guessed it. I love her!

  • Kelli

    I thought a BMI that is under 18 was underweight?

    Her waist is itty bitty!

    • lily

      I’m pretty sure she corset trains to keep it/get it that small…

      • Kae

        Yes, she corset trains and she’s been doing it for a long time. I must admit, I envy her tiny waist and I don’t experience envy too often! I think she looks lovely.

  • Casey

    I think her implants are fine…I don’t think she went much higher than her breasts before using drugs, which is what makes them work.

    As for her weight, I believe it. She tends to come off a lot curvier than she actually is due to corset training and implants. If you look at her arms and legs you begin to see she is actually kind of small. I don’t care if her BMI is “unhealthy” or “healthy” it’s not a set rule that you HAVE to have a BMI of 18.6 to 25 or otherwise it’s impossible to be healthy. You can be a little higher or a little lower if your genetic makeup allows you to be healthy at those sizes.

    By the way, did she ever say how she keeps her skin so flawless? She’s in her 40’s I think and her skin is perfect.

    • suzushii

      They say good skin results from 50% genetics, and 50% percentage of exposure to sun.

      Since she rocks the pale, I presume she spent most of her life under sunblock, and never tanning.

      I actually like being pale myself and actively avoid tanning and I can already see a difference between me and tan bunnies of my age (23).

    • londongirl

      I read somewhere she’s two years younger than me … which makes her 37. And I bet that her flawless skin has a LOT to not going out in the sun – plus being at a healthy weight helps to prevent wrinkles appearing once a woman gets over a certain age. Or at least it does in my experience!

  • lily

    She looks good, slim but soft looking like the women of pre-1960s hollywood.

  • BlackEssence

    Shoot, I’m going to have start some corset training. lol

    There is one woman at my old gym that was doing tightlacing. It was so severe, her waist was the size of my calf…her chest and hips quite broad. It’s was actually quite scary.

  • Sharen

    Those are good implants, they look very real. But they don’t look like a 32D to me…I would of thought they were a C at the most.

    • etc

      it’s b/c the band size is really low. i’m a europe 70C (rare size as well), and you can tell my boobs are big, but way smaller than a europe 85C for example. that’s why dita’s might not look like d’s, but they actually are.

      • Ella

        Yup. I’m a 30D, but if I were to stick my boobs onto someone with a 36 band size they would become a 36A. Cup size changes with band size, but the myth that cup size is the same across the board is still prevalent.

        • Valentine

          This is exactly the point – I have a TINY band size (I’m a 28F) but if that cup size was translated to a bigger band size they wouldn’t be big, they only look it on me because of my proportions and sound it because of the cup size. I think Dita is the same, on a girl with a wider ribcage D-cup breasts at a 32 band size would look a lot smaller, they’d be an A or B on other people. Does that make sense?

          • Sharen

            Yes, you all make sense, but the reason I said that was because I happen to be a 32D or European 85D (in brands like Calvin Klein and stuff) and mine look bigger, more like Marissa Miller’s.

          • Uma

            Sharen: i did some reaserch, checked some sites, labels and so on, and actually 32 us band size is 70 in europe. Therefore, your 32D is no way europe 85D (which sound really nice, btw 😛 ) and maybe that’s where the confusion started?

          • Sharen

            You are right, a 32 is a 70 in a lot of European countries but it is also an 85 in France, Spain…

          • ih

            me too, I’m a 70E or 32E, depending what country I’m in. If I wear anything with a bigger band, my boobs are not supported. I have a small frame with sizeable breasts, but they don’t look as monstrous as E cups sound because of my small frame.

    • Valentine

      Fair enough, Sharen – you have a point! I wish my boobs looked like Marisa Miller’s…

  • Monique

    I totally love her! IMHO she looks just like an average girl on the street BUT she knows how to represent herself: with raven black hair, snow white skin, perfect body, clothes (with corsets underneath), the whole attitude is making her a real wonderwoman! I love her!

  • Valentine

    I didn’t think she was as tall as 5’6, I always had the impression she was pretty tiny. But I may be wrong. I love her and it’s nice to see slim women still having curves – it’s a myth that if you’re slim you don’t ever have curves. I love Dita, she always looks so polished and perfect. High maintenance, but beautiful.

    • Sharen

      Yeah I hadn’t read her height, she looks smaller…and a 168cm aren’t 5’6”…it’s barely 5′ 5”…it doesn’t sound like that much a difference in feet, but it’s a big difference in cm.

      • Sue

        Not that this makes much difference really, but but 168 cm does make her 5’6″. I think your may be using a conversion that says 168cm = 5.5 feet or 5 1/2 feet which is 5’6″. Another way to get there is to multiply – 168cm X .3937 = 66.14inches or 5’6″. Yea, I know, a worthless bit of trivia. How great would it be if the whole world used the same system to measure anything. Guess that won’t happen… ever. Just like clothes sizes… lol

    • etc

      She’s probably aroun 165cm, celebrities always add few cm to their height. I don’t blame them, i would too if i was one. Being small is not sexy, they say

      • Ella

        I also think the majority of celebrities (especially models) add to their height. I think they subtract from their weight a lot too.

        It’s funny they say short is unattractive when a number of famous women men drool over are short: Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek, Shakira, Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, Megan Fox (people who have met her say she’s closer to 5’4″), Cheryl Cole, Natalie Portman, Kristin Kreuk, Mila Kunis, Kim Kardashian, Hilary Duff…

        People who have met Dita and have measured her against themselves say she’s closer to 5’3″. I’ve never met her, so I can’t say what I think.

  • Steph

    Oh wow. Had no idea she was 37- she looks amazing for her age.
    I don’t know if it’s just me but a waist that small looks kind of unrealistic. Awesome body, but I wouldn’t want my waist so tiny.

  • Katie

    I’m going to be killed for this, but I personally don’t think she’s as flawless as people go on about. I also don’t think she’s 114…she seems more like 120/125 for her height. I have a friend who’s her height and alleged weight and she looks alot thinner.

    • Leigh

      Ugh, join the club. I mean… what’s the allure? Personally I don’t think she’s in the slightest pretty and I really dislike her body shape too :/ The first picture… What’s with the panties? They obviously don’t compliment her shape.

  • Carly

    Yes, I dont think her weight is 114, if she is 5.6 as she claim’s she looks closer to 120-125. 120 Minimum ,If she is 5.4 then ok

    • suzushii

      How can you people tell if someone looks a certain weight?

      I know people with the same height, and same weight, and they look very different.

      I’ve seen someone at 5’4 and 150 pounds looks the same as me, at 5’4 and 115 pounds. Dramatic, no?

      • Carly

        Maybe your right, I am not saying she is big by any mean’s but I think someone who is 5.6, and 114 would look a lot leaner. Just sayingxx

        • Dr. Truth

          I agree with you- I’ve been that weight at 5’6″ and people told me I looked rather unhealthy. Then again, all bodies are different and she may have less muscle or different bone structure. Still, I don’t like her look AT All!

      • Trey

        She’s gotta have a really high bodyfat percentage at her weight and height to look like she does, since fat takes up more space per lb than muscle.

  • afluffybunny

    Love her waist..
    I am using this belt around the tummy that makes waist looks smaller because it kinda pulls it tighter..I am not sure if it is healthy but I got it from the pharmacy..it is sorta like a corset..but it stretches and you can wear it like after pregnancy or something..I have been seeing results..it is great..
    I went down from 28 inches waist to 26 inches waist in like a month..not too bad..but I have also been watching what I eat..so..

    • Casey

      Oh I know that belt. I’ve used it before to help bring in my flared bottom ribs, as instructed by an orthopedist. It did bring them in and make my waist a little smaller, but then I stopped working out that area and stopped worrying about posture and the ribs went right back. *shrug* I hope the results are more permanent for you, but your waist shrinkage is due to diet as well so it probably will be more permanent. 🙂

  • great body, she looks so pretty and fresh!

  • Polly

    I doubt she’s 5’6, that seems a little tall. I would put her (as must do) at 5’3. Because 114 lbs. at 5’6 is a little low and she doesn’t look it.

  • Sidney

    I think her breasts look great, very natural, and i think it’s just stupid to do plastic surgery and then be ashamed if anyone can tell it, if you’re ok with it you are, hardly any silicones would look 100 % real if you take a closer look. I find it hard to believe too that she’s 114 lbs, since i’m 5’3” and i have been 114, at that weight i looked just about the same size as Dita now (diff. proportions, but still), and being taller Dita “sould” look thinner. But maybe she’s just so differently built.

  • Meko

    classy and fabulous lady! and i agree about the weight i would guess her weight at 125. i guess he reason why i say no way cuz Kim said thats how much she weighs lol!

  • Jemima

    She looks great. And even though her breasts are large in comparison to her height, I think her implants looks really natural.

    • Jemima

      PS, people are saying she’s 5 foot 6 inches. I think she’s shorter than that; she’s a trained dancer (which means she’s got some muscles), and for her to be 114 pounds (assuming she’s telling the truth), she’s got to be quite short.

  • Amy

    I’m going to guess that she is 5’4″ and weighs 125 pounds at least.

  • Amanda

    I’m sorry… shes not 114lbs!

  • Kt

    i think either her
    a)height is wrong OR
    b)her weight is wrong OR
    c) she has a very light frame

    everyone carries their weight differently and its possible she weighs 52kg, but thats 6kg – almost 14lb underweight according to the weight watchers weight ranges and she doesn’t look super skinny, slim, small, toned, but still curvy and healthy looking, so if she is 114lb, a very light frame

  • Leigh

    Either she’s a lot shorter than I realised, or 114 is some kind of joke?

  • neatlybroken

    There is no way to tell how much someone weighs just by looking at them. I’m 5’5” I have a muscular build like Pink or Jillian Michaels and I weigh 120lbs. I know a girl who is 5’3″ with little muscle and is very curvy who weighs 103lbs. Everyone’s different.

    Her waist is tiny! I love Dita’s skin and her whole look, very classy. I think it would be nice if she mixed it up and went back to her blonde hair for a little while. But just for a little while.

  • PandaBear

    She has a gorgeous body, great breast implants too. Great waist, legs, stomach, everything – very feminine and shapely. But there is just no way 5’6” and 114 is correct. I am 5’6” and 116 and I am very slender and almost lanky, and I am a C-Cup. And I’m not terribly muscular, so the weight can’t be attributed to that. There is just no way this is correct. She is either slightly shorter or slightly heavier. But she looks damn good!

  • mania

    She wrote on twitter that she’s “five foot four and a half, so like anyone would I usually round up-lie- and say five foot five when asked!”

    • Vera

      If that’s the case, 5’4.5 and 114 pounds sounds about right to me.

      • Vera

        And what’s with measuring in stones, is she British all of a sudden?

  • Mnemosyne

    I believe that she could be 52kg if she were 5′ 4″, I’m only 46kg at 5′ and by no means skinny.

    I have no idea why I attribute metric weight with imperial measurement when it comes to people, it think it’s a Kiwi thing.

  • Boom

    I was very surprised to learn that she had implants, they’re very natural looking. She’s in good shape, but the corset training looks very painful.

    • Isa

      Corset training shouldn’t be painful if you do it right, I don’t think.

  • nicollete

    she is closer to my height… just under 5’5″… and I have met her and she is tiny in person 114 pounds seems right she a size 2 or 4 (american sizes)

  • Isa

    She is smoking. I love how well she rocks the pale skin. 🙂

  • holly

    i’m sorry but there is no way she is 114lbs….

    • SaraJ

      She probably isn’t. I laugh at how people claim Marilyn Monroe weighed 118 pounds. I’m sorry but that is a load of ****. She has a very fine shapely derriere and her breasts were a 36D, that’s not very big but it’s still big enough to weigh something.

  • guy

    i don’t care what you say about her heght and weight. all i know is she is one smoking hot classy lady.

  • hehe haha

    I love to have a wife as gorgeous (綺) as her. Her breasts are perfect and I love to keep them busy every night.

  • SaraJ

    BMI is an awful way of counting things. I have natural 38F breasts, a 30 inch waist and 37 inch hips. I’m 5ft 6″. A lot of my female friends have the same waist and hips to me but my breasts are much bigger than theirs. I’m apparently overweight, blame my breasts not me.

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  • louis21

    just like me

  • edna

    she looks heavier than that

    • I’ve met her and she is very, very short, I mean just a tiny little woman, so 115 lbs on her is probably more than on other people. I think it’s her natural presence that makes her seem taller in photographs and onstage.

      • jdsbds

        since when is 5’6 short?

        • anon

          For fashion modeling and runway, models have to be at least 5’8″, though it seems around 5’11” is desirable. 5’6″ IS considered short for any form of high fashion. Because Dita has been well known for classy and glamorous fashion sense, her image and stage presence is highly sought after. People seem to expect her to be closer to 5’10” because of the angles, and how leggy she looks. Personally, I think the fact she wears ungodly high heels, she looks much taller in print than people expect.

    • anon

      She’s definitely 115lbs. She doesn’t look heavy at all. Her proportions are well within what’s healthy for her stature. Considering how well toned her muscles are, I’m pretty sure her weight comes from muscle mass and not fat.

  • Andro A

    She is likely the most beautiful women on the planet though…