Dita von Teese

Dita von Teese’s Burlesque Show

dita-von-teeses-burlesque-show - Dita von Teese's Burlesque Show

Oh wow, I guess corsets can do magic.

It’s always nice to see Dita without her picture-perfect, old Hollywood outfits… and here’s our chance, since she’s performing in her burlesque show in Paris and wearing close to nothing.

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dita-von-teeses-burlesque-show-2 - Dita von Teese's Burlesque Show

dita-von-teeses-burlesque-show-3 - Dita von Teese's Burlesque Show

dita-von-teeses-burlesque-show-4 - Dita von Teese's Burlesque Show

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  • Jessica

    Is it just me, or does that look kind of painful? (the corset)

    • Not just you.. I think so too.

    • Amanda Pants

      Agreed. That doesn’t even look sexy… it belongs in a freak show, circus type thing.

  • e

    WOW, just WOW, she is so fabulous.

  • Jill

    not only does that look painful, it looks more weird than sexy….

  • missy

    Agreed, Jill.
    I’d want to see her show out of morbid curiosity.

  • Mirabela

    i like her.
    i think is very sexy and astonishing 🙂

  • Barbie

    she probably got accustomed to it

  • nin

    I have seen her perform at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge with a male friend. She went topless I must say his jaw dropped when he saw her waist. He really couldn’t say anymore. I thought it was a great burlesque show – not weird actually. When I asked him for his thoughts he was pretty speechless. In a good way? I’ll never know.


    she has a nice body besides the corset WHR bit. except her face is not that pretty. why is more common for ppl to have nice bodies without butter faces?

  • runner_girl

    HOT! *Runs out to purchase corset*

  • Nicole B

    You have to have a smaller waist to begin with to lace down to that hourglass shape. If you’re 28in or higher it’s pointless, it doesn’t give the same effect. Her waist is naturally 22in. The same as Megan Fox. And it is not painful at all. Given you have a custom made corset and not just some cheap knockoff from the mall. These pictures do not do her face justice. This woman has the most beautiful unwrinkled, poreless skin. Even without a stitch of makeup on.

    • Special Sundae

      What utter rubbish about corsets only looking impressive on slim women! As long as the corset is well made, a larger woman will actually achieve a more impressive reduction. Some of the world’s greatest burlesque performers are plus-sized and you don’t have to be tiny to be a perfect hourglass.

      I wear a 26″ corset but with a 43″ bust and 42″ hips it looks almost as impressive as Dita’s shape. Bear in mind that the red corset has gored hips which emphasise the waist even more. She’s probably not that tightly laced.

      • Nicole B

        She can lace down to 16 1/2 inches. Most of her corsets lace down to 18″ and some 16″, I have seen it. And it is quite impressive. Especially when you are able to close the back of the corset all the way. Nothing is more ridiculous then someone stuffed into an ill-fitting corset, with back fat poking through the back laces (where fabric should be covering) and spilling over the top. Yes, larger women can look fabulous in a corset as long as it fit wells. But most don’t have waists that tiny that make that much of a difference, at least not without the above mentioned offense happening.

        • SpecialSundae

          She CAN lace down to 16.5″, but even she admits that she often doesn’t. “For me, well, I’m a performer. If my waist looks small, I have achieved my goal. Besides, nobody but Mr. Pearl can eyeball my waist and tell if it’s twenty inches or sixteen.” (Quotation from “Fetish and the Art of the Teese”)

          No matter what size you are, you CAN get back fat if your corset doesn’t fit properly or you’ve messed up the modesty panel. That’s as true at 26″ as it is at 40″.

          I’d actually disagree on nothing being more ridiculous than back fat… Saying that only slim girls can wear corsets is far more ridiculous!

    • NOONE HAS A WAIST NATURALLY 22 INCHES – bullshit. She will have got to that size through tricks such as dieting/crushing her waist to such a small size with the corset.

      • anoynmous

        umm seeing as she’s pretty short in real life, yeah it is possible.

        and “crushing” your waist with a corset? are you serious?

  • blake

    this girl looks like a doll :o)) kind of flawless, but a lil unhuman to me. she´s beautiful, but i wouldn´t like to look like her

  • mazzoo

    Corsets are no-brainers they make any woman look good. A small waist to hip ratio is what makes a woman attractive, the corset just makes this more obvious giving you Jessica Rabbit, doll- like proportions. If you are lucky enough to have a small waist already, a corset will make you look twice as good and men’s jaws do drop! I have never met a man that doesn’t like a corseted waist. Oh and it doesn’t hurt if you train your waist gradually.

  • Natalia

    Classic. What women do is painful, to look like that. No pain, no gain.. 😉

  • Natalia

    Watch your liver though.. it will hurt… it is best not to bend over in a corset like that or sit for that matter.. as long as you are standing it feels ok.

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  • Jenna

    You should know that corsets ARE NOT painful. Unless you have one that is too small.
    Infact they are usually quite comfortable, and apparently; especially to Those with scoliosis.
    What people tend to have trouble with is getting used to how it corrects your posture.

  • Monika

    To be honest, I think she’s looks absolutely wonderful. Even without her corsets she’s shaped like that, btdubbz.
    If you don’t like them, be happy you’re not the one wearing it.

    Also, burlesque is about making women feel beautiful no matter the body shape. She probably likes her’s jsut fine and is comfortable, hence being a burlesqueteer.