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Doutzen Kroes Poses for Terry Richardson and Brings Today’s Quote

doutzen-k-012113-1 - Doutzen Kroes Poses for Terry Richardson and Brings Today's Quote

It’s our job to look this way, so we’re given the time to go to the gym and we don’t have regular jobs nine to five and we can never say we don’t have time for the gym. We have to go and that’s also a bonus to this job get to go back to work and have hair and makeup and feel pretty again, besides being a mom.

… says Doutzen.

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doutzen-k-012113-2 - Doutzen Kroes Poses for Terry Richardson and Brings Today's Quote doutzen-k-012113-3 - Doutzen Kroes Poses for Terry Richardson and Brings Today's Quote

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  • ccc


    At least she’s honest, instead of giving that first speech about never working out/eating cheeseburgers all day/etc

  • Jazzy

    There is something about her honesty that rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know much about her, except for the fact that she’s gorgeous, but from the few interviews I’ve seen and read before this post, she comes off rude. Someone prove me wrong and tell me she’s not!! I really want to like her– she’s probably one of my favorites on the VS runway.

    • Kate…

      I like her better than Miranda Kerr. Unlike Miranda she follows what she preaches. Miranda says stuff like treasure yourself and live an organic life, then goes and gets a boob job and still smokes

      • Sophia

        What makes you think she smokes and has had a boob job?

        • Mishael

          Don’t know about smoking but she did have boob job. There was a photo of her on this website where it was clear.

          • Sanne dutchy

            whaha sorry peeps but she is the last person to get a boobjob ! She had very big boobs after her pregnancy because of breastfeeding but now she has nearly nothing left ! Her latest (gorgeous) pictures show that because she has no top on in them (the pics where she’s very tanned/gold looking on a beach and stuff)
            Just don’t say that kind of things when you clearly dont know !

          • Sanne dutchy

            Sorrrry thought you were talking about Doutzen !! But you’re not so now I am the one not knowing haha

          • Kate…

            If you google “Miranda Kerr smoking” there’s a a bunch of pictures of her. Now there isn’t recent pictures because she goes to extreme measures to hid that habit (for those who know what happened on the fashionspot forums). Also she got a small boob job to a B cup.

          • Kate…

            ^ hide not hid

          • Tea

            People have said this before and I tried googling her smoking but can’t find anything. And she has been B cup since she was a teenager so I find that hard to believe. Her boobs have always been the same size except for when she was breastfeeding.

    • Nina

      I think she’s just blunt, but I like her honesty. She seems down to earth. I agree with the person below about Miranda. Miranda just reeks fake every time she opens her mouth. I can’t believe so many people can’t see it.

      • Tea

        I don’t know about fake…maybe a bit cheesy/talks in a girly sing-song voice which can be a bit annoying, and tends to talk about dull things, but not necessarily fake, that might just be her personality. Maybe that’s what happens to you when you have to make countless products sound like they’re the best thing ever for a living…

        • Gabrielle

          i love both of them, they are so painfully beautiful! i don’t consider Miranda’s way of talking cheesy, i thought it’s just her Aussie accent 😀

          • Tea

            Well, I’m Australian and she still sounds a bit ditzy to me haha. But yes, they’re both absolutely beautiful.

    • guru

      i think doutzen hit the nail on the head. Celebrity women have heaps of spare time and money so for them there is not much excuse to not exercise. hell, even most busy everyday people can find time to exercise, most people just make excuses. Thats why when i see women like khloe and kim and even katy perry, who are very untoned and unfit and have fat rolls, i dont see what their excuse is for not hitting the gym. they dont have real jobs. They are just too lazy to go to the gym, they want it all and not have to work for it.

      • serena

        well Katy Perry is not fat, she is soft but a healthy size and probably does exercise. Most women who exercise don’t have visible abs because their body fat isn’t low enough, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fit (many female swimmers in the olympics looked soft for example). A better example is Jessica Simpson who has all the resources in the world but is fat anyway due to her own gluttony lol (she admits it herself). Kim K strikes me as the kind of woman who would be quite fat if she never exercised, but she probably does exercise a bit to maintain her current size.

        • MissMarilyn

          I agree serena

      • Natalija

        Guru, aside from the many body shapes we see every day, there are also 3 body types. Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph. Basically what this means is that some people are long and lean with very little fat, and their fat lies on the inner most layers of the skin, so even through weight gain their skin appears full and round rather than flabby. Then there are the people who show their fat, meaning the fat distributes above the muscle and is quite flabby. Kim Kardashian is a classic example of this, as am I. It does not mean that we are not thin, we are simply built differently. I myself do yoga 4 times a week and a mix of cardio and weeks twice a week. Even when I was playing basketball for state, I always had a big butt and round arms. It isn’t through lack of trying, it is just genetic makeup. So maybe you shouldn’t judge others so harshly 🙂

      • D

        Um, Katy Perry is always photographed coming back from the gym/working out lol

        • guru

          so? all that means is that she is not working hard enough at the gym.

          • Sandy

            guru, may I ask you where do you come from? Just curious, nothing more. thx 🙂

      • jamie

        I agree…im sorry but there is NO excuse for celebrities (lets face it the majority of their careers depend on looks) should be lookin flabby and unkept. If I can work in an office sitting on my ass 50 hours a week and still manage to stay thin, I cant help but judge the Kim Ks who just let themselves go

      • Kimberly

        Knock it off. Just because someone isn’t toned doesn’t mean they don’t go to the gym or exercise. I have a body very similar to Katy Perry and I work out and eat very healthy. Please learn about different body types.

        • lol

          ” have a body very similar to Katy Perry and I work out and eat very healthy. Please learn about different body types.”

          As predictable as ever Kimburly. It’s okay for you to belittle other body types yet yo don’t like it when it’s a similar body type to your own. hypocrite!

    • jemima

      She may come off rude because she doesn’t speak English very well? I find her to be very honest here and I kind of agree with her. Going to the gym is a part of her job.

    • Aafje

      Dutch people in general are very blunt about everything, it may come off as rude in other countries, but we generally would rather be honest about everything than fake nice.
      If you ask us if we like your dress we would just say no rather than pretend we like it. I had to learn to be less blunt when I moved to USA because it is seen as rude there.

      • serena

        agree, I have noticed with dutch and germans that they’re very blunt, but most are still polite. It’s the russians that are rude. And then you have scandinavians who are so quiet! Just my take on it.

        • Lala

          Way to crap on a nationality and cram them into one category, probably based on the few experiences you have had.

          I’m Russian, and really in terms of rudeness I don’t see any big difference b/w us and Americans, and others.

          I think the word you want to use is blunt, or a bit tactless, in which language barrier plays a big part.

          • serena

            Sorry to offend you, I don’t mean it as a personal jab, but that’s been my experience and I’m allowed to express it, same as you just did. If you were to say my country is the rudest I wouldn’t care, it is just an opinion. Are there lovely well-mannered folks in Russia? I’m sure of it, but in my experience, on average they’re the least polite of the 27 countries I’ve visited in 6 continents. Maybe it is language differences or just the frigid russian winter getting to them (Christmas when I visited), I don’t know lol.

          • Teiku

            Agree. I’ve never been to a country – including my own (Russia, that is) – that I could say about “the people there are totally rude (or shy, or friendly, or whatever)”.
            It’s always a mixed experience. In fact, the people who accuse entire groups of people of rudeness or other “faults of character” are the ones who need to learn some manners.

        • Well you’re sure right about us scandis, we need alcohol in our systems to get to know people 😉

    • Mirthe

      She is dutch, dutch people are really frank and honest. People from other countries might see this as ‘rude’ but it’s just her Dutch nature.

  • lc

    Why is she so beautiful?!?!

    • Nina

      Agreed, she’s breathtaking.

  • AnnieC

    I loathe pervy, skeevy Terry Richardson’s work. He will take the most beautiful woman and make her look like a cheap porn star. I can’t believe that intelligent people support this no-talent.

    • drag0nf7y

      I completely agree. From what I’ve seen of his work, Terry really likes to demean women. Has anyone else seen his series of flowers poking out of girls’ private parts? Disgusting.

      • JaneParker

        I agree with you, his photoshoots often look cheap and “pornish”. As someone who loves photography, I think there are countless other photographers that deserve more recognition. His work may have been conseidered edgy at one point, but now it’s just cheap and disturbing – not in a good way.

        • Zoe

          Agreed. The end results of this shoot (and several of his others), make it incredibly hard for me to believe that this is the work of a ‘famous’ professional photographer- the pictures for some reason remind me a lot of the ones seen on American apparel’s website as they just look very… cheap. That being said, compared to his usual ‘work’, this is actually quite ‘classy’- when I saw the title of this post, my heart kind of sank and I braced myself for mentally (and visually) scarring experience… but I was kind of pleasantly surprised, (or relieved) with the end results, despite the fact that I wasn’t particularly impressed by them! 🙂

    • Raquel100

      I totally agree – he molested models!! WHY ARE HOLLYWOOD PEOPLE STILL SUPPORTING THIS CREEPY SCUMBAG?!


    • Raquel100

      Terry Richardson molests models – you can all google it. Why are Hollywood people supporting him??!!!

    • jemima

      I completely agree. I’m a photographer who’s pretty much just starting out and it kills me when people say they like Terry’s work. There is nothing artistic or professional about him.

  • serena

    Haven’t these quotes been posted already? This is the only celebrity/model blog I read and I swear I’ve read this line before. Anyway I love Doutzen, she is beautiful and has a nice personality too. One of my favorite VS models.

    • LC

      Actually, she said something very similar about how women shouldn’t compare to her because it’s her job to look that way…it was on this site if I’m not wrong

  • wonderwoman21

    She’s one of the blonde models that defers from the standard issue blonde model look. She’s recognizable, unique, and beautiful. Unlike say Bar Rafaeli whom I still can’t recognize the majority of the time until I read that it’s her.

  • Megan

    The gym doesn’t take up much time at all if you know how to train (and eat). Normal people are able to do it too, silly model.

    • Mishael

      Lol, silly? Her quote is true, actually. Models have more time for working out compared to other people. Some of them with regular jobs or studies often have no time for such things. Some days I leave my house at 7 and come home at 6. And then I have a lot of studies to do. May be you have always plenty of it because you do nothing all day long?

      • Megan

        Lol, I work 60-70 hours a week, silly defensive commenter.

      • MissMarilyn

        I took 8 classes last semester and still had time to work out.

        I am now working 2 jobs and taking 5 classes and I STILL have plenty of time to work out! I leave my house at 9:30 AM to get to school and depending on my shift sometimes I don’t get back until 9 at night, and still have studies to do… but I still have time for my schoolwork and to work out. (I usually work out in the morning) and I always go to bed at 10:30!

    • °-°

      I agree that most people could make time to work out, but I think that Doutzen means is that most people don’t have enough time to work out as much as a model does.

  • Candy

    She’s always been honest that she has to work at it. 99 percent of us do, including models.

  • Casey

    “Doutzen Kroes poses f or Terry Richardson”

    Why does this man continue to get high profile jobs?

    He’s NOT good. He really isn’t. I really don’t get it.

    As for what Doutzen said, it’s nice that she said it but I’m really turned off by all of the “well at least she’s honest” comments, as if anyone who doesn’t say what she said is lying. Doutzen has always been evidently of a bigger frame than the other models, so she probably has to work harder at it than most.

    Although all models need to spend time at the gym. Being thin isn’t the same as being fit/toned.

    • Candy

      She may be bigger than most models but I guarantee you she has less body fat than them too. She most likely has a body fat percent thats lower than most high fashion models. How the hell T R gets any jobs is beyond me. The WORST photographer out there. He even made Gisele look cheap and tacky. And of course his work with K Upton is at a whole new level of tackiness.

      • MissMarilyn

        oh gosh her doing the cat daddy in that stupid swimsuit is forever imprinted upon my brain

        freaking terry why are you popular

  • marghini

    Well, this quote simply confirms what we all know already. Beside being genetically blessed (and most of models/celebrities DO have a very lucky genetical cocktail), almost their entire life turns around being beautiful: working out, clothes, skin, hair, make up, and so on.

    No surprise if then we end up with two different standards, celebrities and “real people”, cause it is impossibile to relate ourselves to people that spend their entire life trying to be more and more beautiful and perfect.

    For normal people, with normal jobs or schools, dedicating more than 1-2 hours daily to “beauty” (gym, make up, skin, hair, shopping, ecc ecc) is really hard. Plus, most of the women I know wouldn’t do it, cause they think other parts of life are more interesting.

    Honestly, I am happy with trying to look my best in an achievable way, with my job and busy schedule, rather than relating myself to these impossible standards that will never fit into my life.

  • Faidy

    I admit that I don’t know a lot about photography, but I ll never understand why Terry Richardson is supposed to be so great.

  • HazeL

    She’s So beautiful! One of my favourite models, although I did prefer her with a little more weight. I wonder what kind of exercise/diet she uses? In the past she has said in interviews that she really struggles to lose weight and has tried extreme diets such as living on only eating apples and coffee, and relying on laxatives etc. But she seems to have maintained this weight for a while now, so I’m assuming it’s not an extreme one?

    Anyway I thought her body was amazing in photos like this: http://starcasm.net/archives/21790/fp_3908390_trb_kroes_doutzen_excl_102909

  • Sarah M

    Versus, can we please have an Amanda Seyfried post as Linda Lovelace! It’s one of the first times we can see her body as she usually only shows her legs! Thank you xx

    • CK

      if memory serves me right (and most of time it doesn’t) she is naked for a moment in the movie Chloe, though maybe she’s thinner now so her body looks a bit different…

  • Hannah

    I love how honest she is. At least she’s not like ‘oh I eat whatever I want and exercise once a week if I can be bothered’. However, whenever I see Terry Richardson he makes me cringe, he just seems so creepy :/

  • Heather88

    I totally agree with Doutzen’s comments and she always comes off as very likeable to me. Terry Richardson on the other hand is a huge scumbag and I can’t help but lose a little bit of respect for models who work with him (though I get that in a lot of cases it’s not really their choice- though Lara Stone alluded that she would never work with him again, sorry I don’t have a link).

    I also think though that just because a model, actress, or whoever says that she doesn’t work out all that much or doesn’t follow a strict diet doesn’t mean that she’s lying, and I sort of resent it when people automatically assume that she is. For some people it is definitely possible to be quite thin without going to extremes. Until the past year or so (I’m 24 now) I was able to maintain a very thin figure without paying much attention to what I ate and working out moderately for 40 min. or so maybe twice a week. My metabolism and body are changing and I have been lifting more weights to add curves, but I think that I could still maintain a very thin figure without starving myself or working out 10 hours a week. If anything, I find it a little strange that so many of the VS models claim that they work out 5-6 days a week and follow a super healthy diet seeing how they are all young and have relatively small frames (though of course they could be following this routine for health rather than aesthetic reasons).
    Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to get that off my chest haha!

  • Jacky Daniels

    oh umkay sweety you are so lucky to play dress up and make up, so lucky you dont have to talk, you look good. now pose. good girl. pretty face btw.

  • Amanda

    Question. Do you think Richardson acts more professional with the big name models and sleazy with the no names?

    I feel as if the no names are more likely to do as he says and keep their mouths shut since they are still trying to get discovered.

    • MissMarilyn

      YES I completely think so. He wouldn’t get far if he tried to molest/feel up VS models. If Doutzen said anything about him being a creep, everyone would listen because she’s so famous.

      But the stories I’ve read about him being a creep are usually from unknown models, or pin up models who are also less well-known (like women from Suicide Girls, if anyone has heard of them)

      when they tell their stories less people care because no one has ever heard of them.

  • Amanda

    She is so gorgeous.

  • retrobanana

    i dont think she sounds rude at all.. ilike her honesty i hate when i hear models say they dont work out orf they eat like a pig andt hey do nothing and they are naturally thin….i mean they get paid 10,000 bucks a day some of them the least they could do is keep themselves in fit fom its like giselle and tom brady….she makes more money than him …he has to train and condition nonstop for his job…its good to know thats also what she would have to do to for her job…

  • La la la la

    If what I’ve heard about him is true, Terry Richardson is an OLD RAPEY CREEP. Why can he get away with being so rapey and continue to get money and attention? The models he’s assaulted should press charges! Doutzen is really pretty but this outfit does nothing for me.

  • Pixie

    Boring photos. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like Terry Richardson as a photographer. Half his photos are creepy… He gives off a dirty old man vibe. His work is not even that good. Anyway Doutzen is gorgeous and at least she’s being honest – celebrities and models have much more time, money and opportunities to workout, get professional trainers/nutritionists, have a professional makeup/hair styling team, and the money for plastic surgery. You cant eally compare most ordinary people to celebs/models in photoshoots, magazines, tv, the red carpet etc. But if you look at most celebs without any makeup or styling, then most of them are average or look like other people – which is not a bad thing.

  • siennagold

    Doutzen is gorgeous. Terry Richardson is a creep.