VS Hotties – Doutzen Kroes & Candice Swanepoel


Stunning beauties of different body shapes Doutzen Kroes (29) and Candice Swanepoel (26) showed off their incredible fit and lean figures during the show last night.

P.S.: Doutzen gave birth to her second child 4 months ago.


Tons more pictures next!


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32 thoughts on “VS Hotties – Doutzen Kroes & Candice Swanepoel”

  1. I have never been a fan of Doutzen’s body but damn girl, looks good for someone who gave birth 4 months ago. If she hadn’t gained much extra weight to begin with and is breastfeeding though it explains it. But still !
    As for Candice she’s perfect as usual, what else do you want to say ^^

  2. Hate the outfits, cheap, ugly&unflattering, the high on hips panties rarely look good on anyone, maybe they can look good on specific body type?Anyway, they look very bad on the girls here. Don’t like the make up&too much tan, doesn’t make girls look fresh&glowing, more like they’ve spent too much time tanning&”polishing” their faces with layers of skin make up. Candice’s body looks great, thought he outfits don’t highlight that at all. Doutzen’s body looks great, i love that she’s bit bigger than she was before&after the first baby cos i think her body doesn’t look as good when very thin, she bit of a mix of curvaceous&athletic, so this weight is good on her, she has a nice butt but in that piece it doesn’t look good, imo.

  3. Doutzen looks uncomfortable and tired/like a soccer mom type made up in lingerie wih makeup lol. Candice looks good, never been a fan of her face but has great proportions body wise.

  4. How the hell did they manage to put too small lingerie on someone with as little bodyfat as Doutzen?! It’s cutting into her skin and she doesn’t have any muffin top, so it definitely shouldn’t.
    I don’t like any of the pieces, they look uncomfortable to wear and due to weird cuts also not very sexy.

    Candice looks more muscular than usually, I think, it looks good on her.

  5. Doutzen looks glowing. Not a fan of Candice.. I’m a little bit surprised how “thick”, or strong, her thighs look here. Maybe her waist is so tiny it looks like that in comparison. They look really good imo, but i for some reason thought she had more those typical runway model very tiny skinny legs.

  6. Seriously,what happened to Candice’s nose,it looks very different! And both look nice but goossshh these are soo tacky and stupid that I feel weird at some point!That said I think I fell in love with Doutzen’s bum once I saw it in after-party see-through dress shoots.Not a fan of the dress tough.

    • Your nose never stops growing, I think…that’s why old people usually have big noses lol but isn’t it good if she’s not getting a nose job or something like that? This is why so many people in the public eye get work done. And if she had a nose job, people would complain too. Can’t win.

      • It is not about my preferences or complaining dear,it simply does look different from her one month ago nose it looks more bulbous and a line on the nose bridge going on.I dont think it would grow like this within a few months.maybe trauma or allergic rhynitis? I dont know but it is different indeed.

        • I actually thought both of their faces looked abnormal to me. Maybe it is a lack of photoshop- I can’t recognize them without a filter.

          • Doutzen had a nose job for sure and Candice seems to have gained a bit of weight- her face is fuller that’s why it looks different- it’s fleshier. Look at her thighs too.

  7. I have never been a Candice fan, she looks good in print and catalog, her tush always looks good,but I don’t find her face pretty. Here, the bod looks good, I see two greatloooking models. Candice’s legs look bigger then they have been but she still looks great. But, you knowi am doutzen fan. She seems so sweet and kindhearted. Her pregnancy went by so fast it waslike she timed it perfectly. one minute she was pregnant the next she was skinny! she wears lingere great!
    when I think of an angel I think of doutzen

  8. i must admit I am a bit surprised to see Doutzen like this- she has always been muscular, but she looks a bit to truck-like here, as if she has been working out too much. Would probably look better if she had given herself a few more months to lose the baby weight, laid off the excessive exercise and eaten sensibly. I mean I’m sure she does eat well, but whatever she’s doing now diet/workout-wise is making her bulky rather than lanky

  9. Beautiful. Both of em, in different ways.

    I have to admit I got ever so slightly excited when I saw the comically small stretch marks on both of their upper thighs. I’ve never been ashamed or insecure about mine but i never understood how these women, some like Doutzen, who’ve given birth have NONE. But I guess it might be the combo of harsh light and that ridiculous fake tan that brings even the FAINTEST ones out.

  10. You can see that she’s given birth resently, but she looks beautiful. She doesn’t have the body I admire, but she’s attractive for sure and a great model. Candice has the crazy body but tbh she doesn’t have much else going on for her.

  11. Thats just mean! I’m nearly skinnier than they are and I have been getting my period in a perfect cycle for years. Some people are just built narrow and with little body fat.

    • wait.. a pear has narrow shoulders and broad hips..

      Candice has broader shoulders that i think are actually slightly wider than her hips.

      I think she’s an hour glass, but her musculature from dancing AND her far smaller than normal rib cage is what throws proportions off, or at least makes her body type hard to place.

  12. Douzen is beautiful, but Candice is so overrated imo. Don’t find her interesting face or body wise, but I think the fact that she has no charisma adds to it too much.

  13. They both gained. D due to pregnancy and C just gained. Candice looks healthier at this weight and Doutzen has such an angelically beautiful face that she will always be beautiful. She looks 30’s though rather than late 20’s. Is rather see a body like Doutzens than Jourdan Dunn’s stick figure in underwear to be honest. Jourdan looks great in high fashion rather than underwear. Candice and Doutzen look refreshingly glowy and healthy to me. Good example for young girls watching these shows and idolising the models.

  14. They don’t get periods yet most of them have kids. Funny huh? That’s because they DO get periods. Maybe someone like Behati doesn’t but the others do because even the super tiny Jourdan Dunn has a kid. Not having periods is one of the symptoms of anorexia and I don’t think most of them have eating disorders, just small bone structure combined with low weight. There’s a big difference between that and anorexia. Stats actually show that overweight people have more fertility and em striatum problems than people at the low end of the healthy weight.

  15. I ADORE Doutzen’s body- she truly looks good at most weights, and seems to fluctuate (most women do.) This is probably a higher weight for her, but she just looks like a true vision of health. The fact that she looks like this 4 months after giving birth shows dedication. A true stunner.

    Candice, obvious, is lovely too, and has a killer body, just one that is proportionally a lot more extreme than Doutzen’s. With a ton of hard work I could look like Doutzen (well, my body anyway), but to look like Candice you would have to have a very specific bone structure.

  16. doutzen looks like a mom.. she lost her sexappeal after she had her children. looking back at when she just signed for victoria’s secret the difference is huge. she looked gorgeous, now her body and face changed A LOT and no one seems to notice? she’s overrated in every sense of the word

  17. Yuck Doutzen definitely had a nose job. Her nose is much thinner and looks terrible for her face size. She has never been attractive to me but now she looks even worse. Candice’s face looks a little fleshier, fuller, so do her arms and thighs. She seems to have gained a little weight, still thin but a healthier thin.

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