Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore Matches Her Nail Polish With Her Tights

drew-barrymore-matches-her-nail-polish-with-her-tights - Drew Barrymore Matches Her Nail Polish With Her Tights

… and no, the tights and the nails are not black – they’re turquoise!

Love it or Leave it?

drew-barrymore-matches-her-nail-polish-with-her-tights-2 - Drew Barrymore Matches Her Nail Polish With Her Tights

Drew has been on a creative fashion roll these past weeks!

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  • april

    I’m sure this new look is just for the movie.. I mean, I hope! 🙁

  • tingle

    i’m more concerned about the hair than the tights/nails combo..

  • Elena

    Love it! And love her! She’s a cutie 🙂

  • salma’ben

    She looks great I would wear the same if I was in Berlin it’s very trendy in Germany to not look like each other and this look is very special I think Drew is a one of a kind and it’s so wierd that she can wear watver she wants and nobody judges her LOVE YA DODO 🙂

  • jess

    Love the polish (and the gloves), but i’ll never get over that hair…

  • bella

    i just loooooove those gloves!!!!!!! regarding her nail polish i think it stands out…these days everybody is wearing either black or red, it’s good to have diversity

  • Milly.

    god what on earth is up with her hair.

  • sara

    i love her and i love those gloves!!!
    and the nail polish is pretty too

  • anabel

    I just hate the outfit, everything about it, plus the hair. It’s just wrong in every possible way. Only the gloves are nice imo.

  • rosie

    the only thing i like is the nails! i can’t get past that awful hair. at least run a brush through it.

  • steph

    So cute.

  • jess

    Not a fan. But its good to see her being creative with her style again, I think it adds a different element to the drew we think we know.

  • Melanie

    I don’t like it, or her hair.
    But atleast she has confidence lol

    • Miaca

      My thought EXACTLY 😀