Elizabeth Hurley

Liz Hurley Does Tatler Magazine

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On her figure:

‘I keep my eye on what I eat all the time, because now that we’re older we have to make a conscious decision if we want to stay relatively slim… But as you get older, it doesn’t actually look that attractive to be super skinny.’

… says 47 year-old Liz in Tatler Magazine.

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Kylie

    She reminds me of Lisa Vanderpump in this shoot.

  • Katheryn

    Love the bathing suit!

  • mag

    She is pretty and classy, she looks mature in a good way!

  • neutra

    Not a fan of Liz. I get told I look like her quite a lot – I hate it! Better than looking like Shane I guess. I wonder what it is women see in that man….

    I don’t have much respect for Liz after reading a while ago about her diet… it seems so extreme. If she really does eat what she claims, then she really must have gone on yoyo diets when she was younger and now her metabolism is bearing the consequences of that. I also think she dresses a bit too much like a mutton trying to be a lamb.

    • Mia

      You should be flattered that you are told you look like her. She is very pretty. Her personality on the other hand could use some work…at least, the personality she projects in interviews. I suppose she could be completely different in person.

      • Sandy

        I completely agree. She is a beautiful woman, but her personality seems unappealing. I agree with her quote though. My mom jokes that once you reach a certain age you have to choose between your face and your body because being too thin makes your face look older. Not that she’s old, but I always thought that Jennifer Love Hewitt’s face was much prettier before she lost weight after those unflattering bikini photos were published.

    • Debbs

      Neutra you should definitely be flattered! Liz is beautiful and I’m sure you are too!

  • MissMarilyn

    Don’t know who she is but she’s gorgeous! I would love to age so well ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Mia

      She used to be married to Hugh Grant, and if I remember correctly, he cheated on her with a prostitute in his car and got caught by the police (oops!). She was also a model back in the day.

      • MissMarilyn

        she looks like an ex-model haha. At least I know who Hugh Grant is… but how embarrassing to be caught by the police cheating with a prostitute!!

        • Mia

          It’s so funny because I was in college when that happened and I totally remember that as Hugh Grant’s fall from grace. It was basically ALL anyone was talking about (kind of like when Brittney shaved her hair). And now, 15 years later, it seems like the world has completely forgotten about his indiscretions. Just think….20 years from now, Lance Armstrong may be universally liked again.

          • MissMarilyn

            hehe well 15 years ago I was 3 and not very concerned with prostitutes.
            Hugh certainly bounced back though haha.

      • Kelly-Ann

        Liz was never married to Hugh. They did live together for a very long time though, until Hugh decided he needed a blow-job in the middle of LA…

        • Emilie


  • Neri

    She had a role in Gossip Girl ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think she bloody gorgeous – especially for her age! And she SO right that women should not be getting too skinny or thin as they get older – that’s going to age them even more. I’m definitely planning to be a healthy, muscular MILF with a descent amount of fat percentage – don’t want to appear boney and gaunt !

    • Neri

      * ‘s

    • MissMarilyn

      OH MY GOSH SHE WAS THAT OLDER WOMAN WHO WAS WITH NATE! Who was always showing excessive amounts of cleavage? Okay I do know who she is.

      • Neri

        Hahaha exactly! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • No, that wasn’t her. That was Mรคdchen Amick, the Twin Peaks actress

        • MissMarilyn

          Nope. Mรคdchen was back in like season 2, I remember her.
          Liz Hurley was on like the second to last season.

          Nate just had many older women throughout his life…….

          • Ah ok! I haven’t seen the last two seasons yet, sorry ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Strawberryfields

        I have disliked her ever since Gossip Girl – that character was the most annoying ever on that show! And that’s saying a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plus her acting was horrible and she sounded like she had a phony british accent, which is quite an accomplishment when you actually are british ๐Ÿ˜‰
        She is pretty though.

        • MissMarilyn

          I did not either!! She was very irritating and I had no idea she was from England… I didn’t know what accent she was trying to use but it sounded really silly.

          And too much boobs out all the time my goodness.

        • Josephinee

          Haha, agreed completely. It was kinda fascinating actually. How pseudo-British can a Brit sound?!

          • Neri

            Yes, I also noticed that! It was so strange?! Does she sound like that in reality… Hopefully not!

  • Amanda

    I think she is gorgeous for her age. Lovely face and personality.

  • Natalia

    Ageing doesn’t have to mean slower metabolism, I hate when I hear ‘as you get older’, no, it’s the lack of muscle, the decreasing ofactivity, and crap food I think that is mostly responsible for weight problems as ppl age, other words, if ppl maintained their muscle mass thru diet & strength training & remained active, I don’t believe there would happen that shift in metabolism as ppl age, since loss of muscle, decreased activity, poor eating habits can all effect? affect? metabolism

    • MissMarilyn

      All those things add to a slower metabolism

      • Natalia

        right I mean a slow metab. doesn’t nec. have to be a direct result of ageing, ie, ageing does not nec. cause a slow metab., but the things that often coincide w/ ageing – loss of muscle, lack of activity, improper diet – can cause a slow metab. Ageing is not the direct cause, it is the indirect cause. The direct causes would be the things I mentioned…lack of muscle due to exer., improper diet, decreased activity, etc. Question of direct and indirect, another words, Ithink slow metabolism, for the most part, not to all degree, is avoidable w/ strength tr., cardio, prper diet.

        • MissMarilyn

          ok. that makes sense

          • Natalia

            Yeah right ya know, ageing does not have to mean DEATH, flab, fat, ill health, I’m in my twenties and am in better shapethen when I was 14. not 12 like some thought ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Aafje

            Well…eventually aging has to mean death lol.

  • Errrrr

    She’s more careful about what she eats now?! She used to be on one meal a day, I’d hate to think what she eats now. Nothing???

  • I’ve never liked her. Yes, she’s quite attractive, but she also seems cold and controlling to me – which is not at all attractive. She’s said some stupid things too which make her sound incredibly vapid – like she’d kill herself if she was as fat as Marilyn Monroe. She’s just not likable to me – and I’ve never found her stunning to look at either.
    She wouldn’t be very famous if it weren’t for Hugh Grant and his infidelity, imo. And now she’s with Shane Warne, which is bizzarre – the amount of sleaze I detect from that guy is astounding!

    • MissMarilyn

      She said that? What a stupid thing to say, on so many levels.
      Especially because Marilyn (Marilyn fluctuated from around 140-118 and was about 5’5, but for a good portion of her career she was at the lower end of that range) was thinner than she is now. Awkward. not to mention that she was one of the most appealing women in history, so clearly the majority of the world approved of her body.

      Also. “I KILL MYSELF IF I WEIGHED THAT MUCH!” would you really? No. you’d diet. no need to be melodramatic.

      If someone would actually kill themselves if they were the same size as marilyn then they need to get checked into a psych ward pronto

      • I think she said it in response to hearing that Marilyn was a size 16 – but she should have realised that Marilyn actually wasn’t that big anyway! And reacting with ‘I’d kill myself if I was that fat’ is incredibly stupid and immature not to mention offensive to any true size 16 woman!

        • MissMarilyn

          agreed. sizes in the 50s were MUCH different as well. she’d probably have worn like a 4-6 if she were alive today. i actually have similar proportions to her (although a little bit less extreme in the waist) and i wear a size 4

          • Natalia

            Can you tell me how I can upload a picture on here, I opened an account last night, but didn’t see my name uder memebers, and when I tried to load a picture, yes, of me, it took me to some other website?

          • Natalia

            god forgive my spelling dont use word w/ spell check all the time

          • MissMarilyn

            @Natalia –

            log into your account. On the top right corner it should say Howdy, Natalia

            put your mouse over that and a list drops down. Click ‘Edit my Profile’
            on that page there is a tab that says ‘Change Avatar’ Click on it. and from there it tells you how to upload a picture. right now it looks like you’re not logged in to your account

          • Natalia

            OK, thank you, I save this email andwill do this later when I have time I think having pix of ourselves helps better understand why we like what we like and maybe will help people see where we alll are coming from ya know? might also stick old Gemma in there ๐Ÿ™‚

          • MissMarilyn

            lmao i’m not sure how my own face helps show my preferences but okay.

            I find that it’s easier to remember/recognize users with pictures.

            Gemma Ward?? because she is gorgeous.

          • Natalia

            I meant those w/ body shots, might really help explain why some ppl, no names see fat where there apparently is none lol, or why others love thick or curvy types since I guess I didn’t log in correctly, I haven’t been able to view any of the body shots of ppl here, if there are any, but yeah I’ll trylater thnx

        • Amanda

          If I were a size 16, I don’t think I would ever feel comfortable leaving my home. There is no excuse for being that large. I am sure I will get a stream of, “but I eat healthy”, but “my genetics”, but ” I workout”, but this and that. Bottom line, there is ZERO reason to be that large.

          Time and time again, we are what we eat. We choose what to do in terms of exercise and WE have power over ourselves. There really is no argument to that (looking at you Erica, sweetie)

          • MissMarilyn

            the problem with Liz’s comment is that Marilyn was never a size 16. She was probably a 4, MAYBE a 6 at her biggest.

      • lol

        The fact that you actually believe that Liz actually said that about MM, speaks volumes. erica probably read it in some tacky gossip tabloid. Which is 99 per cent lies anyway.

        • I’ve read it on this site actually and in the Guardian – it’s a well-known quote from her from 10+ years ago.

          • Amanda

            Hit the gym honey, put down the cookie and see what if feels like to be a thin and fit woman. Maybe your perspective on things will change if you really work for it. Your body will thank you if nothing else. xx

          • Natalia

            Amanda, I am still laughing at the image you planted in my head about the pork chop covered in barbecue sauce in the Givenchy suit. I bet you and I are similar in a lot of ways, you obv. love fashion anyone who knows off top of her head US to Euro conversion must love fashion. And obviously our love of the tall and the skinny…I just wanted to say, to let you knw how I felt, part. in the past few days. I feel kind of sad, and don’t laugh pls but it does make me sad to hear ppl insulting each other, I have done it, maybe not so much name calling, but criticizing, refusing to see othr views, I for one feel ugly when I think about some of the things I’ve said about others. I hope I don’t do it again. While the porkchop comment made me laugh just b/c of the image it put inside of my brain, you and I don’t need to name call, we are confident, nobody needs to or should name call. I had/have/am dealing with my megalomaniacal thinking, thinking of course everyone must take my views, but I am trying to get over it. And you know all the ppl here yelling at me ‘where do you see fat? are you crazy? bla bla didn’t do it. It was only when I asked myself ‘why do you like what you like?’ that I came to realize, that if I love super thin ultra lean women, b/c I am one, then maybe just MAYBE it’s poss. that othr pple like what they like b/c of what they are. And maybe I was wrong. I get real sad when I read some of th cmmnts here, I didn’t before. I felt like we really hurt some ppl, you, I, w/ our comments, like the lady who accused us of eating disorderd. Think of how deeply our comments must have affected her, for her to feel like she had to attack us and say something about us that she probably knew very well was not true. I hope you’re not mad at me for saying these things, I just wanted to say, we are beautiful, and don’t need to put down.

          • @Amanda – I’m not going to defend myself because you don’t really care, nor would you objectively read what I write – you just want to feel superior because you’re very thin and you think that makes you a better human being than anyone who is ‘inexcusably’ overweight. There are ‘excuses’ for being a size 16 – plenty of them – but there are not many excuses for being a condemnatory, fat-phobic egotist who just wants to put others down in order to feel superior.

            @Natalia – I think it’s good that you are looking at your comments critically. I try to do the same and I know I have written things on here that I’m sure have been hurtful to some. The fact that I have a stalker (maybe several!) attests to that – I have ruffled some feathers and those people can’t forgive and forget (or read objectively, it would seem).
            It’s easy to try to uphold ideals that are close to your own body shape by putting down others – and most of us are guilty of that sometimes. I don’t think you have deserved some of the personal attacks you have had on here – you seem like someone who is trying to figure yourself out and is not aiming to be cruel to others, or unforgiving of their particular situations.

            I think it’s healthier to prefer your own body shape than a very different one because always wanting to look like someone you can never look like is just painful! As long as you are not aiming at something truly unhealthy, there is nothing wrong with preferring a thin figure – or a heavier one.
            It’s best, of course, to see the beauty in every body shape – but not many people are that open-minded (myself included)! There is nothing wrong with having an opinion – it’s only wrong when you express that opinion by bashing others or giving no room for debate, if you ask me.

          • Natalia

            thnk you for your comment. my philosophy prof. threw back a paper my first logic paper and told me I had megalomaniacal thinking, inability to see other points of view, said it was usually due to a family member, asked me if I had a strong, stubborn hard head type family, i said my mom. So even tho logic was my area of study, I see my lack of logic in my mega. thnking. And it’s there for many reasons, one, I just love stick like models, two, my mom was unable to see others views, the fashion world has got us all fussing and fighting and running in circles, Karl Lagerfeld calls ppl fat, models are skinny, ppl are starving, but most getting fatter. Another reason, many women have hurt me, my own mom was jealous of me, I’ve had female friends betray me b/c of their envy, all b/c I’m thin, I’ve had nurses weigh me wrong to add 20 lbs to my weight and try to make me feel bad, hairdressers almost pull my hair out, makeup artists put the wrong shade foundaton on purpose like 5 shades off, catty comments by strangers, all b/c of thin envy. this makes me angry, and makes me lash out at heavier/curvier women sometimes. I never used to be like this like 5 years ago. It’s a cycle, name callling, jealousy, I hate it. Maybe I commen alot whenever I come here every few months, well, b/c I have the free time, but also b/c I’ve had enough of it in my own life and feel sick of it.

          • annabanana

            @ natalia, i just wanted to say I really appreciate you writing that comment, and that you have reflected on your previous comments and are no longer being dismissive of others views. It is very nice to have someone with different opinions and experiences here now that you are being considerate of others ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Natalia

            cool, your welcome, i’m back to normal routine/wrking etc so i won’t have time to come to this site reg. (actually leaving US for 6 months) but i do like to blog here every 3-6 months or so when i have the free time. it has really taught me alot, amazing, a website devoted to superficiality has managed to do that

    • Amanda

      @ Erica- where is your snooze button located? Once found, could you tap it for us?

      • MissMarilyn

        I think a lot of people on this site would want to ask the same thing of you, from what I’ve seen.

        I have not criticized you or your opinions thus far. I fully understand them and had the same point of view for a long period of my life. I don’t think you deserve the amount of criticism you are getting for expressing your opinion, which is a completely good opinion to have. You express your points rationally and use good arguments.

        But let’s not be randomly rude to each other, okay? All those girls on the other page who were just like “amanda is a b*** amanda sucks etc etc etc.” those were annoying and immature. Now you’re doing the same thing.

        For anyone who’s reading this on this site (not necessarily directed at you Amanda because I haven’t seen you do this) can we just like realize that everyone is going to have different body preferences and there’s no reason to insult someone for having a different preference than you. It makes you look very silly.

      • maureen

        At least Erica has original thoughts to share, whereas you just post about yourself constantly like a neurotic narcissist who thinks the sun shines out of her bum. But please keep posting by all means, it’s quite funny. Marilyn was not much bigger than Liz btw.

        • Amanda

          I never mentioned Marilyn in any of my posts…? I think that Erica is fine, however, she doesn’t like thin women or finds something wrong with them. It is tiring. We all get that she thinks that a women should be on the higher end of the BMI scale and should have large hips.. got it, k, thanks.

          • sarah

            Well okay but you’re exactly the same way too, only you don’t like bigger woman and think somethings wrong with them. It is tiring. We all get that you think women should be underweight.. goit it, k, thanks.

          • goldfish

            chill amanda….

        • Missmarilyn

          Yeah Marilyn wasn’t much bigger at all, I think she was probably about the same size except she held her weight in her thighs instead of arms and boobs. Silly Liz Hurley

        • lol

          “At least Erica has original thoughts to share”

          Here come the gang of erica clique. there is new ones everytime. Erica’s thoughts are NOT original. all she ever talks about is cliche ridden comments about real women and curves. Hardly call that original. It’s hilarious how she has to have a whole bunch of people to defend her on the internet. Because she needs an audience, she wouldn’t get away with it anywhere else. she only gets away with it here because she’s in the clique of main players/bullies at this board. She wouldn’t do this if half the board wasn’t backing her up.

  • Peaceofmind

    I remember watching bedazzled all the time and thinking she was so gorgeous!!! I was young and she was my idol, then she disappeared for the longest time

  • Clarence Beeks

    She’s right. Once you hit 35, you need a little bit of meat and fat on you, so you don’t look old/haggard. Look at the super skinny women in their 40’s/50’s we see in the tabloids. They look much older. The ones who are slim, but not too skinny, look great.

  • retrobanana

    she looked best in austin powers or atleast thats what i remember of her….she does remind me of lisa vanderpump…here but she always was slim and modelesque

  • Pixie

    She is gorgeous. And I completely agree with her quote, a few extra lbs when you’re older always looks better, too skinny ages you.

  • Nobsnob

    She’s incredibly gorgeous but I don’t know much of her apart from her role in Gossip Girl.

  • Amanda

    I am so much skinnier than her.

    • maureen

      Congratulations! What an amazing contribution to humanity! ๐Ÿ˜€ Since you’re a model, why not submit your photos to this site, and we can all comment on you? Since you seem to love talking about your body constantly, I’m sure you’d enjoy the attention.

      • Amanda

        Uhm, I didn’t post that last comment so whomever did, hilarious.

        • Natalia

          Do you model? I do too! my family and i go bk and forth to Estonia, New York, where we have alot of rrelatives. I want to post a pix but prof. or amateur w/ me taking it, I can’t decide, prof. one ppl might say ‘photoshop!’, which i hate it always looks not natural. anway…

  • binks

    I always thought Liz was beautiful. I sort of agree with her, I don’t think the super skinny body type looks flattering on MOST older women (and some younger women to be honest). At older ages I think it is best to concentrate on toning, building and maintaining muscles in particular areas, and finding a balance weight overall not being thin.

    • happygolucky

      I agree with all of this.

  • @binks:

    Well Said ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jacky Daniels

    ugh i just dont find her pretty. actually i find her face kind of repulsive, she looks like a snake. nice body though.

  • Natalia

    overall good looking woman, not great, but pretty good, but I did here she did watercress soup diet and then saw a picture of her on a boat and her ass, let me see here, I’ll just say it was mush, that’s what happens when you starve yourself and live off cress, no muscle there at all, or in these pix, it’s not her age, it’s poor eating/exercise habits

  • solaxia

    I think she is stunning BUT I can’t stande her personality now…after how she treated that Perth journo. I know journo’s are annoying but when you’re a celeb…that’s how you stay relevant…especially because she isn’t really relevant anymore. Just because people may annoy you a bit, doesn’t give anyone the right to treat that person the way she treated the journo.