Emma Stone: “I’m not worried about looking like a model”


Even though she has a skinny figure and she’s definitely lost weight since the beginning of her career, Emma Stone says that she doesn’t try to look perfect – from CTV News:

“I can easily spend a few months without working out until I have a film coming up and I might want to drop a few pounds.

“Once I did a film, ‘The Help’, and the southern cooking was so delicious that I couldn’t help myself – I gained a few pounds and the costume fitter had to adjust my outfits.

“I’m not worried about looking like a model or always trying to look perfect. I try to eat healthy foods and get enough sleep and go swimming when I can. That’s my fitness regime.”

… says Emma.

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66 thoughts on “Emma Stone: “I’m not worried about looking like a model””

    • i don’t believe her either. It is like when she said that she has always had the body of a ten year old. There are many pictures and movies that can prove her wrong. So Emma, please do not try to convince us about your model like figure and gain some weight.

      • I agree, this is just BS. Im sorry, but she makes it sound like what she eats and does has been her regime forever, but we all know its a lie. Look back at when she just gained attention (Zombieland) she was way different. If she thinks she needs to drop a few pounds just because she has a movie coming up, she has a extremely disorted view of her own body.

      • have you seen her in “easy a”? she was in shape and I think that was her naturally healthy weight point(not mantained by always indulging in eating or never walking 100 mts,however). she must be an “apple” or a “strawberry” since she never gains on her legs,but on her arms and stomach(even if she never shows her waist line because she knows how to dress herself). I think she is very thin even for her own body now, but I would never say “gain some”..we don’t know if she is happier or she is struggling to respond to other people’s expectations. in my personal life, the thinner I was,the better I felt with myself, and really not for having the others think I’m beautyful. so..it’s her body. what actually disturbs me is that the thinner bodies are seen as rare,”difficult” and so.. “exclusive”. this is the reason why when an actress looses a lot of weight she frequently is called to sign a millionaire contract with a fashion brand to sell parfums or something. emma,you are going to make money!

    • well she actually doesn’t look like she works out at all, nor EAT at all, there is no way she is the same chick that was in Super Bad, she’s half her size, and just looks like she doesn’t eat.

    • Honestly, I think people are being a bit too harsh on her. Yes, she has definitely, definitely lost weight in the past few years; however, in her defense, she has gotten older. As people age their bodies shift. She and I are the same age and my body has changed significantly over the past few years.

      Her first big role was ‘Superbad’– she was certainly heavier then but that was also 6 years ago. She was only 18 or 19. My body has changed so incredibly much since then. I went from being pudgy to now being a size 2-4. My waist has gotten smaller, my legs are leaner, etc. We are both finally out of our awkward teenage baby fat years. It’s natural for our bodies to change.

      With that being said, she has obviously gotten extremely thin. She says that she eats healthy– I believe it.

      • Yes I do agree that our bodies can change from late teenager to early adult, mine has definitely. I find it easy to maintain a weight about 10-12lbs smaller but that being said, my eating habits are better also. I do think perhaps her body has changed but I also know that kind of weight loss won’t happen without a significant change in her diet. She doesn’t look like a normal..lost the puppy fat kind of girl, she is underweight and is too thin IMO. I also think she must look even smaller in person. We can be oblivious to certain external pressures for a while but eventually they do sink in. Look at Anne Hathaway, Nicole Richie, Sophie Monk, Ginnifer Goodwin…the list goes on.

  1. No i do not believe her.She once said when she is filming a movie and that stuff she eats all day salds and fruits and on the weekends like normal.To me she looks unhealthy and this is not normal.Its such a bad example for grils cause they think its normal to be so skinny.Arrggh this always makes me so angry!

  2. To be all the time in the eyes of the public creates many complexes for these entertainers.
    If you are human means you are not perfect like a machine or like a doll, but they are requested to act and look in a certain way, so ofcourse at some point they will try to encourage them selfs with this kind of confidence thinking, pretending they take things lightly…
    But it is a choice and to stand the critique..well that is not for everyone.

    • I always hear this point that “being an actress or in the showbiz makes you insecure because you have everybody always looking at you or your body”, but I think that if you were caring about that more than 0,0000000000% you just couldn’t make it in the showbiz. all ensecure or sensitive people just do not reach the top in the carreer usually because they fall before or feel really really bad.this is also true for models,even if top models and famous actresses sometimes make you believe that they are delicate sweetharts so sensitive to the critics. I think it is their job to make the public relate with them but they really dont give a ff—

  3. She sounds a bit deluded about her body – she is extremely thin but talking liking she doesn’t see herself as so…

  4. I don’t believe her either. It’s sad cause she seemed to have a cool personality and a good head on her shoulders. I hate it when celebs do this. It would be refreshing to actually see someone saying “Yes, I eat two apples a day to look like this”. But of course no one will. Instead we’re supposed to believe that they’re all genetically blessed and “naturally skinny”.

  5. OMG I thought she was different from all the other actresses who build their career on their physical appaerance and always think about looking skinny and perfect,but I was obviously wrong.
    But the thing that most drives me crazy is that she doesn’t admit that ,in the last couple of years,she has lost so much weight on pourpuse and that she’s done her best to get skinny.
    I mean,there’s nothing wrong with it,but please Emma,just be real and honest because we are not dumb and,thanks to Google,we can see your old pictures and compare them with the new ones,understanding that you worked so hard to have this result.

  6. She’s a liar like virtually 95% of actresses when it comes to body/weight. She’s fantasizing about what she wishes her life was like – being able to eat whatever she wants and still be 100 pounds at 5’6″ . In reality, if you look at her before she entered the Hollywood machine, she was much heavier. She obviously feels a lot of pressure to be thin, and it shows. I just wish these people would quit lying and say what their life is actually life. “Well, try to wait as long as I can after waking up to actually ingest something, then around 1 PM I get a latte to curb my appetite, then at dinner I’ll have the lowest-calorie dinner possible, like a salad. And maybe I’ll take a 30 minute walk if I don’t feel like I’m gonna faint that day.” THAT would be far more realistic.

    • You hit the nail on the head. I can’t wait until women can stop pretending they came out of the womb tall, thin, and blonde.

    • “She obviously feels a lot of pressure to be thin”

      I agree with everything you said aside from that quote, which gets thrown around a lot.

      The reason why I don’t agree with it is because when she came out on the scene, she was only slightly heavier than most other actresses and was praised for it. Now she is thinner than most actresses. Because she is not a model, I really don’t think someone is actively telling her she needs to lose weight.

      I think the only pressure she is experiencing is from her self.

  7. Since we have all seen her with a tad bit more on her figure it’s safe to say that this isn’t her natural weight, which would mean you have to be slightly concerned with weight in order to maintain a diet that allows you to be this thin. That is all.

  8. Although I don’t believe she is overly skinny like some, I don’t believe her quote here.

    I don’t think she wants to look like a model per say, but I do think she wants to look thin and puts effort into it, unlike some women who are just naturally thin.

    Although I do believe sometimes she lets go and gains some weight, I don’t believe that it doesn’t bother her, because she loses them right after. And the reality is, she doesn’t NEED to be this thin, I think she looks good slightly larger too. So it is obviously a preference/goal for her to look like that, which means it does bother her to not look like that.

  9. She is not denying her weight loss or that she is thin, but simply saying she doesn’t strive to look like a model. Also I don’t think she’s overly skinny, I would guess 5’6 110 lbs which is skinny but hardly bony. To be honest though, I preferred her when her figure was a bit fuller and hair was red, as it made her face look more lively. But I understand she’s a natural blonde and didn’t want to keep dyeing her hair.

    • If she’s 5’6 then she surely doesn’t weigh more than 105… Especially since she doesn’t seem to have any muscle mass whatsoever (which would show at such small body-fat percentage)!

      • You could be right. I’m going off these 2 girls I know, sisters who are 5’6ish and no more than 102 lbs each, and Emma looks bigger than each. Her legs are not bony, and she’s wearing 5″ platform heels which make legs look thinner than they are. Her face is what looks underweight; pinched, drawn, unhappy. She seems the type who doesn’t eat much and doesn’t exercise much either.

    • You are in a site that is called ”skinny vs curvy”! Here we can see photos of celebs and judge them for being too fat or too skinny and their quotes about their weight! If this is too much for you, just don’t read the comments..

  10. She looks great! Her face is just weird looking though. I don’t get why people think she’s skinny, she is slim but skinny for me would be Freja or Anja.

  11. I think she does look a bit too thin, compared to how she used to be – and I’m certain it’s by design, not by nature. She has become more fashionable recently and that has coincided with her weight loss – it makes sense to me to want to be model-thin if you are really into high fashion because of the styles and their suitability for a lean, straight figure and just that you never see bigger models in high fashion shows. Most really fashion-forward celebs maintain thin figures and I don’t believe they are all ‘naturally’ that way. I have no problem with it if it makes them happy to be thin, I just think it’s better when they’re honest rather than ‘I don’t really watch what I eat or work out, but I’ve lost weight/stayed very thin anyway’ – doesn’t ring true for most.

  12. i agree.she has lost weight but people can be thin without going to extremes. i am noturally small and at 5’5 if i watchwhat i eat-taking in about 1500-2000 calories and workout i naturally lose weight-in fact sometimes i eat 3000 cals-yeah! and do not work out for weeks, and i still stay about 120ish

    • I have the same stats as you and my body has the same inclinations. I eat whatever, usually above what someone my size is supposed to eat, stay in the 120s at 5 5. Exercise and staying in the range of 118-127 is a snap. The thing is, when I train harder, and try to weigh less, it is the hardest thing in the world to maintain. At my smallest, I weighed 112, and was only eating boiled chicken and salad and working out 6 days a week for an hour. I couldn’t keep it up. Maintaining a healthy weight is easy for me too. Trying to maintain lower than normal for me is a pain in the as$. She looks like 5 6 and 110. I think she maintains a great deal of control over her eating habits to keep her body the size it is, considering how her body used to look. I don’t think she works out, though. That doesn’t look like the body of someone who works to build muscle. I guess what I’m trying to say is its easy to maintain your normal weight range, but to me that doesn’t look like her normal range. It looks like one she works for.

      • While I think she is quite thin, but it is possible she was eating quite badly when she first came into the scene and now as she eats healthier she may just be a lower weight. I am also 5’5 and maintain around 110 lbs by eating healthy food, around 1800-2300 calories a day, with a bit of exercise. Well I at least hope this is the case and she is not starving herself thin!

          • That definitely wasn’t her ‘heaviest’ in that picture. She was larger in Superbad than there but that isn’t the point. I highly doubt someone who is aspiring to be an actress over indulges in junk food too often, unless they’re already overweight. Which she wasn’t. The weight in the picture you showed looked like it could be her normal weight, not her heaviest though. She just doesn’t look like this is her natural weight. She doesn’t look like she’s supposed to be this small. If she was built like Taylor swift, id have no qualms. But she doesn’t look like a ‘naturally skinny’ girl. I think she was a normal eater before then tightened up restrictions to be thinner. When you’re only eating salad and lose weight that doesn’t make you naturally skinny. The only reason people think she doesn’t look too bad is because she’s also skinny fat, so because she has some fat it looks okay. I agree with mel. I usually love thin. No offense, I’m never like ‘real women blahblahblah.’ I like Victoria s secret models. But she looks tired and unhealthy. Other people can be naturally thin. But naturally thin people have to try really hard to gain ten pounds and keep it on so long. I, like others on here, know people who couldn’t keep on weight if they tried. Then different metabolisms. When i ate burgers and pizza and Thai and Chinese foods day after day for almost a year i was 123lbs and my boyfriends gained 40 because he want naturally thinner, and his metabolism sucked. I think she gains weight really easy and has to east minimally to be that thin.

  13. I have a litlle problem with the comments on here.. seems like everyone is saying that skinny = perfect. Or that people who are genetically blessed are skinny.
    Well I don’t think that skinny is desirable or perfect for everyone. Some people look even better with a little more weight(Jennifer Hudson was way prettier to me).
    But apart from looks, health should always be the top priority

    • agree. generally,we all have a weight point were we can stay without suffering and we look our best. usually it is in the frame of the healthy bmi,more or less. for example,imagine a skinny kelly brooke: I think she would be pretty but not as pretty as she is now. if she gained 30 pounds she woud not look better either. the problem is that only(mainly) the skinny-beauty is celebrated and presented as desireable, in a so distorted way that a lot of people,models,actresses,princesses with a better look at a different weight just ends up loosing and loosing as much as possible. I am gonna bring another example with myself,just to show that I’m not tailoring the reality to feel better about my eating habits: I am fat now in this moment of my life and I do not look good. I know at wich weight I look the best,and it is not even the lowest i got(at the lowest my face was very masculine). the point is that I know a girl bigger than me,same heigh, who is stunning..once I saw her thinner but she is just better as she is now..a big girl,with an amazing body shape,face and hair

  14. I don’t believe her either and let alone all other things it really bugs me when celebrities say they eat healthily,just because they may not be eating cakes etc..eating hardly anything is certainly not healthy either!and a bad message to send!

  15. right. honestly she might not have the height of a model, but she’s practically a short model. skinny, celebrity, actress. she lost weight and dyed her hair blonde how stereotypical can she get. still pretty but she looks older when she looses weight.

  16. i don’t think she’s toooooooo thin, but she’s getting there. anyway, her quote seems like a bunch of baloney to me. she obviously aspires to look like something other than herself with this noticeable weight-loss, whether it be a model or not.

  17. Almost everyone liked her when she was normal weight with red hair (Superbad era). If I was her I would have wanted to hold on to what people like about me but she changed these 2 important features of herself. Which is not the smartest move, so now everyone is trying to keep liking her for the sake of what she represented once, but she is making it impossible with these lies she is telling (looking like a boy since 10!). I feel like she will steer into Lindsay Lohan – Mischa Barton street soon. I hope it doesn’t happen and she comes to her senses!

  18. so her comment about looking like a model can be viewed in two ways: 1) she means she doesn’t worry about looking like a model as in she doesn’t strive to look like a model 2) she means she doesn’t worry looking like a model as she knows she looks that thin but she doesn’t worry about looking that way. i think people are reading it the first way mostly.

  19. Aside from the obvious weight loss she looks like she has aged so much in the past year. While I try not to judge when it comes to weight, I will say that when it starts to age you so dramatically, maybe it’s time to rethink the regime. She reminds me of Lindsay Lohan here, which is never a good comparison these days.

  20. She’s not too thin, but her quote is like a copy-paste (with some minor modifications) of any other Hollywood celebrity’ s interview.

  21. The worst thing about it is that the looks sick and horrible. I’m usually all for the skinny chick but she just doesn’t look attractive to me anymore. Legs don’t look good, she just looks like a stick. Like a little girl….Look at Kendall and I think she looks great. Definitely not too skinny and looks healthy and sexy but Emma doesn’t look good like it at all and I feel like she also isn’t comfortable in her own body. It just shows if you are comfortable in your body or not and she definitely isn’t. So I think she has some problems. Maybe its all too much. I mean she is in that much movies and nowadays she is one of the ”it-girls” and maybe she wants attention. I don’t know…if she is happy then she should stay that way but if she isn’t then she should change something before her health suffers…

  22. Since she has this “cool factor” associated with her, I think she wants to give off the impression she doesn’t care about weight. You would think from her easy and comedic personality that she doesn’t care. Yet, I think she cares immensely about her weight and goes to certain measures to maintain her low weight now. Her Superbad weight…? To now…? She doesn’t look like the same girl.

  23. Hm I don’t believe her. And that quote is funny, because when I first scrolled down and didn’t read the name, I thought it WAS some model.

    • If theres one thing I’ve learned its to never trust what a celebrity says about their exercise/diet routine. You can tell they’re lying especially when they say contradictory things every week like Mizz Paltrow.

  24. yo, she’s so clearly straight up lying. she’s dropped crazy weight since she first got popular. she looks like she could be snapped in half by a strong wind. her face looks stretched and strung out. i like her movies but it’s so irritating when people are straight up lying!

    and like, her body was banging in easy a. now she’s saying she’s got a naturally rail thin physique? puuh-lease

  25. I love Emma Stone and I think she looks great at a heavier weight and a lighter weight but I can’t say I believe her either – we all know she was heavier when she first started out, and after she got really famous after ‘Easy A’ was when we all started seeing the pounds drop off her.

    • Yes, totally. She currently has that type of frailness that starts making you look like an old lady. No muscle mass. No curves or softness at all. Dull and lifeless imo.

  26. she def looks like a different person and axts like a different person i think she makes different choices and is trying to be seen as a different person ..i liked the zombieland superbad emma this is clearly not who she wants to be anymore…imm not her fan anymore but she has many others…ill get over it

  27. Well… her head is looking super big compared to her body, that’s one thing. She’s just talking straight BS. She has been seen not looking like a ten year old, that’s not her natural weight. Hope she gets healthier soon cos she’s starting to have the super fragile anorexic twist in her looks. Also she has lost her glow imo. Building some muscle and eating healthy would do some big changes, but that’s up to her to decide what to d.

  28. She doesn’t look truly happy in any of the pictures. That makes me sad for her, but also a bit angry. If you are a famous actress, have your youth and health, then why not be BEAMING????!!

    • If I were a famous actress, I would not be happy, and she may not be either – she looks frail rather than healthy. She looked happy and healthy when she first became famous years ago. Now not so much.

  29. How could anyone ever go a month without workingout???
    I can’t even go one day or I become fat.
    Plus she is fugly either way
    How the hell can she afford Loubs?

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