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Emma Stone Is Red Hot

159099785_10 - Emma Stone Is Red Hot

Emma Stone looked picture-perfect in an all red outfit as she stepped in front of the cameras at Warner Bros. Pictures’ ‘Gangster Squad’ premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre the other day in Hollywood. How do you all like her look?

See how Emma’s body has changed throughout the years here!

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  • xname

    Too skinny.

    • HB

      A little… even moreso because the dress is too big.

      Hair and makeup are fun, though.

    • Emmy

      I think the Emma in the poster outshines her 😛 how long ago was it filmed? She looked really pretty

    • hanan

      yes , and she said :” i was born with a 10 years old body”
      but not true , she was much curvier before .

    • Powwow

      Yep 🙁

    • cloud9

      she doesn’t look fun anymore, she used to be so vibrant, no just another trophy looking thing

  • linda

    Lost her glow long time ago.

    • Nobsnob

      Yep. She looks insipid now and like every other rail-thin blonde actress. Plus her face didn’t benefit from the weight loss. She looks washed out, lifeless. :/

  • Mia

    This a little off topic, but I was just thinking about her today, and how strange it is that Hollywood becomes fascinated by a single actress every once in a while, and she gets cast in basically every Blockbuster film. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a cute girl and I’m sure she’s very nice, but I don’t think she’s that great of an actress or deserving of all the roles she is getting. I guess it’s all about what will draw the crowds in…but still, strange.

  • Kate

    The pose that she has in the 7th photo it’s funny

  • callie

    I think she probably is too thin here, but I can’t help thinking she looks so beautiful. She looks really elegant and dainty, like a ballerina. I think with the blonde hair she looks more ethereal whereas with the red hair she looks much sexier. I think i definitely prefer her as a red head but I still like this looks for her.

    • Mishael

      @calle, agreed. As a read head she was hot. Especially in dark auburn color. Even though I hated her blonde hair at first, she has started to grow on me lately. But she became very boring to me after she dyed her hair and lost so much weight.

    • MissMarilyn

      agree agree. she looks gorgeous at any weight, and while the red hair is my favorite she still looks nice with blonde locks

  • krissy

    she doesnt stand out anymore. her body is just skinny theres no definition to it which is disappointing. emmas personality definitely has a spark but she just seems lifeless in photos. she needs a VS workout because at least they are fit and toned.

  • isabel

    Beautiful, if only she had her red hair back.

  • Veronika

    Absolutely gorgeous, if she kept this styling/weight and went back to her old red hair I think she would be pretty close to my physical ideal. I know many on SvC find her too thin now but she looks quite healthy to me, she looks like she lost some of the baby fat that can linger around in a girl’s early 20s.

    • jjj2

      I agree. She is not too thin at all. She is very healthy looking. I’m not sure why she is getting attacked lately as she hasn’t lost any weight. Usually its the overweight, slightly chubby, or average weight girls who get attacked once they become more fit and or lose a little weight.

      She just looks great!

  • Sarah

    I usually am a fan of skinnies (not scarily skinny tho!) but for Emma Stone, I think she def looks too thin. It just doesn’t suit her. Some people can pull off being that thin and I really don’t think she can. She’s totally lost ‘it’ IMO, as someone else said. Also, prefer her as a redhead a million times over. Blonde washes her out, and with her body that thin, she just looks like an insipid, wan little ghost girl or something 🙁

    • sarah

      U’right,it’s like she lost some personality.
      That’s a shame because she used to be the one,but now she’s just one of the..

    • sarah

      It’s like she lost some personality.
      That’s a shame because she used to be the one,but now she’s just one of the..

  • Nika

    The outfit and accessories are stunning however, she has gotten too thin and would look much healthier if she gained back a few pounds. It’s really sad when the pressure of the industry gets to them.

  • Lindsay

    That dress was too big, the belt was obviously just thrown on to accentuate her waist. That bothers me…buy a dress that fits.

  • kbaby

    That dress….child, please! X__o

  • This colour is great on her – but I really do feel she has become too thin. The dress looks like it would simply pool at her feet if it weren’t for the belt! I saw her on Leno recently and thought she looked kind of frail – and it has made her face look a lot older too. I also don’t like her hair now – there is something unnatural about the colour and shape that doesn’t suit her and kind of ages her too.

    • annemarie

      I agree, the colour of dress looks beautiful on Emma. And this hair style seems to age her(even though I have heard that straight-across fringes make women look younger)

      I can’t decide whether I find her too skinny or not. Her legs look very skinny and her shoulder blades are very visible but her arms look like they belong to someone who’s 10-15 lbs bigger, and usually women with such visible shoulder blades have very thin, sometimes even sinewy, arms. And on the last picture her back looks normal, with no protruding bones.

      • Anna

        Totally agree with you!
        I think this is because she doesn’t excercise as much and eats very little.
        Maybe that’s also why she looks so “fragile”, if you compare her to a VS model for example she does look much weaker and that could be the reason the weight loss appears to be even more extreme..

        • tiffany

          what?! really??? i actually thought that the THINNEST part of her entire body was her arms!!

          or maybe it’s because i tend to accumulate fat in my arms so hers look extremely tiny to me

          • Aly

            I agree! I was thinking that her arms practically disappeared side on!!! It irritates me; by the time my arms look somewhat even close to that veins start popping everywhere. Grr

  • jamie

    LOL at the close ups on her feet…she is cute but does not look like she will age well…she doesnt look too thin to me as she is small boned and it works on her frame, but I prefer more of a feminine body

    • Victoria

      why do you think she won’t age well? is it because she lost some plumpness from her face and got slight wrinkes, or is it something else entirely?

  • Pixie

    Not liking that dress or the giant necklace. She has very pretty eyes. I prefer her with red hair and more curvy, there’s nothing to her now. She was hot before. 🙁

  • jerry z

    her dresses lately look like they are thick draping fabrics belted at the waist… not that the dresses aren’t beautiful – they just look huge on her! not sure if it’s the style though or because of her size… maybe they are trying to create the illusion of more shape through draping…

  • when i first saw the movie Easy A i was in love with her and that was the last time i guess. since that movie she has changed a lot. with all the fame she gained she has lost weight and gone blonde. please emma at least get your red hair back 🙁

  • I think her smile is ok but the not the one with her teeth showing

  • annemarie

    Has she dyed her hair a little darker? It doesn’t seem to wash her out anymore. Or is it just the lightening?

  • serena

    I think the oversized necklace and broach look too big on her petite frame. But idk shit about fashion so who knows, maybe this is what the designer overlords decided is trendy this season. Emma is pretty as always though the dress fits poorly.

  • hanan

    love her eyes color ( @ pic 3)
    and her hair cut is lovely

  • retrobanana

    i think she is getting too thin and way overrated…not a fan anymore i dont think i have seen any of her new movies..spiderman negative…gangster squad not seeing…i odnt get why she is blowing up so fast but blake lively seemed to blow up real wuick and is fading away already…

  • Ld

    She’s got gorgeous eyes and beautiful skin. For me, She just looks a wee bit too thin at the moment. She must be tiny in person.

  • Sienna

    She obviously has a small frame.
    She has a body fat % as low as a VS model, but she lacks the muscle they have, which makes her look weak and frail.
    Her body would be perfect if she did some strength training!

  • lc

    She looks great.

  • deppfan

    She looks completely different person nowadays yeah. She doesn’t pull every makeup or hairstyle. She is def not underweight. Small frames are able to be really skinny without being underweight. I’m one of them. My size is xs but I have still a hanful of meat on my tiny little bones.

  • ary


  • Candy

    I think she looks amazing.

  • serena

    Those shoes look like they would leave blisters :/ I don’t know why they make women’s shoes so pointy at the front. I don’t know any women who have pointed feet lol. I think a gently curved front with a slightly thicker heel (not a wedge but not stiletto) is so much healthier to walk in.

  • Kimberly

    I think she is so pretty, but she needs a little muscle mass in her arms.

  • Hazal

    I’ve alteady mentioned many times on this site that I don’t get the fuss about her at all.
    BUT: her dress, necklace, hair and make-up look great here!
    Her shoes, hair colour and extremely fragile-looking body, on the other side, well…, I’m not a fan.

  • DD

    Belting a dress is only a wise fashion choice if doing so accentuates curves. She should’ve left the belt at home.

  • Stephanie

    She’s gorgeous, and she has a fab figure!

  • lex

    She’s pretty but she’s one of those people that if you didn’t tell me who she is I wouldn’t know it was her. She doesn’t have a very memorable face, at least in my opinion.

  • Lila

    Am I the ONLY one that thinks she is not pretty? Sure she is cute enough and her look is definitely not boring, but she is just simply not someone to remark about.

    • Linnie

      No, you are not the only one. This is one girl who’s appeal I do not get at all.She may be a decent actress, but I just don’t see her immense beauty. Cute, yes, but I find her features to be a little “off” and her smile makes her mouth look piranha like.

      • Karin

        I actually thought that her smile was a bit crazy when I first saw her laug in Crazy Stupid Love…

  • Tia

    she seems like a nice girl but something about her face reminds me of a slow loris.
    I like the dress but I think she just overaccesorized (and not in a good way) and the look is bringing her down a bit. Other than that her skin is glowing and her makeup is on point!

  • Mel

    i dont like the dress. I think as being that skinny you have to wear something very tight and delicate… idk

  • sims

    She has lost so much weigh since Easy A! I liked her better when she had a little meat on her bones. Back in Easy A & House Bunny she was definitely thin, but she had curves. I think she’s lost a little too much weight. She’s pretty still.

  • Adriana

    IMO, she doesn’t look too thin or too lean, she looks a bit smaller than alot of other female actresses because she has a small bone structure and doesn’t have a whole lot of muscle but she can fix that if she wanted. Btw she looks like a young Melinda Clarke!

  • girl21

    I don’t get it?? She doesn’t look too thin to me at all, losing weight does not equal suddenly being too thin.
    However I feel that the dress being too big makes her look smaller, something more form fitting would have accentuated her shape.

    • Adriana

      I think that when people on here say “too thin” I think they mean for their preference, not in as in she is underweight or unhealthy looking.

  • benjay

    Emma looks great, face and body is perfect in these pics. I wish the dress would show a bit more, but thats the goal… right? very distingushed and grown up… now if she could just change her voice but that doesnt matter here 🙂 Ok, so my verdict is winner… very well done… not curvy and not too skinny…. i fear she will get snatched up and pregnant soon… ruining all the hard work…

  • Nat Shermans

    Emma is obviously very pretty, fit, popular, etc…something about her is just…off for me. I can’t put my finger on it.
    Maybe it’s because The Help made me so mad and I never saw Spiderman. Maybe it’s because I thought she’d be fiercer when she fist emerged. I’m not a fan.

    • Hh

      Fit? In what world?

  • Jacky Daniels

    im kind of over her in this im blonde skinny hollywood talk about my weight phase.

  • Jacky Daniels

    oh i like her nose its perfect:)

  • Ysatis

    I bet she’s skin and bones in real life. I find her face very plain looking despite being styled by some of the best MUAs or hair stylist in the business.

  • Hh

    Does she ever move her body? Just wondering…bc it does not look to be the case. She seems like she doesn’t eat and suffers the consequences of lethargy.

  • Observer

    Slim but shapeless. She looks noodle-ly. No definition or tone, just random weightloss, kind of like someone looks when they lose due to sickness.
    That hair washes her out, IMO. Don’t like the outfit (looks like cheap curtain material), shoes are rather ugly.

  • What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious familiarity about unpredicted emotions.

  • anonymous

    Pretty girl, but she’s too skinny these days. Her body looked better a few years ago before she lost weight. I do love her natural pale complexion and the blonde hair has grown on me too. She has a beautiful face and looks good in red.

  • Lydia

    another hollywood actress that gets too skinny and looks dead inside? whats new? :/

  • Sheri

    She looks cute face wise but i don’t really like the outfit… it looks a little old

  • loli

    skinny, im so jelous but im not crazy about her face tho