Emma Stone

Emma Stone – Skinny in W Magazine

emma41 - Emma Stone - Skinny in W Magazine

Emma Stone is the covergirl of W Magazine February 2013 issue ad the star of a spread featuring messy hair, out-in-the-open bra and long and thin legs.

How do you all like it?

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emma11 - Emma Stone - Skinny in W Magazine emma21 - Emma Stone - Skinny in W Magazine emma31 - Emma Stone - Skinny in W Magazine

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  • Ana

    The worst photoshoot I’ve ever seen. Made her look like a hobo.

    • ingie

      Totally agree! I think this shoot looks really cheap and it makes Emma Stone ugly.

      • Lauren

        I agree. She’s usually prettier and has such a great smile…with the outfits, hair, and poses, they almost made her look like white trash Cinderella. 🙁

      • tellmewhatyouwant

        she looks stoned!

    • MissMarilyn

      I really don’t like the third picture but otherwise I think it’s okay. not my favorite type of shoot but it reminds me of many of the marc jacob ads (especially the last picture)

      • Sanne

        That’s not weird, cause Juergen Teller took the pics.
        I like the pics, they have this reality touch. Not overphotoshopped, no weird poses.

        • MissMarilyn

          ahhaha!!! I didn’t even realize. no wonder they reminded me the MJ ads 😛 I do like a lot of his stuff for marc jacobs. I like the weirdness/almost creepiness of some of his shoots, the awkward poses and such, which this one kind of lacks… except the last picture. I love that one. She looks so haunted!

          • Sanne


      • Rita

        yup.. marc jacobs popped in my mind when i saw these pix

    • artemis

      yeah, she looks so meh, her hair looks bad.

  • Bellerina

    Love the dress in the last pic! Emma looks lovely, I like the fair skin but I still prefer her as a red head. This is definitely the thinnest she has been since her movies made her a name. I wish there was more evidence of some kind of physical activity :/

    • Veronique

      Yeah, she doesn’t look thin in a fit way, you know? Just…in a boney, skinny way.

      • Inanna

        Does everyonr has to be fit and muscular? I think there is an obsession with looking fit. Too much exercise isn’t. good for us either. Many people can’t exercise a lot for various reasons, there should be space for them too! You can be phisical active without being extremely toned and you can be BEAUTIFUL without being extremely toned. I think concept of beauty is very limited if it only includes having a lot of visible muscels.

        • Veronique

          No, in fact I agree with you, I’m not a fan of hard, super muscular body types, but with Emma, she’s just skin and bone, and it’s apparent she lost all the weight through eating very little, not physical activity.

          • artemis

            cute kitty!

        • MissMarilyn

          There is such a thing as overexercising or pushing yourself so far that it’s dangerous… but there’s not really such a thing as “being too fit”. Some people may view it unattractive if you have a body builder-esque build…. but it’s not unhealthy.

          So you can push yourself too hard during exercise and that’s not healthy but if you exercise normally you cannot be “too fit” except in an aesthetic point of view. Being fit actually helps with a lot of things in daily life (like improving mood and making it easier to sleep) as well as helping with long-term health problems.

          It is my opinion that bodies that are toned are the most attractive (and most healthy looking) bodies. But there are actually a lot of people (maybe not on this site) who don’t find any muscle attractive.

          • LaLaLaura

            I agree with you 100%. I don’t think it’s possible to be too fit, exercise wise. People who exercise regularly don’t usually exercise to maintain their current fitness levels, they exercise to improve themselves even more and become even healthier. Now I have always found having muscle definition to be attractive, and do not find rail thin bodies even remotely attractive. When you’re thin and lack curves building muscle is one the easiest ways to change your body shape without resorting to surgery. I’m thin naturally, so when I workout and lift weights I change the shape of my body. I used to be as thin as Emma is here, and I was around 103 lbs and had no muscle. This was due to illness, but still. Her current weight concerns me greatly. Even in regards to her bone health, and overall health of her body. Weight affects everything, and being underweight can be as dangerous to your health as being overweight. Our body needs certain things, and my guess is that Emma isn’t the healthiest she’s ever been, and she looks down right miserable. She doesnt have that glimmer in her eyes that so much of us loved seeing. The films we’ve been seeing on screen recently were filmed probably a year or so ago, so it doesnt show how frail she currently. And on screen it would be obvious that she’s too thin.

          • Karin

            But over exercising can damage your bones and joints. So there is something as “too fit”. Everything has the right kind of balance, even being fit.

  • Veronique

    In the first picture I thought she looked like a drug addict…messy hair, disheveled looking, super skinny…eeek.

    Normally I think she’s beautiful, although I think she could gain 5-10 pounds and look even better.

  • Emma

    In the cover it looks like they just drew that strapless bra on her… weird. She looks really pretty and good though..

  • wonderwoman21

    She looked so much better as a red head. This blonde look just washes her out and makes her look like just another Hollywood blonde. Before with red hair she looked unique and sexy.

  • Stace

    This is the worst photoshoot I have ever seen of Emma. She is such a pretty girl, but they have made her look sickly.

    • Bellerina

      I don’t know if I would call this her worst shoot, exactly. But it is definitely not the normal “bubbly” or “sexy” shoot we are used to. I like the tragic, lost vibe from this shoot. It’s good to see her have a range. And I find she is still rather lovely in spite of the rawness, imo.

    • La la la la


  • Robyn

    I really love Emma’s figure , she’s looks so delicate and dainty , but I agree this isn’t the best photo shoot of her she looks a bit like a drug addict / hobo :/

    • annemarie

      I agree, but I think it’s because of her styling in this photoshoot, and with such styling anybody would look bad.

  • Tally

    She looks like she rented a hotel room to do some drugs

  • This is disappointing – she’s so much better than this! I think Emma is very smart and funny but I think she is too thin now and has a ‘skinny fat’ look that, coupled with the Courtney-love-esque styling of this shoot makes her look unhealthy here. I definitely prefer her as a redhead – this blonde is insipid.

    • Cal

      Exactly, the skinny fat look isn’t cute. She’s lost too much muscle.

  • Heather

    Love Emma, hate the shoot. I get what they were going for, but they didn’t quite make it there.

    Looks like it was taken an entry level point and shoot camera with a super obnoxious flash.

  • D

    She is so boring/bland/average in my opinion… definitely wouldnt even notice her in a crowd. Plus this photoshoot is so blah and not memorable at all. And its not even that shes too thin persay, but she just looks… ill in an ive-been-in-bed-with-the-flu-for-two-weeks kind of way.

  • serena

    In the 1st photo it literally looks like someone knocked on her door, woke her up from a nap, and she got up, half-dressed and opened the door with a glum look on her face, only to find a photographer on the other side. I guess the artistic director for the shoot thought it would look artsy and bohemian for her to be miserable. But really it just looks weird.

  • Heather

    I feel like a super smokey or just interesting makeup look could have saved this shoot. Made it look more intentional instead of sloppy.

  • gsl

    It looks like the whole photoshoot took 5 mins

  • Powwow

    This reminds me of Amy Winehouse…

  • aline

    I know I am being very mean uttering this but second shoot screams “frooooogg”to me,she has a very lovely face and beautiful features,how can she possibly look this bad?

  • Annie

    Well, looks like heroin chic is back.

    • Heather

      Lol! That was my exact thought!

  • jamie

    could she look more lifeless? cant stand this shoot…

  • Jac

    ehhhh this is pretty terrible. The shoot is boring and the girl needs at least a little bit of muscle.

  • Chelsea

    She used to be gorgeous; she just looks washed out now.

  • lc

    I think I am finally over/done with her now.

  • jerry z

    she is a normal looking girl and normal looking girls need photoshop and makeup, etc. to look model-y for shoots… giselle or any other model would have looked spectacular in this minimalistic shoot – but she just looks like she needs a shower.

  • Kimberly

    She has lost her spark. Terrible.

  • retrobanana

    reminds me of whatever her name is that quit gossip girl to have a rock and roll career and always wears no pants….and was in the grinch when she was little….gives me that vibe..

    • Sheza

      You must mean Taylor Momsen

  • someone

    ..Wow, i think she looks great.

  • Heather

    I agree with people who say she is a normal looking girl. IMO, she isn’t a great beauty, she looks better as a redhead and she is quite skinny, which I’m okay with. I just can’t get past her hair and just pale plain face 🙁 sad

  • Liz

    Am I the only one who likes the heroin chic feel of the shoot? I love Emma to death, but I prefer her with a little edge than magazines normally give her (usually floral dresses and big smiles). Also wish she would go red again.

  • Rachel

    She doesn’t suit this weight, it makes her look older and haggard. She’s lost that glow.

  • Adriana

    Meh, I like Emma and her current look but im so over the comments about her. They are the same EVERY time. “could gain 5-10 pounds ” and my fav “looked better as a red head”
    I honestly believe she will never gain back the weight she lost and when it comes to the red hair im not sure if that will make a come back either. I know im so over reading the predictable, BORING comments about her.
    I really don’t like Lena Dunham but atleast the comments on that thread are interesting.

    • Lydia

      lol you’re complaining about the honest comments made here? gtfo.

  • Hh

    She looks like she hardly ever moves! Never into her. Never will understand why people are too? It’s like confusing to me how people find her attractive.

  • Princess di

    Ummmm…does she have herpes? Lol I’m not being mean its just her lip looks like she has a blister on it in the 2nd pic…zoom in and you’ll see it! Maybe she really was sick and the photog was like, hey let’s go w it, drug sick photo shoot awesome! she’s pretty and has a nice skinny body but this makes her look like very average to bad looking. I’d punch the photog out for this!

  • solaxia

    Beautiful skin (even without photoshop). I wish she had her red hair though!!! Her eyes are gorgeous, and the red off sets her two best features so well – skin and eyes. She has a cute lil body. I think her face looks a little haggard sometimes now…I don’t know if thats the low bf%, or I have a feeling, it may be because the blonde does it to her (even though it is natural).

  • binks

    Emma looked better when she had a bit more weight and when her was red she looks so blah now…despite her fin personality

  • Sofia

    I used to be fascinated with her. Not so much anymore =(

  • Mish

    I like it, it’s raw

  • D.

    I liked her more with a few pounds more on her ribs but whatever.
    But I don’t understand why nobody here likes this kind of shoot. It’s Juergen Teller and it’s analog so no wonder that there is neither much photoshop nor any kind of smoothness going on.

  • Ysatis

    skinny and plain looking.

  • C

    Gotta be honest…
    I love them.
    Love the cover photo 🙂

  • Ann

    Fried hair. Pasty, untoned body. Unremarkable fashion. No styling.


  • carrie

    wow.looks thin-maybe 5’5 110 lbs. what do you all think?she could gain a little..

  • Layne

    She looks like an expensive hooker (to me) in these shots. She looks kind of strung out…

  • Daisy

    Bummer I liked her look better before. Now she is all skinny, just like everyone else.. I thought she was more confident then to fall in to the size 0 crew.

  • Em

    Honestly this photo shoot makes me sad. Emma used to be so much fun and lively , but lately she seems completely different. Even in her TV interviews she seems almost lifeless and this photo shoot doesn’t help. The cover photo is almost disturbing and looks almost personal . She has lost so much weight that she didn’t need to lose . I really hope something isn’t really wrong with her… As a side note she’s blonde again because she starts shooting the new Spider Man movie this week.

  • siennagold

    Even with a bra, she still looks flat chested.

  • Kiki

    I find these photos very disturbing, especially the cover photo. She’s so thin she looks like a child and, because of the gritty nature of the photos I feel like I’m looking at some peodoohile’s secret stash porn. I love emma Stone, but this makes me sad.

    • Annie

      It’s mostly the styling and facial expression making her look “sad” or “childish” or whatever – I guess they were going for the pouting Lolita angle. I still see plenty of meat on her thighs and arms. She doesn’t have any bones showing. What is so miserable about being slim?

    • Raquel100

      I just wrote something similar when I saw your comments. I totally agree – disturbing photo shoot and I like her, too

  • serena

    I don’t know why a lot of actresses say they are natural blondes when you can clearly see 3″ of dark roots growing in; that’s not even dirty blonde, but dark brown. Most likely she was blonde as a child but it darkened to a mousy brown. A darker strawberry blonde would suit her

  • Natalia

    Skinny-fat, layer of fat covers up any definition she might have if she were just 5 lbs thinner and maybe did some light weight training. Still, average tho

  • retrobanana

    thank you sheza…that is who i was thinking of

  • Raquel100

    Disgusting. Upsetting. Creepy. I feel bad for her that she had to pose like this. She has a very young hooker vibe here and it’s purposefully set up that way & upsetting!

  • Lydia

    wow she looks beyond bad and washed out/anorexic

  • Scarlett

    These photos seem desperate to make Emma appear waify. She looks like she is at an unhealthy weight to me, she looks too skinny to be healthy. These photos make her look underfed and drug-addicted. Too bad because I have previously seen her as absolutely stunning.