Celebrities Without Make-up, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Makeover or Makeunder?

Emmanuelle Chriqui Goes Makeupless

FP_4467525_Chriqui_Emmanuelle_FRE_020110 - Emmanuelle Chriqui Goes Makeupless

Most Desirable Woman of 2010 Emmanuelle Chriqui (click here to see the post!) was spotted in West Hollywood yesterday… wearing a casual outfit and zero make-up.

In case anyone is curious, she is 32.

See her from head-to-toe after the jump!

FP_4467524_Chriqui_Emmanuelle_FRE_020110 - Emmanuelle Chriqui Goes Makeupless

FP_4467527_Chriqui_Emmanuelle_FRE_020110 - Emmanuelle Chriqui Goes Makeupless

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • She looks pretty average.. love it!

  • Sharen

    oh dear, definitely not the best picture of her, between the outfit and all..

  • bella

    why this sad face?!?!?! if i had a bag of jimmy choos i would be on cloud no. 9:D

    • Alias

      Haha seriously! I would be grinning ear to ear if I were her! She looks like an average 30 something lady.

    • This comment made my day… =))

  • Kaiser

    Disturbing. I think she is one of the hottest celebs on the planet but I wouldn’t turn my head for her here.

    Totally next door.

    • brittainb

      I think a lot of celebs are like this. Without all the hair stylists and makeup artists, they are very average. I mean they were average before they became famous, right? I think anyone can look like a celeb with all of the extra help they get. If I had someone to do my hair and makeup everytime I went out, I’m sure I would look like a superstar all the time, ya know?

      • Bridget

        Averageness has been proven to be very attractive. Take an average face and add makeup: it usually turns out beautiful. Take a dull face and add makeup: unstill mediocre, but with some eyeliner and blush, wow. They may have average faces, but even without makeup, they look better than >87% of the makeup-drenched masses.

        I hear your type of comment at work often, I work at a pretentious salon where everyone seems to think they’re attractive. When Jen Aniston was on the cover of People as one of the 50 beauties I heard this from a 51 year old hair stylist, “Oh, I would look even hotter than her if I had $1M for plastic surgery and stylists”.

        Um, you really think so?! No f’n way. Jen may not be the most gorgeous woman ever, but she IS hotter than 90% of the women I work with.

        • Bridget

          * I meant STILL mediocre, just with a little eyeline and blush added.

          • Pistola

            I agree with everything you said.

        • Casey

          Not averageness, average-sized features/positions. Meaning average-sized nose at an average distance on the face.

          An “average” person, in terms of quality, is not attractive. Or at least, there is no proof behind it.

      • gen

        But what do you mean by average? If you mean symmetry and regularity of features, then that’s actually not average in terms of frequency is my opinion (I haven’t conducted surveys or anything…) because most people have some goofy or distinctive feature or some asymmetry (which makes them unique and lovable and whatever) but the people with totally “normal” faces have the ability to being extremely aesthetically beautiful for their distinct lack of character or uniqueness.

        However, I think some women regarded as beauties walk the line of regularity and uniqueness which makes them incredibly breath-taking. Like Cindy Crawford or Linda Evangelista.

        • brittainb

          Gen, I completely agree with your last comment. But @ Bridget, I think Jen Anniston is beautiful. Even in pics of her walking around town in street clothes, she’s beautiful. But, this woman was voted “Most Desirable”. If I saw her like this in a super market, my response would be “REALLY?!” She’s pretty all dolled up, but here she looks AVERAGE. I said I think a lot of celebs are like this. If you didn’t know their name, and that they were famous, they would be just another person in public. Of course, there are many exceptions, but also some that would fall in this category. I’m not saying I’m prettier than anyone, and Idk where you pulled her from anyway? I thought this post was about Emanuelle Chriqui?

  • Casey

    There’s nothing “most desirable” about her to me. There are plenty of other more desirable women. But, she perfectly fine for a normal person or celebrity.

    • brittainb

      yes, thank you! That’s is exactly what I was trying to say

  • Mirabela

    She looks pretty and natural.
    I think a woman’s face without make-up should not be very different from cases in which wear makeup.
    And i think she have a great body and a healty thick hair!!!

  • Vicky

    OMG.I dont know her but she doesnt look like the more desirable woman.She is kinda fug.

  • lc


  • Ayu

    Wow, what the makeup and lightning do. She looks so much older here than fully made up. It’s probably just the bad environmental light that makes her face look kinda saggy.

  • Mizzy

    I am not saying she is unattractive, but wow! what a difference make up can make! I have never worn makeup in my life (true story), don’t even own it, and i think I look fine, but its pictures like this that make me woner what I COULD look like with the right make up job.

  • boring

    • Uma


  • Naomi

    Very…blah. Just looks like a regular (and kinda bored) looking woman.

    Just shows what a team of hair & make-up can do.
    And even then, I don’t find her that ‘striking’.

  • Natasha O

    hmmm definently not as pretty as her with makeup but not horrible here she looks average and nowhere near exotic. However I still love the fact that askmen.com switched up their swag this year and had as number one.

  • ckmj787

    omg…that is awful….you are a “celeb”, this is gross…

  • Natta

    Well, I have to agree she’s not looking “most desirable” here, she just looks tired here, HERE because I’ve seen pics of her sans make up looking gorgeous 🙂

    We all have good and bad days, don’t we? 😉

  • xo

    obviously there is a difference. I STILL think she is one of the most desireable women! If you take any one of those sex symbols, put them in that outfit, with absolutely no makeup or hair .. they would look worse.

  • Dayna

    She looks tired. But, she looks normal to me just like a 30-something year old should look without makeup. She’d look gorgeous if she had a smile!

  • babyvincer

    I like the fact that she goes out with no make up; I don’t have the nerve.
    She still is an attractive woman, and from what I’ve seen she has a very nice body. Made up she’s smoking.

  • mtnplay

    Yikes! whew, glad I ate a couple of hours ago

  • amazon

    its just a not very flatering photo, lighting, angles etc can make anyone look terrible. are you all honestly saying you’ve never seen a photo of yourself looking a bit rough, even though you felt good that day? or on the flip side a pic that makes you look fantastic? i know a lot of people who always look about 50% more attractive in photos. i really am genuinely stunned when i see them cause they just don’t look like that in person.

  • fabby

    are you kidding meeeee???

  • Coconut Slush

    Oh jesus christ people, get the hell over it, she looks fine she looks like a person, a person you see walking down the street….it’s not like she’s at some bloody red-carpet event.

    Calm the f*** down.

  • Do you think that some celebrities like Beyonce might do this? I know…make these spots less visible? Also, I can’t stop thinking about noses. I look at all the…on it? I really want to wear makeup BlackStar69