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Bikini Treat: Erin Heatherton

Erin Heatherton in a Bikini - 08

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Bikini Treat of the day: 23 year-old Erin Heatherton, who was spotted hard at work in a bikini on the beach last week in St. Barts.

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  • Mishael

    Great figure. One minus – she has no butt. Other than that gorgeous.

  • Ana

    She’s gained a little bit of weight but still looks good. I just can’t get passed how plain her face is, sorry!

    • Mary

      I know you’re entitled to your opinion, beauty is subjective and all, but if she’s plain then there’s no hope for the rest of us :S she must have something special…many high fashion models are very plain. I think it’s that “special something” that makes them models…regardless of their beauty

      • sara

        i find her extremely pretty! to me her face is exotic, since i don’t see many fresh faced blue eyed blondes where i live, but i can see why to some people she is just ‘plain’, since they probably see girls like her on the street everyday, just as i never found mila kunis to be exotic and just ok, i’m used to similar faces.

        • serena

          I agree Sara, almost everyone in my family has black hair, blue eyes, olive skin and full lips, so Adriana or Mila aren’t “exotic” to me, though I think Adriana is stunningly beautiful due to her features and body. But in Hollywood the blonde beachy look has become too common I guess. I understand why lots of people find it boring. Erin is very girl-next-door, but I quite like her.

          • anonymous

            I agree with you guys, natural looking blondes are more exotic to me (not the bleached and obviously fake type like Paris Hilton), but the ones who look like the are or could be natural blondes (eg. Erin, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Doutzen Kroes, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried)…. I guess it depends on where you go. However natural blondes are very rare in most parts of the world. In Hollywood there are a lot of blondes (some natural, most fake) and thats why people have this “generic”or “girl next door” blonde theory… But I dont think all blondes look the same, maybe just the ones with very bleached hair and fake tans like Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera. Not everyone can pull of blonde hair since most people look best with their natural hair color. Anyway these days there are just as many “generic” brunettes in Hollywood, for example Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice, Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Lovato, the Kardashians/Jenners, and Nina Dobrev all look a like to me in some ways and I personally find them “generic” there is nothing bad about looking “generic” anway, plus its all a matter or opinion… Being exotic or generic does not make you better looking or worse looking). But yeah, I think Erin looks interesting in a way and she is very beautiful. She also has an amazing body, I dont know if she put on weight but she looks better for it. She doesn’t look plain to me at all, but everyone has a different opinion. I also never found Adriana Lima or Mila Kunis exotic, they are pretty but nothing exotic about them to me.

      • Ana

        Hi Mary, I live in Toronto and here tall, blue eyes, blonde hair and thin figures are common. But yet I still see girls with better bone structures, amazing bodies, and they look so much better then Erin, when I compare her to Adriana or Barbara, I just can’t see the “gorgeous” in her. But there’s no denying she’s pretty and has a slim/healthy bod, not too mention cute freckles.

      • Debbs

        That is a bizarre way of thinking. I think she is plain as well.

        • Yes, that is a weird way of reasoning :/ (and no, in Hollywood you see plenty of brunettes as well)

          It has nothing to do with blonde hair or blue eyes (Doutzen, for instance, is the opposite of plain), its just her face, to me she seems like a dull, plain, typically ‘good girl’. Nothing about her that really excites me (ok, of course she has a gorgeous body but I was talking about that )

          • *wasn’t

          • Debbs

            Yes – I like blonde hair and blue eyes. Its just her face – she looks like my cousin who is rather plain.

          • Debbs

            I do love her body though!

  • Annie

    She looks good but but I don’t understand why she is a VS model. I see girls with better faces and bodies around campus every day (which is kind of depressing, actually).

    • Ludivine

      I think its her next girl look, that makes her interesting for VS. VS hires different models, models with an exotic look, a classic look, and a girl next door look. She most have good qualities otherwise she wouldn;t earn so much money as a model.

  • Robin

    She is so lovely. She’s my favourite VS model next to Doutzen and Barbara. She looks really relatable and healthy!

  • Hazal

    Nice figure but her butt is too flat.

    • Polska Blondynka

      Yeah, she’s gotta do some squats 😉

  • Candy

    She isn’t an exotic, unique beauty but she is still a beauty. More beautiful than 99 percent people. I honestly think the looked better at the beginning of her career though, before she had a nose job.

    • linda

      Would someone please explain to me with their definition of ‘exotic’? Because from what I’ve heard people around me say its different from the usual girl you see around. Or difference at all for that matter. That why I find the term so strage. A fair-skinned blonde, blue eyed person would be considered exotic in african or asian countries, whilst a person with darker skin, darker hair and brown eyes would measure as just the same in euorpean countries. Please correct me if I am completely off track, but to me its just a term that seem to lack real meaning.

      • Casey

        Most people who use that term are Caucasian and living in the Western world (Western Europe or US).

        So to them, exotic usually means darker features (olive skin and dark hair), or more Monogoloid/ethnic facial features (high cheekbones, extreme facial bone structure, larger eyes and lips).

        I think you are right though, exotic is really relative. And more importantly, just because someone is more exotic doesn’t always mean they are always more attractive.

      • Sidney

        From a dictionary: ex·ot·ic (g-ztk)
        1. From another part of the world; foreign: exotic tropical plants in a greenhouse. See Synonyms at foreign.
        2. Intriguingly unusual or different; excitingly strange:

        So even literally, from another part of the world.. I think generally the term exotic tells more about the one who says it rather than the one who it’s said about, but nevertheless it’s usually a compliment i think 🙂 There are those people though who look kinda unusual to most people who might be thought as exotic just because they look unlike any specific ethnicity etc. I think 🙂

  • Pixie

    Very pretty and has a great figure….would be even better with some booty. 🙂

  • Chelsea

    You’ve seen one VS model, you’ve seen them all!

  • Isabel

    I tend to prefer more wiat definition and wider hips, so in this sense I like Candice more, but she seems fit with well proportioned body, long legs and not too skinny.

  • serena

    She is one of my favorites. Not only does she have a great body, but she seems smart in interviews. A lot of times in shoots I get the impression Erin is inwardly cringing bc she realizes how cheesy the whole VS thing is. In the commercial she clearly wasn’t feeling the dumb lip-syncing. I’ve never seen Erin overarching in ridiculous poses or making pouty-face and blowing kisses to the camera…she is more natural and relaxed.

  • misscheeks

    She looks smashing! I love her legs!

  • Neri

    Height and weight?

    • Neri

      Oh wow, wikipedia says she’s 5’11… Then she probably weighs around 138 pounds? She’s quite muscular… Plus, I heard that Adriana Lima’s ideal weight is 138 and she’s not as tall, so perhaps it’s accurate… Always so difficult to tell.

      • Candy

        It is hard to tell. Im 6’1 and when Im on track I’m 140 lbs, but when I gained 15 lbs nobody noticed and people even thought I weighed less than 140. I guess its when your taller its harder to tell. That being said, since Erin has noticeably gained in the thighs Id say around 140-150.

      • PinkLadi

        I think your guess could be about right. I’m 5’11” too and weigh about 140-145. Like Erin, I’m a skittle shape, except I have a bigger butt and fuller chest and not quite as lean as she is. I think she could easily be around 135-140.

  • lc

    Eh boring.

    • Adriana

      Sorry to constantly highjack your comments but I agree, eh boring…

  • annemarie

    I really like her face, it’s beautiful. Her body is quite proportional, even with this slight weight gain she still looks good.

  • La la la la

    I think she’s perfect! It seems like she’s a slim pear, but I thought pears usually have booty! Maybe she would if she was heavier but it doesn’t really look like it. Seems she gains in her thighs and hips which works for her. I think her torso is beautiful. I love her freckles! She seems very naturally beautiful with or without makeup

    • serena

      I think she’s a “Skittle” which is a more proportionate pear that tends to gain on thighs rather than butt.

      • Casey

        I think you’re right Serena.

        I think that’s also why I was expecting more of a butt…because she does look like some kind of pear, and pears usually have bigger butts.

    • anushka

      I agree. Their is a sort of appeal that she has. I prefer her body more now compared to Candice. And her skin looks so glowy.

  • nessa

    there’s nothing really special about her to me. good body but not the best. but I really don’t care for the typical blonde hair blue eyes type. to plain to boring.

  • Casey

    I like her body, I like that she has a little more weight. I think it looks good.

    My only complaint about her is that her butt is kind of flat. I do usually think women with butts look better, but it’s not that. For some reason with her body structure she looks like she should have more of a booty.

    I am also not amazed with her facially, although she can be really pretty at times.

    • misscheeks

      “For some reason with her body structure she looks like she should have more of a booty.”

      I totally agree with you Casey, I remember saying something similar in another post where she was featured. I think it’s the slight “thickness” of her thighs that makes me feel that way, more often than not thicker thighs looks better with a plumper booty imo.

  • D

    I dont know, I think she is a good VS angel addition personally. Sure, the exotic look Adriana has is nice… but variety is good as well. Erin has that girl next door/natural freckle-face beauty which is very appealing IMO. Her body also looks good.

  • Lauren

    I love her, I think she is very cute and she seems intelligent and laid back in interviews

  • solaxia

    She looks lovely! Feminine, yet still toned and athletic. The weight added just covered her hard muscles a bit, They are still visible but she looks sexier and more womanly imo. Still thin, but softened. Like Jessica Alba in her hey day. Cute face, I like a fuller bum but meh, she looks cute as here.

  • Aafje

    Not my fav vs model but she is definitely cute and had a good body.

  • Nicole

    I love how nice and shapely her legs are but her bum ruins it. Also don’t care for her face at all, extremely plain to me.

  • Tea

    I didn’t know who she was or like her at all when I started coming to this site but she’s grown on me. I really like her legs and her more relaxed vibe. I noticed in the recent vs swim lip sync video she was one of the only ones smiling and I found her alluring while Barbara Palvin’s pouting was a bit uncomfortable to watch, tbh.

  • Nicole

    She looks exactly like blond-haired Christine Woods from Perfect Couples. I’ve just watched a re-run of the show and she even reminds me of her character Julia.

    Anyway she has a cute face, especially nose and those freckles. I like her body because I can easily relate to it. Not perfect curves but she seems healthy and fit!

  • Mara

    Her figure is fantastic.

  • happygolucky

    I think her body is exceptionally sexy. She has just the right amount of flesh on her bones. Love her legs.

  • roonie

    I don’t know why I like Erin but I just do. She doesn’t have a strikingly beautiful face and unique features (what I usually like) but I still really like her.

  • @versus you should to a post about the sports illustrated model nina agdal, she has a such a great natural body 🙂

  • Junior

    She’s not too thin, but her figure’s too ruler for my taste. I agree that her face is plain. Never found her to be attractive or physically interesting.

  • Anastasia.

    Her face is plain, but that has nothing to do with her hair or eye colour. Even if she was a brunette with blue eyes, she’d still look plain. There are just as many generic looking brunettes out there as blondes (Rachel Bilson). Being plain has to do with the shape and combination of facial features, not the actual colour.

    • Tea

      Yes, thankyou! Everytime I hear someone say they’re ‘not really into the whole blonde hair blue eyes look’ I think it sounds just as ridiculous as if I said I’m not into the whole dark hair dark eyes look. There are so many other distinguishing features that make a face attractive and hair can be coloured anyway. Victoria Justice is a cookie cutter brunette to me, there’s nothing wrong with her face but I just feel like I’ve seen it 100s of times in the street.

  • Michelle

    can see vagine