Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria in a Fabulous Dress on the Red Carpet


eva-longoria-in-a-fabulous-dress-on-the-red-carpet - Eva Longoria in a Fabulous Dress on the Red Carpet

On a lazy Sunday, here’s a fabulous-looking Eva Longoria and her much taller husband all dolled up on the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival.

How do you like Eva in this ruffled & sparkly dress?

Check out 2 more pics from different angles after the jump!


eva-longoria-in-a-fabulous-dress-on-the-red-carpet-2 - Eva Longoria in a Fabulous Dress on the Red Carpet

eva-longoria-in-a-fabulous-dress-on-the-red-carpet-3 - Eva Longoria in a Fabulous Dress on the Red Carpet

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  • I saw those pictures before btw French people are sooooo crazy about her … of course since she is Mme Tony Park’eur’ lol aren’t they so adorable ?!

    • Ida

      yes they are!! 😉 a gorgeous man with also stunning woman… perfect couple!

    • Elena

      Yes, they are, indeed! Love them! Gorgeous couple!

  • anonymous

    Personally, I’d never wear a dress like that, but Eva looks absolutely gorgeous here(and by the smile in the second pic, it looks like she’s enjoying herself too 🙂 ).

  • Ela

    That is one hell of an amazing dress. But… I don’t like it on her. It swamps her. Not feeling the bouff hair either.

    • pia

      i agree!

  • anabel

    I agree, that dress is absolutely fabulous!! Can’t make up for her lack of attractiveness though.

  • gaby

    the dress is incredible. but she is too short for it. i can see this on charlize!

    • Ela

      ooh yeah now she’d rock this gown!

  • sini

    i don’t like that dress at all, it looks like something out of my childhood barbie’s closet, esp. from the front, the last 2 pics are actually OK. Just that tulip thing going on, eww. Eva still looks stunning, and she’s working the dress, which i like 🙂 maybe it would look better on Charlize, but will never be one of my faves. Tony is so adorable though, i always think of this Kinder chocolatebar commercial that he’s been in when i see him, he’s like a big kid 🙂

  • SkinnyByAugust

    She’s beautiful. Love the makeup, also.

  • eva

    po me pelqen qiky fiston shumm interesant fack

  • eva

    eva longoria shum e bukur

  • lola

    loooove the dress…her and tony parker make such a cute couple!!