Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Got: 1.Extensions 2.Slimmer

eva-longoria-got-1extensions-2 - Eva Longoria Got: 1.Extensions 2.Slimmer

Eva’s character on Desperate Housewivesis preparing for a comeback – look-wise. After her makeunder at the beginning of the season (short hair, more pounds and padding), now we’re getting the reverse: the long hair is back and so is the skinnier figure.

I know, I know, Eva’s wearing a long dress which also happens to be black so that’s definitely flattering. But I still think she shed some, since her face is looking slimmer and so are her arms. Click here to see Eva a while back!



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  • Linda

    She looks amazing. She’s one of the few actresses who suits being so petite since that’s her frame and it’s right for her height (^_^) i love that dress.

  • Minnie

    she looks so much better with that long hair.. great

  • susan

    Im so glad she’s looking like her old self again…she’s so gorgeous!

  • ilovesugar

    back to old eva… she looks fab and awesome at either weight.. it was the hair that made her look chunkier.. didnt look good