Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria in a Gray Leather Dress

Eva-Longoria-in-a-Gray-Leather-Dress - Eva Longoria in a Gray Leather Dress

Eva Longoria was all smiles, legs and cleavage at the Latin Chamber Of Commerce’s 35th Installation Celebration in Las Vegas yesterday night, where she sported this gray / silver little number.

How do you like her look?

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Eva-Longoria-in-a-Gray-Leather-Dress-3 - Eva Longoria in a Gray Leather Dress

Eva-Longoria-in-a-Gray-Leather-Dress-2 - Eva Longoria in a Gray Leather Dress

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Melina

    I don´t like this dress, and these earings…

  • Rede

    I’m not into that grey smokey make-up on her, but she looks really good weight-wise. And this strapeless dress is pretty nice, too.

  • B.

    Absolutely gorgeous! She’s radiant.
    LOVE that eye makeup! I think that it’s amazing on her. Wow.

    • B.

      I LOVE* oops.

  • lala

    She looks gorgeous as always, but I don’t think that dress does her cute body justice. It makes her look like she has no waist, even though those belts are supposed to emphasize a waist.

  • c

    that dress is revolting and the earrings are just too tacky.

  • amazon

    like the style but not the fabric. really not into leather except for cute little jackets and the occasional coat, if the style is bang on.

  • 7Nyne

    Silver stilettos instead of the black ones would have made this a much better outfit.

  • Casey

    She looks like she has gained a little bit of weight, at least, since the last time I saw her. She should definetly keep it, because it looks really nice on her.

    Like the dress, but the make up is a little too light. I’ve never found her to be particularly attractive though.

    • Elizabeth

      I never found her attractive either, but I can understand why she might be attractive to other people. She doesn’t look special by looks but she does look like someone who is energetic and fun to be around with.

  • Elizabeth

    Really a leather dress? Very ugly. But her body is amazing.

  • Evelyn

    Didn’t Angie wear the same dress buut in black?

  • Uma

    I love leather, but it’s not an easy fabric to pull off. And the cut of that dress is quite ugly and unflattering on her. This goes into the meh category.

  • Sophie

    I want it!

  • Aims

    I believe she is a size 2 – this pretty much proves Kim K is not a size two. Eva is puny in comparison!

    • Julie

      Agreed. I don’t think some people realise how small a size 2 is. Not the inflated vanity size 2 but the “real” size 2. Only woman with very small hips and tight little booties can fit into them. Eg Eva Longoria, Cheryl Cole, Alyssa Milano just to name a few.

      • kate

        What is a real, non vanity sizing 2 measurements?

        I say 32-33″ bust, 24-25″ waist and 34-35″ hips/butt.

        • ann

          There is no “real” size 2. Sizing is arbitrary and varies from company to company.

        • Julie

          Yes they are the standard measurments for a US size 2.

          • ann

            Would you like to direct me to those? There is no national standard enforced in the United States of America concerning clothing sizes. There are enforced standards in Europe but they use a different system.

    • Julie

      I can really appreciate Kim K’s exotic beauty. She has a gorgeous face and has some really nice curves but she would be a size 6 at the smallest and no one could convince me otherwise. I know some actresses that are about the same height but have smaller frames and are thinner and they have claimed to be a size 4 and they look very narrow compared to Kim. I think Kim should embrace her curves and learn that there are many different types of beauty because she is really gorgeous no matter what weight or size.

      • Julie

        P.S Kim’s curves are nice curves cause her butt and legs look to be mostly muscle, her stomach has no major bulges and she has a nice chest. I think this is her natural shape and it suits her. It might not be my preference but I can appreciate beauty in many shapes and forms.

        • i agree. kim needs to appreciate her curves because we all know she’s no size 2 but that’s okay. she’s still a beautiful woman and i think she has a great body even though most people here don’t agree. i’ve been seeing beautiful bodies from all different shapes and sizes and should be celebrated. as for eva she must be a size 2 and has a great body. don’t care for her dress.

        • Julie

          KK stomach actually has no bulges from what I can see. She just has wide hips which help to balance out her shoulders and give her an hourglass shape??? Everytime I see her she reminds me of princess Jasmine from Aladin which is a good thing I would say, well apart from the fact that Jasmine is a cartoon.

  • Sady

    I like the outfit because it’s different of what she is used to. She is always wearing gowns, this is a risk. I love her body and skin.

  • FF

    Dress looks like it’s made for someone taller – doesn’t hit her waist right.

  • Estelle

    Why do her eyebrows match her dress and not her hair?

  • miaowface

    I’m not a fan of the dress, at least not on her, I quite like the style of it, but I think it makes her look a bit shapeless. Which is a shame cos I really like her body usually. I think the make up looks nice in the second pic, but not so much in the other two.

  • londra

    I love her dress — so what if she isn’t curvy?

  • april

    cool dress!
    and I like eva all over, she is gorgeuos..