Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Does Russian Harper’s Bazaar

Eva Longoria Does Russian Harper’s Bazaar

The Russian version of Harper’s Bazaar includes a stylish (?) photo-shoot featuring petite Eva Longoria – frill overload, in-the-open garters and a photoshopped cover are the main ingredients this time.

Are you a fan of the shoot? The clothes? Or of Eva’s model abilities?

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  • EvetheGreek

    I do like eva but i’m sorry she looks so stiff here she is not at all photogenic in the modeling sense

  • lola

    the second pic is beyond cute with the little fella and his Harmonica.Eva looks pretty hot here,altough her face sometimes looks different

    • udkcoco

      Lol that’s a little girl! Hence the pink unicorn shirt, sparkled bracelets, and pink lollipop…

      • lola

        lol…I figured that out after a second look but the comment was already posted..anyways the kid is still cute!!!

        • udkcoco

          She’s adorable!! And super lucky! A photo shoot at, what, 5?

  • joana

    well the photographer isn’t great at all, he cut out the shoes every single time.

  • AlexD

    i am russian and i hate russian magazine spreads. maybe its a personal bias. i think this spread is plain weird

  • wonderwoman21

    What did they do to her nose on the cover? That doesn’t even look like Eva Longoria. Looks like they tried making it too small and pointy. Fail

  • Valerie

    Something is wrong with the cover photo… She looks very strange.
    I’m not a fan of these photos at all.

  • Princess

    I love Eva and she`s so sweet with that petite frame but this photoshoot is a total mess and the clothes ewww very ugly

  • Amy

    love the garters in the first pic!

  • Nessa

    Her face looks a little off.. but other than that she looks good. I like the big hair on her

  • i like 3, 4 & 6 big hair is very cute on her.

  • they really messed up her face on the cover! and I think she is pretty. we have similar skintones and body types! =D

  • pinacolada

    love her hair and the outfits and photos but she cant model for shit

  • not a fan

    normally i think eva longoria is gorgeous but she totally looks like amy winehouse here

  • Jo

    I don’t get the 2nd pic, with the kid and her in the big fluffy dress. It’s like an outtake from her performance on some Russian version of Sesame Street?

  • jenna

    she looks terrible on the cover.

    • pusha

      yep! plus, where are her breast?

  • maddie

    she can’t pose or model for sh*t…..dont like her body either…way too thick round the mid section.

  • Lang


  • She looks so stiff and uncomfortable. Not a model.

  • Karolina

    She’s NOT a good model!!!
    The photographer did his best but she just can’t pose.

  • ellentjie

    Her eyes look so different on the front page. I like the last photo but she looks kinda awkward here

  • Max

    i like Eva in general, don’t like neither this photoshoot nor her here, and on the cover i don’t know if its photshop or not but somehow her face resembles Ashley Tisdale very much, especially the nose-lip area…

  • size0??

    Her body sure has changed since she got married. I guess it is the weight gain that makes her look so different. She looks to have gained in her waist and stomach. She is still very pretty.

  • the pics are strange but the clothes aren’t bad , like you guys said , she is not photogenic !

    • and in the last pic , she looks like lady gaga!

  • Louise

    I LOVE EVA. but not this shoot. I’ve seen her look better in less model type shoots, like her Maxim shoots she’s trying to pull off that obviously doll like look, not working haha love her still

  • gabrielle

    she is definitely hot hot hot hot…such a beautiful woman…
    though the photo shoot may seem a little weird, due to the fact that whether they didn’t choose the best photos, or she’s not very photogenic in model-like pictures ( as a comment above states)
    but she’s a hottie!!!!!!!!

  • gamblea
  • Sam

    Eva is definitely the hottest women alive, so jealous!