Celebrity Oops, Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Wears Spanx

eva-longoria-wears-spanx - Eva Longoria Wears Spanx

Tadaa! Or did we know / suspect / guessed this already?

Regardless, now we have the visual proof.

Eva was wearing a very tight dress at the time which appeard to be made out of an stretchable, shiny fabric – you know what that means: that any rolls you might have (and even the ones you don’t have) might be revealed.

evas-dress - Eva Longoria Wears Spanx

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  • davidla

    It is the difference between having put on that extra 10 pounds and not. She is no longer perfect and needs help–she is a real woman now

  • ilovesugar

    she looks awesome! i’d swear spanx too
    i think shes lost weight from gaining from her role
    dont like the short hair though
    Adriana lima, miranda kerr, eva longoria, and jess alba are my heroes!!

  • Julie

    She does look awesome! But I actually think she’s wearing Sassybax, not Spanx!!

    Real women wear Sassybax! Go Eva Go!

  • dewi

    She looks great! What a cute tiny little thing 🙂

  • change.

    eva, i can still see your chubby stomach. spanx did not help. BUT RELAXX, NO ONE IS PERFECTTTT. anyone, even a shapeless teenage boy wold need to wear spanx to look perfect in such a tight dress!!!!!!!

  • Why do people care about this kind of stuff? Honestly.

  • klara

    good that she doesn’t insist on wearing too small numbers with too much wobble. let other girls flash their bits and fatrolls eva, well done.

  • janna

    I’d say 9/10 of the celebs we see are wearing spanx when they’re wearing tight dresses. It’s no big deal.

  • klara

    haha, except for the 1/10 that is wearing no underwear at all..

  • musko

    So what. Good for her. Now all she has to do is grow out her hair and she’ll be pretty again.

  • Lizzy Ann

    So she wore Sassybax panties underneath it all; it’s no big deal. However, flashing them is another matter …

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  • brit

    you go girlfriendd