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Eva Mendes: ‘I don’t want ‘sexy’ to be my defining characteristic’

eva3 - Eva Mendes: 'I don’t want ‘sexy’ to be my defining characteristic'

Eva Mendes (36) brings the quotes of the day:

On a double standard existing when it comes to nudity in Hollywood: “[When] other actresses who aren’t thought of, maybe, as being quite as attractive do full-frontal, they’re called brave. Nobody has ever said, ‘Eva, you’re so brave for doing full-frontal nudity.’ Just because I’m attractive doesn’t mean it’s not still scary. Why am I not brave?”

On her sexy image: “I’m definitely responsible for the image that I put out there,” she says. “But it does become frustrating, because I don’t want ‘sexy’ to be my defining characteristic. I’d love for my ambition and will and intellect and sense of humor to define me as well.”

… says Eva in Allure magazine.

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  • anon


    • suzushii

      Ain’t that the truth

    • thebestguest

      I don’t think that will be an issue for her..

    • LOL

      “‘Eva, you’re so brave for doing full-frontal nudity.’ Just because I’m attractive doesn’t mean it’s not still scary. Why am I not brave?””

      ummm- because you won’t have every person in America criticizing the way you look, because you’re attractive! Man, I will always remember her for being full of herself AND stupid! Does she even think for a second what life is like for those who are unattractive?

      • yeah1993

        Yeahhhh amen to that

        annoying crap coming out of the narcissist

  • Ugh! I hate this kind of statement. While I agree with the second part – intelligence is often overlooked in an attractive person, especially after you just met them – the first one just gets me!

    When you feel good in your body and consider yourself to be attractive it is a lot easier to take your clothes of, than when you have a ton of issues!

  • Mizzy

    didn’t she say a few weeks ago that all her public image moves are calculated and that she knows exactly what she is doing? seems like she isn’t really in as much control as she thought she was…

    • snoops

      right on mizzy, she did say that! I really hate when certain celebrities try and pull the whole “woe is me, its so hard being gorgeous” thing. Does anyone remember, back before her hot-mess days, when misha barton said “its hard being beautiful, we aren’t liked as much as average looking people”? Lol.

      Eva’s attitude has always turned me off, she seems very full of herself. And honestly I have never even found her that hot, yes I think she is good-looking but she has has never really been paritcularly striking to me.

  • katrina

    she sounds so full of herself

  • emely

    …then she should stop looking so damn hot!

    just kidding. of course it would be preferable if people recognized her mainly for her qualities as an actress and human being, however unfortunately (for her) her gimmick happens to be that 80% of the male population would sacrifice both arms and legs to get with her.

    • artemis

      but not penises cuz they couldnt bang her
      srry just needed 2 add that hehehe

      • emely

        you may have a point there, good sir 😉

      • gen


  • suzushii

    Woe is me, I’m so attractive I don’t get a pat on the head for using it to my advantage.

    Boohooo, when ugly chicks do it, they get a pat on the head, not fair that they’re ugly and brave.

    • yeah1993

      hahaha 😛

  • Ikram

    Ok, so if you don’t want “sexy” let’s say “modest”.

  • AlexD

    i get it

  • lizzy

    wow, this is so nauseating. it legitimately erases whatever (little amount) of respect i had for her.

    why am i not brave for being nude? you really need someone to say it to you?

    and maybe you’d be known for your humor, intellect and ambition if you actually used them, instead of being a calvin klein model writhing in oil wrapped around a man.

    • MaryBeth


  • CLD

    well the good thing is “sexy” is not what comes to mind when I think of Eva Mendes.

    • Jane

      LOL touche!

  • artemis

    well she is sexy 😀
    seems nice 2

  • shane

    She seems like she wants to be a respected actress, but does nothing to EARN respect. If she focused on acquiring some acting skill instead of going on and on about how attractive she think she is and how hard it is for her she’d be better off. Here’s a little tip if you want people to see other characteristics about yourself perhaps you should show them instead of showing your ass. Just a thought.

  • Jill

    Wow, someone thinks a lot of herself and wants everyone to know it.

  • Well Eva, your defining characteristic in my mind is now ‘conceited’. There are a lot of celebs much more attractive than you that don’t spout this sort of crap.

  • nannou

    To me she’s the least attractive “actress” out there…

  • she is so full of herself, that’s annoying. Here in Brazil we have tons of women like her, not that special…

  • Jemima

    I think she’s super sexy but I think she seems like a cool chick with a lot of personality. I don’t only think of her as the sexy woman.

  • Sally

    hahaha, what a ridiculous statement. “Woe is me, poor me, people don’t remember how I’m super smart! they just see how sexy I am.” Wow, it’s just too funny how full of herself she is.

  • Mello

    I really think attractive ppl need to just suck it up. I’m a tall blond, and I’ve been thinner and bigger. When I’m thin and looking better for me, both men and women are much nicer, especially women. It’s like a status thing or something. When I’m bigger, ppl are much less nice and forgiving and complementary. I don’t think these women who’ve always been beautiful understand how much they’ve gotten in life because of their beauty, because it’s always been that way for them.

    • southerngumdrops

      agreed. throughout the past few years i’ve ranged from 120-150 (i’m 5’8) and it’s insane how different ppl treat you based on your appearance! sad but true.

      sorry eva, i don’t feel bad for you

    • JenP

      Soooo true. When I was a stick people were so nice to me. Sure some people accused me of having an eating disorder but I think they were just concerned. I’m not even overweight now but people definitely treat me differently.

    • juniper

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve been big (185 Ibs @ 5’3″!) and small (108 Ibs) and having experienced both sides of the spectrum makes a world of difference. I look better on the thinner side as well, and you’re right; people are much kinder to “pretty people.” It’s hard to feel sympathetic towards someone who’s always been attractive, but it actually makes me feel blessed to know both sides b/c I’ll never say something as ridiculous as Eva did.

  • Ash

    To me attractiveness is a lot more, well, attractive if it’s balanced with modesty.

  • timeisonmyside

    Oh my god. Is she serious?! I’m surprised she thinks she’s so hot. I have always found her look masculine and harsh, I couldn’t have ever described her as sexy. Who cares if she got nude? I really don’t like her attitude. There are other issues in this world that hold much more weight than whether her image is considered sexy and how she’s not considered brave for getting nude because she’s soooo gorgeous. Puhleeeezzzee! Get a grip Eva.

  • Casey

    I don’t even know what to make of her comments given that I find her incredibly unattractive.

    While I understand where her fustration is coming from, I do think she needs to rethink. The fact that she is found sexy (lol), is a good thing in her field of work. If she was not sexy, she would probably be completely irrelevant and one of the millions of other sexy aspiring actresses would be sitting in her place.

    Also, it is kind of irrational to expect people to “know” you and what you’re like when they will never in their lifetime so much as sit down and have a single conversation with you. Strangers judge strangers by what’s on the outside – it’s human nature. The fact that you have an appealing outside (lol), means you have an advantage.

    But if you want people to know your attributes, well you’re just going to have to sit down with every single person and talk to them if you want that. Otherwise, it isn’t happening, because people only know you through the fake characters and movie roles you play, which are not you.

    • Natasha

      ^^^^^Exactly everyone has their pre-conceived notions about everything whether they want to admit or not it’s not the persons job on the receiving end to shatter it eventually your true colors will show. Someone once said that it’s not your business to know if people are bad mouthing you (behind your back obviously) because your family and friends know who you are. It’s very hard to take into your spirit at first but once you do you will be a happier person.

  • Natasha

    Celebrity self deprecating statement gone HORRIBLY WRONG…I’m a huge Eva Mendes fan but that quote is gonna come back to bite her in the ass and makes her sound incredibly narcissist and pious. Could this be a subliminal shot at Kate Winslet….Nevertheless as far nudity goes stripping off your clothes for the big screen doesn’t make you brave or talented it makes you in command your sexuality. And obviously she’s not comfortable with it if she wants people to give her props for it. Then I guess we should all be bowing down to Victoria Secret models and giving standing ovations to playboy models. To wrap this off this is a contradictory statement and f your comfortable being nude go head and if your not keep it moving. No one likes people tooting their own horn in general it really isn’t that serious.

    • Natasha

      *up* lol

  • Jane

    The first thing that comes to mind is, “STFU!”
    GIve me a freaking break. I have zero sympathy for her “plight.” Also, I don’t agree that being beautiful makes women not be taken seriously. Plenty of beautiful women are taken seriously, for their acting skills or activism or other respectworthy attributes. Angelina Jolie immediately springs to mind. As for Eva, she’d find it easier to be defined by her intelligence if she had any in the first place.
    Furthermore, I agree with Casey above that Eva Mendes isn’t even attractive — there’s something highly unappealing about her face, to me. What arrogance! Highly annoying and off-putting.

    • solaxi

      yes. very true! They are beautiful women who are taken seriously! When the ‘beautiful’ women constantly talk about and play up their ‘beauty’ whether it’s apparent or not, THEN they are not taken seriously. There is a girl at work like this. Everything is about looks and she wont put the bins out or clean etc. When she is tired she gets people running around for her. YET there are other gorgeous girls there who get in there and do the dirty work and really care about people (not just pretending to listen and empathise) and they get different kinds of credits. People do and did comment on their beauty, yet when people realised there was more to them they started to comment on their attributes that are more personality based

  • JenP

    Haha, what she says is so true. Kind of like how when the homely girl at work shows a little skin it’s no big deal and her friends compliment her on how “nice” she looks. However If an attractive girl wears a similar outfit, the other women complain and it turns into a Human Resources issue.

    May be not the best analogy ever.

  • Ramie

    no need to worry about that…I don’t think she’s sexy at all.

    • solaxi

      lol, i had to laugh! I do think she is sexy…but i just thought your comment was frank and honest and it made me crack up. And that just proves the point- beauty/ sexiness is subjective…who really defines it? Who are these ‘unattractive’ people?

  • Clare

    I think this is a dig at Kate Winslet. Sorry Eva, how ever much you think of yourself you don’t even have 1 tenth of Kate’s acting ability, that’s why she has an Oscar and you dont!! BTW Kate is much better looking. I personally think Eva looks like a man- and does not have an hourglass figure however much the media try to tell us she does.

  • Minnie

    When people don’t have confidence, they’re insulted for not having it.
    When people have confidence, they’re insulted for being “conceited”

    Though I have never seen Eva using her humor or intellect.

    • solaxi


  • solaxi

    i am all for women being happy and confident with themselves. including knowing that they are attractive. BUT she sounds like someone who wants to be centre of attention in EVERY aspect. Thing is, attractiveness is subjective…I would like to know who exactly she is defining as ‘not so attractive’…

  • Princess

    Grrrrrrr i hate this woman,she`s so full with herself and in my opinion i don`t find her attractive at all.When once someone told her that she looks a bit like J.lo(which i don`t agree) she said that`s bad cos i think i take my part as an actress more seriouse then her.Blaaaaaa starting hate her more

  • Dave

    I do think any woman who does full-frontal is brave – they put themselves on the line and become a target for all kinds of criticism.
    But that is only part of what she has done and if it helps to bring attention to her other achievements then that’s great.
    Well done Eva!

  • Eve

    Okay, many people in here find her unattractive, but most guys I know think she is very hot. In my perception she is insanely sexy and pretty. She is not ideal physically, but she is oozing sex appeal, which is more valuable than WTH ratio, I believe. At the same time the beauty is in the eye of beholder.
    Her comment is strange, though. She is definitely does nothing to promote her personality and not body/face attractiveness.

  • T

    Overrated! I don’t undestand the appeal of this woman.
    She has a very masculine look about her. She isn’t like the typical Latina type.

  • RAchel

    HAAAAAAAAAAAA! If she wants to show people her intellect then it’s about time she hit the books i think, before giving dumb answers like that. She wants to be called smart and funny? Yeh, no one is gonna call her that if she’s posing the way she does and giving answers like she does.

    First of all it is not brave if you go fully naked. Everyone does it so it doesn’t make you stand out and you’re not the first person doing it. Usually you’re brave if you do something no one else or atleast a very few people have done before. I think about 80% of hollywood has gone naked either in magazines or movies. Furthermore how can it be scary if you’re so called ‘full of confidence’? What does she want? ‘Oh Eva, looking at your full-frontal nudity i think you’re so intelligent and funny, no not sexy at all and it was also very brave and not slutty to take off all your clothes and get paid for it’. Yes i know she meant intelligent and funny for in her movies but that was a sarcastic remark so deal with it.

    And she doesn’t want to be defined as sexy? Yeah right, i’m pretty sure almost every girl wants that. You might be thinking ‘i dont, i’d rather be called beautiful!’ but i’m sure that if a guy calls you sexy, you’ll be flattered. There’s nothing wrong with being smart AND sexy, in her case none cus i don’t find her sexy or pretty at all nor does she show any intellect in this interview. I don’t think most people find her sexy, least no one i know thinks so. yes she can act but that’s about it. I used to think of her as a good actress and a decent enough person but after reading this she just sounds like any other Hollywood s l u t who quit school far too early.

    I’m sure this was one interview she wish she never gave because it makes her sound incredibly dumb and self-absorbed.

  • H

    I imagine that when she made these comments she was pulling a face like in the 6th picture along there. Hahaa “duhh”.

  • Okay Eva, “you’re brave for doing full frontal nudity”.

    There; someone’s said it.

  • Natalie

    I think Eva is masculine looking, borderline tranny. Her big horse teeth, overbite scares me. Her body is kind of dumpy and average. It seems like nobody in the general public–men or women–are that impressed with her because her movies bomb on a consistent basis. Sometimes I think that she only get roles because she’s probably one of those lay and play actresses. Somebody said that she might’ve been talking about Kate Winslet type actress. But Kate looks better than her. Somebody said the typical Latina type. Their are pretty and ugly Latinas, like everybody else.

  • Jo

    I have long thought that she needs to stop taking roles where she is nothing but eye-candy. If she is so concerned about just be considered as sexy, perhaps she should give real acting a try and stop depending on her looks.

  • Lisa

    She sounds like Raquel Welch. Oh, people don’t take me seriously, I never get any credit for anything, wah, I’m always fighting for equality.

    I’m not saying beautiful women deserve to be objectified, but if they wanted to be in control of their career, they didn’t have to take the sex kitten roles offered to them. Once you’ve been branded a sex symbol, it’s almost impossible to shake. They know that.

  • I love Eva but like everyone else I find these quotes to be extremely arrogant. Eva, your body is on the celebrity best bodies lists. The actresses that get such praise don’t have your hot girl image.

  • ash

    I like her, but she’s always saying arrogant crap like this about her looks. She needs to get over it a little bit because, from a Hollywood standpoint, she’s not even the best there is as far as appearance goes.

  • Jade

    the pics are great but she’s sooo arrogant -.-