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  • Erica

    She’s looking a little heavier than the last time I saw her in a bikini – but she looks really healthy and strong. The string bikini doesn’t do her any favours though – makes her look chunkier than she really is. Her legs look good – strong and shapely!

  • udkcoco

    She is super ballsy for wearing those bottoms. Idk if I could wear something that cut up so high on my behind!

  • Pie

    I believe she’s somewhere in her late 30’s – In that case she looks awesome. Nice muscle tone, no visible cellulite.

    It’s not what we’re used to seeing, what with so many celebrities being skinny and the recent trend of curvy models – You don’t see many strong, fit women. She definitely looks like she takes care of herself and takes pride in her body.

    I like 🙂

    • southerngumdrops

      true. you usually either see stick thin or girls who are categorized as “plus size”, but they are borderline obese.

      you can definitely tell she works out and takes care of herself

    • Kate1st

      She’s 35.

  • eva

    well,for her age she looks really good.But I think that a hell lot of women look better in their 30s than in their 20s,generally.Because their more confident regarding their body,personality etc.
    Sche can wear the string bikini but well…I don t think she should.

    but a big WOW to the fact that I don t see cellulite.

  • Eve

    She does look great as usual. Great boobs.

  • maddie

    she looks ok………..

  • Daniel

    Those are great boobs! I love her body. She is sexy, feminine, while being healthy and toned. Defenitly not skinny, wich is a really good thing. She’s hot.

  • Nikki

    Did she have some work done on her face? DUnno, looks a little strange in the close-up?

    • Chrissy

      that’s why people make fun of her “meth-face” I belive she’s had her nose reconstructed

  • AlexD

    well, she looks great for her age. i dont agree however with her winning best abs on random mtv-like shows. My idea of a nice stomach is tranfsormers era megan fox

  • Kimberly

    She looks great! I can really appreciate her fit and curvy shape.

  • O

    hey versus what’s her body type?

    • Versus

      I think that from the 5 basic shapes, she would qualify as a slim apple – she said herself that she has most weight problems on her tummy area and it’s the hardest to keep slim.

  • mew

    shaped like a box. but a very fit, healthy-looking box!

  • She looks fit and healthy

  • Remind me again why people consider her “Fugly“!… I’ll just never uderstand.

    I personally think she’s adorable and has a very well kept, well toned body for her age and all she has gone through in her personal life.

    • Why do people keep saying “for her age”?
      Isn’t she only 35? I didn’t realize that was old or when looks begin to fade?

      • Mia

        Thank you, Deanna! I am SO much fitter and toned in my 30s than I was in my 20s.

      • Alex

        I think it’s because (in general, not always) people tend to let themselves go a bit in their thirties when their metabolism slows and they just don’t keep up with it, for some reason. I know it’s a bit different in Hollywood, but I know lots of people whose fitness level went downhill around Fergie’s age.

        • Kimberly

          Agreed. I’m in my thirties and most of my peers have let themselves go, men and women. The metabolism slows down and our priorities change with career and family. People tend to slow down. But not me. I exercise more now and eat better than I ever have. I believe that people need to keep their bodies in motion if they want to age well.

      • Laura

        Is she 35? Or 45? She doesn’t look 35…her body looks good though

  • Lisa

    Can’t hate, she looks nice!

  • k

    She looks great – and strong!

  • Polly

    She looks amazing, great boobs. I happen to think she’s quite pretty. Looks better natural faced.

  • Ginger

    I think she looks really good…….incredible athletic body! Although she does look really short in these photos – that is not a bad thing, just something I never noticed before.

  • curvesrule

    Sexy indeed.

  • rico

    Sexy indeed.

  • mel

    I like the athletic/toned look, but she’s a bit TOO muscular. At the same time, she looks good for her age, even if those bottoms are a bit risky and altogether unflattering …

  • Princess

    Wow that`s a healty,toned,sexy body.
    keep it up Fergie!

  • gray

    She always had a great looking bod and you can tell she takes good care of herself. I like her personality too, sweet girl.
    However the face is another story….. she has a Miranda Kerr syndrome and I really don’t find frog faces attractive…. (but that’s not her fault).

  • MNG

    she looks really fit! she must take good care of her body
    but her legs are soooo short

    • Erica

      They look pretty normal in length to me! She’s not very tall and they don’t seem overly short compared to her body. They’re not long – but I wouldn’t say they are ‘soooo short’!

  • Luisa

    she doesnt look that pretty anymore

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  • Jessica

    I went to the BEP concert in São Paulo yesterday, and I was thrilled by her beauty… Gosh… I just woke today with a fixed idea: get those legs and butty =P

  • healthy’n’sexy

    i love her muscle tone but her breasts are way too big for her body. and her face has never been beautiful to me.

  • solaxi

    how old is she? she looks cute, have always thought her figure was nice. lovely legs and bum and boobies

  • random guy

    I’d like anyone criticizing her looks to post their faceless bikini photo candids. I’m sure that’d be a hoot.

    Then again I’m sure you’re consummate athletes and eat healthy with religious intensity. 😉

  • Lauren

    very good for her age!!

  • burckybear

    not as attractive as i thought…