Fergie Bikini Pictures

fergie-bikini-pictures-3 - Fergie Bikini Pictures

Thursday Treat: here are a few photos featuring fit Fergie having some fun in the sun while vacationing with her family in Maui this week.

The 41 year-old mom-of-one / singer showed off her slim bikini body in a green two-piece.

More Fergie bikini pictures inside!


fergie-bikini-pictures-2 - Fergie Bikini Pictures  fergie-bikini-pictures-4 - Fergie Bikini Pictures fergie-bikini-pictures - Fergie Bikini Pictures

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • scarlet-amelia

    why do women wear bikinis that are too small? Her breasts are hanging out the sides, and the bottoms look 3 sizes too small.

  • Jack

    She looks great. That bikini bottom definitely looks small size, but I like it 🙂

  • cheeze.wiz

    She looks amazing and I love the bikini on her.. And that hair. Go gurl

  • Monty

    Her tummy is looking gooood. And her new cut suits her so well. Gives her a more mature look, in the best way! Her bottoms are way too small though.

  • Sheri

    Her body looks good and really fit. Amazing

  • AnonyChick

    Nice body. Her belly button looks weird to me though.

  • KC

    I don’t like the boobs or belly button, but otherwise she looks pretty good.

  • Maria

    Doesn’t matter to me if she looks fit and lean (she does….) – can’t focus on nothing else but the ugly fake boobs (and therefore ugly cleavage), and never liked her face, always thought she looked like a transgender 😉

  • Snugglepup

    She looks great but needs a bigger bikini.

  • liss

    Horrible bikini and hair color. But her body looks great

  • Pintmann 777

    i wish to look like that at 41)

  • sharlane

    she looks amazing. that being said it seems like she tied up her bikini top super high and tight to combat boob sag hahahaha. but that’s understandable and she looks good