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Fergie Brings the Quotes of the Day

Fergie-Brings-the-Quote-of-the-Day - Fergie Brings the Quotes of the Day

On her universal appeal:
“You know, in Italy, Catholic boys are raised to believe there are two types of women: the Madonna and the whore … And me? I’m both.”

On how Josh reacted to her weight gain for her ‘Nine’:
“When I came home from filming, he (her husband) was excited. He enjoys having both: the extra meat to grab when it’s there and the tight stomach when that’s there. He always gives me compliments.”

… says Fergie in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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  • lc

    Isn’t this from the Dec. 2009 Cosmo? Anyway she’s completely photoshopped.

    • Versus

      Sh is in Cosmo UK – maybe they reused the pic.

      • thebestguest

        She looks hot! I love the pose.

  • MNG

    I’ve read that quote before I think =)
    anyway, I like her body, healty and strong

    • artemis

      i did too

  • Eve

    I like her body not a fan of her face though. Also what she is saying about grabbing some extra meat…yeah a lot of guys like curves while girls are trying to get as skinny as possible. Paradox.

    • seriously? like we’re doing it for guys? not really. polls show that women want to get their girlfriends jealous of their looks not men. and actually it’s true for me and majority of girls i know.

  • Princess

    She really is photoshopped.It`s true boys like meat on girls,starting from my husband,when i put on some weight he loves it!

  • anabel

    I’ve heard about the 2 types of women thing…my ex was highly influenced by that and felt guilty having sex with me because he saw me as the “Madonna”-type, which was a huge problem for us.
    Pretty much noone fits in one category, I think. There are millions of facets within all of us.
    Her husband sounds like a nice person.

    • solaxia

      her hubbie does sound nice. Also, i agree about the two types of women thing. It has annoyed me so much because you either have to be the ‘nice, loving. almost sexually boring partner’ or the ‘sex kitten’. And it’s hard for people to understand that you can be both. Women who are more like ‘whores’ are the hot women and women who choose not to sleep around are boring. Also, i say ‘whore’ because I hate that term…I mean, i think women should be able to be sexually free. there shouldnt be a problem with that. BUT at the same time, there shouldnt be a problem with women who choose not to be like that and they should not have to feel intimidated or ‘worried’ that their bf will sleep with the women who are more sexually free. Also when i say ‘sexually free’ i am simply talking about how many partners they choose to have. not actually about their sex ‘style’ if that makes sense?
      On the other hand, women who do sleep with more men shouldnt have to be worried about being judged and not being able to find a man who will ‘settle’ with them and not leave for the ‘marriage type’. I hear so many women who are scared of the opposite ‘type’ of women, getting jealous their partner will go with the other ‘type’. Its ridiculous the more i think about it! I feel the stereotyping just marginalises (sp?) womens rights even more so…in a more round about way

      • anabel

        I so agree with you! I’m glad someone pointed this out!! Thank you.
        After my relationship with the ex I was referring to, I started sleeping with some guy (for about a year) and I secretly loved him. I found out through friends that he loved me, too, but he believed that I was the “whore”-type of woman who he couldn’t have a stable relationship with, because apparently he couldn’t trust this type of woman. (He might’ve thought so because I partied a lot and was popular with guys, and also because of some past bad experiences he had with others.)
        So I lost him this way too, this time to some really passive, innocent woman who was still a virgin and such. After half a year I am still jealous of her every day. 🙁
        I think these stereotypes are really dangerous as they devalue women and cause hatred between them.

  • i’ve been involved with my boyfriend since february 2006 and then i’d recently started with a new birth control pill and had gained 10 pounds. i’ve been up and down, skinny to now slim to a tiny bit chubby and he’s always found me attractive. i guess that variation keeps them/him interested? lol.

    whenever i’ve tried to lose any weight it was only for myself and not for him.
    and right now.. i want to lose some AGAIN:)
    aah, the wonders of a petite, slenderly built 5’3-ish girl. atleast it’s easy to change my body! 🙂

    • snoops

      haha yeah I feel the same, my fiance never cares if I put on a few lbs, its all the same to him, thats love :). Whenever I want to lose a little weight (like now) its definately not for him, its for me 🙂

      • hehe. that’s the way to go 🙂 he always has his favorite parts anyway like my hair, tits and feet. they hardly respond to any dieting anyways 😉 hahah

    • anabel

      I think men often aren’t as fussy about it as women are. They like women, simple as that, and especially their girlfriends, of course. And it doesn’t really matter whether they like skinny, slim, chubby, whatever…most of them accept us as we are, and screw them if they don’t. I think the majority of men really just shies away from extremely overweight or extremely underweight women. Women need to worry a lot less. Nice to hear you have such an appreciative boyfriend. 🙂

      • i agree! and especially when it starts to show in your face and your whole apperance changes, maybe then they’ll see you a little different. if i suddenly started to gain and land at like 120 then i think he would see me a little bit different. i would look like a little meatball then 🙂 hihi

        yes, he’s so great! haven’t seen him in a month but he’s coming back on friday morning and i can’t wait 😀

      • Casey

        I agree too. I think men aren’t as specific about what they like as women. I think they like a range…after all, straight men are naturally attracted to the opposite sex, which is us.

        I think most men can like both a model figure, a Maxim figure, and a Christina Hendricks figure, despite how much they vary, whereas most women prefer only one of the three.

        Anyway, her husband does sound like a nice man. The thing is that, when you are with someone who actually loves you, he will always find something to love about you. So you may have a flaw here, or a little extra there, or your hair’s not perfect…doesn’t matter.

        It is only men with self-esteem issues of their own that feel the need to point out the flaws in the person they love, knowing it will hurt them. It took me a while to figure that out, but I’m glad I did because then I realize that it’s not about me or the way I look.

        Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of guys tend to start liking things about their girlfriend that they didn’t like before. Like, you can “convert” them. 🙂

  • Lisa

    Most women are both, you special snowflake, you.

    The way she phrases it, ew. Extra meat to grab. Take him to a butcher shop if that’s what he gets off on.

    • Casey

      “Extra meat to grab. Take him to a butcher shop if that’s what he gets off on.”

      I must say, this comment made me laugh. 😀

  • Katy

    The “in italy” comment, honey, it’s not just italy, unfortunately.

  • gray

    Amazing body, not so amazing face. She reminds me of a frog, just like Miranda Kerr and Cameron Diaz.

  • Her husband sounds decent