Fergie Does Cosmopolitan

Fergie-Does-Cosmopolitan - Fergie Does Cosmopolitan

“Josh enjoys having both: the extra meat to grab when it’s there and the tight stomach”…

… says Fergie in the December issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, while posing prettily for the camera (and getting retouched in Photoshop).

See the rest of this shoot on the second page!

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine

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Fergie-Does-Cosmopolitan-2 - Fergie Does Cosmopolitan

Fergie-Does-Cosmopolitan-3 - Fergie Does Cosmopolitan

Fergie-Does-Cosmopolitan-4 - Fergie Does Cosmopolitan

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • yoosahasah

    I liked Fergie more when she had lighter hair. And whooooa did they photo shop her! It’s a shame they can’t just take the pictures and put them in magazines as they are.

  • Jamie

    They definately softened her facial features. She has a sick body but lets just be honest, her face is harsh.

  • Monika20

    Her face is ugly and I don’t see a tight stomach that Josh might enjoy, I only see meat in her stomach area. She’s way too photo shopped and her body looks nothing like this in real life

  • Ana

    Girl does NOT look like that! Please! She should get back to blond ASAP

  • michelle

    is that really her face in the second picture? honestly? photoshopped beyond recognition.

  • jenny

    that’s because the rest of the quote actually says something like “a tight stomach when i’m thinner’. i forget the exact wording. The way the line was quoted on this site is misleading.

    • Versus

      As you can see, the quote I posted is EXACTLY the same quote as Cosmopolitan magazine placed on the first page (written with white). I did not intend to mislead anyone.

  • bia

    I find her so unattractive. Her talking about her sex life is also kinda gross.

  • neutra


  • Lex

    Her legs are not that skinny – not at all! This is sort of like the Kelly Clarkson photoshopping; it’s so blatantly obvious that it’s disgusting. Like others here, I also agree that her body (the real one) is rockin’ but her face is kinda bleh.

    • Alyssa

      Didn’t see win best or hottest legs back a year ago?
      Girl works on her fitness and she has a pretty great body not to mention she is crazy flexy… didnt you see the vid of her barracuda song where she does one handed carlwheels in 4 inch heels and leather tights???

      I dont know where people get the idea that she’s not fit as a fiddle

  • sweetness

    This woman is a butter even after being photoshopped to there and back.

  • suzushii

    LOL, I’d say that does NOT look like Fergie

    but Fergie herself doesn’t look like Fergie

    She should be pulled over for reckless photoshop and plastic surgery abuse 😛

  • Mizzy

    looking at her is all i need to be reminded that having a great body is not everything….facial features are so much more important in terms of attractiveness!

  • steph

    Why so bitchy? She’s got a beautiful face and beautiful body, don’t be so judgemental.

    • Alyssa

      Meh, this site is always full of jealous hater b!tches…

      • neutra

        Ahhh, the oh so original “you only hate because you’re jealous!” argument.

        I’m sorry, but the last person I think people would be jealous of is Fergie. She has a fit body, but her face is less than average. And I don’t think that’s too harsh to say seeing as she paid someone to make it look that way, so it’s not as if she couldn’t avoid it.

        I am envious of naturally beautiful and intelligent celebrities (Jennifer Connelly, Alexa Chung) but no way would i be jealous of all the plastic clones that this site tends to feature. IMO- if you weren’t born with it, then what’s so amazing?

        • dani

          I dont think saying the truth or our opinions mean we hate celebrities or anyone who posts on this website…she does have a heavy photoshoped body and face…she looks very curvy right now extra fat than she used to look before when she had 6 packs and very muscular legs…now she became like the rest of the world a bit skinny fat losing her extra toned body,its not a bad looking type of body…and also her extra surgery on her face left marks and she ages very bad…i’ve seen some pictures of her at VS show and she was looking very puffy…maybe its stress,lack of sleeping,too much going on…but no worries she will get back on track she needs a beauty salon,good doctor and she will be like new.

    • Juliette

      This entire site is based on being judgmental. Every post here is about judging someone’s appearance, both positive and negative.

  • Juliette

    Her face, and Ashanti’s face too, both remind me of a little Cheshire cat.

  • skirmute

    God bless Photoshop! LOL

  • beckers

    i love that black dress, the first one. Any ideas who its by?