Francia Raisa

Francia Raisa in a Bikini

Francia-Raisa-in-a-Bikini - Francia Raisa in a Bikini

Actress Francia Raisa (Bring It On: All or Nothing, The Secret Life of the American Teenager) is having fun, working out and giving us a bikini preview (sorta), all at the same time. Looking cute and happy!

We’ve seen Francia before and she was showing her curves in a little black dress – click here to see!

She is 21!

Francia-Raisa-in-a-Bikini-3 - Francia Raisa in a Bikini

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Francia-Raisa-in-a-Bikini-4 - Francia Raisa in a Bikini

Francia-Raisa-in-a-Bikini-5 - Francia Raisa in a Bikini

gallery_main-0315_francia_raisa_05 - Francia Raisa in a Bikini

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • madeleine

    good stomach
    bad legs

    • marie

      how can u even say that…she got no cellulite, nice toned legs…they look fine. We can’t all have stick thin model legs now!!

      • Bunbun

        so just because they have no cellulite, they are automatically good? “nice toned legs” noooo way I don’t think so, they’re fat and jiggly looking, very disproportioned, if she had “nice toned legs” they’d be much smaller and you would be able to actually see some muscle definition, which is what she lacks, majorly, (removed by admin)

        • Uma

          professional athletes have legs 2 times as big as this girl; and they are all muscle; that (removed by admin) does actually understand what muscle means?

          • Bunbun

            Versus, is directed insulting comments like this comment from uma allowed?

          • Bunbun
          • Versus

            @Bunbun, I moderated a part of it – however, your comment isn’t exactly nice either, it’s pretty harsh.

          • Uma

            Bunbun, you do have some nerve, don’t you? I was not insulting you, i was stating my opinion, just as you were regarding the girl in the picture, right?

          • Bunbun

            “does that tiny brain actually understand what muscle means?”

            I’m not offended, since you don’t know me, but your “opinion” crossed the line

        • Yves

          I don’t think she has fat and jiggly legs at all — judging from her stomach, she must’ve worked out a lot.

          I’m a sprinter and high jumper, and a skittle shape. My thighs look like hers; they don’t jiggle and is perfectly muscular. I don’t have cellulite, and I’m 112 pounds at 5’5. Yet with all that in mind, it doesn’t stop my thighs from looking disproportionately huge from my body. It’s the way people are built .. there shouldn’t be anything ‘eww’ about that.

          • Uma

            I think it is great you are a sprinter; sprinters do have ‘big’ legs – i just mentioned athletes as well – but they look incredible. Bet you have a nice bum too. And don’t worry about ignorant people who think nice and toned legs mean miranda kerr legs. You sound to have a great body!

          • Yves

            Haha, thank you! It makes me self-conscious sometimes .. because even as an athlete, I don’t LOOK like I build muscle easily on my legs, so they always look rather untoned. But once my friend tried to pinch it for fun … and there was nothing to pinch!

            That being said, I have every right to believe that Francia has a beautiful body, and to be honest, I’d trade with her anytime!

          • Jessica


            I love that you say there is nothing ew about her legs. I’m small but my legs are like hers, and It hurts to see people make comments like that. That’s how I was built and I don’t think it matters how small I get my legs will always be kinda bigger/fulle. Should I refrain from wearing shorts because my legs look like that?

        • kate

          Incorrect. Have you seen the size of some female bodybuilders legs and there ain’t a shred of fat on them.

        • Fluffykins

          Her legs are not “fat and jiggly looking”, I agree that she’s not too toned(and she doesn’t need to be, I don’t understand this view that women have to have a lot of visible muscle tone to be considered not fat), but her legs aren’t fat, it’s muscle.

      • madeleine

        she does have cellulite…

    • madeleine

      lol why can’t i have an opinion…i don’t think she has good legs….other people might like them…but to me they are very defined and a bit too thick…for christs sake if i say i don’t like them it doesn’t mean i think she has fat legs it just means they’re not my taste

    • another comment

      I think her legs are way out of proportion with her body. Its not about fit or unfit, or fat or skinny…she just has a tiny upper body, and a huge lower body. Her cuves are fine, she’s pretty girl however; it appears she has had work on her lips AND breasts BOTH. It clear she has! With out the fake lips and breasts she would look just like any other pear shaped girl, with HUGE piano legs, and a huge ankles.she has kankles…being famous puts you out there to get critized so, everyone will comment. I am fit, but no one is perfect. I wouldn’t never want to have this body type! I find it the least attractive body type to have. As for the obvious implants…they help to balance out her lower half,as for the lips they went way to far they are so filled with collegen that they look hard as a rock! Not soft and supple. She’s not sexy, she’s trashy. I don’t find this actress attractive at all. I think here figure is gross. Thanks god I don’t have those huge disgusting legs, she is not fat, or over weight at all, but she also is not athletic and has zero muscle tone…none.She is a normal healthy young woman. But I personally do NOT think she’s hot.

  • kathy23

    Even though, I’m usually into more skinny body types,I think she looks great! LUV the curves! She’s voluptuous and healthy

  • kathy23

    oh and a great example of a really sexy pear!

    • kate

      Yes! It’s great isn’t it : D

    • artemis

      true 😀

  • liza

    nice body. and they usually say pears aren’t supposed to wear boy shorts/shorts. i see nothing wrong with them on her.

    • artemis

      yeah but I still wear them
      they look good as long as the legs arent too big

  • Hydrangea

    She’s adorable.

  • Uma

    She does have the cutest little body. Giving pear shapes a good name. She seems tiny, height-wise.

    • Pritam Chakraborty

      I just love u

  • natalie

    I think she’s put on weight but has a nice curvy shape anyway. Reminds me of Kim K except smaller curves.

  • suzushii

    She looks good. Not my style, but I for one, DO NOT expect everyone to look the same.

    Sheesh, some people here act like, unless you have a specific set of measurements, you’re not attractive.

    • I know! It’s ridiculous! I think she looks great!

  • terri

    I think she looks great nice and toned.

  • beckers

    Great bod, really nice stomach.

  • Mirabela

    Please! Somebody tell me what type of body has she have?
    And to respond on topic. I think she have a great body. Just on her legs she developed much more muscle.

    • kate

      I’m thinking a skittle which is a variation of the pear shape.

      • Mirabela

        Thanks for your answer! 🙂

  • Vanessa

    My sister loves figures like that. She always complains bout her legs being to skinny. I personally think she has a great figure. People can be so mean

    • Uma

      lol, my sister complains about her legs being too skinny as well. and they are, actually.

  • suching

    This is a prefect example of a sexy firm pear who is very secure of herself and not always trying to cover up in flowy long shirts (Jennifer Love Hewitt) or sarongs (Kim Kardashian).

  • Beetle

    i don’t like her breasts, they look fake. and her body is not proportional, sorta fatter legs. nice stomach tough.

  • blake

    i am a pear shape as well and it is SO good to see a girl who is not trying to hide the curves in long, big and shapeless dresses or pants… i hate it when people say pears should not wear shorts- damn, when it is as hot as hell outside, should i cook myself in jeans or what??

    • marie

      i couldn’t agree with u more!!
      I’m a pear love this girl for showing that curvy legs i soooo sxc….not everyone is has stick thin model legs…this is an example of a true woman’s shape…and is happy with itxxx

      • I agree with what you both said! I’m also a pear and LOVE to see confident women who defy the rules that we’re given. Hooray for us!

  • Casey

    She looks great and fit. I can’t help but wish her legs were a little bit slimmer, or more importantly, longer. But hey, what can she do about that? Even if she wanted to, she can’t elongate her legs. She looks fine.

    Also, points for rollerblading.

    • aj

      ‘But hey, what can she do about that? Even if she wanted to, she can’t elongate her legs.’

      Probably the most patronizing, condescending and irritating comment I’ve read on this site to date.

      Heres a little fact for you, many people find small women who don’t have Gisele legs very attractive thankyou very much. I’m sure Francia is very proud of her looks and so she should be, legs included.

      Also, many men are attracted to smaller women (AND taller women) because they’re very cute.

  • kim

    personally, i think she looks great!

  • candyshop

    thats a niiiiiiiiiiice sexy tummy!

  • B.

    I LOVE her body! She looks absolutely fantastic. I would love to have a stomach like that. Her legs aren’t bad; it’s the way she’s naturally built and if she has a stomach like that then she obviously works out and eats well.
    Amazing skin and radiant smile. She’s gorgeous.

  • Denise

    She looks healthy and toned. She has a nice body!

  • Natasha O

    Love her she looks cute yes I’m a stan and she seems very down to earth. And I liiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkeeee her legs. *sticks tongue out* *rolls eyes*

  • Hazal

    I’m a pear-shape as well and my figure is very similar to Francia’s. But unfortunately I am not as confident as she is. I’m very insecure about my figure and always cover my butt and thighs with long blouses, cardigans, tunics etc. And reading such comments like “Francia is fat”, “she has fat legs” make me even more insecure because I feel offended as well. But on the other hand it’s great to see a pear-shape happy with what she’s got.

  • Claudia

    Her body is very similar to mine…. I think I am a bit taller than her, though, I’m 5 feet 8.5 inches…. I actually hate my body,, but it’s nice to see how she pulls it off, like she was proud of it and didn’t care what others thought… I really should learn from her, and don’t be ashamed to wear miniskirts and shorts, at least during the summer 🙂

  • Myriam

    It’s so weird cos it looks exactly like my body, same shape, same skin and skin tone, same tights, knees, stomach (My breasts are a big bigger though). I’ve always felt bad about my body especially my knees and tights, I always wear long clothes to not show my legs… but I like these pics, she looks very good imo, beautiful, feminine, fresh and confident… that may sounds silly but it actually makes me feel better about myself now

    • blake

      the same with me.. i look just the same- flat stomach, average boobs and bigger legs.. but seeing her so confident and happy with her self, makes me feel better too

  • blake

    all the pear shaped ladies in the world…. we should be more like her- not ashamed of our selves.. so we may not have the thinnest legs and we will never have, but it does not mean we have no right to wear shorts or miniskirts. it is just ridiculus.. no body shape is a perfect shape and no one is the right one…. damn with insecurity and low self-esteem. a beautiful woman can be any size, any shape, any haircolour, any race and any whatever.. variety is what makes the world more interesting 🙂

  • I think she’s looks wonderful. For people who dislike her lower body, I wonder what they expect her to do…If she wore a tiny bikini bottom, I’m pretty positive people would complain that she’s showing too much. Instead she wore shorts, and looks great doing it. My body is similar to hers, except I’m shorted waisted. I’m a big fan of her body–it seems attainable, and I’m glad she looks so happy while showing it off. 🙂

  • Dayna

    She looks awesome. I wish I had her lower body…I have these chicken legs (ill…hahaha).

  • albana

    she got a nice healthy body! i like her body shape, god damn people stop hating, there is nothing wrong with her!

  • Mizzy

    my only complaint about her body is that she appears to have a tummy tuck scar!!!
    And for all the women on this board who are ashamed to show their legs, keep in mind that the means comments you see on the internet do not really reflect “real world” expectations..What I mean, is that you know that if anyone saw this girl walking down the street nobody in their right mind would stare and say she is fat. I’m sure none of you judge people on the street in that way, so why would anyone do that to you??

  • mermaid

    great body & a cute girl. she looks, happy, healthy, and fun. her stomach is amazing and i think her legs look great. smooth and firm. that smooth without photoshop? amazing!

    my ONLY issue is that i think her boobs are fake. its her choice…and the size is not outrageous and looks good, but i personally prefer natural in that area, and when not natural, at least a natural looking shape to the implant.

    • artemis

      I think they are fake too and they look great

  • anonymous

    She looks like a healthy and in shape young woman. why are so many of you so intent on finding cellulite and picking out perceived imperfections?

    If a person is healthy, has a healthy body weight, is shown doing a sport (roller blading), and is happy and smiling, why do you feel the need to say things like her legs look “jiggly” ? Are our legs supposed to be super muscular and hard all of the time?

    what happened to allowing people to be normal and healthy and happy, and not some perceived non-diverse, western idea of perfection?

  • Jay

    OMG she has my body!! Down to a T!! wow seeing her truly makes me feel as though maybe I do look a lot better than I thought. wow Versus, you really made my day 🙂 she’s look amazing

    • Ashley

      i know what you mean! i look exactly like her. i saw her on the secret life and i got so excited because i have never seen anyone with a shape this close to mine on tv. i always feel that i can’t wear certain clothes and that i look disproportional, but seeing her makes me feel a bit better about myself.

  • ukok

    She has the most amazing beautiful body!! Good on her!!

  • Cody

    I think she is beautiful!!!! and I am disgusted that people would come on and be like oh good stomach bad legs, who are you to judge her? i think she shouldn’t be critizied seeing as though she is georgeous and actually isnt a fake skin and bone model! People like you make girls anorexic and bulimic because its like you need to have a perfect waist hips and tighs and stomach just to be considered pretty. I feel sorry for you guys, that you have such a low self asteem you need to judge her on her legs, These photos could have been photo shopped but shes not like that. I just can’t beleive yoou would dare to say that!

    Thank you to the people that stood up for her, 🙂 Its muchly appreciated 🙂

  • *Daci ann*

    Well I think she looks fantastic and people she dont have fat jiggly legs, she’s very pretty and its sad you feel so bad about yourself that you have to go and hate on this beautiful girl. (: Have a nice day!

  • Deannad

    She is obviously healthy judging from her glowing skin and fit body. Her thighs are not slim, this is true but it is her natural shape. Some women are just built that way and instead of fighting it like everybody else with her shape, she is embracing it. As a 19 year old woman, this is great example for me.

  • Eric

    Cute and sexy, being stick thin is not healthy or sexy. She is not fat.

  • Breenda

    my body is just like her’s, exactly!
    so, what’s my body tipe?
    xo, thanx. (:

    • Versus

      She is a pear shape – she’s got curvy hips, shapely thighs, medium bust, a very nice waist and a smaller upper half.