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Emily DiDonato Brings Friday Links

post_image-emily-didonato-jake-gyllenhaal-01 - Emily DiDonato Brings Friday Links

Emily DiDonato lingerie treat – Celebslam

Check out Karlie Kloss and her new strong eyebrows! – Celebrity Gossip

Guess Jennifer Lawrence‘s bra size! – Fitceleb

Rihanna shows off her butt on the Internet, of course – Daily Mail

Check out this anti-retouching product and commercial from Dove! – Mashable

What do you think of this plus-size magazine shoot? – Daily Mail

Alessandra Ambrosio was in a bikini this week – Hollywood Tuna

How do you like this outfit on Selena Gomez? – MoeJackson

The different looks of Mila KunisCelebuzz


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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • She is soo stunning!! one of my favorite models.

  • Candy

    So pretty, hope she becomes more famous and gets the attention that k uptown gets. Saying I love Karlie is an understatement but Im not feeling the eyebrows on her.

    • Candy

      the first sentence being about emily

    • artemis

      those eyebrows are HORIBBLE!

    • Casey

      The average SI fan doesn’t like her. There was a vote about the rookie of the year, and she came in last.

      Which was amazing to me because to me, she was clearly the prettiest out of the 4. I almost feel like the average SI fan likes generic pretty girls, rather than really unique beauty.

      • Linda


      • Winnie

        guy-hot vs. girl-hot. i don’t think too many guys think about how “unique” a girl looks when determining whether or not they think she’s good-looking.

      • andy

        Rumor has it that poll was rigged by the agencies.

        Wouldn’t surprise me if it was rigged as Emily has more “male attention” assets than the girl who came in first place. Translation: Emily has bigger boobs, more butt, bigger lips and brighter eyes than the girl who came in first.

        I personally find Emily to be incredibly sensual looking while unique and captivating.

      • lc

        “Which was amazing to me because to me, she was clearly the prettiest out of the 4. I almost feel like the average SI fan likes generic pretty girls, rather than really unique beauty.”

        Agree. The average male, it seems, likes generic over unique/interesting looks lol. Just in general.

  • Adriana

    Karlie’s eyebrows look terrible. I think they need to be a lighter brown if they are going to be this thick on her

  • Clai

    Karlie’s eyebrows were just for the Jean Paul Gaultier show. lol All the models had it.

  • nina

    hm, nice eyes and hair. but the lips and teeth looks like of a cartoon character.

  • solaxia

    I know everyone loves her, but I just dont think she is all that attractive in her pictures. I get that she has the ‘right’ features but they just dont look good together imo

    • I agree Solaxia – I think she’s undeniably pretty, but I don’t see the wow factor with her. There’s something generic about her – maybe it’s her expressions, there’s not much personality coming through to me. Good figure though.

    • artemis


  • Summer

    Riri that is one nice butt!

  • Aafje

    I think that Emily person was really pretty last time she was featured here but that picture above looks a bit off

  • Hazal

    I feel sorry for Rihanna. There must be something wrong with her mind. But I must admit that her butt looks awesome.

    • jessica_rabbit

      yep her looks are beautifull but she is like girl interupped..

    • Megan

      Yeah, a therapist would be good for her.

  • Jennifer Lawrence must get her chest measured because there is no way in hell that 36 C is her right bra size. More like 32 DD or 30 E would be right.

    • jessica_rabbit

      no way believe me, maybe a D,she is about bar rafaeli size, i have 30DDs to E and they are way bigger, more like kate uptons!

      • Jess

        I’m also a 30E. I’d say Kate Upton is bigger than me all around torso and boob wise. Kate is really tall too. It’s hard to tell with Jennifer Lawrence because we don’t know if her boobs are taped/lifted at awards ceremonies like Katy Perry does! At least with Kate we have topless pictures to look at! haha

      • lillaliket

        I wear a 28G/30F and my boobs are nothing like Kate Uptons, lol.. Jennifer could very well fit into a 32DD if she can wear a 36C, as she is quite slim

    • Megan

      I make swimsuits & guessed 36C, so maybe it’s right…

    • Emeline

      Noo, her boobs are not that big at all. I think 36C is right

    • Nina

      Her breasts look smaller than 32DD though. I would guess 34C or 32D.

    • Jess

      I was wondering the accuracy too. I guess it depends on whether she has a petite frame which is hard to tell from pictures. I always assume actors are more petite in real life so I thought she would be a 34C/D or 32DD. I’m surprised by the 36 ribcage.

      • serena

        I read most women are wearing the wrong bra size – typically they overestimate band and underestimate cup. I would guess Jennifer is a 34D, not 36C.

    • lol

      JL has really small boobs. I doubt she is bigger than a B cup.

  • artemis

    rihanna-trashy as always. nice boots, tho. her butt is too small

  • artemis

    DOVE is just trying to MAKE MORE MONEY! I doubt their ads aren’t photoshoped. Also, they should work on improving their products quality, not fake-hating photoshop by using ads of average weight women that surprinsingly have perfect skin and features. meh.

  • seijidan

    awful photoshopping on Emily! she looks way better than that

  • Megan

    That model is fug! Her eye’s are different sizes & have small heavy bags. Coupled with the skull lines on her temples, she looks like a terminally ill patient with a makeover. Is this another VS pick?

  • lc

    Rihanna looks trashy and like an attention wh-re as per usual. Vulgarity personified, indeed. The “plus size model” is just obese. Not curvy. Emily DiDonato looks stunningly gorgeous, as usual. Karlie looks fine, the brows were for a Jean Paul Gaultier show and all of the models had them. I think it looks edgy.

  • Fielding

    KK’s nose doesn’t look all that great without contouring and lighting.

    It’s actually rather large at the bottom.

  • Vickie Galli

    so beautiful!! and she looks so healthy! All models should be fit like that..

  • binks

    I don’t get the hype over Emily and Karlie they are pretty but plain to me. Rihanna needs to learn decorum I get the whole bad girl image but cover up but nice boots.