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Gwyneth Paltrow Brings Friday Links

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Gwyneth Paltrow won’t let her children eat bread, pasta, rice, dairy or eggs – Celebitchy

Miss America and Miss Hawaii look healthy in bikinis, not skinny – Daily Mail

Eva Longoria was in a bikini this week – Celebrity Gossip

Tina Turner becomes the oldest lady ever to score a Vogue cover – Celebitchy

Pregnant Kate Middleton is craving chocolate and cake – Hollywood Life

Kim Kardashian bathed in her own blood as she had a ‘vampire facial’ – Daily Mail

And she says she dresses for Kanye, not for herself – Wonderwall

Jada Pinkett Smith says we criticize Rihanna and Justin Bieber because we wish we could have accomplished as much as they did – D-listed


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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Ana

    Eww!!! Who puts blood on their face?!

  • gsl

    Growing up, my mom gave us whatever we wanted. I grew up in europe so portions were smaller but we had dairy, bread and meat everyday. There was always a bowl of candy on the table but it didnt mean my sister and I had to attack it and stuff our faces. What im trying to say is, Gwyneth shoyld teach her kids self control and not fear that these little children will get fat from a piece of bread. She just seems ridiculous.

    • MissMarilyn

      agree… i feel like her kids might grow up and like see some bread and go HAM. how about teaching them about healthy portions instead? they can go gluten free when they’re old enough to decide for themselves :p

  • Hazal

    Oh Gwyneth you can do whatever you want with your body but please let your children be children! I grew up with Turkish cuisine which is full of carbs and I’m a slim, healthy, smart and happy person. There is nothing wrong with carbs! God, I’m so annoyed right now.

  • sweet

    All I gotta say is, miss america really does look like miss america in that beach pic. Half of usa is overweight. Not that shes super fat but obviously a lil chunky monkey.

    • Jay

      she looks pretty bad, i was very surprised. she looks fine for a regular person, but for miss america? flabby and blah.

  • Casey

    “Gwyneth Paltrow won’t let her children eat bread, pasta, rice, dairy or eggs”

    If true, then Gwyneth is a neurotic idiot. People really need to understand: there is nothing inherently bad about pasta, bread, rice, dairy, eggs, sugar, fat, etc.

    You’re not going to get fat from eating pasta. You’re not going to get diabetic from eating sugar. You’re not going to get high cholesterol from eating eggs. Stop letting diet fats take advantage of you; they’ll say anything to make you scared so you buy in (often, literally).

    The biggest issue that I’ve noticed people have is portions. After coming from Europe to America, I was amazed at the portions. I truly believe most people could lose a significant amount of weight eating similarly to how they eat now (because most people I know aren’t addicted to McDonald’s), and lose weight, if simply they just ate normal portions. I think that would cut down on obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

    At the very least, if you’re going to be neurotic, don’t put your children though it. I don’t know anyone in my age group who didn’t enjoy pasta, cake, cookies, eggs, milk…etc as a kid. And they were all normal weight; some only because overweight when they went to college and started living on their own.

    Once you instill fear/neuroticism into a child, it’s hard to break. So at least allow them to have a normal upbringing and not an upbringing where they’re terrified of food. Because chances are, in 10 years, diet fads will all completely change; and your kid will be permanently scarred.

    • Yes, Casey! Completely agree! I think portion size is key – it’s something I’m working on myself. It’s a hard adjustment to make though, unfortunately.

      I do not get the fear of rice, bread, pasta, eggs, etc – unless you have an actual allergy or intolerance to these foods, there is no reason to exclude them entirely from your diet. Depriving your children of those things is just stupid – and she actually says her children get hungry from ‘avoiding carbs’ (which just shows how little she actually knows of true nutrition)! That’s awful to me – let them have some pasta, for goodness sake! They will not grow up to be obese or unhealthy just because they have bread, pasta, rice, etc (all Italians would be in big trouble if that were the case)!
      It also says she uses agave syrup as a sweetener – it’s essentially like high-fructose corn syrup, which everyone knows is not healthy. Maple syrup and honey are better – at least they have antioxidants and other benefits. Or blackstrap molasses with it’s high iron. Agave is just another fad ‘health’ additive to spend extra money on! If she truly knew anything, she’d be using stevia.

      I just find her so smug – and her ‘healthy’ diet advice is ill-informed.

      • Casey

        I agree Erica, she does come across as smug. Which I wouldn’t mind if she actually knew what she was talking about, and wasn’t just regurgitating every current fad at once.

        You’re so right about agave syrup too! It’s funny how people can rationalize things – such as agave syrup being supposedly good but sugar being bad.

        Personally, I find I consume too much sugar so I am trying to cut down a bit. I find using maple syrup, brown sugar, and honey to be the best way to cut down. All 3 of these things tend to have other flavors which help give the illusion of sweetness without the actual sugar, so you don’t have to use as much. Subtract soda from my diet and I’m all set!

        Personally, I am not a fan of sweeteners. I do not find them natural, and I don’t think our bodies were made to consume nor process them (in the same way as preservatives). It’s nice that they exist because certain people who really want/need to lose weight, or who have diabetes need them.

        But personally, I try to avoid them and I don’t like that current health fads making people paranoid of sugar to the point where they’re turning to artificial sweeteners that we really don’t know too much about. I think for the average person, honey or maple syrup in small amounts is a much better way of cutting down on sugar.

        • Agreed again Casey. Stevia is actually a totally natural sweetener – you can grow it yourself, but it’s hard to use like that! But, it’s hard to find good powdered, pure stevia – a friend bought a box recently and I was so shocked when I read the label! It was stevia, aspartame and sorbitol! Ridiculous! Give me honey, brown sugar or maple syrup any day over those truly artificial sweeteners! I think it’s important to cut down on sugar in any form, but, like pretty much anything, cutting it out entirely is unnecessary.

          I’m having to cut down on salt because of Meniere’s disease and that is tough – just like having less sweetness. I just slowly cut it down in my cooking by 1/4 then a 1/2 and now I’m getting used to a lot less salt than before. You’ll become accustomed to the taste of less sugar in your food and drink if you slowly cut it down too. Good luck!

        • av

          maple syrup, brown sugar and honey are all just as sugary as sugar.

          • amber

            They’re all sweet, yeah, but they aren’t all the same. My grandparents tap maple trees and have their own sugaring house, which is where maple sap becomes maples syrup. Its basically just boiled and reduced. They used to have hony bees. Honey was literally taken from the hive and put on the dinner table. I think molasses goes through very little processing, too, although I hate the flavour so I avoid it. Honey has anti inflammatory properties and is naturally antibacterial and anti fungal. It has some vitamins and nutrients. Molasses has lots of vitamins, as does maple syrup, particularly b5 and 6, manganese, and magnesium, I believe. White sugar has nothing and is very processed and refined. I think they all have slightly different glycemic indexes, too.

    • Candy M.

      Thats true, as much as I try to limit my dairy and wheat I don’t completely avoid them. One of the big reasons EVERY food is demonized is so competing food manufactures can market their product as healthier, like soy or agave nectar to substitute dairy and sugar despite actually being worse for you. Eggs are an extremely healthy food yet people are afraid of them despite the studies showing zero correlation between heart disease and eggs. That being said if you have an obvious negative reaction to a food then by all means cut it out. When dealing with children its important to strike a balance between health and indulgence. Going too far either way will surely lead to food problems down the line. Also, wasn’t this the woman who just 2 months ago said she wasn’t on another detox and stuffing her face with pasta? She flip flops so much that it defintly leads me to be suspicious about her eating. One month she’s relaxed and stuffing lasagna in her mouth the next she’s eating grass clippings. Which is it Gwenyth? I honestly don’t think this woman eats much and there have been rumors that she barely eats.

    • Megan

      Fantastic comment!

  • ary

    ok, i’m trying to ignore KK existence, but WHAT THE F? Go donate some blood instead, for god’s sake! And Gwyneth sounds like a maniac. Mad world, really!

    • artemis

      I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, the dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had…It’s a really, really mad world, mad world…
      way too nice song to even have anything related to kim but i couldn’t resist, lol.

  • Casey

    My other comment is under moderation but I just wanted to add:

    “‘Every single nutritionist, doctor and health-conscious person I have ever come across . . . seems to concur that (gluten) is tough on the system and many of us are at best intolerant of it and at worst allergic to it. Sometimes when my family is not eating pasta, bread or processed grains like white rice, we’re left with that specific hunger that comes with avoiding carbs’.”

    Dear God people, stop self-diagnosing gluten-intolerance!

    It affects at most 10% of the population, usually people of Asiatic descent. So chances are, if you are European or of European descent and there is no family history of it – you don’t have it! If your doctor is telling you that you have it without proper testing…get a new doctor, because chances are you’re suffering from something else and may have become temporary everything-intolerant because the underlying issue is interfering with your overall digestion.

    The expert in the article said it best:

    ‘Far too many people self-diagnose themselves with allergies, or cut out wheat to lose weight, or because they think it’s bad for them. Not only are they making their lives difficult, cutting out such an important food group shouldn’t be done without the advice of a medical professional, as it could put them at risk of nutrient deficiencies.’

    • ohhhhhhyeahhhh

      I read a big chunk of people who are gluten intolerant are likely that way because they werent breastfed. Something about not developing super effective normal flora in the stomach.

    • Candy M.

      Also, this quote may have been taken out of context, I don’t know as I will never read this book. I get very confused with her as her website just listed a new recipe that uses dairy and wheat. And she always talks about how she’s not really that strict but then she comes out with this. There seems so be something wrong with her.

    • serena

      Casey, I normally agree with your comments, but that “expert” you quoted is an idiot. Cutting wheat out could cause deficiency of important nutrients? Does he think pizza, pasta, bread, cake, cookies, etc are nutritious foods essential to our diet lol? In the US bread/cereal is artificially fortified with vitamins, but those vitamins are naturally found in fruits/veggies/nuts. Many cultures barely consume wheat (or didn’t until Western diets invaded the globe) and rice (no gluten) is the primary wheat consumed. Even gluten-tolerant people can benefit from cutting out wheat, because that means no more junk food like cake and pizza. I’m not saying advocating a gf diet, just saying people need less wheat and more fruit, veggies, nuts and lean proteins.

      • IY

        Thank you! I have no idea what that nutritionist is aiming to do – get clients who don’t want to cut carbs or something? It’s a bullshit statement, especially coming from a professional. I’ve worked with a nutritionist myself, lost weight and my blood test results have never looked better. There isn’t a single nutrient in grains that can’t be found in bigger quantities in other places. There is absolutely no need for it in the human body, if you’re eating enough vegetables, fat and protein.
        And how does one connect vitamin D and iron deficiency to avoiding carbs?? None of these have anything to do with grains or carbs. It’s obvious her health problems don’t come from the lack of carbs, but from lack of fat and/or meat.

    • serena

      Casey, it is true Caucasians are more adapted to eating refined white flours. But let’s be blunt – White Americans are ridiculously fat and regardless of if they have Celiac’s or not, putting down the pizza wouldn’t be the worst thing for y’all 😉 While the gluten protein itself is not harmful, the reality is foods containing gluten are usually processed junk. And non-Whites suffer even more from this diet. In Asian countries, diabetes and obesity are on the rise, since they’re eating a more Western diet now. I’m Caucasian but not White (persian) and when I started eating an American diet in college I became chubby, lethargic, bloated. Reducing wheat fixed that pretty quick and I’m gluten tolerant.

      • Casey

        I agree serena with everything you said serena, except that gluten is found mostly in processed junk food. It’s found in a lot of healthy food, multigrain and wholegrains..etc.

        I think the solution to that is to worry less about gluten and worry more about eating whole grain, whole wheat food and in more moderate quantities. A lot of gluten free flour/foods are not any less processed than their refined flour counterparts.

        • Casey

          I don’t know why I said your name twice, lol

          And I wanted to expand on the latter part by saying there are lots of gluten-free alternatives, but the average person going on a gluten-free diet because they heard about it from somewhere or someone tends to opt for things branded “gluten-free” on the store shelves. A lot of people at my office are currently doing the gluten-free diet (only one who needs to), and while they claim to be healthier, I don’t see much difference. They still eat chips, cakes, cupcakes, pizza, etc. They just spend extra money to buy the ones that are labeled gluten-free. It’s actually worse because when I eat a cupcake, at least I know I am not being healthy, whereas they’re under the belief that the cupcake without gluten is magically now healthy.

          I guess what I’m trying to say is, if someone’s goal is to actually eat healthier, and they’re not gluten intolerant, then they shouldn’t be focusing on gluten. Their efforts would be better spent learning about better ways to eat overall…what has more nutrients and fiber and protein, what doesn’t…etc. Everyone (especially Americans) could use more fruits and veggies, but a lot of good nutrition comes from wheat products too. You just have to be smart about it.

  • jay-lisa

    I remember a friend who won’t let her children eat chocolate and cake, well, they would just find a way to eat that anyway, behind her back, in huge quantities…

    • amber

      Did you consider that perhaps the mother might’ve forbidden those things because her children would gorge themselves on them. Some people have weaknesses for certain things and can’t manage to eat then in moderation, especially children. I know a few children who are on incredibly strict diets (ketogenic and gfcf) for medical and behavioral reasons. They’re experimental and controversial, so it isnt something discussed much outside the home. That said, I’m not saying Gwinneth Paltrow is anything more than a trend-following-twit, but all the comments of “I ate x y and z as a kid and I’m not fat!” or “parents should let kids be kids” are blanket statements that aren’t necessarily true for everyone. And i think people risk judging others, especially parent, unfairly.

      • MissMarilyn

        Maybe if there’s some certain mental disorder that’s one thing… but what about healthy portion control? because it’s honestly ok to eat a sweet every now and then and kids actually need to learn that so they don’t punish themselves for eating sweets occasionally in the future. One of the first things I had to do in recovery from my ED was be taught that food isn’t “bad” if I eat a slice of cake I don’t need to throw it up, because it is okay to eat a slice of cake every now and then.

        I’m not suggesting she like puts a full cake on her kitchen table and be like “ok kids, go for it!” but like frozen yogurt once a week? Maybe one week replace it with like a little cupcake or little piece of cake? that’s okay.

        • artemis

          I agree 😀 less likes, though, please

          • MissMarilyn

            sorry, i’m a teenager who hangs out with other teens all day long so…. that’s how we talk…

    • jenna

      This is an unfortunate result of restricting your kids’ diets. I grew up with a Mom who NEVER let us eat sugar. I felt so deprived of being able to eat what other kids around me were eating, that as I got older, I started sneaking all the things my Mom told me not to eat. Sneaking food is not a healthy habit….still to this day, I sneak sugar rather than just enjoying it out in the open like everyone else does!

  • lillaliket

    Miss America and Miss Hawaii look the same to me, just less fake tan.

    • MissMarilyn

      Ms. America really looks the same, minus being super toned and muscular. Being honest she’s probably actually lost weight because she’s lost muscle. Either way I think she looks fine.

      Ms. Hawaii does look like she’s gained weight though. I don’t think it’s super flattering on her but to each her own.

  • Isabel

    Why is that every woman who’s not a size 4 is automatically labelled as healthy and curvy? Not that I have anything against them, but the whole deal about uplifting thick women has became as ridiculous as the obsession with thiness.

    • Sienna

      Yeah, they looked much healthier in their pageant days.

  • mary

    Gwyneth is a psycho with a capital P.
    Is Eva pregnant?
    Miss america looks the same as she did in the pageant…never looked thin, just less spray on tan abs
    Kate Midleton looks cute as usual
    I saw the KK thing a few days ago and laughed, nothing she does surprises me

  • Sienna

    -I find Gwyneth Paltrow very beautiful, especially when she was younger – great bone structure, sweet looking face. I agree with some of her opinions on food but when it comes to children, I’d be careful and give them a diet as diverse as possible.
    -Eva Longoria’s stomach is kinda fat… Guess this is her main fat storage zone, because her arms and legs are still fairly thin.
    -Miss America and the other one look really soft and average… They aren’t fine boned women to begin with so staying trim is a necessity for them to have a decent looking figure.
    -Blood facial is gross. So are Kim K and that douche Kanye.

  • Miss America looks better in those candids to me than in the pageant – way more natural. Miss Hawaii looks good too – though I think her body shape benefits from a little more tone, if I’m picky!

    Kim K is crazy – that’s so gross!

    I’ve never liked Jada much – and her quote doesn’t hold much weight to me. Their ‘accomplishments’ (fame) have more to do with being in the right place at the right time, having the right PR machine, looking the right way for their fan base and headline-making behaviour/incidents than with actually being more talented/working harder than anyone else! I do agree with her that the behaviour of the paparazzi and some ‘fans’ towards many celebrities is completely unjustified and rude though. Some of things people say on twitter to/about celebs is shockingly mean-spirited. I don’t know if that stems from envy, or just thoughtlessness and a lack of common decency because they’re on the internet, but there’s no excuse for it.

    • lc

      Agree about Jada’s comment. Oh please woman, blah blah blah. Right place at the right time is right. Neither of them are talented or hard working imo.

      • Candy M.

        Justin Bieber is just a typical slacker douche bag, There are reports of him refusing to do his job because he was doing drugs or even playing video games. He is not a hard worker or above criticism because he’s 17. When ALL your fans are annoying teenage girls and annoying women who used to be annoying teenage girls, that says everything about your “talent”.

  • Mazzoo

    She doesn’t say her kids ‘Never’ have carbs. She said “Sometimes when my family is not eating pasta, bread or processed grains like white rice, we’re left with that specific hunger that comes with avoiding carbs’.”
    So it sounds like sometimes they do eat those things. Also, there are carbs in veg, fruits, pulses and oats etc. Eating refined carbs is in no way necessary for anyone, people do it because a huge amount of food is refined carbs. It’s no wonder more people are becoming diabetic as it takes effort and planning to eat non-processed food.

  • lc

    Gwyneth is a bit of a nut. Jada can STFU up already. Kim…no comment.

  • amber

    Can we stop using “healthy” as the antonym for “skinny” already? They aren’t mutually exclusive and they aren’t accurate descriptors.

    • Versus

      I did not mean to use it as an antonym, since I know you can be both skinny and healthy. There is no proper way to describe one’s body anymore, I fear: ‘real’ and ‘normal’ for the non-skinny ones are out of the question, now ‘healthy’ is not acceptable either. Do you guys have suggestions on how to accurately describe the girls in the pictures?

      • Sienna

        Average-looking maybe? But that would not make a catchy title.

        • I don’t think ‘average-looking’ is accurate either. It’s really hard these days to find words that don’t offend someone!

          • Sienna

            Hmm but for women in their age group, what they look like IS normal and average. Anything fatter/ with less flattering proportions, I would consider beneath average!
            Remember they are women in the age group of 18-25! And I would also not take the US as the norm, but rather the rest of the world where size EU38/medium would be average for women this young!

      • amber

        I understand you’re in sort of a tricky place. I’d use
        “Miss America looks healthy in a bikini,” and leave off the not skinny comment which is what makes healthy seen like the opposite of skinny. Or, you could just say she looks bigger than before or that she has gained weight, all of which are true. You could even qualify that she still looks good or whatever, if you wish.

      • Robin

        I think normal is an okay term, but it really is hard to find a proper word. You could aso just say ‘they look nice in bikini’ instead of describing their bodies?

      • artemis

        I know you didn’t mean that…and it is hard indeed to find the right words. But you do a good job 🙂 I’d say ‘nice’, ‘good’, etc. i don’t know 😀

  • Megan

    The beauty queens look normal and healthy. Really refreshing. It’s not the perfectly photogenic look, but my god, looking good irl is so different than looking good at every angle in a still image. People need to keep that in mind.

  • serena

    I still can’t believe she named her daughter “Apple”. Apples are full of carbs, by the way. At least she lets the poor girl eat those. I bet when those kids grow up and move out, they’ll go hog wild and gain a ton.

    • MissMarilyn

      I did not know she named her kid that but that’s kind of hilarious.

  • Adriana B

    Idk… Bread, pasta, rice, dairy, and eggs. That’s five foods out of how many thousands? Bread, pasta, and rice aren’t the only carbs either that’s for sure.

  • hanna

    Ugh cant stand gwyneth paltrow and jada pinkett smith

  • jessica_rabbit

    greath path from promising, one of the highest payed young actress to diet blogger/starlett/posers fo shape and self magazine after every intestine cleanses. good job.

    • amber

      Yeah, I mean, she only has a net worth of, like, $50 million. Her parents are probably so disappointed. And she has two kids with a musician. Everyone knows dudes in bands are a waste of time. What a fail she is.

      • serena

        Gwyneth comes from a rich Hollywood family. Her mother is an accomplished actress and her father a director/producer. She was born with millions so being rich is not really a huge accomplishment on her part, since she’s had that since day 1. And if having kids is an accomplishment, nearly every living organism on the planet as an overachiever. Overall Gwyneth is known for her dieting and lifestyle tips more than acting. Though she won an Oscar so she’s not a bad actress, either.

  • jessica_rabbit

    lol “she has two kids with a musician”(as a life accomplishment) and other “shes worth like 50 mil.” honey, we come from a totally different places, no purpose to argue on that.

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