Eva Mendes Brings Friday Links


How do you all like Eva Mendes in this orange dress? – Fashion Bomb Daily

Jenna Jameson has definitely looked better – Dlisted

Halle Berry looks great on the beach – Celebitchy

Adriana Lima is so stunning she can pull off this dress – Daily Mail

If Snooki can lose 42 pounds, anybody can – People

Amanda Bynes thinks she looks pudgy – Fitceleb

Kim Kardashian thinks she was “soooooo skinny” – Daily Mail

Kate Beckinsale looks flawless in a bikini – Hollywood Tuna


29 thoughts on “Eva Mendes Brings Friday Links”

  1. Just for the record…

    Kim K’s stylists hate her so much and she has no friends that won’t let her go outside dressing like that!

  2. That dress reminds me of some kind of polyester flammable 70’s throwback. Looking at it evokes the smell of thrift shops and musty closets with moth balls. Why so many strange shaped dresses and skirts lately? What is she hiding under there?

    • agree, i think eva mendes has tacky style. i don’t find her attractive at all.
      kim k looks skinny in the black outfit photo, but the photo of her in orange is not “soo skinny”. it looks like she has a tummy bulge even though her arms are skinny.
      kate beckinsale looks incredible!
      adriana lima looks perfect. wow

  3. Adriana is stunningly gorgeous. Halle has a great body and looks lean, strong, fit. Kate Beckinsale looks ok, can’t see her legs and pictures are poor quality so not much to say. Eva Mendes looks good in orange but I don’t like the dress, particularly the belt and hemline. Kim K, Snookie, and Amanda Bynes are not worth clicking links for…just go away already.

    • I know right. Im at that point where they’re just so mudande and uninteresting I just don’t want to put the effort in of looking at them. Kim K has literally done nothing remotely interesting .

      • We should all just stop clicking on any Kardashian posts, its harder done than said but honestly id rather see other celebs on here than those bores. Versus only posts her so often because she garners the most comments, we stop looking at her versus stops posting- simple.

        • Yes and these women thrive off attention so ignoring them is the best way to make them go away. I see it all the time on FB too – girls posting pictures of themselves scantily clad captioned “Omg I’m sooo fat” fishing for compliments, it’s no different than what Amanda Bynes is doing on a larger scale. The Kardashians of course are on a whole new level of narcissism – boycott their TV show(s), products, endorsements, and we will see less of them.

  4. Lmfaooo Amanda wants her v—- to get murdered .. Wow .. Really went downhill from there …

    Adrianna is fcking beautiful ..
    Halle is very attractive


  5. I don’t find Eva that beautiful – and the dress is wrong in many, many ways!
    Halle looks amazing – are her b❆❆bs seriously real?
    Adriana looks good – but I still don’t get the mega-hype about her. I like her smile though – it seems very genuine.
    Kate Beckinsale is so beautiful – love her figure. Her daughter is very pretty too.
    The rest are not really worth commenting on!

  6. for some reason kate beckinsale always just annoyed the… knees off me. I dont know why, she’s less preachy than gwyneth or jessica alba, but just something about her rubs me the wrong way.

  7. I find Eva so beautiful! Love this dress on her. She has a great body imo. Great legs and bum especially. Adriana looks so gorgeous in that white dress! She has grown on me so much as she has gotten older, like her face has matured or something.

  8. I love Eva Mendes’ dress! It looks great on her.

    Adriana Lima is just perfect. With that face she can wear whatever she wants. Gorgeous woman!

  9. eva looks lovely in that dress. very flattering. it’s a pretty color too.

    well, ofc adriana looks good(from the side and her torso) in that dress. it hides her wide waist. from the hips down she looks so straight, tho. pretty dress anyway but would’ve looked better on other people.

  10. i like eva because i like to see beautifull natural hair on a woman, and she has a great body, pettite, with great curves.
    adrianna looks pretty, but really she has that face like lots of girls here on meditteranean do, so i never saw her as that special or exotic at all. well kim was skinniest she could be thats true.

  11. If I was Kim K, I would be really nostalgic looking at those pictures, too. She wasn’t “sooooo” skinny, but she looks great and fresh, in that picture leaving the studio, way better than now, where she always looks over the top.

    Adriana looks very sexy, and Halle is gorgeous. I saw The Call the other day, and Halle is perfectly petite, she makes a gray polo shirt look sexy!

  12. Eva is gorgeous, but that dress is yuck!! Adriana looks perfect as always. And the second pic of Kim, she looked great back then, best she’s ever looked.

  13. Adriana is seriously so stunning it hurts. Eva has always been “meh” for me. I just don’t think she is attractive. LOL @ Kim, that is not “so” skinny. Amanda is crazy.

  14. Whatever Halle is doing she needs to teach me because I want to look like that at 46! Eva and Kate looks pretty and Adrianna is gorgeous but I saw her look better.

  15. How many photos does Kim Kardashian have of herself on her computer?! And the sad thing is, she was probably scrolling through them for ages looking for the ones that made her look “soooo skinny”. Ugh, she is the definition of attention seeker.

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