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Bikini Treat: Neve Campbell

Bikini-Treat-Neve-Campbell - Bikini Treat: Neve Campbell

Weekend bikini treat: 37 year-old actress Neve Campbell, who enjoyed her time in the sun in Hawaii this week.

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Bikini-Treat-Neve-Campbell-2 - Bikini Treat: Neve Campbell

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  • Stephers

    At 37, she’s a gorgeous girl. She hasn’t aged a bit it seems. She does need a bit toning up but I don’t care. I think she looks great and she’s having fun.

    • Paulina


  • Sen

    I agree she looks younger than 37! And I think she has a great body for her age, especially the picture from the back looks good.

  • Laura

    She looks SO much younger than 37! I never imagined she was 37 at all…i think this is genetics. She has great skin as well.

  • Polly

    She looks great! I would of guessed 23 or something. Her body reminds me of Liv Tyler’s.

  • Erica

    Does not look 37 – she’s always had good bone structure and it will work for her for a long time. Physically she looks pretty good – she has put on a little weight, but not a lot. She still looks healthy and fit. I feel this is not quite the right bikini for her body shape though. She is quite broad and doesn’t have much of a WHR – I think the bikini makes her look straighter than she is.

  • Ellie

    Not a fan on the body at all but she has a pretty face. She looks younger than 37 for sure but still not great IMO.

  • jenP

    Gosh, time certainly does fly. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when Party of Five was on tv or when she starred in the movie Scream. Yeesh, I’ll be 27 soon.

  • padme

    She looks pretty good in an average kind of way.

  • Sidney

    Oo i used to love her in The Craft and all the other stuff from the 90s. I had completely forgotten about her though i think she has been working this whole time, just not in such hihg-profile things… She looks like she always has, certainly, i don’t think she necessarily looks massively younger than her age, but still i can’t believe she’s reaching her 40s in such a short time. Maybe gained a bit, and not my fav body type, but ok. And such a nice face.

  • pula

    She looks pretty and healthy. Her waist is not very neat, but not all women have to be extremely shapely. Also think that she looks younger. I remember many years ago and little has changed.

  • vivina

    she’s beautiful!i can’t see why all people should be super skinny and starving themselves ..she’s juicy

  • vivina

    she’s beautiful!i can’t see the reason why all the people should be super skinny and starving themselves..she’s juicy

  • KEWWWLL lookin fine

  • Katy

    she looks young and slim, not super skinny but she looks healthy and pretty. I’m looking forward to scream 4!

  • i don’t understand why so many people are saying she looks slim…she really doesn’t.

    • jenP

      For a 36 year old in America she is. I’m 5’4″ at 135 lbs and people think I’m “too thin.” You should see some of the middle aged people at my office. Scary fat.

      • I guess context does play a big part in it. I don’t base my judgment on comparisons though and it’s annoying that other people do because I’m 5’2 and 47kgs (apparently that’s 103 pounds?) and i look healthy and fit yet everyone goes on about how ‘skinny’ i look because they are comparing me to the fatties everywhere else.

        • Alex

          That is SUCH a rude statement. Are you implying that anyone at the height of 5’2″ that is over 103 pounds is a fatty? At that size, you really ARE skinny. You’re a size 0 and 00. At your height that probably suits you well, but just because someone weighs 5’2″ and is 136 (which, according to the BMI scale is still a healthy weight) doesn’t make them a “fatty.”

          And, for the record, while I may not consider Neve Campell slim, she still does have a healthy-looking body and there’s nothing wrong with complimenting her on that.

          • Kate1st

            I’m not sure Deanna meant to cause offense. 5ft2 and 103lb is certainly not underweight if you have a small frame. And who says that will make her a size 00/0? She didn’t list her stats.

            I’m 5ft2, 115lb and don’t feel offened by her comment. You can be 103lb or 136lb and perfectly healthy depending on your build and body composition.

          • Alex

            That was my typo . . . I had meant to say that she would probably be a size 0/00. It was in my head it just never transfered to the screen.

            You may not have taken offense to her statement but I did. Not only for myself, but for others. People are built differently, some retain weight more easily than others. It’s possible that someone could work out as much and eat as little and be 100 pounds, and 140 pounds, depending on their body type and metabolism. Perhaps I’m overly sensitive about this issue – there was a time not long ago when I spent 6 days a week, two hours a day (or more) working out and ate less than 1200 calories a day and wear the same size that I do now.

            And, also, Deanna, you could have chosen a less derogatory word than “fatties.”

          • Cristina

            Honey, there will always be someone skinnier than you (see artemis for example), so you really should adjust your attitude. And how old are you btw? Did you even hit your 20s? This might come as a surprise to you but age will come with lower metabolism, with more stress, with less time to work out, with more skipped meals and a tone of other factors that will influence your weight, want it or not.

        • artemis

          im 5’4 and 100 😀
          yea i know the “skinny comments” annoying
          i even wanna lose a bit off my legs ^_^

          • wow you people are annoying
            firstly, i am not a 0 or a 00. i’m a size 8 aus which is, i don’t know, a size 2?
            and i am 20, i live alone, have 2 jobs, am a full time university student doing s double degree so please don’t preach to me about not having time blah. i make time for my health asit’s incredibly important.
            and no i wasn’t saying anyone bigger than me is a fat but look around; the majority of people where i’m from are overweight. ever heard of the obesity epidemic? so please get over yourselves and your “i’m older than you so i know everything” attitude because you clearly don’t. I was conversing with another person about context and you’re all taking it OUT of context which isn’t very smart so stick with the conversation.

        • Ben

          47Kg=105 pounds and an AUS size 8 = US 4. Oh and responding to the whole as you get older your metabolism slows comment which someone said that is only true to an extent. It does slow but not much and that can be fixed with regular str training. My mum is 45 has had two kids and is a AUS size 8. My dad GF (my parents are divorced) is 50 and wears a AUS size 8. I think age is irrelevant and somewhat of an excuse. I was chubby in high school and when I hit my 20’s and learnt about nutrition I dropped 15 pounds and have a flat stomach which I hadn’t had since I was in primary school.

  • Daniel

    Neve is a lovely lady. I had a big big crush on her in The Craft. She’s still hot.

  • Obese! I thought she was an Orca. Dear God!

    Beautiful face as always though. She just desperately needs some exercise.

    • Erica

      She’s not even close to obese! I doubt she is even overweight according to BMI. You need a reality check!

    • charlie

      brainlessblogger – your name is fitting..

      • Well you certainly don’t have to be intelligent to occupy these web sites. Half the people that write in comments on gossip sites in general are marginally retarded.

        Keep your haughty comments to your self. You and me are in the same boat my friend. The fact that we’re on a gossip site instead of doing something constuctive, doesn’t compliment either of our intelligence…

        • cami

          however, that’s not obese lol.

  • k

    She looks healthy and happy – and her skin makes her look much younger than 37!

    I just watched “The Company” last week – she got *really* skinny for it. Looks like she’s relaxed a bit 🙂

  • Melanie

    Amazing legs! They have such great tone you can tell she’s a former dancer.

  • maddie

    no way is this girl thin, and i wouldn’t exactly call this a ‘Bikini treat’…….
    just my honest opinion
    to be honest no, i don’t think she looks great body wise for her ages….my mum is 56 and her and her friends have better bodies than her……and i don’t like in LA where everyone is skinny as a stick i live in a normal town….
    anyway i gues her face is still pretty but she was never anything really special…has been.

    • LOL yep

    • So she’s a has been, and you’re a never was.


      • That’s a bit of a stupid comment..maybe maddie doesn’t want to be a celebrity

      • maddie

        haha ok…i’d rather go to university than be a washed up star…just my opinion….

        • Amelia

          and yet you are on this webpage? let’s be lovers not haters girls! xx

          • maddie

            just because im on this webpage doesn’t mean im not at university….how does that work

          • cami

            lol this is funny. I wonder why these girls ..and yes I call you girls as you aren’t women..come to these sites to tear down people’s self-esteem that you will never meet. Does it help you sleep better at night ?:)

  • Ana

    I thinks she looks great, that first pic isn’t flattering but the other pics she look fit and healthy.

    To say she is not slim or is fat is ridiculous.

  • Nessa

    very healthy looking!! looks great, needs a bit of a tan though.

  • Ninian

    I think part of the reason why she looks so much younger than her age, is the fact that she is not superskinny. (type Victoria Beckham)

    I learned somewere that you should put on about 1 kg (2 ibs?) every 5 year from the age of 25, meaning if your ideal weight is 132 ibs at 20, you should let yourself gain 2 ibs by the age of 25, 2 more before 30 and so on. That way you will be a healthy (these ibs should come from healthy eating and exercise offcourse!) and younger looking 70 year old.

    The extra fat will protect you from illnesses (studies shows that elderly people are more healthy and less sick, when their BMI are in the higher healthy range, closer to 25 or just above, than if it is in the lower area), and plump up your skin so that you get less wrinkly.

    • Erica

      I agree. Quite a few celebrities who have lost weight look older because of it – like Nicole Richie. Having a little fat plumps out the skin. People who are very skinny tend to look older because their tendons, veins and bones often stick out more than they do on people who have a healthy but higher amount of body fat. That’s one of the reasons I think it’s odd to like the ultra-thin, toned and tanned look – those people generally look older than their age to me.

    • Ben

      I don’t think extra body fat protects you from illness. It’s insulation for your muscles and bones which maybe helpful for the elderly to a degree but to protect you from ilness, I have never herd that before. Certain dietary fats help keep your immunity up to prevent illness from what I know but body fat??? My nan was getting a little chunky and she’s 75 and her doctor told her to loose body fat cause there are many more health problems when your body fat is too high. Of course I do agree that a 75yr old would look horrible with VB body fat lvl which is prob around 10 but maybe 25-31 would be fine on someone like my nan who’s 70???

  • go2like

    I think she should read the article on how to choose a bikini for the upcoming swim season, there are a few considerations to factor into your ultimate decision. Read on as LoveToKnow helps you select the right swimsuit for your body type and lifestyle.

  • Jen

    eww shes so fat. she needs to get like halle berry cuz halle berry is old too but she looks fantastic

  • Amelia

    After seeing so much negativity on this page about women’s bodies, i’ve decided to join for the sole purpose of spamming with body love! You look healthy and happy Neve! Go girl =)

    • Erica

      Good idea!

  • zoe

    some of these comments are overly harsh and ridiculous. she doesn’t look as slim as she used to be, but she’s not fat or obese-she looks average, but still healthy. what do you expect, she’s 37 and not working in the industry as much anymore, she doesn’t feel the same pressures as other actresses now to maintain something that mightn’t have been her real figure.

  • super_kittycat

    she has a beautiful face. her body is not bad but if she worked out a few days a week with some strength training it would do so much for her.

  • super_kittycat

    she has a beautiful face. her body is not bad but if she just worked out a few days a week with some strength training it would do so much for her.

  • anonymous

    I thought it was America Ferrera at first..

  • leonore

    It´s not so much that she is big ( which i don´t think she is); it´s just that her body type is not the most fortunate, no offense to anyone built like her. If she had larger hips, her body would look more balanced overall.

  • Bonnie

    I think she looks great. There is nothing “fat” about her, I can see her obliques and thigh muscles and her whole body looks nice and firm. She’s a strong woman with a very straight figure (ruler) and would have to waste some of those muscles away to look little and slender.

  • I think her body looks just fine. And for 37, she looks fit and healthy and has great skin.

  • Not meaning that 37 is old and that i’m surprised she looks good at that age.

  • rebecca judes

    fat people need to learn to wear a one piece! NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT!

    • Angie

      Oh please…she is not fat.

  • olivia

    FINALLY!! a girl au naturel looking absolutely superb!

  • Victoria

    I feel sorry for all the people who think that she is fat…I can’t imagine the expectations they put on themselves! Any way if I look that way when I’m 37 I’d like to believe that I would be satisfied lol

  • sabine

    Oh, come on, you guys, she’s a little chubby… Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

    First I saw the pictures and then I saw who it was on them, and I was surprised. I remember envying how thin she was back in the 90’s. But no, she is nowhere near obese, she’s doing ok.

    Hopefully she’ll stay where she is now, or maybe even work out a little bit, to avoid losing too much muscle mass as time goes by.

  • James

    she looked better back in the day when she was thinner. but her face is still naturally pretty.

  • Neve Campbell
    Hi My Name Is John
    Neve Campbell Has My Favorite Actress For Long Time since Party Of Five Series And Movies Of Scream Trio
    Now Comes Out 4Th Scream Movie .
    Neve Is The Greatest Actress keep Up With In which I Enjoy it Very Much.
    Now Also Her In Bikini So In Which Enjoy It A lot It Don’t If You’re Fat Or not Other Leave her Alone O.K.
    I Perfer Her In fat Then Before , Then Now I Wouldn’t Want Her To Back At all . I rather See In This then Any Other Way.
    Thank You
    John Tichenor

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