Cheryl Cole, Front and Back

Cheryl Cole in a Little Black Dress – Front and Back

Cheryl-Cole-in-a-Little-Black-Dress - Cheryl Cole in a Little Black Dress - Front and Back

Big hair, red lips, killer heels, cute dimples, some side-boob and some new back ink – here’s Cheryl Cole (27) at the National Television Awards last night.

How do you all like her little black dress look?

Cheryl-Cole-in-a-Little-Black-Dress-2 - Cheryl Cole in a Little Black Dress - Front and Back

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Cheryl-Cole-in-a-Little-Black-Dress-3 - Cheryl Cole in a Little Black Dress - Front and Back

cheryl - Cheryl Cole in a Little Black Dress - Front and Back

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  • holly

    smoken body ugly dress.

    • Julia

      agreed !

    • Thank God I aint the only person who hates her! Shes the only celebrity i see evil in. Fakeeeee Drama Queen ARGH!! T_T

      • Dani

        I hate her too and now she deserves the name tramp she has a stamp to confirm it…the dress is so ugly and not to mention the heels.

  • Mégane

    tramp stamp

    • I know, it looks like the flowers are shooting out her bum….

    • effy

      hahahahaa first thing I noticed as well. Do you lose any sort of basic respect you have for people when you see that they have a tramp stamp too? Because I do.

      • CurvesRule

        @effy – That statement is a little prejudicial don’t you think?

        • effy

          haha not at all. Most everyone I know is covered with tattoos, and I think that looks awsome but none of them have tramp stamps. Mostly because of what everyone immediately assumes when they see it probably. I’ve never met an interesting/unique girl who had a tramp stamp. But maybe that’s just me. 🙂 Have a nice day.

      • Kimberly

        I don’t like tattoos on any part of the body but let’s face it, lot’s of people have tattoos on their lower back and waist. I have plenty of friends who have this and they’re not tramps. I think people are so quick to label a woman a slut or tramp. It’s quite lame.

  • Randi

    That back tattoo is just so tacky but, then again, I’m not a huge fan of tattoos in the first place

  • cus

    I like the dress and i like her body and her cute face 😉 very pretty overall 😉

  • Grey

    Nasty tramp stamp

  • Annie

    Head to toe fug. Not a fan of any of it, especially the tat. A woman could be wearing couture and a visible tattoo will always cheapen the outfit.

  • mystic

    What body type is she?

    • mel

      I could be wrong, but I think Versus said before she was a lollipop/apple.

  • Tara

    I usually find her a very stylish woman but here she is really trashy!!

  • ROFL


  • lainey

    Ugly face. That last photo almost makes me cringe.
    Tacky tattoos complete with tramp stamp. Not to mention she’s wearing a pseudo-bondage dress thing that further screams “hey, I’m trashy.”
    Decent body by average standards but not the best out of all the celebs out there.

  • Hannah-Louise

    I really can’t believe she said she needs to lose 9lbs, she looks amazing as she is and she’s already tiny!

    • Callie

      Heya, when did she say this?! Was it recently? That’s crazy, she’s tiny already!

  • Sidney

    I don’t like the dress, the bondagy vibe and open back combined with the sideboob. Too much of “tacky” put together, the same style but a tad more demure, it could’ve worked imo. On top of that from the front it just looks boring.

  • Faye

    Ewwww @ her ankles!
    They are so FAT!!!!!
    You can tell that she is not naturally slim, she still has that chubby look to her! When she gets older she is gonna get very fat… You can diet soo much, but if your natural genetics suggest that you are meant to be bigger, than you cant fight that…its a fact! This kinda girls are going against their natural body type.. but like i said she still has that CHUBBY essence to her… despite the extreme dieting 🙂

    I also dont think she is that pretty, not like how everyone trys to make her out to be anyway. She is a cosmetic beauty, meaning that her face is PAINTED on… therefore FAKE! You get two kinda women who wear make up.. 1) the ones that PAINT AN ILLUSION OF BEAUTY and 2) THE ONES THAT USE MAKE UP TO ENHANCE their NATURAL beauty.

    The dress and fake tattoo is UGLY btw… the girl has no style!

    • artemis


    • Josephinee

      You are pathetic.

    • hays

      Yes. you are right. If you have overweight parents then you may as well not eat healthy or exercise because you’re going to be fat anyway (sarcasm). Some people are so ignorant.

      • ginger

        Haha! I like it..
        To faye: in case you don’t know.. there are a lot of people who are pretty thin even though their families are fat. E.G. Jessica Alba, who’s cooked her own meals since the age of 12… Because she wanted to be healthier than her family was..

        The girl needs a better stylist.. that’s for sure… And you might not like her… But there’s no need to be that hard :S

    • Peg

      I tend to agree Faye…….just not quite as harshly tho.

    • Kimberly

      We get it. You don’t like her.

      I think she looks trashy here but I disagree with everything else you said.

    • Meghan

      She has a petite frame so even 5-10 pounds will look like a lot on her-that doesn’t mean she has the “fat” gene. Please google cankles to see what they look like. I will agree with you though on the fact that she looks very fake. It is hard to tell if she is actually a natural beauty because anyone can look somewhat decent with an obscene amount of makeup.

    • Tash

      this is unnecessarily cruel

    • Sian

      It amazes me how people say Cheryl has fat ankles/legs
      yet the same people love Kimberley Walsh’s figure and her legs are 5 times fatter than Cheryl’s. Cheryl is not
      fat in anyway shape or form. It’s quite disturbing than anyone thinks this. The tattoos however look horrible and spoil her. But otherwise she is a very good looking woman. If Cheryl Cole is “chubby” then god help the rest of us.

    • Mary

      Now this-> must be beautiful enough for you. I assure you she sure doesn’t have cankles here.

      • emilie

        this isn’t beautiful!!! she looks like an anorexic barbie doll! her figure doesnt even look real- where are the hips? if you think this is a more beautiful body than the one in these pictures in this post, god help you!

    • amazon

      there are no facts in your statement. she’s been slim her entire life as has her mum. can’t stop you hating someone, but don’t

      • amazon

        computer went wonky!! that was meant to say don’t spout rubbish to justify your insults.

    • Eve

      you are pathetic, dear, sorry

  • Melly

    cute dimples 🙂

  • Mary

    I can’t believe you’re saying she has cankles, …that’s just the way she is built, that girl is not anywhere near fat!
    You must be a goddess…

    But she could at least let her breasts on the side unseen. The dress itself is not really great, but I think this pretty much ruins it

  • Hazal

    I hate her fashion sense. But she is sooooo pretty! What a lovely face…

  • jackie


  • artemis

    gorgeous 😀

  • manda

    I’ve heard she’s 5’3 and I guess she’s 105-110 pounds….very healthy and slim:)

  • Alexa

    I truly think she has one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen. Her, mila kunis, leighton meester, adriana lima and alice eve are my favorite girls. Sooo beautiful.

  • Alexa

    And after reading all these comments, wow people are harsh.

    • beatrice

      agree! I was like…what did she do to deserve all the negative comments? I can understand that she is not someones type of beauty, but there is no bloody way you can imply she is chubby or has below average face, cuz that’s just not realistic at all.

    • Josephinee

      I was thinking the same thing! I would hate to have my picture on this site. I mean, we get it, her dress is kinda trashy, but there’s no need to tear her down THAT much.

  • love her, hate the tattoos

  • Ellen

    Haha she doesn’t even have cankles. People who have to look for things that aren’t there in order to insult someone must be really insecure.

    • ROFL

      She has cankles. That is not saying that she is not pretty. But if you look up any picture of her you can CLEARLY see that she has cankles. There are worse faults to have, and there is no point in attacking people’s characters just because they tell it like it is.

      • Ellen

        Meh, they don’t look like cankles to me- maybe less pronounced ones. Even if she does have “cankles” I never see why people feel the need to point them out. It would be like posting “she has a mole” if a celebrity had a mole on their face or something. It just irks me, is all. I wasn’t attacking you either… there was one post in particular that was being overly-harsh and borderline pathetic in her attacking. So don’t worry =]

      • Meghan

        She doesn’t have cankles. Celebs like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Misha Barton, Miley Cyrus and probably Kristie Alley have cankles.

  • hays

    the guy in the background of the third picture says it all haha.

  • Michelle

    Although I have never liked her very much, I have to agree that her face is cute.

  • burckybear

    she is nice, but a bit rough and covered in tramp stamps

  • kelly

    She needs to lose about 10lbs to get back to her best. Her face currently looks too round and fat when she puts her teeth together, like in the last photo.

    Her arms and legs also look better a bit slimmer.

    • Kimberly

      No she doesn’t. She looks fine the way she is.

    • curvesrule

      @Kelly – So someone who is obviously petite needs to lose more weight to be at her best. Amazing!!!!

      Is it that she does not have enough protruding bones for you? Because if she lost another 10lbs, the bones sticking out of her shoulders and arms would be the first thing you notice about her instead of her beauty.

      This is just another example of the warped sense of body image that Kelly and some other posters possess.

      • Michelle

        Exactly. Absolutely NO need to lose weight….

  • Mavis

    She gained, good for her!

  • Priscila

    It’s hard to look bad wearing Versace.
    I really don’t like her, but I can’t deny she is pretty 🙂

  • dishdealer

    She is really quite beautiful to look at, with a fantastic bod and all that jazz, but I think that dress is very revealing, and that tattoo makes a stunning young woman look quite common and cheap

  • Crittle

    Has she gained a little? She looks much better, although I don’t find the dress too flattering. Usually I think her head is disproportionate to her body, but not anymore.

  • Kate

    All the fake teeth and hair can’t hide the horrible personality. She’d totally overrated IMO, and has no talent. Trashy tattoos and an all right body, nothing special enough to deserve her ‘princess Cheryl’ title.

  • vanessa

    the dress isn’t flattering becuz she is short but shes really pretty no denying that

  • Ophelie

    Her ankles are not fat. Her shoes are awful and that length of dress is unflattering. She’s good looking but the whole ensemble screams wannabe MILF.

  • flossy

    I’m not a fan, I guess its because I have a long memory and can recall a time she went by the name of Tweedy and when her favourite past time was slapping the crap out of black female toilet attendants. Funny how she’s kept the name Cole after all her husband did cheat on her so why would she want to keep the name? Perhaps she hopes US immigration will grant her a work permit under her married name which doesn’t have a criminal conviction attached to it!

    • mel

      Omg this is true? Wow now I really don’t like her!

      • Hannah-Louise

        Unfortunately it is! She beat up a toilet attendant yet she’s now called ‘the nation’s sweetheart’ because of how well she dealt with her divorce. People seem to forget that she assaulted someone without being provoked =/

    • well, she wasn’t convicted for the racial slur, the jury found her guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm

      • solaxia

        wow i didnt realise this?! Was it a drunken fuelled attack? Not that that makes a difference! But i work in the court and see a lot of people that have done stupid things when they have been drunk and it’s out of character for them…but i dont know her, so i cant say the same for her.

        • snoops

          it was in a nightclub so most likely yeah she was drunk. Still horrible behaviour though.

    • amazon

      she married a black man and has dated several others so I don’t think you needed to add that the attendant was black as she is clearly not racist and was cleared of any racial motivation.
      secondly she had just achieved fame via a tv talent competition and I imagine alot of people might have been resentful of that and provocative in their manner to her. in britain recently there has been a whole slew of tv stars who have been attacked recently in nightclubs or even in the case of leona lewis at book signings. maybe in her case she just got in first! we’ve all seen how many mean jealous haters there are out there- some take it further than just annonymous words on a website. i wouldn’t say I was a fan of hers, but I know newcastle and have to admit have a certain respect for the geordies- they know how to take care of themselves.

      • WL

        It is quite possible to be racist and marry/date black people. That isn’t a point re: Cheryl btw, I have no idea about her opinions, but I just thought I’d point out that the “I have black friends so I can’t be racist” trope is nonsense.

  • Kimberly

    I’m no fan of tattoos but otherwise, I think she’s gorgeous.

  • mel

    Tacky, tacky, tacky. The tat, the oversized hair, the overdone makeup, the weird bondage-inspired dress … she looks trashy.

  • The dress would be a lot nicer if it wasn’t open at the sides. I hate the tat. I am yet to see a tat that doesn’t make a person look cheap and in need of a shower.

  • sydmt

    I love the man in the 3rd shot. giggle. She is a pretty lady, I think.

  • K Justice

    Oooohh. Tramp stamp. Ick.

  • Katy

    The dress, tatts and hair is kinda tacky as all hell. But she’s got a nice body, not too thin or chubby at all!

  • Ophelie

    I am so disgusted that she assaulted someone. How sick.

  • Sanne

    What a nasty comments. Bah.

  • Peach

    Great body, not a fan of that dress or the tattoo – looks like everyone’s staring at it.
    She’s pretty though.

  • neutra

    Well done Chez, you manage to turn couture into trash yet again. True, it’s not the nicest Versace dress to begin with, but when someone as made up and over styled as Cheryl wears it, NOTHING can look elegant or stylish. Look at Freya in it- she looks far more sophisticated in the dress because of the sleek hair and nude makeup, which is much more appropriate for such a dress.

    Her looks are a dime a dozen- where I live, you’ll see girls who look like her lineup outside for hours to get into those atrocious nightclubs wear girls like to dance in cages. Classy stuff.

    • solaxia

      yea, i agree with the trashy comment. I mean, i dont know if you were saying it in the way that she is not as slim as the model. in which case i would disagree…but if its because of her overall look in the dress then i do agree. and it can be a dime a dozen in clubs etc. Girls looking ‘hot’ to an extent but not actually being beautiful or classy or sexy. Just trashy…See i think Halle berry with the curves she has would look great in this dress and while she would look sexy…she would look classy at the same time. *sigh* Halle love!

    • Coco

      Freya? That’s a woman wearing the dress? I thought that was a man.

      • snoops

        No you didn’t, you’re just being rude.

        • Coco

          Umm…no, I’m not being rude. I’m acknowledging the fact that a good number of runway models look like men. I’m sorry, but when you starve a woman to the point where she loses her womanly essence, then hire women on the basis of having masculine features, then shit, what do you expect? Not only that, but they’re really freaking tall too, man height. Please, let’s be realistic. These aren’t women walking the catwalk, most don’t even have a high enough bodyfat to get their periods.

          Even a man agrees.

        • Coco

          Looking at Freya in a dress again, I thought I saw a concentration camp victim. I’m serious, this is what’s considered “high fashion?”

          It’s sick. And disgusting. People are starving to death in the world every day and girls are trying to emulate it in America. WTF is wrong with you.

  • She’s very pretty, I love her face and body, but I hate the tattoos and I think she looks older than 27 with all the make up/hairstyle/fake eyelashes..

    • Amina

      I like how your comments are always positive lol.

      And i agree, she has a very nice body.

  • formerly Sam

    Is this the same woman who used to be scary skinny a few months back (scary skinny legs at least) or am I confusing her with someone with a very similar name?
    Has she really gained like 20 pounds in a short period of time?

    lol I’m seriously confused..

    • Ivory

      She has gained weight, I think its been at least a couple months since she was scary skinny? I think she’s only 5’1″ too so a small weight gain looks like a lot more.

      • edith the elf

        She gained weight, yes. But that’s because a few months ago she was really sick with malaria and almost died. That’s why she was so scary skinny.

  • K Justice

    She’s nothing but a typical plastic surgery face. It’s a very, very, pretty plastic surgery face none-the-less.

    • snoops

      she’s not had surgery! She looks exactly the same as before she was famous, even her childhood pics you can see, she hasn’t had surgery.

      • yeah, i agree. she’s always been a beauty

      • amazon

        she’s rumoured to have had a boob job and nose job apparantly. I don’t really see it, but she has fixed her teeth with veneers and had botox. lip fillers rumoured as well but is there any celeb who hasn’t had that rumour? i wish she had left her teeth I thought they were so cute! I’ve always envied girls with overlapping canines, like kirsten dunst. so cute. and i hate the hollywood dentures looks.

    • K Justice

      I’ve seen pics from when she was young and she wasn’t pretty. She was dorky and awkward.

      • K Justice

        Lips injections, veneers, fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake tan – she’s fake. That was my point.

  • Zeka

    I guess I’m the only one here who doesn’t associate tattoos with trashy…

    • Josephinee

      No, you’re not 🙂 I think tattoos often give women an edge.

      • solaxia

        I dont either…i like tatts on women…BUT it depends on the tatt and the placement etc. I personally dont like any of Cheryl’s or Megan Fox’s for that matter. However on Angie i like them. I know a girl with 2 full sleeves and i really don’t like it. It looks trashy- she wears hardly any clothes, pushes her tits up to the sky and bleaches out her hair. However, another girl that I know who does tatts has 2 full sleeves, and her neck, but doesn’t look trashy. I have another blonde friend who has a sleeve and doesn’t look trashy.

  • Lisa

    Did anyone notice the cankles? She is thin though.

  • daria

    why is she doing this to her?
    such a pretty girl,but a very tacky taste
    all the tatto and fake tan[hate it!]
    the red hair,i used to love her and her style,but,awwwe
    what happend?!!?

  • Sian

    Look at Cheryl and bandmate Kimberley in these pictures.
    It is Kimberley that has what could be described as cankles, Cheryl has tiny legs in comparrison.

  • Maggie

    I just couldn’t help to feel like she is in big pain in these shoes!

  • Susie

    I think she looks awesome! Love her style and the dress is actually really nice. It flaunts her back but it runs way beneath the knees, a nice chance for sure since most celebs seems to always show their entire set of legs and hips in a mini version.
    She’s got a great figure and beautiful choco eyes too!

  • amazon

    i agree with the poster above ( WAY ABOVE) she should have worn her hair up and pulled back, she has the face and body to pull of such simple styling and look amazing. Probably would have gone with different shoes too, but I think the red lipstick works with this look, even tho normally i hate red lips.

  • WL

    I find it disgusting how many people have decided Cheryl could never possibly be classy (and must therefore be ‘trashy’ or ‘skanky’ or any other sexist adjective you fancy) because she has tattoos.

    Yes, of course, the decision to mark your skin with decorative ink (which is taken by humans in all walks of life for an infinite amount of different reasons) must of course mean you are devalued in some way. She’s obviously not performing feminitity well enough for some commenters. Go police gender elsewhere.

  • m

    waaaaaaaay too tacky for my taste :/

  • Foxterrier

    Buttaface. Not cute. She gained.

  • Eve

    Wow, she gained a lot of weight! Actually I never liked her being thin as a toothpick. She has such a great face, very pretty, even assuming all fake lashes, etc., but she is charming and stunning regardless. And I think when you are that pretty you can gain or lose and it does not change much because you are ever pretty facewise. And for me as for a lot of people beautiful face stands out first.

    • edith the elf

      The only reason she was “as thin as toothpick” is because she had malaria and almost died. She has gained weight because she is healthy now. That’s all.

      • Eve

        In that case she had to be suffering from molaria for a past few years. She used to diet like crazy in the past.

      • emilie

        thats not true at all edith the elf. she was really skinny 2008/2009/ right up until she fell ill last year. if anything, shes a lot heavier now after malaria (i think she looks better and younger for it!) but she was way thinner before the illness and has looked healthier afterwards. her thin figure was never down to the illness cos all the photos of her after it she appeared to have gained weight pretty soon after recovering.

  • Nessa

    don’t know who she is but first impressions do matter!! She looks like trash.

  • Mirabela

    Red lipstick and red shoes are very good looking on that event because it was a night event. I love the shoes even if they are killing the feets and ankles. And i think she wearing those in the “Promis this” videoclip at the begining. I just don’t like the dress. Maybe i do not understand that tailoring.

  • Kate

    @Amazon so according to you, the young woman working in the nightclub that night got what she deserved? I think the fact the police were able to prove the charges would suggest that Cheryl was at fault and didn’t just ‘get in first.’ is that something you do on a daily basis by the way? Attack strangers in case they’re thinking off attacking you?

  • Meg

    She’s gorgeous

  • Nicola

    So many weird and pathetic people on here. I have no idea how you could be so spiteful about someone you don’t know personally. You would have to be a really sad person.

  • siennagold

    She’s very pretty but I hate her dress.

  • ks
  • She kinda reminds of Shania Twain.

    That said, very pretty except for the tats.

  • IHeartCurvyWomn

    I think wat Amazon is tryin to say is we don’t know the whole situation, maybe there was more to the altercation than we know.

    To the girls who are hating on her “cankles”, maybe u guys got cankles; so quit hating on some damn ankles cooome on.

    I think the tat definitely looks like every other tramp stamp. Dunno wat look she was tryin to achieve here. Horrible case of beautiful girl with a beautiful smile but someone lied to her the nite she went out looking like this

  • Vulgarity seems to be fashionable.

  • jadeee

    she is really really pretty but sometimes i think she accentuates that in the wrong way.. her dress choices usually verge on tacky when she is a natural beauty and that should be able to shine through.

  • emilie

    the horrible outfit with her tits hanging out the side, the overdone hair, the truckload of makeup, the in-your-face tats, the hooker heels- it all just screams one thing- classless.
    and thats what she is. shes a council estate girl who did good. and you know sometimes she looks really good. sometimes, in £1000s of designer stuff, with her hair all done and her expensive teeth veneers, she almost convinces you that shes not. but shes never going to shake off her roots. and photos like this just go to prove my point.

  • just some chick

    She is a beautiful woman, but I don’t believe for one minute that she is 27. I would estimate more like 33-34.

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